Composite Surnames: Highley

This Foldout collects the Calderdale Companion entries for people with the surname Highley and cognates such as

Highley ...

Albert Edward Highley
Alfred Highley
Alfred Cooper Highley
Arthur Thomas Highley

C. J. Hiley
Charles Highley
Charles William Highley

Edward Highley
Ernest Jackson Highley

Fred Highley
Fred Highley
Fred Highley

George Henry Highley
George Thomas Highley
George Walker Highley

Harold Hiley
Henry Ashton Highley
Henry Holt Highley
Rev Herbert Highley
Horace Highley

James Highley
Dr James Hiley
Dr James Hiley
James Highley
James Highley
James Joseph Highley
James Riley Highley
James Settle Highley
Jane Seward Highley
John Hiley
John Highley
John Highley
John Highley
John Highley
John Henry Highley
Rev John Simeon Hiley
Jonas Highley
Joseph Hiley
Joseph Highley
Joseph Highley
Joseph Highley

Leonard Highley
Lucy Ann Highley

Reuben Highley
Robert Highley
Robert Hiley

Samuel Hiley
Samuel Matthew Highley
Samuel Walker Highley

Thomas Highley
Thomas Highley
Thomas Hiley
Thomas Sutcliffe Highley

Walter Highley
William Highley
William Frederick Highley
Willie Highley 

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