Churches & Chapels

Master Index

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Akroydon Cemetery, Halifax
Akroydon Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Boothtown
Albert Street Methodist Church, Northowram
Albert Street Mission Church, Hebden Bridge
All Saints' Church, Dudwell
All Saints' Church, Elland
All Saints' Church, Harley Wood
All Souls' Church, Haley Hill
All Souls' New Church, Halifax
Alma Street Meeting Room, Halifax
Alma Street Spiritualist Church, Halifax
Ambler Thorn New Connexion Church
Ambler Thorn United Methodist Chapel
Athenæum Rooms, Langfield

Bank Top Methodist Church, Southowram
Bankfield Cemetery
Bankfield Chapel
General Baptist Church, Haley Hill
Barkerite Chapel, Rastrick Common
Barkisland Church
Barkisland with Scammonden Parish Church
Beestonley Lane Chapel, Stainland
Beeton Mission Room, Todmorden
Bell Chapel, Thornton
Bell Metal Chapel, Hipperholme
Bent Head Chapel, Stansfield
Bethel Baptist Chapel, Norland
Bethel Baptist Church, Lineholme
Bethel Chapel, Boulderclough
Bethel Chapel, Brighouse
Bethel Independent Methodist Chapel, Shelf
Bethel Methodist Chapel, Shelf
Bethel Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Holmfield
Bethel Methodist New Connexion Church, Brighouse
Bethel Methodist New Connexion Church, Outlane
Bethel Primitive Methodist Chapel, Sowerby Bridge
Bethel United Methodist Church, Brighouse
Bethel United Methodist Church, Ovenden
Bethesda Methodist Chapel, Elland
Bethesda Primitive Methodist Chapel, Southowram
Bethlehem Pentecostal Mission Church, Wheatley Road
Birchcliffe Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge
Birds Royd Lane Wesleyan Mission Chapel, Rastrick
Blackley Particular Baptist Church
Blackmires Wesleyan Methodist Church, Northowram
Blackshaw Clough House Independent Church, Soyland
Blackshawhead Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Blake Dean Baptist Church
Bolton Brow Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Sowerby Bridge
Booth Congregational Church
Booth Independent Church
Booth United Reformed Church
Booth Wood Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Boothtown United Methodist Free Chapel
Borough Cemetery, Halifax
Bottomley & Deanhead Chapel
Bottomley Lane Foot Chapel, Todmorden
Bottoms Primitive Methodist Chapel, Walsden
Boulderclough United Methodist Chapel
Bradford Parish Church
Bradley Hall Chapel
Bradshaw Primitive Methodist Church
Bramley Lane Church, Lightcliffe
Branch General Baptist Church, Ovenden
Brearley Particular Baptist Church
Bridge chantry
Bridge End Congregational Church, Rastrick
Bridge Street (Central) Methodist Church, Todmorden
Bridge Street United Free Methodist Church, Todmorden
Briers, Southowram
Brigg Chapel, Sowerby Bridge
Brighouse Cemetery: Chapels
Brighouse Parish Church
Brighouse United Methodist Free Church
Brighouse vicarage
Broad Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Halifax
Broadstone Baptist Church, Colden
Brunswick United Methodist Free Chapel, Halifax
Butts Green Baptist Chapel, Warley

Caddy Field Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Calderdale Community Church
Cartledge Yard, Blackley
Castle Grove United Free Methodist Church, Todmorden
Castle Street Primitive Methodist Chapel, Todmorden
Catholic Apostolic Church, Brighouse
Catholic Apostolic Church, Halifax
Catholic Apostolic Church Mission Room, Halifax
Central Madni Mosque
Central Methodist Church, Brighouse
Chantry chapel
Chapel Fold Meeting House, Halifax
Chapel le Briers, Southowram
Chapel of Ease
Chapel of Rest
Christ's Chapel, Elland
Christ Church, Barkisland
Christ Church, Hipperholme
Christ Church, King Cross
Christ Church, Pellon
Christ Church, Sowerby Bridge
Christ Church, Todmorden
Christadelphian Hall, Dudwell
Christadelphian Hall, Elland
Christadelphian Hall, Halifax
Christadelphian Hall, Sowerby Bridge
Christadelphian Hall, Todmorden
Christadelphian Hall, West Vale
Christadelphian Hall, Wyke
Christadelphian Meeting Room, Elland
Christadelphian Meeting Room, Todmorden
Christadelphian Mission Room, Halifax
Christian Brethren Meeting Room, Brighouse
Christian Brethren Meeting Room, Elland
Christian Brethren Meeting Room, Halifax
Christian Brotherhood Meeting Room, Halifax
Christian Science Meeting Room, Halifax
Christian Science Society, Halifax
Church Lane Chapel, Halifax
Church Mission Rooms, Rastrick
Church of Christ Scientist
Church of Christ Scientist, Brighouse
Church of England
Church of England Mission Room, Brighouse
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Halifax
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Lindley
Church of the Holy Nativity, Mixenden
Church Of The Holy Trinity, Queensbury
Churches to houses
Churchfields Hall, Brighouse
Clare Road Chapel of Rest, Halifax
Claremount Primitive Methodist Church
Clay Fields Meeting House, Barkisland
Cloughfoot Independent Congregational Chapel, Todmorden
Colden Wesleyan Chapel
Coley Chapel
Colliers' Chapel, Clifton
Commercial Street Methodist Church, Hebden Bridge
Commissioner's Church
Convent of the Sisters of the Most Holy Cross & Passion, Halifax
Copley Parish Church
Cornholme Church, Todmorden
Cornholme Mission Church, Todmorden
Cornholme United Methodist Free Church
Cote Hill Primitive Methodist Chapel
Cow Green preaching room
Cragg Church
Cragg Vale Wesleyan Chapel
Crimsworth Dean Chapel
Crimsworth Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Cross Hills Methodist Church, Greetland
Cross Lanes United Methodist Chapel, Hebden Bridge
Cross Stone Cemetery
Cross Stone School Chapel, Todmorden
Crowtrees Lane Free Church, Rastrick
Crowtrees Methodist Chapel, Rastrick

Deanhead Methodist Chapel
Delf Hill Chapel, Southowram
Denholme Catholic Church, Luddendenfoot
Denholme Clough Primitive Methodist Church
Denholme United Methodist Chapel, Luddendenfoot
Diocesan Church Army Van
Diocese Of Halifax
Diocese of Ripon
Diocese of Wakefield
Diocese of West Yorkshire & the Dales
Dog Lane Chapel
Doghouse Wesleyan Chapel, Todmorden
Dove Chapel, Hebden Bridge
Duke of Wellington's Chapel

Eastfield Chapel, Lightcliffe
Eastwood Congregational Church
Eastwood Presbyterian Chapel, Stansfield
Ebenezer Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge
Ebenezer Chapel, Booth
Ebenezer Congregational Church, Summit
Ebenezer Methodist Church, Northowram
Ebenezer Methodist Church, Pellon Lane
Ebenezer Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Bailiff Bridge
Ebenezer Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Soyland
Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Church, Halifax
Ebenezer United Methodist Chapel, Luddenden Dean
Elim Foursquare Gospel Church
Elim International Christian Network, Sowerby Bridge
Elim Pentecostal Church, Halifax
Elim Pentecostal Church, Sowerby Bridge
Elland Congregational Church
Elland-cum-Greetland Cemetery
Elland Hall Chapel
Elland Parish Church
Elland Parish Church: Graveyard
Elland Particular Baptist Church
Elland Unitarian Chapel
Elland Wesley
Elland Wesleyan Chapel
Emmaeus, Halifax
Episcopal Chapel, Rishworth
Episcopal Chapel, Sowerby Bridge
Evangelical Church, Brighouse

Fairfield Catholic Church, Hebden Bridge
Fairfield Primitive Methodist Church, Halifax
Fall Lane Methodist Chapel, Hartshead
Finkil Chapel, Hove Edge
First Church of Christ Scientist, Halifax
Foster Chapel, Lightcliffe Church
Foster Lane Methodist Church, Hebden Bridge
Franciscan Convent, Halifax
Friendly Wesleyan Chapel
Friendly Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Friends Meeting House, Halifax
Friends Meeting House, Heptonstall
Friends Meeting House, Highroad Well
Friends Meeting House, Rastrick
Friends Meeting House, Sowerby
Friends Meeting House, Sowerby Bridge
Friends Meeting House, Todmorden

General Baptist Chapel, Queensbury
General Cemetery, Halifax
Gibbet Street Chapel of Rest, Halifax
Gibbet Street Primitive Methodist Church, Halifax
Goathouse Church, Rishworth
Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Mytholmroyd
Good Shepherd Mission Church, Halifax
Gorple Mission
Goshen Salvation Army Citadel, Todmorden
The Gospel Hall, Todmorden
Gospel Mission Church, Brighouse
Grace Baptist Church, Pellon
Grace Hill Baptist Church, Mount Tabor
Graves, Memorials & Epitaphs
Greetland & Lindwell Methodist Church
Greetland Methodist Church
Greetland Wesley Church
Greetland Wesleyan Chapel
Grinsworth Wesleyan Church, Wadsworth

Haley Hill Methodist New Connexion Church
Haley Hill Particular Baptists
Halifax Corporation Cemetery
Halifax Methodist Circuit
Halifax Minster
Halifax Parish Church
Halifax Parish Church: Graveyard
Hanover Methodist Chapel, Halifax
Hanson Lane Methodist New Connexion Church
Harley Wood Church
Harrison Road Chapel, Halifax
Hartshead church
Hartshead Wesleyan Chapel
Harvester Reformational Church, Halifax
Heath Church
Heath Congregational Church, Halifax
Heath United Reformed Church, Halifax
Hebden Bridge Baptist Church
Hebden Bridge Catholic Mission
Hebden Bridge Methodist Church
Hebden Bridge Parish Church
Heptonstall Octagonal Chapel
Heptonstall Parish Church
Hepzibah Baptist Church, Sowerby
Heywood's Chapel, Northowram
Highgate Methodist Church, Ovenden
Highgate Wesleyan Church, Pellon
Highgate Wesleyan Methodist Church, Heptonstall
Highmoor Lane Methodist Chapel, Clifton
Highroad Well Congregational Church
Highroad Well, Warley & Luddendenfoot United Reformed Church
Hill End Presbyterian Church, Mixenden
Hipperholme Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Holdsworth Chapel
Holmfield Mission Church
Holmfield Primitive Methodist Chapel
Holy Trinity Church, Halifax
Holy Trinity Church, Littleborough
Holy Trinity Church, Savile Park Road
Holywell Green Baptist Church
Holywell Green Congregational Church
Hope Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge
Huddersfield Parish Church
Hurstwood Baptist Church, Todmorden

Illingworth Chapel
Illingworth Moor Wesleyan Chapel
Illingworth Wesleyan Methodist New Chapel
Inchfield Bottom United Methodist Church
Independent Free Gospel Church, Halifax
Independent Union Chapel, Rishworth
Inghamite Chapel, Todmorden
Inghamite New Church, Stansfield

Jagger Green Baptist Church, Holywell Green
Jubilee Primitive Methodist Chapel, Walsden
Jubilee Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Halifax

Kiln Chapel, Slead Syke
King's Church, Halifax
King Cross Methodist New Connexion Chapel
King Cross Wesleyan Chapel, Halifax
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Brighouse
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Halifax
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Halifax
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Holmfield
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Sowerby Bridge
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Todmorden
Krumlin Wesleyan Chapel, Barkisland

Lacey's Chapel, Southowram
Lady Chapel
Lane Head Primitive Methodist Chapel, Brighouse
Lanebottom Wesleyan Methodist Church, Walsden
Leadenhall Street United Methodist Church, Halifax
Lee Mount Baptist Church, Ovenden
Leeds Parish Church
Lightcliffe Churches
Lightcliffe Congregational Church
Lightcliffe Old Church
Lightcliffe Parish Church
Lightcliffe Road Chapel of Rest, Brighouse
Lightcliffe United Reformed Church
Lighthazels United Methodist Chapel, Ripponden
Lilly Lane Catholic Chapel, Halifax
Lindwell Primitive Methodist Church, Greetland
Lineholme Baptist Church, Stansfield
Lister Lane Cemetery, Halifax
Lister Lane Methodist Chapel, Halifax
Lister Lane Mission, Halifax
Lob Mill Primitive Methodist Chapel
Lower Wyke Moravian Church
Luddenden Dean Wesleyan Chapel
Luddenden Wesleyan Chapel
Luddendenfoot Catholic Church
Luddendenfoot Catholic Mission
Luddendenfoot Congregational Church
Luddendenfoot United Methodist Free Chapel
Luddendenfoot United Reformed Church
Luddendenfoot Wesleyan Methodist Church
Lumb Lane Methodist Chapel
Lumbutts Mission Room
Lumbutts United Methodist Free Chapel
Lydgate Baptist Church, Todmorden

Manchester Parish Church
Mankinholes Quaker Meeting House
Mankinholes Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Marshaw Bridge Church
Mediæval Churches
Meeting house
Methodist Free Church, Boothtown
Miall Street Methodist Church, Halifax
Middle Dean Street United Methodist Chapel
Midgley & Luddenden Valley Methodist Church
Midgley Methodist Chapel
Military Graves
Mill Bank Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Million Pound Church
Millwood Particular Baptist Church, Stansfield
Minster Church of Saint John the Baptist, Halifax
Mixenden Independent Chapel
Moor End Congregational Church, Pellon
Moor End United Reformed Church, Pellon
Mount Carmel Primitive Methodist Chapel, Boothtown
Mount Olivet Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge
Mount Olivet Baptist Church, Todmorden
Mount Olivet Church, Aked's Road
Mount Pleasant Methodist Church, Wainstalls
Mount Pleasant Wesleyan Chapel, Norland
Mount Pleasant Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Hipperholme
Mount Sion Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Holmfield
Mount Tabor Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Mount Zion Baptist Church, Heptonstall Slack
Mount Zion Chapel, Lightcliffe
Mount Zion Methodist Chapel, Ogden
Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Chapel, Norland
Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Church, Mytholmroyd
Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Church, Sowerby
Mount Zion United Free Methodist Church, Cornholme
Mountain Wesleyan Church
Myrtle Grove Independent Chapel, Eastwood
Mytholm Church, Hebden Bridge
Mytholmroyd, Luddendenfoot & District Free Church
Mytholmroyd Methodist Church
Mytholmroyd Primitive Methodist Chapel

National Spiritualist Church, Brighouse
National Spiritualist Church, Sowerby Bridge
Naze Bottom Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge
New Bank Primitive Methodist Church
New Beginnings Christian Centre, Halifax
New Church, Halifax
New Church, Skircoat
New Longley Primitive Methodist Chapel, Norland
New Mission Church, Pye Nest
New Mission Hall, Brighouse
New Road Chapel, Rastrick
New Road Independent Family Church, Rastrick
New Testament Church of God, Halifax
Newlands Meeting House, Rastrick
Norland United Methodist Church
North End Chapel, Brighouse
North Parade Baptist Church, Halifax
Northgate End Chapel, Halifax
Northgate Presbyterian Church, Halifax
Northgate Unitarian Chapel, Halifax
Northowram Independent Chapel
Northowram Methodist New Connexion Chapel
Northowram New Chapel
Northowram United Methodist Chapel
Northowram United Reformed Church
Northowram Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Norwood Green Congregational Church
Norwood Green Mission Church
Norwood Green United Reformed Church
Nursery Lane Anglican Church, Ovenden
Nursery Lane Wesleyan Methodist Church, Ovenden

Octagonal Methodist Chapel, Heptonstall
Ogden Primitive Methodist Chapel
Old Brigg Chapel, Sowerby Bridge
Old Church, Halifax
Old Green Congregational Church, Sowerby
Old Town Methodist Chapel, Wadsworth
Old Town Wesleyan Church, Wadsworth
Oldroyd Independent Methodist Chapel
Oliver Heywood's Chapel
Orange Street Wesleyan Church, Halifax
Our Lady of Lourdes & Saint Malachy, Ovenden
Outlane Wesleyan Chapel
Ovenden Cross Catholic Church

Parish Church
Parish Church of Saint Andrew, Stainland
Parish Church of Saint James, Brighouse
Parish Church of Saint James, Hebden Bridge
Parish Church of Saint John the Baptist, Halifax
Parish Church of Saint Mark, Siddal
Parish Church of Saint Martin, Brighouse
Parish Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Elland
Parish Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Luddendenfoot
Parish Church of Saint Paul, King Cross
Parish Church of Saint Stephen the Martyr, Copley
Parish Church of Saint Thomas à Becket, Heptonstall
Parish Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle, Heptonstall
Parish of ...
Park Congregational Church, Halifax
Park Nook Chapel, Rishworth
Park United Reformed Church, Halifax
Park Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Brighouse
Parrock Nook Chapel, Rishworth
Patmos Congregational Chapel, Todmorden
Patmos Independent Chapel, Todmorden
Patmos New Connexion Chapel, Todmorden
Pecket Well Methodist Chapel
Pellon Baptist Church
Pellon Church Lads' Brigade
Pellon Lane Particular Baptist Church
Pellon Primitive Methodist Chapel
Pellon Wesleyan Church
Pentecostal Hall, Hebden Bridge
Pepper Hill Unitarian Chapel, Shelf
Plymouth Brethren Meeting Room, Halifax
Polish Catholic Parish Church, Halifax
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Lightcliffe
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Norland
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Todmorden
Primitive Methodist Mission Chapel, Rastrick
Proprietary Church
Providence Congregational Church, Elland
Providence Congregational Church, Stainland
Providence Independent Chapel, Ovenden
Providence Methodist Chapel, Midgley
Providence Methodist Chapel, Sowerby Bridge
Providence Methodist New Connexion Chapel, King Cross
Providence Primitive Methodist Chapel, Sowerby
Providence United Methodist Chapel, Sowerby
Providence United Reformed Church, Elland
Providence United Reformed Church, Illingworth
Providence United Reformed Church, Stainland
Providence Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Queens Road
Pudsey Baptist Chapel, Todmorden
Pye Nest Catholic Church
Pye Nest Primitive Methodist Chapel

Quarry Hill Church, Sowerby Bridge
Quarry House Mission, Elland
Queens Road Methodist New Connexion Chapel
Queens Road Primitive Methodist Chapel
Queens Road United Methodist Chapel
Queensbury Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Queenshead Baptist Church

Railway Mission Hall, Sowerby Bridge
Railway Mission Room, Halifax
Range Bank Congregational Church, Halifax
Ranters' Chapel
Rastrick Cemetery: Lodge
Rastrick Methodist Chapel
Reformers' Chapel, Tuel Lane
Rehoboth Baptist Church, Stansfield
Rhodes Street Wesleyan Chapel, Halifax
Ripponden Congregational Church
Ripponden Parish Church
Rishworth's Chapel, Hipperholme
Rishworth Congregational Church
Rishworth Independent Church
Rishworth Independent Union Chapel
Rishworth Particular Baptist Chapel
Rishworth School Chapel
Roadside Baptist Church, Rishworth
Rochdale Parish Church
Rodwell End Meeting House, Stansfield
Rooley Lane Wesleyan Chapel, Sowerby
Roomfield Baptist Church, Todmorden
Round Hill Chapel, Beggarington
Roundhill Primitive Methodist Chapel, Ambler Thorn
Ryshworth's Chapel, Hipperholme

Sacred Heart & Saint Bernard's Catholic Church, Halifax
Sacred Heart & Saint Patrick's Catholic Church, Sowerby Bridge
Saint Aidan's Chapel, Lightcliffe
Saint Aidan's Church Mission, Walsden
Saint Aidan's Mission Church, Bailiff Bridge
Saint Aidan's Mission, Wainstalls
Saint Alban's Catholic Church, Halifax
Saint Andrew's Chapel of Ease, Brighouse
Saint Andrew's Church, Brighouse
Saint Andrew's Church, Stainland
Saint Andrew's Methodist Chapel, Halifax
Saint Andrew's Methodist Church, Huddersfield Road
Saint Andrew's Mission Church, Holmfield
Saint Anne's in the Grove Church, Southowram
Saint Augustine's Church, Pellon
Saint Barnabas's Church, Shore
Saint Barnabas's Mission Church, Halifax
Saint Bartholomew's Chapel, Stainland
Saint Bartholomew's Church, Dean Head
Saint Bartholomew's Church, Ripponden
Saint Bernadette's Catholic Church, Mixenden
Saint Bernard's Catholic Church, Halifax
Saint Chad's Chapel of Ease, Hove Edge
Saint Chad's Church, Hove Edge
Saint Chad's Church, Rochdale
Saint Chad's Mission Church & School
Saint Columba's Catholic Church, Pellon
Saint Columcille's Catholic Church, Pellon
Saint Edward's Mission Church, Boothtown
Saint George's Chapel of Rest
Saint George's Church, Hanover Square, London
Saint George's Church, Lee Mount
Saint George's Church, Norwood Green
Saint George's Church, Sowerby
Saint George's Mission Church, Ovenden
Saint Helen's Church, Holywell Green
Saint Hilda's Church, Barkisland
Saint Hilda's Church, Halifax
Saint Hilda's Mission Church, Halifax
Saint James & Saint Mary Church of England, Halifax
Saint James's Church, Calderbook
Saint James's Church, Halifax
Saint James's Parish Church, Brighouse
Saint James's Spiritual Temple, Halifax
Saint James the Great Church, Hebden Bridge
Saint James's United Methodist Free Church, Luddenden
Saint John's Chapel of Rest, Rastrick
Saint John's Church, Hebden Bridge
Saint John's Church, Ovenden
Saint John's Church, Stubbing
Saint John's Congregational Church, Todmorden
Saint John's, Halifax
Saint John in the Wilderness, Cragg Vale
Saint John's Methodist Church, Prescott Street
Saint John's Mission Church, Hebden Bridge
Saint John's Mission Church, Rastrick
Saint John the Baptist's Chantry Chapel, Elland
Saint John the Baptist, Coley
Saint John the Baptist Eastern Orthodox Church, Boothtown
Saint John the Baptist, Halifax
Saint John the Baptist's Parish Church, Halifax
Saint John the Divine, Cliviger
Saint John the Divine, Rastrick
Saint John the Divine, Rishworth
Saint John the Divine, Thorpe
Saint John the Evangelist, Bradshaw
Saint John the Evangelist, Clifton
Saint John the Evangelist, Warley
Saint John the Evangelist, West Vale
Saint John's Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Halifax
Saint Joseph's Catholic Church, Brighouse
Saint Joseph's Catholic Church, Todmorden
Saint Joseph's Church, Sowerby Bridge
Saint Jude's Church, Savile Park
Saint Luke's Church, Norland
Saint Malachy's Catholic Church, Ovenden
Saint Marie's Catholic Church, Gibbet Street
Saint Mark's Parish Church, Siddal
Saint Martin's Parish Church, Brighouse
Saint Mary's Catholic Church, Halifax
Saint Mary's Church, Cottonstones
Saint Mary's Church, Halifax
Saint Mary's Church, Sowerby
Saint Mary Magdalene Church, Outlane
Saint Mary's Parish Church, Todmorden
Saint Mary's Preaching Room, Todmorden
Saint Mary the Virgin, Elland Parish Church
Saint Mary the Virgin, Illingworth
Saint Mary the Virgin, Luddenden
Saint Mary the Virgin, Wyke
Saint Matthew's Church, Lightcliffe
Saint Matthew's Church, Northowram
Saint Matthew's Church, Rastrick
Saint Matthew's Church, Rishworth
Saint Matthew's Mission Church, Coley
Saint Michael & All Angels' Church, Cornholme
Saint Michael's & All Angels' Church, Shelf
Saint Michael & All Angels' Church, Southowram Bank
Saint Michael's Church, Mytholmroyd
Saint Michael's Mission Church, Elland
Saint Michael's Mission Church, Halifax
Saint Nicholas's Chapel, Elland
Saint Patrick's Catholic Church, Elland
Saint Patrick's Catholic Church, Halifax
Saint Patrick's Catholic Church, West Vale
Saint Paul's Church, Cross Stone
Saint Paul's Church, King Cross
Saint Paul's Church, Queens Road
Saint Paul's Church, Todmorden
Saint Paul's Methodist Chapel, Elland
Saint Paul's Methodist Church, Sowerby Bridge
Saint Paul's Mission Church, Pye Nest
Saint Paul's Spiritual Church & Lyceum, Halifax
Saint Paul's Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Brighouse
Saint Peter & Saint Paul's Catholic Church, Mytholmroyd
Saint Peter's Church, Hartshead
Saint Peter's Church, Sowerby
Saint Peter's Church, Walsden
Saint Peter's Community Centre, Sowerby
Saint Peter's Mission Church, Brookfoot
Saint Peter's Mission Church, Wheatley
Saint Stephen's Church, Copley
Saint Teresa's Church, Halifax
Saint Thomas à Becket's Catholic Church
Saint Thomas à Becket's Church, Heptonstall
Saint Thomas à Becket, Heptonstall: Graveyard
Saint Thomas à Becket Mission Room
Saint Thomas à Becket's Parish Church, Heptonstall
Saint Thomas, Charlestown
Saint Thomas's Church, Greetland
Saint Thomas's Mission Room, Halifax
Saint Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Church, Hebden Bridge
Saint Thomas Street Primitive Methodist Church, Boothtown
Saint Thomas the Apostle's Church, Heptonstall
Saint Thomas the Apostle, Claremount
Saint Thomas The Apostle, Heptonstall: Graveyard
Saint Thomas the Apostle's Parish Church, Heptonstall
Saint Thomas the Martyr, Heptonstall
Saint Walburga's Catholic Church, Luddendenfoot
Salem Methodist Church, Richmond Street
Salem Methodist New Connexion Chapel, North Parade
Salem Primitive Methodist Chapel, Knowlwood
Salem United Methodist Chapel, Halifax
Salem Wesleyan Chapel, Hebden Bridge
Salendine Nook Baptist Church
Salterhebble United Methodist Free Chapel
Salterhebble Wesleyan Reform Chapel
Salterlee Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Stump Cross
Salvation Army Barracks, Halifax
Salvation Army Church, Elland
Salvation Army Church, Holmfield
Salvation Army Citadel, Brighouse
Salvation Army Citadel, Halifax
Salvation Army Citadel, Sowerby Bridge
Salvation Army Meeting Room, Elland
Scout Road Wesleyan Chapel, Mytholmroyd
Second Church of Christ Scientist, Halifax
Serbian Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, Boothtown
Seventh Day Adventist Church, Copley
Shade Chapel
Shade Wesleyan Methodist Church
Shelf Congregational Church
Shelf Primitive Methodist Chapel
Shelf Tabernacle
Shelf United Methodist Church
Shelf Wesleyan Chapel
Shibden Methodist New Connexion Chapel
Shibden United Methodist Chapel
Shoebroad Farm Meeting House
Shore General Baptist Church, Todmorden
Siddal Mission Room
Siddal Parish Church
Siddal Strict Baptist Church
Siddal Wesleyan Methodist Church
Simpson Road Church, Boothtown
Sion Congregational Church, Halifax
Sisters' Chapels
Skircoat Green United Methodist Free Chapel
Skircoat Green Wesleyan Church
Slack Chapel
Snake Hill Meeting House, Rastrick
South Parade Methodist Chapel, Halifax
Southend Chapel, Elland
Southgate Chapel, Elland
Southgate Methodist Chapel, Elland
Southowram Bank Mission Church
Southowram Wesleyan Chapel
Sowden Chapel
Sowerby Bridge Baptist Church
Sowerby Bridge Church Institute
Sowerby Bridge Evangelical Methodist Free Church
Sowerby Bridge Independent Chapel
Sowerby Bridge Methodist Church
Sowerby Bridge Parish Church
Sowerby Bridge Primitive Methodist Chapel
Sowerby Bridge Wesleyan Mission Chapel
Sowerby Chapel
Sowerby Green Congregational Chapel
Sowerby Independent Chapel
Sowerby New Road Primitive Methodist Chapel
Sowerby New Wesleyan Chapel
Sowerby Old Road Quaker Chapel
Sowerby Old Wesleyan Chapel
Sowerby Parish Church
Sowerby United Reformed Church
Sowood Wesleyan Methodist Church
Soyland Town United Methodist Church
Spiritualist Hall, Todmorden
Spiritualist Progressive Lyceum, Sowerby Bridge
Spiritualists' Lyceum, Brighouse
Spiritualists' Lyceum, Greetland
Springside Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Stansfield
Square Congregational Church, Halifax
Square Independent Chapel, Halifax
Saint Paul's Church, Denholme
Stafford Square Wesleyan Church, Halifax
Stainland & Holywell Green Congregational Church
Stainland & Holywell Green United Reformed Church
Stainland Independent Chapel
Stainland Independent Church
Stainland Road Methodist Chapel, West Vale
Stainland Wesleyan Chapel
Standeven's Chapel
Stannary Congregational Church, Halifax
Stansfield Chapel
Steep Lane Baptist Church, Sowerby
Stone Chair Tabernacle
Stone Slack Particular Baptist Church, Heptonstall
Stones Wesleyan Methodist Church, Ripponden
Stott's Mission, Brighouse
Summit Primitive Methodist Chapel
Summit Wesleyan Methodist Temple
Sutcliffe Street Chapel, Pellon
Swamp Chapel, Queensbury

Temperance Methodist Chapel, Elland
Thornfield United Free Methodist Church, Greetland
Thorngreese Methodist Chapel, Todmorden
Thornhill Briggs Methodist New Connexion Chapel
Throstle Bower Wesleyan Chapel, Wainstalls
Tin Mission Church, Mytholm
Tin Mission, Hebden Bridge
Tin Tabernacle
Todmorden Methodist New Connexion Chapel
Todmorden Parish Church
Todmorden Spiritual Church
Todmorden Spiritualists' Temple
Top o' th' Lane Chapel
Top o' th' Street Chapel
Top o' th' Town Chapel
Triangle Mission Room
Triangle Wesleyan Methodist Church
Trinity Chapel, Thornhill Briggs
Trinity Methodist New Connexion Church, Brighouse
Trinity Road Baptist Church, Halifax
Trinity United Methodist Free Church, Walsden
Trinity Wesleyan Chapel, Halifax
Trinity Wesleyan Methodist Church, Halifax
Tuel Lane United Methodist Free Chapel

Ukrainian Church of Holy Protection, Halifax
Union Croft Chapel, Ambler Thorn
Union Methodist Chapel, Midgley
Union Street Catholic Church, Hebden Bridge
Unitarian Chapel, Todmorden
Unitarian Church, Todmorden
United Congregational Church, Halifax
United Free Methodist Church, Hove Edge
United Methodist Church, Elland
United Methodist Free Chapel, Southowram Bank
United Methodist Free Church, Clifton
United Methodist Free Church, Copley
United Methodist Free Church, Southowram
United Methodist Free Church, Sowerby Bridge
United Methodist Free Church, Walsden
United Reformed Church, Carlton Street
Upper Brockholes Methodist Chapel
Upper Edge Baptist Church, Elland
Upper Room Chapel, Halifax

Vale Baptist Church, Todmorden
Valley Top Chapel, Southowram
Victoria Road Primitive Methodist Chapel, Todmorden

Wade House Primitive Methodist Chapel, Shelf
Wainsgate Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge
Wainstalls Wesleyan Reformed Chapel
Wainstalls Wesleyan Reformers Church
Walker Lane Methodist Chapel, Chiserley
Wall Nook Primitive Methodist Chapel, Greetland
Walsden Parish Church
Walsden Wesleyan Chapel
Waring Green Congregational Church
Waring Green United Reformed Church
Warley Clough Primitive Methodist Chapel, Sowerby
Warley Congregational Church
Waterloo Hall Church of God, Halifax
Watkinson Chapel, Lightcliffe
Weaver's Square Methodist Church, Heptonstall
Wellington Road Baptist Church, Todmorden
Wesley Centre, Pellon
Wesley's Chapel, Halifax
Wesleyan Chapel, Todmorden
Wesleyan Chapel, Triangle
Wesleyan Methodist Association Chapel, Todmorden
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Todmorden
Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Greetland
Wesleyan Reform Church, Elland
Wesleyan Reform Preaching Room, Skircoat Green
West End Congregational Church, Sowerby Bridge
West End Methodist Chapel, Halifax
West End Methodist Chapel, Queensbury
West End Wesleyan Mission Church, Halifax
West Vale Baptist Chapel
West Vale Free Church
West Vale Methodist Chapel
Wheatley Community Church
Wheatley Mission Church
Wheatley Pentecostal Church
Wheatley Wesleyan Methodist Church
Willeby Chapel
Witchfield Methodist Chapel, Shelf
Woodend Wesleyan Mission, Hebden Bridge
Woodlands Catholic Church, Halifax
Wyke Congregational Church

York Street Wesleyan Methodist Church, Todmorden

Zion Congregational Church, Ripponden
Zion Methodist Free Chapel, Hove Edge
Zion Particular Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge
Zion Primitive Methodist Church, Elland
Zion Strict Baptist Church, Siddal
Zion United Reformed Church, Ripponden

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