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Ajax Domestic Appliance Company
George  Aked
Albion Mill, Halifax
Albion Rams Club, Halifax
Alexander & Cockcroft
Dr  John Alexander
Thomas  William Allen
Joshua  Appleyard
Samuel  Appleyard
Arts Resource Centre
F.  Ashton-Jones
Cornelius  Ashworth
Joseph  Aspinall
Mr  Asserati
Isaac  Horsfall Astin
Automobiles (Geographical) Limited
John  Avison

Wright  Bairstow
Bairstow's Brass Workers, Halifax
Baitings Reservoir, Ripponden
William Bancroft
John  Barber
Ely  Bates
Joseph Batie
Miss Baxter's School
Bay Horse, Boothtown
Bee-hive, Halifax
Beech School, Sowerby Bridge
Beehive & Cross Keys, Halifax
Gerard  Norman Singleton Bennett
S. L. Bennett
James  Bentley
Bentley's Quarry, Hipperholme
Walter Henry Bentley
Mrs Mary Best
John  Binns
Thomas  Blackburn
Blaithroyd Working Men's Club, Southowram
Blankney Grange, Wyke
Blue Bell, Southowram
Blue Lion, Mytholmroyd
John  Bolton
Herbert  Boocock
Henry  Booth
The Boothes
John  Heap Bottomley
Sarah  Ann Bottomley
Miss  Bradley
Charles  Brearley
Rawdon  Briggs
Brighouse Church Literary Club
Brighouse Co-operative Stores: Stabbing [1929]
Brighouse Games League
Broad Tree, Halifax
Broad Tree Hotel, Lee Mount
Anne  Brontë
Brooke's Almshouses, Brighouse
Rev  William John Brookes
Henry  Broomhead
James  William Bulmer
Cyril  Butterworth
Butterworth End, Norland

Caddy Field Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Cading's Croft, Halifax
I. & I. Calvert
Carr Hall Falls, Stainland
James Cartledge & Sons
Joseph Cartledge
Thomas  Casson
Cat Heads, Southowram
Cemetery Lodge, Halifax
Lindley  Chappell
J.  H. Charnock
James Hanson Charnock
Cherry Trees, Lightcliffe
The Clark's Office, Illingworth
Clay Pits Quarry
James Clay & Company Limited
Cliffe Brewery, Warley
Clifton Police Station
Clough Terrace, Greetland
Henry  Cockroft
Phineas  Cockroft
John  Harold Collinson
Commercial Mill Company
Copley Range
Cousin Mitchell Trust
Cousinville, Wadsworth
Rev Charles Russell Cranham
Craven Heifer, Halifax
Croft House, Stainland
Edward Theodore Cronhelm
Crossley Garden Estate, Halifax
Jeremiah  Crossley
John  Crossley
John  Crossley
Crossley's Sweet Shop, Elland
Thomas Crossley & Sons
Joshua  Crowther
Mary  Crowther

Dark Lane Methodist Chapel, Southowram
Delf Hill Chapel, Southowram
Albert Maitland Dempster
Dennison's Mill, Lee Bridge
James  Matthias Dixon
Ezra Doyle
Thomas  Drake
Dynastic marriages
Lionel  Thomas Dyson

Mr  Eastwood
Ebenezer Biscuit Works, Halifax
Edge Holme, Warley
Sir  John de Eland
Margaret  de Eland
Elim School, Warley
Elland Malthouse
Elland Museum
Elland Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Society
Sir John Elland
Ellistones Lane Toll House, Greetland
Miss  Empsall
Exley Sandstone Quarry

Farrar's Mill, Elland
Thomas  Farrar
George Fearnley
Zoltan Ferenczi
Abraham  Fielden
Abraham  Fielden
Firth House Mills Chimney, Stainland
Thomas  Firth
Fishers' Drapery Establishment, Halifax
Fletcher's Mill, Dean Clough
H. Fletcher & Company Limited
Fresh Air Fund

Garrick's Head, Halifax
George V
Mrs Anne Gibson
Arthur  Gledhill
Arthur  Gledhill
W.  Gothard
Grange Terrace, Lightcliffe
Granny Bar, Brighouse
Green Hayes, Halifax
Joah  Green
Greenup's Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Abraham  Greenwood
Daniel  Greenwood
Greetland Methodist Church
Grove, Brearley

H:  R. H.
John  William Haigh
Halifax Baby Bounty Scheme
Halifax  Ciné Club
Halifax Courier Building
Halifax Joint Stock Banking Company Limited
Halifax Ladies' Association for the Care of Women & Girls
Halifax National School
Halifax Post Office
Halifax Taylor-Mills
Rev John William Hall
Robert Hall
Mr  Halliday
John  Halliday
Richard  Halliday
Amos  Hanson
John  Hanson
Rev Robert Harley
Harrison Road, Halifax
John  Hartley
Judith  Hartley
Samuel  Hartley
William  Hartley
Anne Hayes
Mr  Heap
John  Frederick Heap
Hebden & Halifax Limited
The Hebden Bridge Chronicle
Hebden Bridge Fustian Manufacturing Co-operative Society Limited
Hebden Bridge Trades Club
W. C. & H. Hebden
Joseph  Helliwell
Hemmingway's School, Brighouse
Heptonstall Police Station
Albert  Hepworth
The Heritage Business
Job  Hey
Henry  Percy Valentine Hickman
Higginbottom's Cotton Mill, Lee Bank
Norman  Hildred
Albert  Hill
Hipperholme Wesleyan Methodist Graveyard
Hipperholme-cum-Brighouse Board of Guardians
John  Hirst
M.  Holdsworth
Hollings Mill, Ripponden
Holme  Mills, Stainland
Laurence  Gibson Holmes
Holmfield Primitive Methodist Chapel
Benjamin  Holroyd
Edward  Holroyd
Isaac Hopkinson
Horse & Groom, Southowram
Horse trough
Horse Trough, Horton Street
Horse Trough, Stainland
Horsfall  & Sons
John  Horsfall
Robert  Horsfall
Horsfall's Temperance Hotel, Halifax
Charles Hoyland
Elkanah Hoyle
Elkanah  Hoyle
Edward  Mitchell Huntriss

Thomas  Ibbetson
Imperial, Sowerby Bridge

Joint Stock Bank Court, Halifax
Joukin Lain, Brighouse
Jonathan  Jowett

Kebroyd  House, Ripponden
J. & J. & J. & W. Keighley
Edward  Keirns
The Kennedy Collection
Kilnhurst Toll Bar, Todmorden
King's Walshaw, Erringden
Roger  Kirkpatrick
William Kitchingman
Kitson Lane, Norland
Rev Charles Knapp
Knotts Grove, Todmorden

Lady Godiva Procession
Lambert  House, Rochdale Road, West Vale
John  Law
Thomas  Law
William  Law
The Lees, Brighouse
Fr Letellier
Light Brigade Club, Halifax
Liley's Building, Cheapside
Charles  Edward Lister
Lister Lane Mission, Halifax
Thomas  Lister
William  Lister
Listers' Arms, Halifax
Lower Dyson Lane Mill, Rishworth
Lower George, Rastrick

George  Lumb
Lumb Lane Methodist Chapel
Lydgate House, Lightcliffe

Walter Crossley Manks
Market Cross, Halifax
P.  L. Marston
John  Maude
Mayor of Luddenden
John Gowan McCrea
Samuel Main McLachlan
Miss Mellin's Academy
Midgley's Grammar School, Halifax
Milne's Mill, Longbottom
Thomas  Milne
James  Mitchell
Mixenden Stones Farm, Mixenden
John Mollett Limited
John  Mooney
Edward Mortimer Limited
Edward Mortimer Limited
Joseph Morton & Sons, Limited
Mount Farm Estate, Norton Tower
Joseph Moxon Kirk & Sons
Herbert  Reginald Mundy
Mrs  Murgatroyd
James  Murgatroyd
Matthew  Murgatroyd

Nag's Head, Halifax
John  Naylor
Joseph Naylor
The Negro of Victoria Road, Halifax
Nether Shibden
Madame Elise de Neuville
New Pellon
Joseph  Noble
Michael  Noone
The Norland Halls
Normanton's Buildings, Soyland
Charles  Norris
James  Edward Norris
North Dean Nature Trail
Northgate  Building, Halifax
Northgate robot
Nursery Lane Anglican Church, Ovenden
Mrs Kathleen Nuttall

Esther  Oates
James  Oates
Oatland Field Terrace, Greetland
Old Cock Friendly Society
Orange Town
Thomas  Ormerod
Our Lady of Lourdes & Saint Malachy, Ovenden
Benjamin  Outram

Parish Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Luddendenfoot
Park Field House, Soyland
John  Patchett
Arthur  Payne
Ernest  Payne
Samuel  Pearson
Pearson's Confectioners
Pendleton Mill, Elland
Perseverance Lodge: Oddfellows
Perseverance Mill,  Brighouse
Tommy Pickles
Pineberry Football Club
Pioneers of 1847
The Plain Speaker
Pohlman Street, Halifax
Miss  Jane Pollard
Rev John Preston
Charles  Priestley
Eliza  Priestley
Francis  Priestley
James  Priestley
John  Priestley
John  Priestley
Priestley's Mill, Sowerby
Nathaniel  Priestley
Thomas  Priestley
William  Priestley
Prince of Blucher, Halifax
Princess Street, West Vale

Queens Road Board School

Elizabeth  Ramsden
Roderick Random
Rastrick Co-operative Store
Rastrick Rugby Club
Raw End Farm, Luddendenfoot
Colonel William Rawson
Captain  Rees
Rig-Ma-Down, Brighouse
Henry  Riley
John  Riley
Jubal  Riley
George  Robinson
John de Rokis
Roll of Honour
Rook Tavern, Southowram
Rose Cottage, Warley
Roundabout, Brighouse
Routes to Roots
Rugby Avenue, Ovenden
J.  Rushworth
J. Rushworth & Sons
Ryburn Troupe of Merry Musicians

Saint Anne's Sabbath School, Southowram
Saint George's Church, Sowerby
Saint James & Saint Mary Church of England, Halifax
Saint John's Church, Ovenden
Saint John's Home, Triangle
Saint John's House, Halifax
Saint Joseph's Church, Sowerby Bridge
Saint Luke's Non-Provided Schools, Norland
Saint Mary's Church, Eastwood
Saint Patrick's Catholic Church, Halifax
Saint Paul's Spiritual Church & Lyceum, Halifax
Saint Peter's Mission Church, Brookfoot
Salem United Methodist Chapel, Halifax
Sir  Peter Saltonstall
Samuel  Saltonstall
Mr Sam  at Roddins
Savile House, Halifax
Savile  Place, Halifax
Savile Road, Halifax
Rev Edwin Scott
John  Scott
Joseph Scowby
Sculptor Place, Brighouse
Sentry Edge, Warley
John  Farrar Shackleton
Shaw Booth, Warley
George  Shaw
George  Shaw
Shaw Hill House, Halifax
 John Shaw & Sons
Shelf Police Station
Shelf United Methodist Church
Shepherd's Dairy, Halifax
Ship Tavern, Brighouse
George  Anderson Short
Siddal  Halls
Jane Simpson
Single Sisters, Southowram
Smith & Beaumont
Herbert  Smith
James  Smith
James  Smith
Samuel  Milne Smith
Smith's School, Mill Bank
Vincent  Smith
Thomas  Smithies
Blakey  Spencer
Walter Spencer & Sons
Sportsman, Hipperholme
Spring Field, Northowram
Springfield / Spring Field
Square Church, Halifax
Stanley Fire Engine Company Limited
Stannary School, Halifax
Stannary School, Halifax
Stansfield Concerts
Stansfield's Variety Theatre, Halifax
Edward Stead & Sons
Stile House, Stansfield
Stocks Arms, Northowram
Rev H. Stratton
Struglar's Hall, Luddenden
Thomas  Henry Birkett Stubbs
Mrs Annie Sugden
Thomas  Pullan Sugden
Sun Inn, Halifax
Sun Inn, Wainstalls
Rev  John Sunderland
Aaron  Sutcliffe
Sutcliffe Street Chapel, Pellon
William  Arthur Sutcliffe
A. Sutcliffe & Son Limited
Arthur Sutcliffe & Company
William  Swift
Mr  Sykes
The Sykonian

The Tanyard, Ripponden
Tavern, West Vale
Mr  Taylor
Benjamin  Taylor
Captain  Thomas Taylor
Thomas Street, Halifax
Richard Thomas & Sons
William  Thompson
William  Thorp
Thorpe Mill, Triangle
John Tong & Son
Town Hall, Elland
Rev  Daniel Town
Robert  Town
Townsend's Mill, Hebden Bridge
Turner & Wainwright

Underbank House, Hebden Bridge
Union Mills, Salterhebble
Upper George, Rastrick
Upper Mill, Cragg Vale
Upper Swift Place, Soyland
Upper Willow Hall, Cote Hill
James  Plurat Uttley
William  Uttley

Vaults Bar, Halifax
Victoria Avenue, Elland

Waddington's Yard, Brighouse
Mr  Wade
Richard  Wade
Wagon & Horses, Ovenden
James  Wainhouse
Wainhouse Road School, Halifax
Wallace's Limited
Thomas  Walsh
Ward's Dye Works, Halifax
Ward's Dye Works, Salterhebble
Henry  Ward
John  Whiteley Ward
John  Waterhouse
Waterloo, Brighouse
Arthur  Watkinson
Watson Mill Lane, Sowerby Bridge
Bethiah  Webster
West Vale House
Wharf Lodge, Sowerby Bridge
Wheatsheaf, Halifax
Thomas  Whitaker
Whitaker's Minstrels
White Bear, Sowerby
John  Lister Whiteley
Wilkin Royd House, Brighouse
William Broad, Halifax
Willow Hall Cottage, Halifax
Windy Hill
H.  Wolfenden
Wood Lane Hall, Sowerby
Wood, Harris & Company

The Gledhill family of Barkisland
The Holland family
The Morton family
The Whitworth family of the Ryburn Valley

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