Ia Ib Ic Id Ik Il Im In Ir Is It Iv Iz

I'Anson, JohnRef I191
[18??-18??] Grocer at 30 Commercial Road, Halifax [1874]

I'Anson, WalterRef I192
[18??-18??] Grocer at 87 New Bank, Halifax [1874]

Ibberson, Charles WilliamRef I81
[1868-1936] He was a printer at 22 John Street, Halifax [1927].

In [Q1] 1896, he married either Sarah Jane Dawtrey or Sarah Jane Emsley in Halifax.


  1. Wilfred

The family lived at Dudwell Lea, Halifax

Ibberson, George DysonRef I260
[1???-1897] Landlord of the Sun Inn, Halifax [1897].

He married Mary Hannah.

They are mentioned in the List of Local Wills: 1897

Ibberson, HarryRef I34
[1877-1917] Son of Sarah Ann & George Ibberson of Liversedge.

Born in Liversedge.

He was the proprietor of a fish & chip restaurant [1911] – see the Blue Bell, Southowram.

On 23rd October 1900, he married Elizabeth Ann Greenwood at St Anne's Church, Southowram.

Elizabeth Ann was born in Halifax, the daughter of Arthur Daniel Greenwood

They lived at 15 Common Lane, Southowram [1917].

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 12th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own).

He died of wounds [20th November 1917] (aged 39).

He was buried at Grevillers British Cemetery, France [Grave Ref VII D 20].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, on Southowram War Memorial, on the Memorial at Saint Anne's Church, Southowram, and on the grave of his father-in-law at St Anne's Church, Southowram [Grave Ref: R-B23].

Elizabeth Ann died 19th September 1952 (aged 74).

She was buried at St Anne's Church, Southowram [Grave Ref: R-B23]

Ibberson, JosephRef I221
[1808-1890] Son of Hannah [1780-18??].

Born in Lepton [10th November 1808].

He was landlord at the Golden Lion, Halifax [1845, 1864] / landlord of the Upper George Hotel & Posting House, Halifax  [1871, 1874].

He married (1) Sarah [1809-1869].

Sarah came from Liverpool


  1. Anne [b 1842]
  2. Mary Powell [b 1844]
  3. Joseph [1845-1872]
  4. Thomas [1847] who died in infancy
  5. Susannah [b 1848]
  6. Sarah [b 1850]
  7. John [1852-1856]

Sarah died 27th June 1869 (aged 60).

She & the children were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 4462]; Joseph appears on the headstone here, but is buried at Plot 1083.

He married (2) Elizabeth [1839-1896].

Elizabeth was born 4th March 1839

Child: 8. Emmaline [1871-1891] who was buried with her parents

Joseph died in Halifax [7th July 1890].

Elizabeth died 23rd June 1896.

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1083]

Ibberson, Rev W. H.Ref I184
[18??-18??] Pastor at Hope Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge [1877-1881]

Ibberson, WilfredRef I125
[1897-1918] Son of Charles William Ibberson.

Born in Halifax [Q4 1897].

He was educated at Halifax Secondary School [until 1912] / employed in his father's printing business.

During World War I, he enlisted in the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment), then he served as a Rifleman with the King's Royal Rifle Corps, attached to the Queen Victoria's Rifles (9th London Regiment).

He died of pneumonia [30th April 1918] (aged 20).

He was buried at Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension, France [Grave Ref III A 26].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, on the Memorial at Halifax Secondary School, and on the Memorial at Heath Congregational Church, Halifax

Ibbetson, Charles HenryRef I83
[1858-19??] Born in Yeadon.

He was a manager of Industrial Co-operative Society store [1911].

In [Q4] 1881, he married Elizabeth Lucy Garside [1858-19??] from Ripponden, in Halifax.


  1. child
  2. Mary Jane [b 1885]

The family lived at 65 Lightcliffe Road, Brighouse [1911]

Ibbetson, ChristopherRef I6450

He married Unknown.


  1. (possibly) Thomas
  2. child
  3. child
  4. child
  5. child
  6. child

Members of the family were buried in Halifax Parish Church.

The epitaph on the memorial is recorded in the book Monumental & Other Inscriptions

Ibbetson, GeorgeRef I254
[1821-1???] Of Halifax.

In 1839, he, Charles Evans and Samuel Holdsworth were charged with feloniously assault on William Latham of Halifax.

On 5th March 1840, the jury returned a verdict of Guilty and all three men were transported for 15 years.

He left England for Van Diemen's Land aboard the Duncan [10th December 1840]

Ibbetson's: H. & H. IbbetsonRef I247
Linen draper and silk mercers at Corn market, Halifax [1822]

Ibbetson, Sir JamesRef I47
[1746-1796] Baronet of Leeds and Denton.

He was High Sheriff of Yorkshire [1769].

In 1768, he married Jane Caygill.


  1. Henry Carr [1779-1825]
  2. Isabella
  3. Charles [1779-1839]
  4. James [17??-1801]
  5. John Thomas [1789-1869]
  6. Anne Frances
  7. Harriet

He inherited Denton Hall, Wharfedale from his uncle Samuel [1768] and commissioned John Carr of York to build the present Hall. The work was completed in 1778 at a cost of £100,000

Ibbetson, JamesRef I60
[18??-18??] Hatter and manufacturer at Clark Bridge, Halifax [1850]

Ibbetson, JamesRef I128
[1822-1889] Born in Halifax.

He was a lamp lighter [1881].

In [Q3] 1852, he (possibly) married Jane Furness [1826-1864] in Halifax.

Jane died 30th May 1864 (aged 38).

James died 2nd November 1889 (aged 67), and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2796] with Alfred Jones

Question: Does anyone know whether / how the Ibbetson & Jones families are related?


Ibbetson, JohnRef I87
[1???-18??] In August 1843, he was taken before Halifax Magistrates, on numerous charges of robbery.

He had been in the habit of frequenting public houses in the neighbourhood of Halifax, and making off with whatever he could lay hold on, such as copper kettles, brass pans, irons, wearing apparel, spoons etc. The Magistrates deemed it sufficient to consider just two of the more recent cases, and he was committed for trial at the ensuing Sessions

Ibbetson, JohnRef I1
[1744-1???] Wool-dealer of Ovenden. One of the coiners.

The official notice of 1769 for his arrest described him as

JOHN IBBETSON, late of Ovenden, in the same Parish, Dealer in Wool, about 25 years of age, five feet six inches high, slender made, fair complexioned, looks pale but very smart, wears his own Hair, which is brown and curls a little

Ibbetson, MaryRef I55
[1???-18??] She ran a private school in Halifax [around 1838]

Ibbetson, SamRef I62
[17??-18??] Woolstapler at Gaol Lane, Halifax [1809]

Ibbetson, SarahRef I219
[1???-18??] She ran a private school in Halifax [around 1822]

Ibbetson, ThomasRef I8890
[1747-1828] (Possibly) son of Christopher Ibbetson.

Question: Can anyone confirm that his father was indeed Christopher Ibbetson?


He married Elizabeth [1749-1818].


  1. Sarah [1775-1824]

Members of the family were buried in Halifax Parish Church.

The epitaph on the memorial is recorded in the book Monumental & Other Inscriptions

Ibbot Clough, WadsworthRef I112

See Ibbot Royd Clough, Wadsworth

Ibbot Royd Clough, WadsworthRef I114
Stream which flows into Hebden Water.

See Hirst Bridge, Wadsworth, Ibbot Clough, Wadsworth and Nutclough Mill, Hebden Royd

Ibbot Royd, WadsworthRef I113

Ibbotroyd, StansfieldRef I30
Aka Ibbot Royd.

Walker Lane. House and farmstead.

In 1488, John Akroyd lived here, and the house remained with the Akroyd family of Halifax until 1650 when it passed to the Lister family of Old Town.

The present building is mid-17th century.

The barn is dated S A 1838 and has a Venetian window over the elliptical cart entry

See Henry Mitchell, Richard Naylor and John Stansfield

Ibbotson, Mrs AmyRef I251
[18??-19??] She ran a dancing school in Halifax [1936]

See Mrs Harry Ludlam

Ibbotson, GeorgeRef I25
[1781-1857] Son of Rev Adam Ibbotson of Kilham.

Born 1st September 1781; baptised at Kilham [2nd September 1781].

He was an attorney at Halifax and Elland / solicitor (not practising) living in Huddersfield [1851].

On 16th April 1818, he married Hannah Brooke at Liversedge.


  1. Henry Bagshaw [b 1819]; in 1851, a Henry B.  Ibbotson (age 34) a dyer, is recorded at the Halifax Union  Workhouse
  2. Charles Brooke [b 1820]
  3. George [b 1822]
  4. Emma [b 1823]
  5. Edward [1825-1893]
  6. Sarah Ann [b 1828]

Henry was born in Liversedge, the other children were born in Rastrick.

In 1842, George published an announcement (in the Northern Star) in which he said that Hannah had absconded without any cause on 25th July 1840, taking their youngest son Edward with her. Their son George left home one year later. The announcement gave a list of addresses where Hannah may have been living, and declared that George would not be answerable for any of her debts.

George was buried at St Martin's Church, Brighouse [16th September 1857].

See James Wright

Ibbotson, GeorgeRef I8400
[1812-1846] Of Southowram.

He married Lydia [1815-1859].

The couple were buried at Bramley Lane Chapel

Ibbotson, HarryRef I23
[1909-1944] Born in Bolton.

He was employed by Thomas Ratcliffe & Company Limited.

He lived at Cragg Vale.

During World War II, he served as a Gunner with the Royal Artillery.

He died 27th May 1944 (aged 35).

He was buried at Caserta War Cemetery, Italy [III A 1].

He is remembered on a memorial in St John in the Wilderness, Cragg Vale, and in the book Royd Regeneration

Ibbotson, JosephRef I9400
[1802-1856] Of Southowram.

He married Elizabeth [1807-1870].


  1. James [1828-1847]

Members of the family were buried at Bramley Lane Chapel

Ibbotson, Madame AmyRef I186
[19??-19??] She established dancing schools in the district

Ibbotson, NathanielRef I122
[17??-1???] A partner in Vickerman, Ibbotson & Ibbotson [1777]

Ibbotson, SamuelRef I7800
[18??-18??] Of Brighouse.

He married (1) Mary [1813-1841].


  1. James [1841] who died aged 10 weeks
  2. John [1846-1866]

In 1846, he (possibly) married (2) Grace Mallinson? in Halifax.


  1. Mary [1849-1852]

Members of the family were buried at Bramley Lane Chapel

Ibbotson, ThomasRef I116
[17??-1???] A partner in Vickerman, Ibbotson & Ibbotson [1777]

Ice creamRef I218
Several companies and individuals were involved in making and selling ice cream in the district, including Ishmael Bee, Pietro Dagostino, The Fusco family, Italian families, Kendall's Ices, Leach & Dawson, Luigi de Luca, Pasquale de Luca, Michele Pandozi, Penguin Ice Cream Company, Halifax, Joseph Sykes Rayner and Ripley's Ice Cream

Iddon, RobertRef I2
[1879-1918] Born in Preston.

He married Margaret Ann McGarry [1877-19??].

Margaret Ann was born in Preston

They lived at 9 Knotts Street, Cornholme [1918].

During World War I, he enlisted with the Royal Army Ordnance Corps, he served as a Private with the 16th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

He died of wounds in France [10th October 1918].

He was buried at Delsaux Farm Cemetery, Beugny, France [Grave Ref II D 21].

He is remembered in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance, and on Cornholme War Memorial

Ideal Beverages LimitedRef I216
Mineral water manufacturers at Oxford Lane, Siddal [1936]

Ideal Cinema, HalifaxRef I137
/ Ideal Picture House.

Raglan Street.

Opened in 1???.

Recorded in 1914.

Closed in 19??

Idol Cross, TodmordenRef I208
Another name for Mount Cross

Ikin, Dr Joshua InghamRef I134
[1813-1887] Halifax surgeon. In 1837, he translated an elegy to Baron G. Dupuytren, surgeon-in-chief to Charles X

Ilbeck, WilliamRef I8
[1636-1700] Landlord of the Upper George, Halifax [1699]

He died at The Upper George [21st January 1700] (aged 64).

Heywood records

William Ilbeck that kept over-George tavern in Halifax, bur there 21 Jan 1699-1700 age 64

Illing Hall, NorlandRef I4940
Stormer Hill Lane. Recorded in 1854 and 1910

Illingworth ...Ref I20
The entries for people & families with the surname Illingworth are gathered together in the SideTrack.

The individuals listed there are not necessarily related to each other.

IllingworthRef I3
District to the north of Halifax.

See North Halifax

Illingworth AerodromeRef I223

Illingworth & MurgatroydRef I160
Halifax manufacturer of cotton goods in the 18th century

Illingworth & SonsRef I227
Furriers. They were at The Arcade Royale, Halifax [1936]

Illingworth Church Lads' BrigadeRef I154
A Church Lads' Brigade associated with Illingworth Church.

Members include

Illingworth Co-OpRef I213
Branch number 5 of the Halifax Industrial Society opened in January 1861.

See John Davies

Illingworth Conservative AssociationRef I3500
See John Taylor Ramsden

Illingworth constablesRef I282
The Foldout lists some of the people who have served as Police Officers in Illingworth

Illingworth CrossRef I70
See Ovenden Cross

Illingworth's: E. Illingworth & Company (Bradford) LimitedRef I163
Carpet manufacturer at Shelf Mills

Illingworth Fire StationRef I176
Keighley Road

Illingworth GaolRef I71
The jail stands on Keighley Road above the Talbot Inn It was built in 1823. It had 4 cells for local felons.

This is discussed in the book Sketches of Old Halifax.

In June 2009, it was advertised for sale by auction

Illingworth Hall FarmRef I7
Back Lane, Illingworth. Farmhouse built about 1780

Illingworth Hall, HalifaxRef I266
Owners and tenants have included

Illingworth's: Henry Illingworth & SonsRef I166
Worsted spinners established by Henry Illingworth at Pendleton Mill, Elland & Perseverance Mill, Elland;

Their Pendleton Mill is recorded as having:

  • 1,600 spindles [1913]
  • 7,000 spindles, worsted [1927-1956]

Illingworth HouseRef I61
Aka Illingworth Hall [1881].

9 Calvert's Row, Illingworth.

Recorded on maps produced in 1854, when it was near the White Lion, Illingworth pub.

Owners and tenants have included

Illingworth Industrial & Provident Society LimitedRef I212
Recorded in the 1860s.

They had a shop which stood next to Illingworth Gaol. In the 1860s, the Society leased the gaol and used it as a store room. It was subsequently used by the Society until the 1960s

Illingworth LibraryRef I33
See Beechwood Road Library

Illingworth moorRef I10
Crabtree says that this was a part of the township of Ovenden and enclosed around 1814.

See Harwood House, Illingworth Moor, Illingworth Moor Post Office, Illingworth Moor Wesleyan Chapel and Popples School, Holdsworth

Illingworth Moor Post OfficeRef I226
Illingworth Road.

Illingworth Parish ChurchRef I38

Illingworth PhilosopherRef I103

Illingworth Police StationRef I277
Recorded in 1898 at Lower Mason Green

Illingworth Post OfficeRef I185
Recorded in 1861. It was then run by Samuel Balmforth.,

Recorded in 1874, when George Greenwood was postmaster, and William Binns was post messenger at Illingworth.

The Post Office was the terminus for the tram service to Illingworth which began on 5th August 1899.

Recorded in 1901, when George Greenwood was postmaster, and William Binns was post messenger at Illingworth.

Recorded in 1905, when George Hooson was sub-postmaster at 117 Keighley Road

Illingworth's: S. Illingworth & SonsRef I159
Stone quarrying company at Brownend [1880]

Illingworth Saint Mary's Cricket ClubRef I92
Established in 1884.

They had a ground at Pharaoh Lane, Illingworth, which was (possibly)  negotiated by the curate, Rev William Taliesin Davies.

The Cricket Club gave rise to Illingworth Tennis Club.

See Rev William Taliesin Davies, Tom Emmett, Percy Feather and Albert Turner

Illingworth's: Samuel & John IllingworthRef I267
Brickmakers at 21 Wade Street, Halifax and Whitegate Brick Works, Southowram.

Partners included Samuel Illingworth and John Illingworth.

On 12th July 1870, the partnership was listed as bankrupt.

The Sheffield Independent [18th June 1879] reported that the business at Whitegate Brick Works had gone into liquidation

Illingworth stocksRef I202
These stand next to Illingworth Gaol.

An upright of the stocks is dated G K 1697 for George Kitchenman, the Ovenden constable.

See William Riley

Illingworth Tennis ClubRef I203
See Illingworth Cricket Club

Illingworth's: Thomas Illingworth & CompanyRef I169
Paper manufacturing company established by Thomas Illingworth

Illingworth Ward, HalifaxRef I214
One of the Electoral Wards of Halifax.

See William Brear, Leonard Calvert, Benjamin Firth, John Radcliffe and Edwin Turner

Illingworth Ward Liberal ClubRef I177
Keighley Road. The original building was dated 1909.

Recorded in 1917, when John William Brooke was secretary.

It later became Illingworth Liberal Club

Illingworth's: William Illingworth & CompanyRef I225
Worsted cotton spinners at Stone Dam Mills Halifax [1871]. They employed 550 men, women and children.

Partners included William Illingworth and William Huntriss.

The business closed when the partnership ended in 1872

Illuminated Clock AlmanackRef I73

Images of England websiteRef I13
The website of photographs of has been closed and superseded by the National Heritage List for England (NHLE).

The Calderdale Companion made wide use of the service, but as there is no simple means of converting from the old URLs to the new NHLE URLs, all links from the Calderdale Companion to the new website have been removed

Imbery, CasperRef I39
[1819-18??] Born in Germany.

He was a waiter (spirit vaults) [1861] / landlord of the Roebuck, Halifax [1851].

He married Eliza Ward [1818-18??].

Eliza was born in Huddersfield


  1. John Imbery
  2. William C. [b 1853] who was an apprentice watchmaker  [1871]
  3. Frances [b 1855] who was a milliner & dressmaker [1871]

The family lived at 5 Bond Court, Halifax [1871].

Living with them [in 1871] was mother-in-law Amelia Ward [b  Huddersfield 1798]

Imbery, JohnRef I126
[1851-1909] Son of Casper Imbery.

Born in Halifax.

He was a warehouse clerk [1871] / a commercial clerk [1881] / a manufacturer [1885, 1887] / a worsted & woollen manufacturer [1891].

In [Q3] 1878, he married Sarah Hannah Hey in Halifax.

Sarah Hannah was born in Wheatley, the daughter of William Hey


  1. Harold [b 1880]
  2. Wilfred Hey [1882-1885]
  3. Arthur [b 1885]
  4. Florence [1887] who died in infancy
  5. Louis [1887] who died in infancy

The family lived at

  • 19 Rose Terrace, Halifax [1881]
  • Hyde Park Road, Halifax [1891]

The children were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 966] with Sarah Hannah's grandmother Elizabeth Hey and aunt Sarah Hey.

Sarah Hannah died in Halifax [Q4 1905] (aged 50).

John died in Halifax [Q1 1909] (aged 57).

Their burial places are not yet known

IMI CorneliusRef I79
Brighouse. Based at St Peg Mills before moving to new premises further north on Bradford Road

Imperial Café, BrighouseRef I64
Recorded in 1960, when the Brighouse Chamber of Trade met here

Imperial Café, HalifaxRef I165
George Square.

Opened on 15th February 1908 by George Webster & Sons.

Webster's also had a shop selling tea, coffee and confectionery here.

It closed on 6th October 1954.

The building was subsequently occupied by the Nationwide Building Society

Imperial Chambers, HalifaxRef I259
Office accommodation in George Street. Built around 1907.

Owners and tenants have included

Imperial Crown Lodge, HalifaxRef I270
Warehouse Building on Square Road.

The building has been known as

Inchcliffe, Mary deRef I95
[12??-1289] Prioress of Kirklees Priory [1270-1289]

InchfieldRef I54
District of Todmorden around Walsden.

See Manor of Inchfield

Inchfield Bottom Entertainment SocietyRef I40
Todmorden-cum-Walsden. Recorded in 1928

Inchfield Cottage, WalsdenRef I257
Peel Cottage Road.

Mid 16th century cruck-frames house.

The building is attached to the east of Inchfield House, Walsden

Inchfield Farm, WalsdenRef I127

Owners and tenants have included

See Inchfield Fold Farm, Walsden and Top of the Fold Farm, Inchfield

Inchfield Fold Farm, WalsdenRef I256
Inchfield Road. An arch is inscribed GT 1631 M. for Mary and George Travis, and a doorway is inscribed ET

Owners and tenants have included

See Inchfield Farm, Walsden

Inchfield House, WalsdenRef I46
Inchfield Road. 16th-17th century cruck-framed house.

George Travis bought the house from Sir John Byron before 1587, and left it to his son, George, around 1599. The property stayed in the family at least until the late 1700s.

John Travis of Inchfield married Hannah Sutcliffe of Stansfield Hall.

The later house dated 1848, and has a doorway inscribed WNN for William Nelson Newall.

Inchfield Cottage, Walsden is attached to the house

Inchfield, Manor ofRef I110
Held by the Savile family who held a part of the manor of Rochdale as heirs of Hugh de Eland.

In 1626, the manor was held by George Travis from the king by a rent of 40/5d.

Records indicate that

the acreage was only 387 arable, with pasture lands of nearly 800 acres. There were also of common land 300 acres. The Walsden people had 788 acres of common in Inchfield

Inchfield Villa, WalsdenRef I239
Owners and tenants have included

Inchfield Waterworks, WalsdenRef I262

Independent Order of Good TemplarsRef I271

See Phineas Armitage Lodge and Earnest Pioneer Lodge

Independent Order of Rechabites Temperance Friendly SocietyRef I5480
A friendly society within the Independent Order of Rechabites.

Recorded in 1917, when it was at Sobriety Hall, Todmorden, and Charles Broadbent was secretary [1917]

Independent Order of the Golden FleeceRef I175
Halifax friendly society

IndiaRef I181

India Buildings, HalifaxRef I77
Church Street / Horton Street. A massive block of offices and warehouses built in 1861 – opposite the newly-opened railway station – as the offices and wool-warehouse for James Riley. The name was probably given because of trading links with the Far East.

In 1871, most of the building was taken by cigar manufacturer Alfred Bottomley.

In July 1895, Bottomley, hired a plumber to work at the top of the building. The man noticed that the cornice was cracked. Bottomley reported this to the owner, Jeremiah Ingham.

On 16th October 1895, the overhanging cornice – estimated to weigh 200 tons – fell from the top of the building, crashing into Church Street below. The impact cracked a gas main, causing an explosion which completely destroyed one of the houses on Church Street. The only victim was William Holroyd, Alfred Bottomley's coachman, who had just dropped his employer outside the building and was waiting in the street when the masonry crashed down on him, his carriage and his horse. A search party found Holroyd's mutilated body, and that of the horse. The coachman's watch was cracked and it had stopped at 6:05 pm.

Thousands attend Holroyd's funeral at St Paul's Church, King Cross, where the ceremony was paid for by Bottomley. A charitable fund was set up for Holroyd's family.

Other casualties were 28-year-old Mary Jane Swithenbank, of Olive Mount, Trooper Lane, who was grazed when she was knocked down by a stone, and her aunt, Mrs Crowther, of Summergate Street, Parkinson Lane, was also slightly injured.

Occupants of the building have included

In 1979, Colin Jeffreys bought the building and opened the Furniture City superstore [1981].

The building was put up for sale [2003].

There were proposals to convert it to shops, apartments, bars and restaurant [May 2005]

Indian House, BrighouseRef I109
A pavilion – possibly by Robert Adam – which stands in the grounds of Toothill Court

Indian Relief Fund, Hebden BridgeRef I104
Recorded in 1857

IndustrialistsRef I281
Many industrialists have helped to shape Halifax and the Calderdale district, including

Edward  Akroyd
Sir  Francis (Frank) Crossley
John  Foster
Sir  Titus Salt
John  Shaw
George  Bruno Wakefield
The Fielden family of Todmorden

Industries & TradesRef I123

Ineson, AlfredRef I98
[1852-1???] Born in Batley.

In [Q3] 1876, he married Elizabeth Eleanor Oldfield in Halifax.

Elizabeth Eleanor was born in Skircoat, the daughter of
Samuel Oldfield


  1. Thomas Henry [b 1880]
  2. Clara [b 1880]
  3. Clement [b 1882]
  4. Ethel S [b 1885]
  5. Jessie M [b 1888]
  6. Elsie M [b 1891]

Elizabeth died in Bradford in 1831

Infantile Mortality FundRef I37

InfirmariesRef I178

Infirmary DemonstrationRef I253
A Demonstration Parade in Halifax. Recorded in 1908

Information Exchange, TodmordenRef I238

Ing, FrederickRef I76
[1923-1944] Son of Mary Alice & William Ing of Winona Drive, Toronto, Ontario. They were at Ashville Gardens, Halifax [1944].

He was a machinist.

During World War II, he served as a Gunner with the 1st A. A. Calgary Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery.

He died 23rd February 1944 (aged 21).

He was buried at Moro River Canadian War Cemetery, Italy [XI B 12].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Ing Head, SowerbyRef I222
Owners and tenants have included

Ing Royde, HalifaxRef I4
Birdcage Lane. Originally called The Gleddings.

Owners and tenants have included

Sir George Fisher-Smith lived here until he moved to live next door at Rockcliffe. He renamed Rockcliffe as The Gleddings, and the original Gleddings was then renamed Ing Royde.

It became a nursing home. Phyllis Bentley died at the Nursing Home [27th June 1977]

Ingham ...Ref I210
The entries for people & families with the surname Ingham are gathered together in the SideTrack.

The individuals listed there are not necessarily related to each other.

Ingham & CompanyRef I35
Established by Leonard Ingham.

Question: Is this the same business as Helliwell & Ingham?


Recorded around 1915, when they were at Asquith Bottom Dye Works, Sowerby Bridge

Ingham & HeseldenRef I167
Joiners and builders at Calder Vale Works, Cornholme [1905]

Ingham & RobinsonRef I244
Worsted spinners at West Vale and Queens Road Mills, Halifax.

Partners included George Ingham and Enoch Robinson. The partnership was dissolved in January 1875, and George Ingham carried on the business on his own account

Ingham BrothersRef I162
Dyers and finishers at Green Mount Dye Works, Halifax and (possibly) Washer Lane Dye Works.

Recorded in 1874. Partners included Edward Ingham

Some sources say the business was established in 1900.

Richard Dearden Ward was sole proprietor.

They joined the Bradford Dyers' Association.

See J. & J. Hainsworth

Ingham Clough, CharlestownRef I93

In March 1763, Abraham Gibson of Bridge Royd, Eastwood was paid 3 guineas to build a bridge over the stream

Ingham's: George Ingham & Company LimitedRef I164
Worsted spinners of Prospect Mill, West Vale established by George Ingham.

In the 1890s, the firm employed 300 workers and operated 16,000 spindles.

The partnership was dissolved in October 1897.

The business is recorded in 1921 when Arthur Hall was working here

Ingham, Hollinrake & CompanyRef I174
Worsted and cotton spinners at Oldroyd Mill, Langfield, and Lob Mill, Todmorden.

The business evolved from the partnership at Oldroyd Mill, Langfield and at Lob Mill with Christopher Rawdon, James Hollinrake and William Ingham.

Other partners included John Haworth and Thomas Knowles.

The partnership was dissolved on 27th April 1805, when Hollinrake left

Ingham, Knowles & CompanyRef I173
Cotton and worsted spinners at Lob Mill, Todmorden [1809]

Ingham Lane Top Farm, BradshawRef I229
Owners and tenants have included

Ingham's: Oates Ingham & SonRef I195
Worsted and cotton dyers [1861]. They had works at Old Lane, Halifax and a warehouse at Wade Street, Halifax. They were also at Valley Place, Bradford

Ingham Pickersgill & CompanyRef I276
Stone merchant at Bare Head Quarry, Northowram

Ingham's: R. & A. InghamRef I172
Cotton spinners at Marshaw Bridge Mill, Cragg Vale [1822]

Ingham's: Richard & Joseph InghamRef I171
Cotton spinners at Marshaw Bridge Mill, Cragg Vale [1833]

Ingham's: Richard Ingham & SonsRef I170
Cotton spinners, weavers and manufacturers established by Richard Ingham and other members of the family, including Richard, John Arthur and William Ingham.

The firm occupied several local mills, including Cinderhills Mill, Langfield, Millsteads Mill, Langfield and Woodhouse Mill, Langfield.

Following a boiler explosion at Woodhouse Mill, Langfield on 3rd November 1863, the inquest recorded a verdict of manslaughter against Richard Ingham & Sons and John Arthur Ingham

Ingham Well Farm, HeptonstallRef I255
Highgate Lane. Early 19th century cottages

Ingle, AlfredRef I99
[1844-1913] Born in Fewston, Otley, Yorkshire.

He was a boot & shoe maker [1881] / a shoe maker [1891, 1901] / a stone mason [1911].

In [Q1] 1872, he married Mary Ann Spence [1848-1916] in Wharfedale.

Mary Ann was born in Otley


  1. John W. [b 1869]
  2. Clara [b 1873] who was a woollen winder [1891] & married  [q1/1894] George Ward, and had a daughter Ethel [b 1901]
  3. Emma [b 1874] who was a cotton factory hand [1891], a  cotton card room hand [1901]
  4. Alice [1876-1898] who was a cotton factory hand [1891]  and was buried with her parents
  5. Arthur [1877-1955] who was a cotton factory hand [1891]  and was buried with his parents
  6. Julia A. [b 1880] who was a part-time cotton factory hand  [1891], a cotton card room hand [1901]
  7. Fred
  8. Herbert Selwyn [1891-1953] who was buried with his parents

They lived at

Living with them [in 1911] was granddaughter Ethel Ward [b  1901].

Alfred died in Halifax [Q3 1913] (aged 69).

Members of the family were buried at Christ Church, Barkisland [Grave Ref: 32]

Ingle, BenjaminRef I217
[1831-1???] Son of James Ingle.

Baptised in Bradford [6 May 1831].

He married Betty Haigh in Halifax Parish Church [7th January 1852].

Betty was the daughter of David Haigh


  1. Mary Hannah [b 1853]
  2. William [b 1854]
  3. Emily [b 1855]
  4. David [b 1857]
  5. Frederick [b 1858]
  6. Betsy [b 1860]
  7. Fanny [b 1861]
  8. Alice [b 1863]
  9. Benjamin [b 1866]
  10. Louisa [b 1870]
  11. Florence [b 1872]
  12. Kate [b 1875]

Ingle, FredRef I111
[1887-1950] Son of Alfred Ingle.

He was a cotton spinner [1901] / a woollen fettler [1911].

He was buried at Christ Church, Barkisland [Grave Ref: 397]

Ingle, George HallRef I78
[1855-1929] Born in Shipley

He was a chemical worker [1876].

On 6th November 1876, he married Sarah Ann Butterfield [1853-1934] in Calverley.

Sarah Ann was born in Winhill


  1. James Alfred

They lived at Shipley [1911]

Ingle, JamesRef I258
[1???-18??] He was a corn miller [1823].

He married Elizabeth Holt at Halifax Parish Church [6th January 1823].

Elizabeth was the daughter of
John Holt


  1. Thomas
  2. John [b 1827]
  3. James Holt [b 1829]
  4. Benjamin INGLE

Ingle, James AlfredRef I68
[1887-1917] Son of George Hall Ingle.

Born in Elland.

He was a window cleaner [1911].

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 12th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own).

He was killed in action [7th May 1917].

He is remembered on the Arras Memorial, France [4]

Ingle, ThomasRef I190
[1825-1855] Son of James Ingle.

Born in Bradford.

Baptised in Bradford [11th February 1825].

He married his cousin Elizabeth Ann Haigh [1850].


  1. Martha Ann [b 1853] who married Christopher Willis

Thomas died 5th June 1855 (aged 30).

On 5th February 1868, Elizabeth Ann married (2) John Willis in Cleckheaton.

Question: Does anyone know whether this was John Willis, the father of her son-in-law?


Thomas was buried at St Anne's Church, Southowram [Grave Ref: F-J9] with Elizabeth Ann & her brother David Haigh

Inglemoor, HalifaxRef I9500
Greenroyd Avenue / Skircoat Moor Road.

Owners and tenants have included

Inglis, BarclayRef I88
[19??-19??] He lived at Holly Bank, Lightcliffe.

He married Margaret Willis.


  1. Jane Anna [b 1959]

Inglis, Charles JohnRef I120
[1851-190?] Son of James Inglis and Louisa Rawson. He practised as a solicitor in London before moving to Leicestershire. He had several daughters: Ida, Charlotte, Effie and Gladys

Inglis, Dr JamesRef I72
[1813-1851] Born in Glasgow. He studied medicine in Edinburgh. He came to Halifax in 1838 and practised at 4, Lord Street and later lived on Clare Road.

He was a specialist in the cause and treatment of goitre, and in 1838, he published his Treatise on English Bronchocele, with a few remarks on the use of Iodine and its compounds. This was regarded as the classic work on goitre for the next 150 years and was used as a medical reference work as late as 1964.

He was also a keen student of the then popular study of phrenology.

He was interested in chemistry and geology. He was curator of geology at the Halifax Literary & Philosophical Society. In 1843, whilst studying the Halifax coal beds, he discovered a fossil species of sea lilyDemocrinus rawsoni – which he named for his friend, Christopher Rawson.

In 1842, he married Louisa Rawson.


  1. Charlotte Hannah Louisa [1843-1875] who married  Priestley Haigh Norris
  2. Charles John
  3. James Argyll Spalding

Inglis, James Argyll SpaldingRef I75
[1848-1883] Son of James Inglis and Louisa Rawson.

He was a Major in the 71st Highland Light Infantry.

He married Margaret Keith Young.


  1. child

He was Commissioner of Nicosia.

He died in Cyprus [1st April 1883] and was buried at Famagusta.

His name appears on an obelisk in the churchyard of Holy Trinity Church, and he is remembered on a cross erected by his mother and brother in the churchyard of St Stephen's Church, Copley

The Ingram family of Halifax & SowerbyRef I96

Ingram & BainesRef I232
Attorneys at Hopwood Lane, Halifax.

Partners included John Richard Ingram and George Baines

Ingram & HuntrissRef I6880
Attorneys at Hopwood Hall, Halifax [1897].

Partners included (possibly) John Richard Ingram

Ingram, Sir ArthurRef I31
[1565-1642] Of Temple Newsam. Financier. Controller of Customs for the Port of London. In 1609, he became Lord of the sub-manor of Halifax-cum-Heptonstall and Lord of the Manor of Halifax which he bought from Sir Edward Waterhouse, when financial difficulties forced the family to abandon the lordship.

He attempted to obtain a charter to run the town's market in Halifax, but the Vicar of Halifax led a successful protest against this, arguing that the market had been held since time immemorial.

In 1638, David Waterhouse brought a Chancery suit against Ingram.

He sold the Manor of Halifax to Rev Thomas Greenwood for £500 in 1626.

See Humphrey Drake, Magson House, Halifax and William Slater

Ingram's BankRef I3340
Established in Wakefield by Captain Francis Ingram in the 18th century.

There was a branch in Halifax.

Members of the family who were involved in the business included: William Ingram and Henry Ingram.

The bank closed in 1810

Ingram, CharlesRef I278

Ingram, Captain FrancisRef I7070
[1740-1815] From Wakefield.

He became wealthy through his involvement in the slave trade.

In the 18th century, he established Ingram's Bank

He married Unknown.


  1. William
  2. Henry who married [1806] Ann, daughter of  James Moore

Ingram, HenryRef I133
[1779-18??] Halifax merchant.

He married Hannah.


  1. John Richard
  2. Henry
  3. Francis
  4. James
  5. Christiana
  6. Ellen

The family lived at

He wrote several books of poetry including The Flower of Wye [1815], Matilda [1830], and Zuleima [1844]

He was dead by 1852

Ingram, Rev Henry HughRef I21
[18??-19??] BA.

Curate at Hebden Bridge [1890] on the understanding that he should give his services for a year. He left in 1892

Ingram, Hugh FrancisRef I63
[1796-1883] Son of John Ingram.

He (possibly) owned Pudding Park Wood, Southowram [1855].

He died at his home in Lyme Regis, Dorset

Ingram, JohnRef I57
[1766-1841] Of Wakefield. He had homes at Staindrop Hall, Durham, at Gloucester Place, London, and in Rome – where he died.

He married Frances Greame.


  1. Hugh Francis
  2. Elizabeth Christian who married Henry Colyar
  3. Augusta Isabella who married John Godfrey
  4. Francis Mary Ann
  5. Margaret

Through the marriage, he became Lord of the Manor of Southowram

Ingram, John RichardRef I188
[1819-1899] Son of Henry Ingram.

Born at Haugh End, Sowerby.

He was an attorney at 16 Cheapside, Halifax [1845], Carlton Street, Halifax [1850], and 4 Hopwood Lane, Halifax [1874].

He was a churchgoer / a Conservative / a partner in Ingram & Baines / Deputy Coroner for the district for several years / Master Extraordinary in the High Court of Chancery.

Around 1860, he joined the Halifax Volunteer Rifle Corps. He held the rank of Major when he retired, the oldest member of the Corps.

In December 1851, he sent invitations to a Bachelors' Ball at the New Assembly Rooms, Halifax; It is not yet known whether he was Honorary Secretary of the New Assembly Rooms, Halifax, or of the Committee set up to organise the Ball.

This may have been successful, because, on 6th May 1852, he married Harriete, daughter of Charles Norris.

They had no children.

The family lived at

He died at his home, The Breck, Bournemouth.

See Raywood Micklethwaite Stansfeld

Ingram, Captain WilliamRef I51
[17??-18??] Son of Captain Francis Ingram.

Born in Wakefield.

He came to live in Halifax [around 1790].

He was Commandant of the Halifax Volunteer Troop of Cavalry.

In 1800, he is recorded as having made a voyage from Liverpool in connection with the slave trade.

In November 1805, he was the subject of a Court of Inquiry charged with embezzling 4 day's marching pay due to members of the Troop.

He married Unknown.


  1. Anna [1802-1803] who died aged 6 months

The family returned to Wakefield.

See Ingram's Bank

Ingwood, GreetlandRef I115
116 Green Lane.

Owners and tenants have included

It subsequently became a restaurant/night club and a nursing home.

See Ingwood Mills, Stainland

Inkerman House, RippondenRef I142
Rochdale Road. Built in 1854.

Named for the Battle of Inkerman in the Crimean War.

Owners and tenants have included

Inkersall, Joseph GeorgeRef I250
[1823-1867] Born in Sheffield.

He was professor of singing in Sheffield [1851] / teacher of singing in Leeds [1861].

As a professional tenor, he appeared in many concerts with Mrs Sunderland between 1st May 1851 and 16th April 1864.

In 1844, he married Sarah Marples in Sheffield.


  1. daughter
  2. daughter

One of his daughters became a music teacher.

They lived at 32 Rockingham Street, Leeds [1859, 1867].

He died at home in Leeds from complications following an operation on one of his eyes

Inland Bonding Warehouse, HalifaxRef I101

Inman Brothers LimitedRef I158
Aka C. W. & S. K. Inman.

Mineral water manufacturers.

Partners included Charles William Inman and Stanley Kaye Inman.

They were at Hanson Lane, Halifax [18??] and 14 Union Street South, Halifax [1905].

Inman, Charles WilliamRef I241
[1877-19??] Partner in Inman Brothers Limited

Inman, Rev George HaroldRef I44
[193?-1980] Born in Dewsbury [q3/1930] (mother's maiden name Brooks)  or born in Hull [q1/1935] (mother's maiden name Parsonson).

He was curate at Marsden [1958-1960]. before becoming Curate at Christ Church, Pellon [1960-1962].

He left to serve as vicar of St Paul's, Dewsbury [1962-1964] and vicar of Arthington, Yorkshire [1964-1969].

Around 1975, he emigrated to Australia.

He died in Australia [about 1980]

Inman, JohnRef I136
[1842-1917] Born in Rastrick.

He lived at

He was landlord of the Robin Hood, Brighouse [1873] / an out of work beerhouse keeper [1881] / living on his own means [1891].

He was elected Councillor in the Brighouse Municipal Elections of 1893

In [Q3] 1863, he married Mary Newsome [1843-1912] in Halifax.


  1. Sarah [b 1868]
  2. Frank [b 1870]
  3. Henry [b 1872]
  4. Joe [b 1874]
  5. Clara [b 1876]
  6. Laura [b 1878] who married Thomas Clayton
  7. John [b 1881]
  8. Herbert [b 1883]
  9. Evelyn [b 1889]

Most of the children were in the textile trade as dressmakers and silk dressers.

The family lived at William Edward Street, Hipperholme [1881]; Garden Road, Brighouse [1891]

Inman, MichaelRef I59
[17??-1???] Of Pately Bridge. In 1770, he leased Heath Hall, Halifax from Mrs Greame. In 1771, he assigned the lease to John Prescott

Inman, Richard HenryRef I240
[1849-1???] In 1873, he married Sarah Kaye at Huddersfield.


  1. Charles William
  2. Stanley Kaye

Inman, RobertRef I65
[15??-16??] Of Elland. In his will of 1638, he left to his brother George Ramsden property such that money from the rents be given to Elland Church

Inman, Stanley KayeRef I242
[18??-19??] Partner in Inman Brothers Limited

Inman, Rev WilliamRef I130
[1805-1964] Born near Worksop. He trained at Rotherham College, and served at Keyworth [1838], Hinckley, Huddersfield, and Wilsden before becoming Minister at Providence Congregational Church, Ovenden [1860].

He died at Worksop.

He was buried at Providence Congregational Church, Ovenden

Inman, WillieRef I82
[1879-1917] He was a salesman for the High Level Mineral Water Works.

In [Q1] 1903, he married Eliza Merrick in Halifax.


  1. child
  2. child
  3. Harry [b 1912]

They lived at 4 Emscote Street, Boothtown.

During World War I, he enlisted [January 1917] and served as a Private with the 10th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment.

He was killed in action [5th October 1917] (aged 38).

He is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium [Grave Ref 125-128], and in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Innes, Dr GeorgeRef I187
[18??-19??] Medical officer for Halifax Friendly Society & General Medical Aid [1905]

Insall, Herbert GeraldRef I144
[1914-1940] Son of Elizabeth & John Robert Insall.

In [Q1] 1940, he married Nellie Fowler in York.

They lived at Brighouse.

During World War II, he served as a Lance Corporal with the 2nd Battalion Royal Northumberland Fusiliers.

He died 31st May 1940 (aged 26).

He is remembered on the Dunkirk Memorial, France [39]

InsolvenciesRef I206

The InstituteRef I5
The Halifax Union Workhouse, Gibbet Street was known as The Institute

Instrell, ElizabethRef I80
[1874-1???] Born in Liverpool.

She was one of the children who came to the district and worked as a worsted spinner at Calvert's Mill at Wainstalls.

She lived with Jonas Rushworth [1891]

Intake Farm, StainlandRef I246
Owners and tenants have included

Intake Wood, NorthowramRef I211
Woodland off Kell Lane on the side of the Shibden Valley

Interface FabricsRef I157
Carpet manufacturers of Shelf.

See British Furtex Fabrics Limited, Firth's Carpets, Bailiff Bridge and Readicut Group

Internal ReferenceRef I48
Each entry on the Calderdale Companion is held as a separate record on the database.

Each record is identified by a unique name = the Internal Reference. This may be in a form such as:

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See Internal Names Photographs

Internal ReferencesRef I53

Invincible Drapery Warehouse CompanyRef I168
Pinafore and underclothing manufacturers at Norland [1905]

Ire ValleyRef I100
The fictitious name which Phyllis Bentley uses for the Colne Valley in her Inheritance trilogy

Iredale ...Ref I140
The entries for people & families with the surname Iredale are gathered together in the SideTrack.

The individuals listed there are not necessarily related to each other.

Iredale's: Joshua Iredale & CompanyRef I161
Elland. Woollen manufacturers. Recorded in 1870

Ireland Farm, SouthowramRef I17
Shibden Hall Road – opposite Shibden Industrial School

A part of the Shibden Hall estate.

In the 15th/16th century, Southowram Hall stood on the site.

Owners and tenants have included

See Little Ireland Farm, Southowram

Ireland, InnesRef I228
[1930-1993] Son of Mary Margaret & William Alexander Ireland, a Scottish veterinary surgeon.

Born in Mytholmroyd as Robert McGregor Innes Ireland.

His family returned to Kirkcudbright, Scotland, during his youth.

He became a military officer, engineer and motor racing driver.

In 1959, he made his Formula 1 debut for Team Lotus at the Dutch Grand Prix, where he finished 4th.

In 1960, he won three non-championship F1 races and also finished 4th in the World Drivers Championship table.

In 1961, he had a bad crash at Monaco, but won the United States Grand Prix at Watkins Glen, his one and only World Championship Grand Prix victory.

He continued to race in F1 for the UDT Laystall, British Racing Partnership and Reg Parnell Racing teams, until 1966.

He also competed in the Le Mans 24 Hour Race, recording a best finish of 6th in 1964, driving a Ferrari 250 GTO. He died from cancer on 22nd October 1993, in Reading.

Ireland, InspectorRef I269
[18??-18??] Halifax police inspector [1869]

Ireland, WilliamRef I121
[15??-1???] Curate at Heptonstall [1578, 1579]

Irish Centre, HalifaxRef I86
Aka Irish Democratic League Club.

Clifton House, West Parade, Halifax.

See Halifax Irish Society and Irish in Calderdale

Irish ImmigrantsRef I182

Irish in CalderdaleRef I91
There have been large numbers of Irish immigrants in the district.

See Halifax Irish Society, Home Rule Club, Irish Centre, Halifax, Irish Home Rule Movement, Irish Riots and United Irish League of Great Britain

Irish RiotsRef I180
There was a series of riots against the Irish communities in Brighouse, sparked off by the assassination of Brighouse MP Frederick Cavendish on 6th May 1882.

Iron House, PellonRef I84
Sandbeds Road. The house was built by an ex-naval man and was constructed with parts of metal ships. It had a look-out tower.

In the 1960s, it was occupied by Margaret Hallam's Dancing School.

It was subsequently demolished

Ironmonger, Rev HenryRef I49
[18??-19??] A minister at Highroad Well Congregational Church [1916].

He gave elocution lessons in Halifax

Irvin, Alfred AugustusRef I131
[1831-1887] Born in Sowerby.

He was a wool sorter [1861, 1871].

In [Q2] 1854, he married Mary Ellen Foster [1835-1???] in Halifax.

Mary Ellen was born in Midgley


  1. John Foster
  2. Hannah [b 1858] who was a worsted spinner [1871]
  3. Selina [b 1862]
  4. Emily E. [b 1866]
  5. Rachel A. [b 1869]

The family lived at

  • Lower Hathershelf, Sowerby [1861]
  • 29 Wadsworth Street, Halifax [1871]

Alfred died in Halifax [Q3 1887] (aged 56).

Mary Ellen died in Halifax [Q2 1903] (aged 68) 

Irvin & HoldenRef I119
Dyers at Halifax. Partners included Thomas Irvin and James Holden.

In September 1803, the partnership was declared bankrupt

Irvin, BenjaminRef I67
[17??-1785] Linen draper of Halifax

Irvin, BenjaminRef I500
[17??-1794] He was a dyer at Mount Pleasant, Northowram / Constable of Northowram [1782-4]

Irvin, JohnRef I286
[17??-18??] Woollen spinner at Hand Carr Mill, Luddendenfoot [1795]

Irvin, John FosterRef I85
[1855-1931] Son of Alfred Augustus Irvin

He was a joiner's apprentice [1871].

In [Q3] 1909, he married Maria Sutcliffe in Halifax.

Maria was the daughter of Henry Sutcliffe

Maria died 1st February 1929 (aged 75).

John died 19th April 1931 (aged 76).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1819] with Maria's parents

Irvine, Rev D.Ref I66
[19??-1???] Minister at Hope Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge [1959-1962]

Irvine, LolaRef I230
[1850-1862] The 12-year-old girl was found crushed to death beneath her cotton spinning machine at Woodvale Cotton Mills, Brighouse

Irvine, RevRef I106
[18??-1???] Curate at Elland [1867].

On 31st March 1867, he was giving a sermon at Elland Parish Church when one of the clock weights crashed to the ground

Irvine, WilliamRef I108
[18??-1???] A local accountant.

In 1873, he published a book of tables – entitled Worsted Spinning Drafts – which detailed the drafts required to spin worsted yarns of various sizes

Irving, EdwardRef I58
[1792-1834] A Scot who founded the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. His followers were the Irvingites

Irving, Sir HenryRef I24
[1838-1905] In 1895, his was the first theatrical knighthood.

With his London Lyceum Company of 60 members, he gave 4 performances at the Grand Theatre & Opera House in March 1903, accompanied by his manager, Bram Stoker. His performances included Waterloo by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a piece called The Bells, a play Louis XI, and The Merchant of Venice. Some of the scenery for The Merchant of Venice had been damaged in a fire en route from Leicester

Irving, HudsonRef I268
[19??-19??] Player with Halifax RLFC [1938]. He won caps for England while at Halifax

Irving, JohnRef I56
[1???-18??] He ran a private school in Halifax [around 1838]

Irving, John HenryRef I193
[1877-1917] Son of Fanny & William Irving.

He was a painter (out door) [1911].

On 6th May 1899, he married Mary Jane Briggs [1878-1932] at Halifax Parish Church.

Mary Jane was born in Elland, the daughter of Susannah [1850-19??] & Mr Briggs of Lower Edge, Elland


  1. Bertha [b 1899]
  2. Joe Briggs [1901-1964]
  3. Mildred [1903-1994]
  4. William Alfred [1905-1906]
  5. Laura [1907-1968]
  6. Dorothy [1910-1994]
  7. John [1911-1978]
  8. Floyd [1915-1990]

They lived at 28 Lower Edge, Elland [1911].

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 13th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers.

He died 16th June 1917.

He is remembered on the Arras Memorial, France [2 & 3], and on Elland War Memorial

Irving, LaurenceRef I117
[1912-1944] Son of Mary Ann & William Irving of Woodside Place, Halifax.

He was educated at Sunnyside School / a member of Halifax Thespians / a newsagent in King Cross.

During World War II, and he served as a Leading Aircraftman with the 44th Squadron Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

He died of illness in India [13th November 1944] (aged 32).

He was buried at Gauhati War Cemetery, India [Grave Ref 3 L 3].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Irving, Rev Robert GillRef I107
[1839-1910] Born in Wigton, Cumberland [6th June 1839].

Vicar of Rastrick [1872, 1895].

In [Q2] 1870, he married Mary Crossley in Halifax.

Mary was the daughter of Luke Crossley

Mary died 27th January 1893.

There is a memorial to her in St Matthew's Church, Rastrick.

Robert retired to Scarborough, where he died [28th January 1910]

The couple were buried at Elland Cemetery

Irving, ThomasRef I52

Thomas died 6th January 1820 (aged 56).

He was buried at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax

Irving, ThomasRef I263
[1797-1868] Born in Ovenden.

He was a dyer at Wheatley [1839], declared bankrupt [November 1839], a dyer in Halifax [1841], a grain dyer (the word wool was added in another hand) [1851], and a worsted dyer [1861]

He married Mary Magdalen [1800-1884].

Mary Magdalen came from Ovenden


  1. Marianne [1822-1869] who married William Hay
  2. Ann [1825-1907] who married John Crossley
  3. Ellen [b 1826]
  4. William [b 1827]
  5. Sarah [b 1828] who married Rev Samuel Shaw

They lived at

  • Dyer Lane, Ovenden [1841]
  • North Jack Royd, Ovenden [1851]
  • Weymouth Street, Halifax [1861]

In 1871, the widowed Mary Magdalen was living at Cromwell Terrace, Halifax.

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1813]

Irving, WilfredRef I22
[1892-1916] Or Irvine.

He lived at 1 George Mount, Rastrick.

He worked for Walshaw & Drake.

During World War I, he enlisted [June 1916] and served as a Private with the 16th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own).

He had been in France for only 3 weeks when he was killed on the Somme when his billet was hit by shellfire [9th November 1916] (aged 24).

He was buried at Sailly-au-Bois Military Cemetery, France [Grave Ref II B 5]. A memorial service was held at Bridge End Congregational Church, Rastrick.

He is remembered on Brighouse War Memorial, on Rastrick War Memorial, and on the Memorial at Walshaw & Drake

Irwin, ViscountRef I42
[1727-1778] Charles Ingram, the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Irwin of Temple Newsam, Leeds.

In the middle of the 18th century, he was the largest landowner in the Halifax district.

He was Lord of the Manor of Wakefield.

He was the 9th and last Viscount Irwin. In November 1769, he attended the enquiry which had been called by the Marquis of Rockingham to discuss the problem of the coiners and the murder of William Deighton.

Isham, JohnRef I29
[1525-1???] Northamptonshire merchant who traded much with Halifax clothiers in the 16th century. Although he mainly traded from London, he visited the district many times. He was a member of the Mercers' Company and the Merchant Adventurers. His brothers, Henry and Gregory, also traded with local men and with Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and Holland

Isherwood, CliffordRef I135
[1893-1917] Son of Elizabeth & Banks Isherwood of 29 Hainworth Road, Woodhouse Road, Keighley.

He married Margery Elizabeth.

They lived at 5 Sunny View Terrace, Ambler Thorn, Halifax.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 32nd Battalion Royal Fusiliers.

He died 31st July 1917 (aged 24).

He is remembered on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium [6 & 8]

Islamic Education Centre, HalifaxRef I200
In the former Queens Road End pub at the junction of Pellon Lane and Queens Road.

See Central Madni Mosque

Isles & InghamRef I209
Worsted spinners at Ovenden.

Partners included Thomas Isles and John Ingham.

The partnership was dissolved in August 1857

Isles, ArthurRef I94

In [Q4] 1921, he married Laura Firth in Halifax.

Laura was the daughter of
Edmund Firth


  1. John [July 1922] who died in infancy
  2. Dorothy Sheila [23 May 1927-1999] who married [Halifax  1953] James H. Priestley

Arthur died Q2 1958.

Laura died in 1989.

They both died in Halifax

Isles, CharlesRef I129
[1870-19??] Son of John Isles, coal miner.

Born in Northowram.

He was a leather currier [1891] / a currier of Claremount [1895] / a leather currier [1901] / a corporation labourer [1911].

In 1895, he married Ellen Swift [1873-19??] at St Thomas's Church, Claremount.

Ellen, of Claremount, was born in West Melton, Rotherham, the daughter of William Swift, blacksmith


  1. Doris [b 1896] who was a worsted spinner [1911]
  2. John
  3. William Henry [b 1901]
  4. Alice [b 1906]
  5. Gladys [b 1910]

They lived at

  • 3 Upper Brear, Northowram [1901]
  • 14 Upper Brear, Northowram [1911, 1918]

Isles companyRef I196
Worsted spinners at Illingworth Worsted Mills, Ovenden.

Partners included John Isles and William Isles

William died in 1846.

In 1851, John – who carried on with the business – was employing 170 men, 65 women, 45 boys & 70 girls. Assisting John in the business was his nephew Thomas Isles.

John died in 1852.

Thomas took over the business which became Thomas Isles & Company [1861]

Isles, Rev GeorgeRef I28
[1???-18??] Methodist minister from Illingworth Moor Methodist Church

Isles, JohnRef I14
[1791-1852] Born in Ovenden.

With his brother William Isles, he was a partner in the family business at Illingworth Worsted Mills, Ovenden.

He never married.

William died in 1846.

John took over the business and in 1851, he was employing 170 men, 65 women, 45 boys & 70 girls. Assisting John in the business was his nephew Thomas Isles.

John died in Ovenden [19th April 1852].

He was buried at Illingworth Moor Wesleyan Chapel

Thomas took over the business which became Thomas Isles & Company [1861]

Isles, JohnRef I132
[1801-1???] He was a coal miner [1841].

He married Elizabeth [1806-1???].


  1. Hannah [b 1826] who was a worsted spinner [1841]
  2. John [b 1827] who was a coal miner [1841]
  3. William [b 1829] who was a coal miner [1841]
  4. Ruth [b 1831] who was a worsted spinner [1841]
  5. Henry [b 1833]
  6. Harriet [b 1835]
  7. Ellen [b 1837] who married Joseph Sunderland
  8. Esther [b 1841]

They lived at Upper Lane, Northowram [1841]

Isles, JohnRef I9
[1899-1918] Son of Charles Isles.

He was a member of St Matthew's Church, Northowram / educated at Halifax Tech textile classes / a worsted doffer [1911] / an overlooker for Holdsworth's at Shaw Lodge Mills.

He lived with his parents at 14 Upper Brear, Northowram.

During World War I, he enlisted [17th March 1917] with the Staffordshire Yeomanry, then he served as a Private with the 1st/6th Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment.

He went to France [20/12/1917].

He was killed in action [29th September 1918] (aged 19).

The Halifax Courier [9th November 1918] reported his death with a photograph.

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Saint Matthew's Church, Northowram

Isles, JosephRef I145
[1816-18??] Son of Mr Isles.

Born in Halifax.

He was an overlooker at worsted mill [1841] / a prepairer for a worsted spinner [1851].

In [Q1] 1844, he married Elizabeth Priestley [1824-1???] in Halifax.

Elizabeth was born in Northowram


  1. Michael [b 1845]
  2. Emily [b 1850]

They lived at 9 Labour Street, Halifax [1851]

Isles, MrRef I143

He married Martha [1796-1???].

Martha was a widow by 1841


  1. Joseph
  2. Dorothy [b 1818] who was a worsted reeler [1841]
  3. Martha [b 1822] who was a worsted reeler [1841]
  4. George [b 1827] who was a worsted reeler [1841]
  5. Henry [b 1829] who was a worsted reeler [1841]
  6. Sarah [b 1831] who was a worsted reeler [1841]
  7. Nathan [b 1832]
  8. Ellen [b 1833]

They lived at Dean Clough Halifax [1841]

Isles, ThomasRef I16
[1825-1872] Son of William Isles.

Born in Ovenden.

When his uncle John Isles died [1852], he took over the family business at Illingworth Worsted Mills, Ovenden, and established Thomas Isles & Company. The business became Thomas Isles & Company [1861].

He also had business at Bradford.

He was a worsted manufacturer [1853] / a worsted manufacturer employing 15 men & 190 young people [1861].

On 15th November 1853, he married (1) Caroline Lassey [1831-1860] in Halifax.

Caroline was born in Ovenden

On the marriage record, Thomas gave his home as Illingworth House


  1. Annie Elizabeth [1854-1901] who married Luke Henry Goodyear

Caroline died in Ovenden [11th January 1860].

She was buried at Illingworth Moor Wesleyan Chapel

On 27th June 1862, he married (2) Hannah Heginbottom in Halifax.

Hannah was born in Ovenden, the daughter of James Heginbottom. She married from Jumples Lodge

Thomas died in Illingworth [26th May 1872].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at under £7,000 to Hannah, his brother-in-law Wilson Midgley, and Thomas Priestley (wool stapler).

Hannah died 16th February 1874.

Members of the family were buried at Illingworth Moor Wesleyan Chapel

Isles's: Thomas Isles & CompanyRef I19
When Thomas Isles took over the Isles family business it became Thomas Isles & Company [1861]

Isles, WilliamRef I74

William died 1st April 1814 (aged 61).

He was buried at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax

Isles, WilliamRef I152
[1789-18??] Or Iles.

Born in Northowram.

He served with the 2nd Battalion 84th Foot York & Lancaster Regiment in the Peninsular War

Isles, WilliamRef I15
[1795-1846] Born in Ovenden.

With his brother John Isles, he was a partner in the family business at Illingworth Worsted Mills, Ovenden.

On 27th December 1824, he married Grace Emmet [1802-1834] in Halifax.

Grace was born in Ovenden


  1. Thomas
  2. Nathan [1827-1845]
  3. Elizabeth [1830-1901] who never married, died in Formby,  and left £55 14/11d to her niece Annie Elizabeth
  4. Hannah [1832-1874] who married Wilson Midgley

The children were born in Ovenden.

The couple died in Ovenden: Grace [7th November 1834]; William [1846]

Grace was buried at Illingworth Moor Wesleyan Chapel

In 1851, John – who had taken over the business – was employing 170 men, 65 women, 45 boys & 70 girls. Assisting John in the business was his William's son Thomas

Ismay, Rev JosephRef I90
[16??-17??] Curate at Hartshead [172?]. He went to become Vicar of Mirfield

Ismay, ThomasRef I41
[17??-17??] He was the first master at Grace Ramsden's Charity School.

In 1741, he married Dorothy, daughter of Richard Petty

Isolation HospitalRef I6
During the Victorian and Edwardian eras, patients with tuberculosis, smallpox and other infectious diseases were kept away from those with other illnesses in – usually remote and specialised – hospitals.

Local isolation hospitals include Borough Fever Hospital, Clifton Isolation Hospital, Shelf Sanatorium and Northowram Isolation Hospital

Isote, WilliamRef I138
[14??-1???] Parochial Chaplain at Heptonstall [1492-1494]

Issot, WilliamRef I89
[1???-1???] Or Issott.

Of Horbury.

He married Unknown.


  1. Mary [1677-1756] who married James Lister
  2. Japhet Issot

Issott, JaphetRef I69
[16??-17??] Son of William Issot. Brother-in-law of James Lister of Shibden Hall.

He lived at Shibden Fold.

He may have supplied cloth for the marriage of Martha Lister and William Fawcett [1721].

He records the birth of William Fawcett at Shibden Hall [1727]

Italian familiesRef I204
Several Italian families – such as those of Pietro Dagostino, Francis Fascione, the Fusco family, Pasquale de Luca, Antonio de Luca, Luigi de Luca, Annunziata de Luca, Michele Pandozi, and Richard Camotta - came to the district. Many of the families were involved in making and selling ice cream

ItineraryRef I45
A series of humorous articles published anonymously in Halifax in the 1870s

Ive House, WarleyRef I179
Aka Ive House Farm. South-east of Luddenden village.

Stone house based upon a mediæval timber-framed house which was cased in stone in the 17th century.

Owners and tenants have included

In the 19th century, the house was converted to separate dwellings: South Ive House and North Ive House

Ive Ing, LightcliffeRef I11
Owners and tenants have included

Ive, PollardRef I248
[1???-1981] Brighouse grocer.

In 1924, he took over an existing business in Thornton Square next to the Black Bull, Brighouse.

The building was demolished in 19??. Public conveniences now stand on the site

Ivens, Rev Canon Charles LlewelynRef I18
[1856-1931] MA.

Son of Charles Fettiplace Ivens [1819-1906].

Born in Clifton, Gloucestershire.

He was vicar of Emmanuel Church, Leeds before becoming Vicar of Sowerby Bridge [1887-1917], Rural Dean of Halifax, and vicar of Chapelthorpe [for 12 years].

In 1891, he was appointed Surrogate for the diocese of Wakefield, and an honorary canon in Wakefield Cathedral [1892].

In 1916, he was appointed vicar of Chapelthorpe, Wakefield.

He was a popular speaker and preacher throughout the West Riding. At Sowerby Bridge, he was well-known for his Men's Services which attracted men from all parts of the district, such as the Christ Church Friday Evening Bible Class.

He was an advocate for a Free Library in Sowerby Bridge.

On 18th September 1883, he married (1) Alice Raynor [1854-1909] at St Lawrence Church, Pudsey.

Alice came from Pudsey

He was a member of the Committee of the Sowerby Bridge Evening Continuation Schools [1896].

Alice died 9th October 1909.

Probate records show that she left effects valued at £1,721 19/10d.

Probate was granted to her husband and Gerald Raynor Gaunt (worsted spinner).

She was buried at St Stephen's Church, Copley, and there is a cross in her memory at Copley Church.

In 1910, he was one of 13 clergymen who went on a Mission of Help tour to New Zealand.

On 16th April 1911, he married (2) Annie Tate whom he had met when he coached her in Latin for a post at the church day schools.

The family lived at

  • The Vicarage, Sowerby Bridge [1891, 1901, 1911]
  • 12 South Parade, Wakefield [1931, 1932]

Charles died at 12 South Parade, Wakefield [17th September 1931].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £4,487 12/5d.

Administration was granted to William Henry Coles (solicitor).

Annie died at 12 South Parade, Wakefield [15th May 1932].

Ives & SonRef I194
Architects at Waterhouse Street, Halifax [1874]. Partners included Roger Ives and his son, William

Ives, Rev G. A.Ref I199
[18??-19??] Minister at Bethesda Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Elland [1928]

Ives, JosephRef I3090
[1861-19??] Born in Shepley.

He was a railway goods agent [1911].

In [Q2] 1883, he married Sarah Elizabeth Clegg [1861-19??] from Dewsbury.


  1. Joseph Percival [b 1884] who was a colliery agent's clerk  [1911]
  2. child
  3. child who died young [before 1911]

The family lived at 95 Bradford Road, Brighouse [1911]

Ives, RichardRef I147
[1887-1916] Son of John Ives of Hollin Hall Farm, Luddendenfoot.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 2nd Australian Pioneers.

He died [1st October 1916] (aged 29).

He was buried at Bedford House Cemetery, Belgium. [Enclosure No 4 I U 1]

Ives, RogerRef I26
[1793-1867] Born in Kildwick, Yorkshire.

He was an architect, and came to Halifax as assistant to Joseph Paxton. He practised in Broad Street [1850].

He was a favourite of the Crossley family, and designed mills and other buildings at Dean Clough, and many other local buildings, including

From 1866, he was in partnership with his son, William, as Ives & Son.

Around 1890, he went into partnership – Petty & Ives – with Francis William Petty.

He married Sarah [1800-1859].


  1. William

They lived at North Parade, Halifax [1850, 1861].

Living with them [in 1861] was Francis William Petty.

Sarah died 9th January 1859 (aged 59).

Roger died 19th August 1867 (aged 74).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 446]

Ives, WilliamRef I32
[1830-1874] Architect.

Son of Roger Ives.

He lived at Highfield, Hipperholme.

In June 1865, he was fined £5 for failing to appear after having been summoned to serve on the Grand Jury at the West Riding Quarter Sessions.

His work includes

He married Elizabeth [1824-1897].


  1. Walter [1850-7th May 1877]
  2. Frederick [1852-10th February 1881]
  3. William [1859-7th October 1902]
  4. Clara [1861-1910] who married Edward Whitley Booth
  5. Emma [1866-4th May 1869]

William died 25th March 1874 (aged 44).

Elizabeth died 28th March 1897 (aged 73).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 446]

Iveson, HenryRef I105
[1???-19??] JP.

He was Mayor of Todmorden [1963-1964]

Iveson, JohnRef I275
[1823-1872] Born in Leeds.

He was a furnace man [1851] / a foundry labourer [1861] / publican at the Black Lion, Halifax [1871].

In 1845, he married (1) Tabitha Somerscale [1826-1865] in Halifax.

Tabitha was born in Skircoat.

She was a shop woman [1861]



  1. Martha [b 1846] who was a spinner worsted factory [1861]
  2. Squire [b 1849] who was a spinner worsted factory [1861]
  3. Arthur [b 1853]
  4. Jeffery [b 1857] who was a factory hand [1871]
  5. Aquilla [b 1859] who was a factory hand [1871]
  6. Louis [b 1862]

They lived at

  • Bank Bottom, Southowram [1851]
  • 1 Bank Bottom, Southowram [1861]

Tabitha died in 1865.

In [Q4] 1866, John married (2) Maria.

Maria, née Littlewood, was the widow of James Fletcher

Maria died 30th November 1867 (aged 45).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1544] with her first husband

Iveson, John HenryRef I124
[1856-1929] Born in Ripley, Yorkshire.

He was a stuff warehouseman [1881].

He married Martha Ann [1853-1927].

Martha Ann was the daughter of
Frederick Pulman

They lived at 5 Anvill Street, Bradford (with Martha Ann's parents) [1881].

Martha Ann died 1st November 1927 (aged 74).

John Henry died 16th January 1929 (aged 73).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3082] with Martha Ann's parents

Ivey, Rev A.Ref I139
[18??-19??] Minister at Cornholme United Methodist Free Church [1905]

Ivin, WilliamRef I50
[1833-1914] Son of stone mason Thomas Ivin.

Born in Quenington, Gloucestershire.

He was a labourer [1853] / a policeman at Norton [1864]. before becoming Sowerby Bridge Constable [1871]

He left and was a police constable at Ecclesfield [1881] / a police pensioner at Bedford [1901]

On 12th September 1853, he married (1) Hannah Mary Townend [18??-1863] at Crofton All Saints.

In 1864, he married (2) Charlotte Denner [1831-1907] from Cullompton, Devon, at St Edward the Confessor church, Brotherton.


  1. John [b 1866]

The family lived at Sowerby Bridge Police Station [1871].

In 1871, a prisoner Allen Ripley [1841-1???] (silk dresser)  was listed on the Census at the Police Station.

Charlotte and William died in Bedford

Ivy Cottage, HeptonstallRef I102
22 Heptonstall Slack. Built for a corn merchant in the late 18th century. The house is owned by the Yorkshire Baptist Association and is a tied house for the grave-digger

Ivy Cottage, KebroydRef I264

Ivy House, BarkislandRef I4100
Owners and tenants have included

Ivy House, EllandRef I36

Owners and tenants have included

Ivy House Farm, Hove EdgeRef I27
Spout House Lane. House dated IYR 1713.

The Methodist John Sharp lived here around 1796 and the house was licensed for Wesleyan services and was used as a Methodist meeting house.

It once had a window inscribed:

Peace be on this house bestowed:
Peace on all that here reside.
Let the unknown peace of God
With the man of peace abide,

Nov, 4, 1807
The meetings later moved to Park Chapel

Ivy House Farm, SouthowramRef I118
Whitley Lane.

Mid 18th century house.

Owners and tenants have included

Ivy House, MidgeholeRef I97
Owners and tenants have included

Ivy House, RastrickRef I12
Owners and tenants have included

Ivy House, SalterhebbleRef I43
Exley Bank. Owners and tenants have included

Izzard, Frederick JamesRef I141
[1901-1951] Landlord of the Omnibus, Ambler Thorn [1936-1942]

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