Elaine Hodkinson

Elaine Hodkinson has kindly contributed information about

Ashday Lane Methodist Sunday School, Southowram

John Baildon
Luke Baildon
Bell House Farm, Southowram
Bethesda Primitive Methodist Chapel, Southowram
Bethesda Primitive Methodist Graveyard, Bank Top
Bethesda Primitive Methodist New Graveyard, Bank Top
Bethesda Primitive Methodist School, Southowram
Blagbrough & Hebblethwaite Limited

Laurence Coates

Thomas Drake

Isaac Firth
Job Freeman

Hall Ing House, Southowram
Heald Lane, Southowram
Robert Heyhurst
Luther Melancthon Horsfall

Jubilee Hotel, Southowram

George Laycock
James Laycock
John Laycock
Newton Laycock
Samuel Laycock
Thomas Laycock
William Laycock
William Laycock
Ludhill Lane Southowram

Milking Hill, Southowram

The Park, Southowram

William Richardson
Rock, Southowram

Saint Anne's Cemetery, Southowram
Saint Anne's in the Grove Churchyard, Southowram
School Lane, Southowram
Southowram Club & Institute
Southowram Community Centre
Southowram National School
Southowram Nursery School
Southowram Social Club
Southowram Wesleyan Chapel
Southowram Wesleyan Graveyard

Jonas Tillotson

United Methodist Free Church, Southowram

George Henry Wadsworth
Harry Wadsworth
James Wadsworth
John Wadsworth
Rev Rob Wilson

Yew House Quarry, Southowram
Yew Tree House, Southowram
Yew Trees, Southowram

Elaine has submitted photographic material which has been used to illustrate:

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