The Brontë Masks

As an educational device, Rev Brontë gave the children a mask which they wore in turn as he asked them questions, suspecting that the child would be more expressive if he/she could not be seen.

Rev Brontë conducted the experiment about 1824.

He recorded the questions, and the children's answers:


Q: What does a child like you most want?

A: Age and experience


Q: What had I best do with your brother Branwell who is sometimes a naughty boy?

A: Reason with him, and when he won't listen to reason, whip him


Q: What is the best way of knowing the difference between the intellects of men and women?

A: By considering the differences between them as to their bodies


Q: What is the best book in the world? And what is the next best?

A: The Bible. The Book of Nature


Q: What is the best mode of education for a woman?

A: That which would make her rule her house well


Q: What is the best mode of spending time?

A: By laying it out in preparation for a happy Eternity

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