Elizabeth Branwell

Elizabeth Branwell was born in Penzance.

She was the daughter of Thomas Branwell, and elder sister of Mrs Maria Brontë.

In May 1821, she moved from Penzance to live at Haworth Parsonage to nurse her ailing sister, Maria, and to look after the children.

She was known as Aunt Branwell to the children.

Like her father, and the rest of her family, she was a Methodist.

During her time at Haworth, she paid for her own room and board.

She disliked the northern climate and the cold Parsonage. Even inside the Parsonage, she wore pattens to keep her feet off the cold, damp ground. Her room was over-heated, whilst the other rooms were cold.

In May 1832, she found that the education of Emily and Anne was beyond her. Charlotte returned home from Roe Head and began to educate her sisters.

On 29th October 1842, suffering an acute blockage in her stomach, she died at Haworth Parsonage at the age of 66.

On 6th November 1842, Charlotte and Anne returned to Haworth, although they only arrived on the 8th November, after the funeral.

Anne returned to the Robinson family at Thorp Hall after the funeral.

In her will, Aunt Branwell left provisions for the 4 remaining Brontë children and her niece, Elizabeth Jane Kingston. The girls each received about £350, and Branwell – who would be expected to provide for himself – was left her Japan dressing-box

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