John Brown

John Brown was a stonemason and sexton at Haworth.

He was a friend and confidant of Branwell who painted his portrait.

William Brown was his brother.

He married Mary.


  1. Martha
  2. daughter
  3. daughter
  4. daughter
  5. daughter
  6. daughter

The family lived in a house next to Haworth Church School.

In June 1831, he began to give boxing lessons to Branwell. In their correspondence, Branwell addressed him as Old Knave of Trumps.

John Tillotson was his apprentice.

He joined the Freemasons in September 1830. From 1832 to 1846, he was Workshipful Master of Haworth's Three Graces Lodge of Freemasons.

Rev A. B. Nicholls lodged with the Browns until his marriage to Charlotte.

In July 1845, following Branwell's dismissal from the Robinson household, Branwell was sent away for a week to recover, and John Brown accompanied him to Liverpool and Wales.

John Brown died in July 1855 of dust on his lungs

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