General Notes on Elland

The town of Elland lies at the east of Calderdale on the south banks of the Calder and the Calder & Hebble Navigation which flow below the town. It was a part of the township of Elland-cum-Greetland.

The area was called Elant in Domesday Book, the name of the town Ealand is derived from the Old English and means land by the water, river or land partly or wholly surrounded by water; other spellings include: Aelande / Ealand / Eiland / Eland / Elande / Ellande / Elont

The mediæval town had fields known as High Town field, Low Town field, Middle Town field and Town Field.

Elland township was a part of the Honour of Pontefract.

A charter allowing a market to be held in Elland was granted in 1317.

Fountains Abbey owned some land in Elland.

Elland Urban District Council was established by act of Parliament in 1894.

Pronunciation: The stress falls on the first syllable, and the final syllable has the neutral schwa vowel: ell-ənd

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Aerated Water Company, Elland
Ainley House, Elland
Annesley House, Elland
Antiquities of Elland
Appleyard's Farm, Elland
Ash Lea, Elland
Ashgrove House, Elland
Richard Aske

Bank House, Elland
Bankfield House, Elland
Bankfield Social Club, Elland
Basket-making industry
Bill's Town
Billy Mellor Bridge, Elland
Blackley House, Elland
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Brampton House, Elland
Bridge End Livery Stables, Elland
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Briggs Confectioner, Elland
The Brighouse & Elland Echo
The Brighouse & Elland Express
The Brighouse & Elland News
The Brighouse & Elland Register
Britannia House, Elland
British Workman, Elland
Broad Carr, Elland
The Brooksbank family of Elland
Brooksbank Institute, Elland
Joseph Brooksbank
Broomfield House, Elland
Burleigh House, Elland
Burn Lea, Elland

Canker Dyke, Elland
The Carey family of Elland
Cartwheel Centre, Elland
Central Bazaar, Elland
Central Hall, Elland
Central Picture House, Elland
Central Pictures (Elland) Limited
Chesswas Jewellers, Elland
Church & King Society, Elland
Church Missionary Society College, Elland
Clock House, Elland
Conservative Reading Room, Elland
Copperas House, Elland
Copperas Mount, Elland
Crossley's Sweet Shop, Elland
Crowther Bridge, Elland

Danesbury House, Elland
The Dean family of Exley & Elland
Dewhirst's Buildings, Elland
Joseph Dobson
Dobson's Yard, Elland
Joseph Dobson & Sons Limited
Ducking Stool, Elland
Dyke House, Elland

Eighteen of Elland
Elland in old picture postcards
Elland Parsonage
Elland Revisited
Elland Territorials
Elland Through Time
Elland War Memorial
Ellen Royd, Elland
Ellen Royde Library, Elland
Ellen Royde, Midgley
Ellistones Farm, Elland

Field House, Elland
Flower House, Elland
T. Forrest, Elland
Forty Steps, Elland

Ghosts & Legends of the Lower Calder Valley
The Glebe House, Elland
Gled Hall, Elland
Glynwood, Elland
Gog Hill, Elland
Find Graucob
Great House Farm, Elland
Great House, Elland
Greater Elland Historical Society
Greater Elland History Room
Greetland & West Vale Fire Brigade

Halifax Equitable Benefit Building Society, Elland
The Hamerton family of Elland
Hamerton House, Elland
Hammer & Pincers Hall, Elland
Hammerstone Leach, Elland
Harold Savage Memorial Hall, Elland
Hazeldene, Elland
Heathfield House, Elland
High Town field, Elland
Highfield House, Elland
Hill Top, Elland
A History of Elland
The history of Elland Wesley
Holme Laithe Farm, Elland
Hull, Hell & Halifax
Hullen Edge Farm, Elland
Hullen Edge Hall, Elland
Hullen Edge

Ivy House, Elland

Joseph Kagan
Kaye's Buildings, Elland
Kirklees & Elland Turnpike
Cooper Kitchen

Ilbert de Lacy
Lake Calder
Lambert Croft, Elland
Lambert House, Stainland Road, West Vale
Langdale House, Elland
Leatherty Coit
Ledgard Bridge, Elland
Liverpool Stores, Elland

Lloyds Bank, Elland
London House, Elland
Long Lee Lock, Elland
Long Wall Mouse
Long Wall, Elland
Lord  Savile Lodge, Elland
Low Town field, Elland
Lower Edge, Elland
Lower Shull, Elland
Lower Shutt, Elland
Lowfield, Elland
Lowfields Business Park, Elland
Lowfields, Elland
Lumb's Buildings, Elland
Lyndhurst, Elland

Manchester House, Elland
Marshall Hall, Elland
Martins Bank, Elland
Masonic Hall, Elland
Melrose, Elland
Middle Town field, Elland
Mitchell's Cash Stores, Elland
Moorgate Chambers, Elland
MPs for Elland

Nab End, Elland
New Hall, Elland
New Laithe, Elland
Newell, Elland
North House, Elland
Norton House, Elland
Nu-Swift Fire Extinguishers

Oak Villa, Elland
Octave Club, Elland
Old Earth Farm, Elland
Old Hall, Elland
Oliver Hall Bridge, Elland
Oliver Hall Farm, Elland
Oliver Hall, Elland
Overgate Hospice, Elland
Owlet Hall, Elland

Palladium Cinema, Elland
Park Wood, Elland
Parkfield House, Elland
Perseverance Laundry, Elland
Picture House, Elland
The Plains, Elland
Prospect House, Elland

Quarry House, Elland

Ramsden House, Elland
Rawson's Pool, Elland
Rex Cinema, Elland
Riorges, France
Riverside House, Elland
Riverside Recreational Park, Elland

Saint Aubyne, Elland
Saint John's Ambulance Brigade, Elland
Savage Centre, Elland
Savile Bridge, Elland
Scar Edge, Elland
Shaw Laithe, Elland
Smithfield House, Elland
Smithies' Buildings, Elland
Snakes' Nest, Elland
South End, Elland
South House, Elland
Southgate Reformers, Elland
Southowram & Elland Light Railway
Spa Well, Elland
Springfield, Elland
Strangstry Bridge, Elland
Sugden's Yard, Elland

Tag Cut, Elland
Tag Lock Bridge, Elland
Tag Lock, Elland
Talbot House, Elland
Tong Royd Reservoirs, Elland
Town Field, Elland
Town Hall Square, Elland
Town Rooms, Elland
Townfield House, Elland
Trams & Buses: Elland & West Vale

Union Bank, Elland
Upper Edge, Elland
Upper Shull, Elland
Upper Shutt, Elland

Victoria Baths, Elland
Victoria Baths, Elland
Victoria Cash Grocery Stores, Elland

Wainwright Hall, Elland
Waterloo, Elland
West House, Elland
West Vale
Westbury House, Elland
Westgate House, Elland
Westgate Music Rooms, Elland
Westgate Working Men's News Room, Elland
Wharf House, Elland
Whitwell Place, Elland
Withens Gap, Elland
Woodbridge, Elland
Woodlands, Elland
Woodman House, Elland
Woodside Mills Lock, Elland

Yorkshire Roads Club, Elland

The Ashworth family of Elland-cum-Greetland
The Brook family of Elland
The Fielding family of Elland-cum-Greetland
The Nutton family of Elland-cum-Greetland
The Parkinson family of Elland-cum-Greetland
The Savile family of Elland
The Stansfeld family of Elland
The Thornton family of Elland-cum-Greetland
The Thwaite family of Elland & Halifax
The Wilkinson family of Elland

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