The Halifax Joint Stock Banking Company


Halifax Joint Stock Banking Company

The Halifax Joint Stock Banking Company was founded by a meeting at the White Lion, Halifax on 31st August 1829. It opened for business in November 1829.

There were 178 partners, and shares were restricted to people living in the Halifax parish, and with no individual holding more than 50 shares. All shareholders were required to keep their accounts with the bank.

The first chairman was William Rothwell, and the first Manager was John Caw.

This was the 3rd joint stock bank in Yorkshire, and the 12th in the country.

In 1836, the bank merged with Rawson's Bank.

The partners in 1853 are shown below

On 27th January 1864, a piece of silver plate – each valued at £200 – was presented to each of the following 5 directors of the Company in acknowledgement of their services on the board. The recipients were John Abbott, William Edleston, Joshua Appleyard, John Haigh, and George Whiteley.

It became a limited liability company in 1880.

In 1881, the bank acquired the Midland Banking Company of Huddersfield.

In 1910, it took over the Halifax & Huddersfield Union Banking Company. The following year, the Bank was renamed the West Yorkshire Bank Limited with a capital of £1 million.

On 17th June 1911, the name was changed to West Yorkshire Bank


Between 1886 & 1903, branches were opened at

Partners in 1853

The following list of partners in the Halifax Joint Stock Banking Company was published in The Leeds Mercury of 19th February 1853

See John Abbott, Joshua Appleyard, George Beaumont, Beckwith's, John Caw, Herbert Fielden, John Fisher, William Haigh, John Holdsworth, Joint Stock Bank Court, Halifax, John Edward Longbottom, Michael Stocks, John Henry Swallow and The Commercial Bank of England

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