Jeffrey Knowles

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13 entries on the A surname SideTrack
Charles Abercrombie
3 entries on the Ackroyd surname SideTrack
Adam, Emmet & Emmet
Thomas Edward Aked
John Akroyd
Albert Cigar Factory, Halifax
James Frederick Aldam
6 entries on the Alderson surname SideTrack
A. Alderson & Company
Arthur William Alexander
Alma, Halifax
George Walter Almond

2 entries on the Ambler surname SideTrack
9 entries on the Appleyard surname SideTrack
 William Appleyard & Son
Charles Comber Arnold
Sir Alfred Arnold
Ash Tree, Warley
Ashday Park Stone Quarries, Southowram
Thomas Ashton
20 entries on the Ashworth surname SideTrack
177 entries on the Aspinall surname SideTrack
John Aspinall & Sons
Dan Asquith
37 entries on the Astin surname SideTrack


Bacchus Tavern, Halifax
Backhold Royd Farm, Siddal
Rev George Bagot
Alfred Bailey
Bailey Hall Conservative Club
Edward Baines
Baldwin & Walker Limited
34 entries on the Baldwin surname SideTrack
Mr Balme
18 entries on the Balmforth surname SideTrack
2 entries on the Bancroft surname SideTrack
Bank Bottom, Halifax
Bank Top Cricket Field, Southowram
Bankfield Farm, Southowram
Mrs Mary Ann Banks
Walter Banks
2 entries on the Barber surname SideTrack
3 entries on the Barker surname SideTrack
Barkisland Hall
Barkisland Mills
Barracks Tavern, Halifax
Clement Barraclough
2 entries on the Barrett surname SideTrack
Timothy Barrit
John Mainprice Barrowby
11 entries on the Barstow surname SideTrack
5 entries on the Bates surname SideTrack
Bath Street Tavern, Halifax
John Batley
Adam Battinson
William Henry Baume
Baxter & Company
Wallace Beaumont
James Beaver
Hugh Beck
Peter Beck
3 entries on the Bedford surname SideTrack
Bedford Stores, Halifax
William Bedford
Bee-hive, Halifax
Beehive & Cross Keys, Halifax
Bell Hall
Belle Vue House, Brighouse
Benjamin Benn & Sons
Benjamin Benn
William Henry Benn
Bent Farm, Sowerby
2 entries on the Bentley surname SideTrack
Bermerside House, Halifax
Thomas Bertram
Fr Philip Bethell
6 entries on the Beverley surname SideTrack
Arthur Binns
Binns Bottom Mine, Southowram
Joseph Arthur Binns
6 entries on the Bintcliffe surname SideTrack
Black Boy, Halifax
Black Bull, Gauxholme
Black Bull, Halifax
Black Horse, Halifax
Black Swan, Halifax
Black ware pottery
Blaithroyd Farm, Southowram
Blaithroyd, Southowram
Bishop Blaize, Halifax
John Blakeborough
Jane Blakey
Blue Bell, Halifax
Blue Bell, Southowram
Blue Bells, Mill Bank
Blue Coat School & Almshouses
Boar's Head Hotel, Halifax
Bolton Lodge, Southowram

Edward Bonser
5 entries on the Boocock surname SideTrack
James Boote
6 entries on the Booth surname SideTrack
Booth Wood Mill, Rishworth
Ernest Booth & Company
Bottomley Boothman
Boothsfield, Halifax
Benjamin Borran
Bostock & Wombwell's Menagerie
Bostock's Italian Circus
Francis Bostock
Boston Hill, Hebden Bridge
Boston Hill, Wadsworth
7 entries on the Bottomley surname SideTrack
Bottoms Farm, Luddendenfoot
Anthony Boulby
Bowling Green, Halifax
Bowling Green, Halifax
Bowling Green Junior & Infant School
Thomas Boys
Brackenbed Brewery
John Bradley
5 entries on the Bray surname SideTrack
Eagland Bray & Son Limited
J. Brearley
Brearley Mills, Midgley
William Henry Brearley
J. Brearley & Sons
Frederick Brett
Brewers' Arms, Mount Tabor
Brewers' Cellar, Halifax
Brickmakers' Arms, Halifax
Bridge Hotel, Greetland
Bridge Tavern, Halifax
Thomas Bridgeman
PC Brier
4 entries on the Briggs surname SideTrack
Brighton Hotel, Halifax
Britain Farm, Sowerby
Britannia Inn, Halifax
British Machine Company Limited
Harold Britton
Broad Oak Stone Mine, Hove Edge
Broad Tree Hotel, Lee Mount
6 entries on the Broadbent surname SideTrack
F. Broadley
Edward Brodley
John Broghan
7 entries on the Brook surname SideTrack
Brook House Brewery, Mixenden
8 entries on the Brook surname SideTrack
A. & C. Brook
David Brook & Sons
Brookfoot House, Brighouse
Brooksbank, Southowram
Broomfield House, Southowram
Albert Brotherton
John Brotherton
John Brotherton
Richard Brotherton
2 entries on the Brown surname SideTrack
Brown Cow, Halifax
Brown Cow, Halifax
7 entries on the Brown surname SideTrack
John Brownhill
Buckton's Cycle Works, Hipperholme
Bull Green, Halifax
Joseph E. Bunce
Patrick Burke
John Burnley
Emma Butler
3 entries on the Butterfield surname SideTrack


Caddy Field Board School
Caddy Field, Halifax
Calder & Hebble, Salterhebble
William Caley
26 entries on the Calvert surname SideTrack
Thomas Vincent Campbell
Captain Cardono
Carlton House School, Halifax
Harry Carlton
Carr House, Midgley
2 entries on the Carter surname SideTrack
Central Corn Mill Company
Chambers & Chambers
Thomas Chambers
Chambers, Tregonning & Robertshaw
Chapel House, Southowram
James Chatburn
2 entries on the Cheetham surname SideTrack
Chequer, Southowram
Broderick Cherry
James Cherry
Jeremiah Cherry
Jeremiah Cherry
John Cherry
John Cherry
Simon Cherry
Thomas Cherry
Thomas Cherry
Thomas Cherry
Chippendale's School, Halifax
Misses Chippendale
Robinson Chippendale
Church Tavern, Halifax
Claremount Inn, Halifax
3 entries on the Clarke surname SideTrack
William Clay
John W. Clayton
13 entries on the Clegg surname SideTrack
Joseph Cliffe
Clock Face Quarry, Barkisland
Clog Inn, Halifax
Clothiers' Arms, Greetland
Clough House, Ovenden Wood
John Clough
Cock & Bottle, Southowram
2 entries on the Cockcroft surname SideTrack
John Cocker
19 entries on the Cockroft surname SideTrack
Henry Cockshott
William Cockshott
Colburn Farm, Southowram
Coldwell Hill Farm, Southowram
Coley Chapel
6 entries on the Collinge surname SideTrack
2 entries on the Collins surname SideTrack
9 entries on the Collinson surname SideTrack

T. Collinson & Sons Limited
Commercial Hotel, Halifax
Commercial, Illingworth
Commercial Mills, Ripponden
Walter Common
Patrick Connolly
John Farrar Constantine
Abraham Lee Conway
David Conway
George Conway
Henry Conway
Henry Conway
William Conway
William Conway
Thomas Cooper
Copley Railway Station
Walter G. Cordingley
Corona Chimney, Dean Clough
Cote Hill Farm, Southowram
Anthony Court
Mary Elizabeth Cousin
Sarah Ann Cousin
William Cousin
Cousinville, Wadsworth
Rev Thomas Cox
19 entries on the Crabtree surname SideTrack
Craven & Rankin
Cricketers' Arms, Halifax
Crispin, Halifax
Criterion Restaurant, Halifax
Cromwell Bottom Farm, Southowram
Edward Cronhelm
Edward Theodore Cronhelm
Frederick William Cronhelm
George Otto Cronhelm
John Cronhelm
William Cronhelm
William George Otto Cronhelm
Isaac Crook
Isaac Crook
Edith Crosley
Cross Keys, Siddal
Cross Stone Farm, Sowerby
Cross Stone Farm, Todmorden
Samuel Crossland
11 entries on the Crossley surname SideTrack
Crossley Orphanage, Halifax
Crown & Cushion, Halifax
Crown, Halifax
Crown, Halifax
Crown, Sowerby Bridge
12 entries on the Crowther surname SideTrack
Robert Cundall
13 entries on the Cunliffe surname SideTrack
Cusworth's School, Halifax
Mary Ann Cusworth


Thomas Darby
Dr John Davy
Ernest Daw
James Daw
Robert Daw
Thomas Daw
Thomas Daw
Walter Daw
William Daw
Christopher Myers Dawes
William Myers Dawes
2 entries on the Dawson surname SideTrack
Dawson Farm, Ovenden
George Dawtrey
2 entries on the Dean surname SideTrack
Dr Richard Deane
Gilbert Deane
Joshua Dearden
Robert Dearnley
Delf Hill Chapel, Southowram
Delvers' Arms, Southowram
Adam del Dene
12 entries on the Denham surname SideTrack
Denmark Farm, Shibden
John Dennison
3 entries on the Denton surname SideTrack
Dennis Denville

John Dewhirst
Lewis I. Dey, Clay & Son
Lewis Irving Dey
Thomas Dey
Stanley Dickinson
Charles Dimmey
William Henry Dinsdale
District Friends' School, Ackworth
Diving Bell, Halifax
Henry Oxley Drabbs
Oxley Drabbs
Robert Salisbury Drabbs
Samuel Oxley Drabbs
2 entries on the Drake surname SideTrack
William Driver
Dryclough Toll Bar, Halifax
Duke of Leeds' Arms, Halifax
Duke of York, Halifax
Duke of York, Rastrick
Duke Wellington, Halifax
Duke William, Halifax
Dr Ferdinand Dupré
Dusty Miller, Halifax
Dyer's Aerated Table Waters
Maria Louisa Mewburn Dyer
William Dyer


Harry Earnshaw
James Eastwood
Eddison Limited
Edleston's School
Thomas Edleston
Henry Edwards
Elephant & Castle, Salterhebble
2 entries on the Ellis surname SideTrack
Elphabrough Hall, Mytholmroyd
Emmet & Holden
Empress of India, Brighouse
2 entries on the Empsall surname SideTrack

Harold Stobart Emsley
Hubert Emsley
Joseph Emsley
Thomas Emsley
William Emsley
Thomas England
George William English
Lars Peter Nicholie Ernst
Charles Godfrey Esam
Ewood Hall, Mytholmroyd
Exley Park, Exley


Mary Fairbanks
Frederick William Fairburn
Falcon Laundry Company Limited
Falcon, Salterhebble
Farfield, Halifax
3 entries on the Farnell surname SideTrack
James Farr
21 entries on the Farrar surname SideTrack
Jonathan Farrar & Sons
Dr Robert Farrer
Farrow's Bank Limited
Fawcett & Company
8 entries on the Fawcett surname SideTrack
G. Fawley & Son
Fawthrop & Marshall
Rev William Fearnside
2 entries on the Feather surname SideTrack
Fenny Farm, Hipperholme
Field End Farm, Triangle
William Field
4 entries on the Fielden surname SideTrack
Fielding & Bottomley
18 entries on the Fielding surname SideTrack
Finn Gledhill & Company
Arthur Firth
Firth House Paper Mills, Stainland
Joseph Firth

James Flannery
John Flather
Fleece, Halifax
Fleece, Ripponden
7 entries on the Fleming surname SideTrack
Fleming, Birkby & Goodall Limited
2 entries on the Fletcher surname SideTrack
Flying Horse, Halifax
Thomas Fogg
Diana Forness
Foster & Winter
10 entries on the Foster surname SideTrack
Foster, England & Foster
Fountain, Halifax
Frederick Sandell Fox
Fred France
Hugh Frane
John Frane
Patrick Frane
Frankland Farm, Shibden
J. & H. J. Franklin
Harry James Franklin
James Franklin
22 entries on the Freeman surname SideTrack
Friendly Inn, Halifax
Friendly, Ovenden
Frost Hall Farm, Mytholmroyd


Gaiety Theatre, Halifax
Ernest Cronhelm Gardom
John Williams Gardom
John Garnet
John Garnet
Garnett & Rhodes
William Garside
Aminadab Gaskin
Abraham Gibson
Gibson Dixon
3 entries on the Gibson surname SideTrack
16 entries on the Gill surname SideTrack
Girls' High School, Halifax
Girls' Friendly Lodge, Halifax
11 entries on the Gledhill surname SideTrack
Globe, Halifax
James Glossop
William Glossop
Golden Lion, Halifax
Golden Lion, Highroad Well
Golden Plough, Halifax
Gomersall & Bentley
Gooch's School, Halifax
Mrs Anne Gooch
Rev John Gooch
Alfred Goodall
Walker Gooder
Cornall Goodman
Cornall Goodman
Moses Goodwin
Reuben Goodwin

Thomas Goodwin
John Crago Gosling
Thomas Graham
Claude Grahame-White
Grand Junction Hotel, Halifax
Grand View, Lee Mount
Richard Greaves
David Green
Green Hayes, Halifax
Green Hill Tavern, Halifax
John Henry Green
Greene Brothers
James Greenlees
Jonathan Sampson Greenroyd
9 entries on the Greenwood surname SideTrack
Greenwood's Academy, Halifax
309 entries on the Greenwood surname SideTrack
John & Samuel Greenwood
Charles Gregory
Elizabeth Ann Gregory
Emma Gregory
Richard Reynolds Gregory
Greyhound, Halifax
Johnny Greyson
Grindlestone Bank, Ovenden
Grove, Brearley
Grove, Brighouse
Grove House Farm, Southowram
Leonard Gumby


39 entries on the Habergham surname SideTrack
William Haggis
12 entries on the Haigh surname SideTrack
3 entries on the Hainsworth surname SideTrack
3 entries on the Halifax surname SideTrack
Halifax High School for Girls
Halifax Infirmary & Dispensary
Halifax Ladies College
6 entries on the Halifax surname SideTrack
Hall End Chocolate Store, Halifax
Hall Ings, Southowram
4 entries on the Hall surname SideTrack
4 entries on the Halliday surname SideTrack
George & William Halliday Limited
Charles Halmshaw
J. Hamer
Hangingroyd Mill, Hebden Bridge
Hannibutt Farm, Wadsworth
Hanson & Balme
10 entries on the Hanson surname SideTrack
Hardcastle Crags Murder
Dr James Hardman
John Hardy
Hare & Hounds, Hipperholme
George Harger
12 entries on the Hargreaves surname SideTrack
4 entries on the Harrison surname SideTrack
7 entries on the Hartley surname SideTrack
Harvey & Company
Frank Howard Hatch
Hatchet Farm, Ovenden
Haugh Gate Farm, Warley
Hawk, Barkisland
Evon Highway Hawkins
James Hays
James Hardy Heal
4 entries on the Heap surname SideTrack
3 entries on the Heaton surname SideTrack
9 entries on the Hebblethwaite surname SideTrack
10 entries on the Helliwell surname SideTrack
37 entries on the Hemingway surname SideTrack
Hen & Chickens, Halifax
Dr George McWilliams Henry
Heptonstall Prosecution Society
John Hepworth
George H. Heseltine
Alfred Hesselden
Joseph Hessleden
6 entries on the Hey surname SideTrack
27 entries on the Heyhirst surname SideTrack
Arthur Heyhurst
Crossley Heyhurst
David Heyhurst
James Heyhurst
John William Heyhurst
Wright Heyhurst

Alfred Heywood
Abraham Heyworth
Highfield Farm, Southowram
2 entries on the Hill surname SideTrack
Hezekiah Hillam
Fred William Hinds
Hipperholme Railway Station
9 entries on the Hirst surname SideTrack
2 entries on the Hodgson surname SideTrack
H. Hodgson & Company
5 entries on the Holden surname SideTrack
7 entries on the Holdsworth surname SideTrack
18 entries on the Holgate surname SideTrack
Hollas Field, Norland
John Hollas
Holme Dene, Lightcliffe
3 entries on the Holmes surname SideTrack
Holmfield & Southowram Light Railway
3 entries on the Holroyd surname SideTrack
Holroyde & Smith
2 entries on the Holroyde surname SideTrack
W. F. Holroyde, Son & Cronhelm
10 entries on the Holt surname SideTrack
Dr Richard Hooke
John Hooson
Hop Pole, Halifax
Rev John Hope
George Hopkinson
Horley Green Spa
15 entries on the Horner surname SideTrack
Horsfall & Wardle
Horsfall & Williams
6 entries on the Horsfall surname SideTrack
Horsfall, Wardle & Patchett
Richard Horsfall & Son
W. H. D. Horsfall
Lawson Horsman
Rev Edmund Hough
William Hoult
2 entries on the Howarth surname SideTrack
Aquilla Howe
Thomas Howgate
Hoyle & Greenwood
Charles Edward Hoyle
Hoyle House, Lightcliffe
9 entries on the Hoyle surname SideTrack
Ernest William Shaw Hughes
Marshall Hunsworth
Richard Henry Huntington
Charles Huntriss
Edward Huntriss
George Huntriss
Harold Huntriss
William Huntriss
William Huntriss


Ibbotroyd Mill, Wadsworth
William Ilbeck
Illingworth Hall, Halifax
Illingworth House
Thomas Illingworth
Samuel & John Illingworth

William Illingworth & Company
5 entries on the Ingham surname SideTrack
Dr James Inglis
John Richard Ingram
Ivy House, Holmfield


Jack Bridge Mill, Heptonstall
Jackson & Casson
3 entries on the Jackson surname SideTrack
Jackson's Stores Limited
4 entries on the Jagger surname SideTrack
5 entries on the Jennings surname SideTrack
4 entries on the Jones surname SideTrack

3 entries on the Jowett surname SideTrack
J. H. Jowett
Francis Jubb
Jubilee Hotel, Southowram
24 entries on the Judson surname SideTrack
Junction, Bradshaw
Junction Hotel, Halifax


7 entries on the Kaye surname SideTrack
Keelham Farm, Cross Stone
Joseph Kerrod
Joseph Edward Kerrod
30 entries on the Kershaw surname SideTrack
King's Hanoverian Army
King's Head, Halifax
2 entries on the King surname SideTrack
King of Prussia, Halifax

Henry John Percy Kirk
Joseph Moxon Kirk
Joseph Moxon Kirk
Robert Kirk
William Kitchingman
16 entries on the Kitson surname SideTrack
Henry Knapton
John Knight


Jane Lacy
William Henry Land
Lane Head Farm, Ovenden
Abraham Langley
Lanks: Bob o' Lanks
Lark Singing Associations
Laverock Hall Farm, Brighouse
3 entries on the Law surname SideTrack
Law Farm, Southowram
Law Hill House, Southowram
Law Hill School, Southowram
4 entries on the Law surname SideTrack
J. Lawrence & Son
2 entries on the Laycock surname SideTrack
2 entries on the Leach surname SideTrack
Lee Bridge Cocoa Tavern, Halifax
Charles Lee
Lee Mills, Halifax
Dr Priestley Leech
2 entries on the Lees surname SideTrack
George Leese
Milner Leicester
Kenneth M. Lent
James Lesley
John Henry Leyland
William Riley Leyland
Lightcliffe Railway Station
2 entries on the Lightowler surname SideTrack
Mrs Freda Lindley
Joseph Lingard

Walter Burns Lingard
William Henry Lingard
13 entries on the Lister surname SideTrack
Little Norcliffe Farm, Southowram
Harry Lobley
Locomotive Inn, Halifax
London House, Halifax
London Tavern, Halifax
Longbotham & Sons
Longbotham, Horsfield & Fielding
6 entries on the Longbottom surname SideTrack
Longroyde Quarry, Rastrick
3 entries on the Lord surname SideTrack
Lord  Nelson, Luddenden
Lord  Raglan, Halifax
John Lowe
Lower Exley Farm, Siddal
Lower George, Halifax
Lower Handroyd Farm, Midgley
Lower Limed House, Shibden
Lower Norcliffe, Southowram
Lower Snape Farm, Sowerby
William Lum
2 entries on the Lumb surname SideTrack
E. Lumby, Son & Wood Limited
Edward Crosland Lumby
Edwin Lumby
John Luty
John Luvekyn


Dr Francis Edwin Macaulay
Edwin Macauley
Alexander Mackay
Alphonse Ernest Magnier
3 entries on the Magson surname SideTrack
141 entries on the Mallinson surname SideTrack
Malt Shovel, Coley
Malt Shovel, Halifax
Malt Shovel, Southowram
Arthur William Manks
Charles Manks
Edward Bromley Manks
George Henry Manks
George Henry Manks
Jonathan Manks
Mr Manks
Riley Manks
Walter Crossley Manks
William Manks
William Manks
2 entries on the Mann surname SideTrack
Manor Heath Mansion, Halifax
Manor House, Southowram
Mansley's Quarries
James Mansley
Dr Alfred Mantle
Thomas Marchant
Giulio Marchetti
Marc Ernesto Ulysse Marchetti
Market Place Turkish Baths, Halifax
4 entries on the Marsden surname SideTrack
Marsh Farm, Southowram
Tom Marsh
6 entries on the Marshall surname SideTrack
Marshall Hall Mills, Elland
18 entries on the Marshall surname SideTrack
Marshaw Bridge Mill, Cragg Vale
Jonathan Maud
Michael Maud

Maude & Dyson
44 entries on the Maude surname SideTrack
Maude's Temperance Hotel, Halifax
8 entries on the Maude surname SideTrack
Miss N. N. Mawde
Mr McEvoy
James McGrath
John Exley McKelvin
James McKennell
Peter Duncan McMaster
Joseph McNamara
Dr Joseph McCarogher McWilliams
Mechanics' Arms, Halifax
2 entries on the Mellor surname SideTrack
Sir Thomas Middleton
Sir Thomas Middleton
5 entries on the Midgley surname SideTrack
Midgley stocks
2 entries on the Midgley surname SideTrack
Thackrah Mills
Miners' Arms, Halifax
24 entries on the Mitchell surname SideTrack
Mitre, Halifax
Mitre Theatre, Halifax
Model Lodging House, Halifax
Moon Inn, Halifax
3 entries on the Moore surname SideTrack
Dominic Moran
T. Morley
12 entries on the Morton surname SideTrack
J. S. Morton & Sons Limited
3 entries on the Moses surname SideTrack
Moulders' Arms, Halifax
Mount House, Siddal
Mount Inn, Halifax
Joseph Moxon Kirk & Sons
145 entries on the Murgatroyd surname SideTrack
Musical Arms, Sowerby Bridge


Nag's Head, Halifax
Benjamin Burton Nagle
John Naughton
Navigation, Salterhebble
Navigation, Sowerby Bridge
4 entries on the Naylor surname SideTrack
John Naylor & Son
Near Siddal Hall
John Needham
Samuel Needham
George William Nelson
Nelson's Life Pensions for Widows
Neptune, Brighouse
William Henry Nettleton
New Delight, Wainstalls
New Dumb Mill, Hipperholme
New Holme Cottages, Wainstalls
New Inn, Halifax
New Inn, Halifax
New Inn, Mount Tabor
New Inn, Sowood
New Inn, Warley

New Road Inn, Southowram
Rev John Newell
Newlands House, Warley
Newlands, Rastrick
Dr Newton
James Nichol
Nicholl & Brown
2 entries on the Nicholl surname SideTrack
Nicholl, Brown & Coyle
Thomas Woodall Nicholson
2 entries on the Noble surname SideTrack
Norcliffe Farm, Southowram
Norris & Foster
Norris & Norris
10 entries on the Norris surname SideTrack
Norris, Foster & England
North Bridge Tavern, Halifax
Northfield, Barkisland
Northowram constables
Northumberland House, Halifax
Norton Tower House
William Nowell


John Oakes
Thomas Oakes
Oates & Smith
Oates & Taylor
14 entries on the Oates surname SideTrack
Oats Royd Mills, Luddenden
Oddfellows' Hall, Brighouse
Joseph Ogden
Old Bridge, Ripponden
Old Bull's Head, Halifax
Old Close Farm, Southowram
Old Cock, Halifax
Old Coley Mill Inn, Norwood Green
Old Dumb Mill, Hipperholme

Old Fox, Halifax
Old Hand & Tankard, Wheatley
Old House at Home, Northowram
Old Lane Dye Works, Halifax
Old Man at Home, Warley
Old Post Office, Halifax
Margaret Oldfield
Omnibus, Ambler Thorn
Orange Tree, Halifax
13 entries on the Ormerod surname SideTrack
Arthur George Osborne
Robert Ostler
Ovenden Cross, Ovenden


Pack Horse, Southowram
Paper Mill, Cragg Vale
George Park
6 entries on the Parker surname SideTrack
Parkin Hall, Sowerby
Joseph Henry Parsons
Pasture House, Southowram
Patchett & Company
14 entries on the Patchett surname SideTrack
6 entries on the Pearson surname SideTrack
4 entries on the Peel surname SideTrack
John Pennington
Joshua Fourness Perkinton
Albert Perry
Perseverance Mill, Brighouse
John Henry Petty
Phoenix Ice Skating Rink, Todmorden
84 entries on the Pickles surname SideTrack
John Pickles & Son
20 entries on the Pilling surname SideTrack
5 entries on the Pinder surname SideTrack
Pineberry Hill Cottages, Halifax
Pineberry Hill Working Men's Conservative Club
Pineberry Tavern, Halifax
Pit House Farm, Southowram
Arthur Platts
Plummet Line, Halifax
Arthur Philip Pohlmann

Edward Pohlmann
Henry Pohlmann
Henry William Pohlmann
Henry William Pohlmann
Anthime Camille Poiré
Charles Pole
William Henry Pollard
Edward Pollit
Edward Ernest Pollit
Joseph Waterhouse Pollit
Thomas Porter
Henry Fossard Postlethwaite
James Tyson Postlethwaite
James Tyson Postlethwaite
John Postlethwaite
Pot Ovens, Southowram
Susanna Poynts
Prescott Arms, Halifax
Priestley & Company
6 entries on the Priestley surname SideTrack
Prince of Wales, Salterhebble
George Thomas Proberts
Prospect, Sowerby Bridge
Pudding Park Wood, Southowram
Abram Pulman & Sons Limited
Abram Pulman
Ambler Pulman
Punch Bowl, Salterhebble


Queen's Head, Halifax
Queen Victoria, Northowram

Queens Road Hotel, Halifax
Thomas Quinsey


Ellis Race
Railway Hotel, Halifax
Railway Hotel, Ovenden
John Robert Raine
Ram's Head, Sowerby Bridge
7 entries on the Ramsden surname SideTrack
Ramsden's Baths, Rastrick
Rastrick Musical Society
2 entries on the Ratcliffe surname SideTrack
6 entries on the Rawnsley surname SideTrack
Rawson's Arms, Elland Wood Bottom
3 entries on the Rawson surname SideTrack
Frank Rawsthorn
John Rawsthorn
John Rawsthorn
Richard Rawsthorn
Richard Rawsthorn
Richard Rawsthorn
Richard Rawsthorn
Richard Rawsthorn
Thomas Rawsthorn
Thomas Rawsthorn
Thomas Rawsthorn
William Rawsthorn
Thurston Rayner
Thurstan Raynor
Red Lion, Halifax
38 entries on the Redman surname SideTrack
Reindeer Hotel, Halifax
13 entries on the Rhodes surname SideTrack
Thomas Rhodes & Sons Limited
11 entries on the Richardson surname SideTrack
Ridehalgh & Holt
William Rider
14 entries on the Riley surname SideTrack
Ring O' Bells, Halifax
Rishworth Hall Farm, Rishworth

Rising Sun, Boothtown
Rising Sun, Elland
Rising Sun, Luddenden Dean
Roberts & Hanson
Roberts, Son & Hinchliffe
Robin Hood, Brighouse
6 entries on the Robinson surname SideTrack
Rock, Southowram
Roebuck, Halifax
Miss Mary E. Roebuck
John de Rokis
Richard de Rokis
Thomas de Rokis
Rookes Hall, Norwood Green
Rose & Crown, Mixenden
Rose & Crown, Siddal
Charles Edgar Rose
Rosemary Farm, Siddal
Samuel Ross
John Rosthorn
Henry Rostron
John Rostron
Jacob Rothera
John Rothera
Joseph Rothera
Rothwell & Oates
3 entries on the Rothwell surname SideTrack
Royal Hotel & Oddfellows' Hall, Halifax
Royal Oak, Halifax
Royal Oak, King Cross
Rudd & Kenny
Robert Rushby
William Rushby
Thomas Henry Rushforth
2 entries on the Rushworth surname SideTrack
George Rhoades Ryley


Saddle, Halifax
J. Sagar & Company Limited
Donald Sagar
George Sharp Sagar
Henry Sagar
Joe Sagar
Joseph Sagar
Saint Michael & All Angels' Church, Southowram Bank
Saint Michael's Mount, Barkisland
Titus Salt
56 entries on the Saltonstall surname SideTrack
Louis Sanderson
Sanger's Monster Fête
Savile College, Halifax
Savile Heath, Halifax
Jonas Saville
Joseph Saville
George Scarborough
John Scarborough
John Scarborough
John Scarborough
Joseph Scarborough
Stephen Scarborough
Stephen Scarborough
Thomas Smith Scarborough
Scarr House, Pye Nest
Jordan de Schakeltonstall
4 entries on the Schofield surname SideTrack
James Scholefield
Scott's Buildings, Halifax
Scott's Buildings School, Halifax
Fred Scratcherd
Ethel Christabel Seaman
Herbert William Seely
Fred Sellars
Seven Stars, Halifax
5 entries on the Shackleton surname SideTrack
Shade, Heptonstall
Elkoe Shakeltonstall
William Shakeltonstall
Shakespeare, Halifax
Shamrock, Halifax
6 entries on the Sharp surname SideTrack
2 entries on the Shaw surname SideTrack
Shaw Hill House, Halifax
5 entries on the Shaw surname SideTrack
Shay Farm, Halifax
Shay House, Halifax
Jock Shead
Sheard & Midgley
5 entries on the Sheard surname SideTrack
Shears, Halifax
Arthur Edward Sheeran
Clement Henry Sheeran
Edward Sheeran
Henry Sheeran
James Sheeran
John Sheeran
John Sheeran
Wilks Sheeran
James Henry Sheerman
Clement Sheldrake
Geoffrey de Shelf
William Sherwood
Shibden Hall Brickworks
Shibden Hall Lodge
Shibden Industrial School
Shibden Mill Inn
Ship Inn, Halifax
Ship Tavern, Brighouse
25 entries on the Shoesmith surname SideTrack
Shoulder of Mutton, Greetland
Shoulder of Mutton, Halifax
Shoulder of Mutton, Ovenden
Shoulder of Mutton, Southowram
Shropshire Iron Company
Henry Shuttleworth
James Shuttleworth
John Shuttleworth
William Shuttleworth
Siddal Place, Siddal
Siddal Tavern
Siddal Top Farm, Southowram
Siddal Wells
Simm Carr Pleasure Gardens, Shibden
William Henry Simms
3 entries on the Simpson surname SideTrack
Harry Skelton
Skinner & Gray
Skylark Farm, Ovenden
Slater's Arms, Skircoat
George Frederick Smeeton
16 entries on the Smith surname SideTrack
Thomas Smith & Company
2 entries on the Smithies surname SideTrack

Agnes Smithson
Agnes Smithson
Charles Holmes Smithson
Joseph Smithson
Joseph Smithson
Joshua Smithson
Rev Edward Snepp
Snydal Farm, Southowram
South Grove Mills, Halifax
South Holme Farm, Southowram
Southowram & Elland Light Railway
Southowram Bank Board School
Southowram constables
Southowram Cow Club
Southowram Drum & Fife Band
Southowram Mechanics' Institute
Southowram Police Station
Southowram Workhouse
Southport, Lancashire
2 entries on the Southwell surname SideTrack
Sovereign, Halifax
Francis Robert Sowerby
John Edwin Sowerby
16 entries on the Speak surname SideTrack
11 entries on the Spencer surname SideTrack
Spiggs Farm, Shibden
Sportsman, Halifax
Spread Eagle, Halifax
Spring Field, Shibden
Spring Gardens, Ovenden Wood
Spring Hall Hospital, Halifax
Spring Head Brewery, Mount Tabor
Spring Rock, Greetland
Springfield, Halifax
Alfred Squire
Stafford Arms, Halifax
Stafford Motors & Cycles
James Stafford Limited
3 entries on the Stansfeld surname SideTrack
54 entries on the Stansfield surname SideTrack
Stansfield Mill, Triangle
26 entries on the Stansfield surname SideTrack
Stansfield's Variety Theatre, Halifax
Star, Greetland
Station Hotel, Halifax
Staups Farm, Eastwood
Stead & Simpson Limited
2 entries on the Stead surname SideTrack
Mr Steele
Thomas Nuttall Stephenson
Edmund Stirk
Greenwood Stirk
John Stirk
Rufus Stirk
John Stirzaker
Stocks & Franklin
Stocks Arms, Northowram
Stocks Hall Academy, Mytholmroyd
Michael Stocks
Joseph Stocks & Company Limited
James Stockwell
John Stockwell
Harry Stoker
Harry Frederick Stone
Stoney Brow Farm, Siddal
Stoney Royd Cemetery
Stoney Royd Hospital, Halifax
Stoney Royd Spinning Company Limited
Storey, Perry & Firth
George Storey
Rev Edgar George Storey
Walter Storey
14 entries on the Stott surname SideTrack
James Strafford
Strangers' Home, Halifax
Lord Evelyn James Stuart
4 entries on the Sugden surname SideTrack
Sun Inn, Halifax
67 entries on the Sunderland surname SideTrack
Sunny Bank Farm, Southowram
Sunny Vale Pleasure Gardens
Sutcliffe & Company
45 entries on the Sutcliffe surname SideTrack
Joseph Sutcliffe & Sons
2 entries on the Swaine surname SideTrack
Mr Swale
Swallow's Day School
Swan Bank Brick Works
Swan Bank Tavern, Halifax
Swan, Halifax
2 entries on the Swift surname SideTrack
Frank Swire Limited
Frank Harland Swire
Jabez Swire


The Holden Family of Forgers
2 entries on the Saltonstall surname SideTrack
T' Cat i' th' Well, Luddenden Dean
The Dudwells, Halifax
The Great Bell of Northowram
The Royd, Southowram
The Salterhebble branch
Talbot, Halifax
Frederick Augustus Tamplin
14 entries on the Tattersall surname SideTrack
Taylor & Hanson
6 entries on the Taylor surname SideTrack
Taylor's Ladies' School, Halifax
Thomas Henry Taylor
Taylors' Drug Company Limited
Joseph Teasdale
Temperance Hotel, Halifax
Fred Tempest
Robert Williamson Templeton
William Terrell
William James Terrell
Eliezer Tetlaw
Benjamin Tetley
John Tetley
Theatre de Luxe, Halifax
Job Thewlis
John Thewlis
3 entries on the Thomas surname SideTrack
2 entries on the Thompson surname SideTrack

Thompson Brothers
15 entries on the Thompson surname SideTrack
Thompson, Stansfeld & Thompson
James Thornber
Thomas Thornhill
Richard de Thorp
Three Pigeons, Halifax
Thrum Hall Dirt Track, Halifax
9 entries on the Thwaite surname SideTrack
S. H. & C. Thwaite
Edgar Tillotson
Misses Tindal School
Misses Tindal
12 entries on the Titterington surname SideTrack
Todmorden Skating Rink Company
William Tomlinson
Town Hall Tavern, Halifax
Trafalgar Inn, Halifax
Travellers Inn, Southowram
Travellers' Rest, Halifax
Travellers' Rest, Hipperholme
Travellers' Rest, Southowram
Trough Farm, Norwood Green
James Tucker
George Tunnacliffe
Turk's Head, Halifax
Turley Holes, Erringden
4 entries on the Turner surname SideTrack
Twinge House, Southowram


Union Cross, Halifax
Upper Foot Farm, Luddendenfoot
Upper George Hotel & Posting House, Halifax
Upper Marsh Farm, Southowram

Upper Norcliffe Farm, Southowram
Upper Saltonstall, Warley
Upper Shibden Hall


2 entries on the Varley surname SideTrack
Frank Verity
John Verity
Vicar's Field, Halifax

Vickerman, Ibbotson & Ibbotson
Victoria, Halifax
Victoria Restaurant & Dining Rooms, Halifax
Arnold Vowles


2 entries on the Waddington surname SideTrack
20 entries on the Wadsworth surname SideTrack
Waggoners', Halifax
5 entries on the Wainhouse surname SideTrack
Wainhouse Tower, Halifax
Wainstalls Board School
17 entries on the Walker surname SideTrack
Miss Walker's School for Little Boys
5 entries on the Walker surname SideTrack
 James Walker & Sons
3 entries on the Walsh surname SideTrack
Walsh, Asquith & Company Limited
Walterclough Gardens, Southowram
Walterclough Hall, Southowram
Walton & Hemingway
9 entries on the Walton surname SideTrack
Walton's School, Halifax
Thomas Walton
William Warburton
Christopher Ward
Ward's Dye Works, Halifax
3 entries on the Ward surname SideTrack
John Wardle
Matthew Wardle
Frederick William Waring
Chrissie Dora Warneford
Henrietta Warneford Warneford
John Charles Keymes Warneford
Minnie Laura Warneford
Reginald Alexander John Warneford
Rev Canon John Henry Warneford
Rev Harry Lancelot Warneford
Walter Keymes Francis Goodall Warneford
Walter Wyndham Hanbury Warneford
Waterhouse Arms, Halifax
5 entries on the Waterhouse surname SideTrack
Charles Waterman
John Waterman
Watson House, Southowram
4 entries on the Watson surname SideTrack
Wavell, Kerr & Kerr
Wavell, Son & Marshall
Edmund Minson Wavell
Edmund Minson Wavell
George Henry Wavell
Rev William Hey Wawn
8 entries on the Webster surname SideTrack
Samuel Webster & Sons Limited
Wellington Hotel, Brighouse
Wellington Hotel, Halifax
West Hill, Halifax
West Hill Park
West Mount Street Livery Stables, Halifax
Westgate, Halifax
Weston Hotel, Halifax
Charles Westwood
Charles Westwood
Ernest Hargreaves Westwood
Harold Victor Leslie Westwood
John Westwood
John Westwood
Joseph Westwood
Thomas Westwood
William Westwood
William Westwood
Dr Edmond West Symes
Wheat Sheaf, Ovenden
Wheatley Steam Laundry Company Limited
Wheatley Wells, Wheatley
Wheatsheaf, Halifax
Wheatsheaf, Queensbury
Cockroft Wheelhouse

George Wheelhouse
Whiskers Farm, Shibden
8 entries on the Whitaker surname SideTrack
Whitaker's Music School
8 entries on the Whitaker surname SideTrack
Albert Samuel White
White Bear, Triangle
White Hart, Halifax
White Hart, Hipperholme
White Horse, Halifax
White Lion Hotel & Posting House, Halifax
Dr Robert P. White
White Swan, Holmfield
White Swan Hotel, Halifax
Whitegate Brick Works, Southowram
8 entries on the Whitehead surname SideTrack
Whiteley & Ainley
Whiteley Brothers
9 entries on the Whiteley surname SideTrack
Greenwood Whitham
James Whitham
Joseph Whitham
John Whittaker & Sons (Kingston) Limited
3 entries on the Whitworth surname SideTrack
Who could a' thowt it, Southowram
Walter Widdowson
John Wigney
Eustace Wigzell
Eustace Wigzell
William Wilcock
7 entries on the Wilkinson surname SideTrack
John Williams
T. H. Williams & Company Limited
John Williamson
Willow Hall Boarding School, Halifax
Willow Hall Cottage, Halifax
2 entries on the Wilson surname SideTrack
Alfred Winsby
John Winsby
Joshua Winsby
Robert Stockdale Winskill
Winter Royd, Warley
Duncan Clerk Winter
Wombwell's-Edmonds Royal Windsor Menagerie
George Wombwell
4 entries on the Womersley surname SideTrack
10 entries on the Wood surname SideTrack
Woodall Nicholson & Company Limited
Thomas Nind Woodall
5 entries on the Woodhead surname SideTrack
C. Woodhead & Son
Woodman, Brighouse
Woodman, Hebden Bridge
Woodman Inn, Stansfield
Woolpack, Halifax
Woolshops, Halifax (The Street)
World's Fair Exhibition [1900]
47 entries on the Wormald surname SideTrack
C. Worsnop & Sons
Charles Worsnop & Company
Alfred Verrinder Worsnop
Charles Henry Worsnop
Charles Henry Porter Worsnop
Francis Edgar Worsnop
Francis William Porter Worsnop
John Lyndon Porter Worsnop
Joseph Arthur Porter Worsnop
Thomas Herbert Worsnop
Wilfred Ernest Porter Worsnop
Canon Thomas Worthy
Thomas Wray


Yew Trees, Southowram

Yorkshire Forged Banknote Gang

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