Mills & Factories

Master Index

This is a list of local mills, factories, breweries, brick works, dye works, gas works, laundries, potteries, quarries, pits & mines, tanneries and other works which are – or were – to be found in the district

You may find this Master Index useful if you are searching for a particular Mill or Factory in the district

Acre Mill, Old Town
Adamroyd Mill, Todmorden
Adelaide Works, Greetland
Aincar Mine, Queensbury
Ainley Grange Mine, Elland
Ainley Main Colliery
Ainley Mine, Elland
Ainley Top Pottery
The Ainleys Fireclay Works
Aitken Flat Mine, Elland
Aked's Mill, Halifax
Akroyd's Aerated Water Works, Halifax
Albany Spindle Works, Pellon
Albany Works, Halifax
Albert Boiler Works, Gauxholme
Albert Brewery, Halifax
Albert Cigar Factory, Halifax
Albert Foundry, Halifax
Albert Iron Works, Sowerby Bridge
Albert Mill, Hebden Bridge
Albert Mill, Rastrick
Albert Mills, Brighouse
Albert Mills, Elland
Albert Mills, Midgley
Albert Mills, Mytholmroyd
Albert Mills, Sowerby Bridge
Albert Springs Brewery, Halifax
Albert Street Mills, Halifax
Albert Works, Halifax
Albert Works, Hebden Bridge
Albion Brewery, Warley
Albion Iron Works, Halifax
Albion Mill, Elland
Albion Mill, Halifax
Albion Mill, Todmorden
Albion Works, Halifax
Albion Works, Hebden Bridge
Alexandra Mills, Brighouse
Alexandra Shed, Wadsworth
Alexandra Works, Halifax
Alhambra Works, Halifax
All Souls' Memorial Works, Halifax
Allerton Wire Works,Halifax
Alma Mill, Walsden
Alma Road Wood Works, Halifax
Alumex Works, Halifax
Ambler Thorn Fire Clay Works
Ambler Thorn Mine, Queensbury
Anchor Mill, Todmorden
Anchor Pit, Clifton
Angel Quarry, Halifax
Ann Street Printing Works, Halifax
Arch View Picker Works, Todmorden
Archer Street Mill, Halifax
Arden Works, Halifax
Asda Supermarkets
Ashday Park Stone Quarries, Southowram
Ashgrove Mine, Southowram
Asia Mill, Todmorden
Aspinall's Quarries, Hove Edge
Asquith Bottom Dye Works, Sowerby Bridge
Asquith Bottom Mills, Sowerby Bridge
Atkinson's Mill, Colne Bridge
Atkinson's Silk Mill, Boothtown
Atlas Boiler Works, Halifax
Atlas Carpet Works, Salterhebble
Atlas Dye Works, Halifax
Atlas Mill Brewery, Brighouse
Atlas Mill, Brighouse
Atlas Oil Works, Halifax
Atlas Soap Works, Elland

Badger Hill Mills, Rastrick
Bailey Hall Brick Works, Halifax
Bailey Hall Mill, Halifax
Bailiff Bridge Mill
Bailiffe Bridge Corn Mill
Baines Square Mills, Brighouse
Baldwin's Silk Mill, Brighouse
Bank Bottom Dye Work, Halifax
Bank Bottom Malt Kilns, Elland
Bank Bottom Mill, Elland
Bank Bottom Mills, Halifax
Bank Bottom Mine, Southowram
Bank Brewery, Sowerby Bridge
Bank Close Quarry, Hipperholme
Bank Foot Mill, Halifax
Bank Foundry, Sowerby Bridge
Bank Mill, Dulesgate
Bank Ware Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Bankfield Bakery, Halifax
Bankfield Mill, Haley Hill
Bankfoot Lower Mill, Hebden Bridge
Bankfoot Mill, Hebden Bridge
Bankfoot Mill, Todmorden
Bankfoot Upper Mill, Hebden Bridge
Bankhouse Mill, Stainland
Banks Mill, Todmorden
Banksfield Clothing Works, Mytholmroyd
Banksfield Mill, Mytholmroyd
Bankwell Colliery, Cornholme
Bar Mill, Elland
Barclay Quarry, Southowram
Bare Head Quarry, Northowram
Barewise Mill, Todmorden
Barker Royd Mill, Southowram
Barker Royd Quarry, Southowram
Barkisland Mills
Barms Hill Pottery
Bath Mills, Southowram
Battinson Road Mills, Halifax
Beacon Brick Works, Halifax
Beacon Dye Works, Brighouse
Beacon Fire Clay Works
Beacon Hill Road Saw Works, Halifax
Beacon Lodge Quarry, Southowram
Beacon Mine, Southowram
Beacon Works, Halifax
Beauvoir Works, Luddenden
Beech Hill Mills, Halifax
Beechwood Mills, Ovenden
Beechwood Works, Ovenden
Beehive Works, Hebden Bridge
Beeston Mill, Ripponden
Beeston Mill, Stainland
Beestonhirst Mill, Ripponden
Beeton Rope Works, Stansfield
Beggarington Pit, Hartshead
Bell Hall Joinery Works, Halifax
Belle Vue Silk Mills, Brighouse
Belmont Mill, Norland
Benjamin Thompson Quarries, Southowram
Bentley's Quarry, Hipperholme
Berry Mill, Stainland
Billingshay Mills, Halifax
Binns Bottom Mine, Southowram
Binns's Mill, Rishworth
Birdcage Works, Halifax
Birds Royd Quarry, Brighouse
Birks Mill, Walsden
Birks Royd Quarry, Southowram
Black Dyke Mills, Queensbury
Black Flat Pit, Clifton
Blackburn & Sugden Colliery, Shelf
Blackley & Woodman Mine, Elland
Blackley Fire Clay Works
Blackley Pottery
Blackshawhead corn mill
Blackwall Wire Works, Halifax
Blackwood Mill, Halifax
Blake Hill End Quarry, Northowram
Blakelaw Quarry, Hartshead
Blue Ball Quarry, Rastrick
Bob Mill, Heptonstall
Bob Mill, Lower Colden
Bogden Mill, Rishworth
Bolton Quarries, Southowram
Bond Works, Halifax
Bonegate Soap Works, Brighouse
Booth Bridge Mill, Rishworth
Booth Wood Mill, Rishworth
Boothtown Colliery
Boothtown Lathe Works
Boothtown Leather Works
Boothtown Mill, Halifax
Boothtown Silk Mills
Boothtown Steam Joinery Works
Borough Bottling Works, Brighouse
Borough Mineral & Aerated Works, Todmorden
Borough Wire Works, Brighouse
Bottomley's Mill, Barkisland
Bottomley's Mill, Ripponden
Bottomley's Mill, Shelf
Bottomley's Saw Mills, Brighouse
Bottoms Mill, Ogden
Bottoms Mill, Salterhebble
Bottoms Mill, Walsden
Boulderclough Mills, Sowerby
Bower's Mill, Barkisland
Bowling Dyke Mills, Halifax
Bowling Green Foundry, Halifax
Bowood Quarry, Triangle
Box Tree Mill, Wheatley
Boy Mill, Luddendenfoot
Boyes Bank Pit, Northowram
Boys Mill, Halifax
Brackenbed Brewery
Brackens Land End Mine, Shelf
Brackens Lane Mines, Shelf
Bradley Mill, Colne Bridge
Bradley Mill, Stainland
Bradley Quarry
Bradshaw Head Pottery
Bradshaw Lane Brewery
Bradshaw Lane Mine
Bradshaw Mills
Bramston Street Mine, Rastrick
Branksholme Dye Works, Brighouse
Branxholme Mills, Bailiff Bridge
Bray's Mill, Lilly Lane
Breakneck Pit, Hipperholme
Brearley Mills, Midgley
Breck Mill, Hebden Bridge
Brian Royd Mill, Greetland
Brick Factory, Sowerby Bridge
Brick Mill, Luddendenfoot
Bridestones Brewery
Bridge Mill, Hebden Bridge
Bridge Road Works, Brighouse
Bridge Royd Mill & Dye Works, Stansfield
Bridge Street Shuttle Works, Hebden Bridge
Bridge Works, Elland
Bridgefield Mill, Elland
Bridgefoot Mill, Todmorden
Brier Lane Quarry, Southowram
Brierley Hill Quarry, Southowram
Brierly Hill Quarry, Godley
Brigg Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Brigg Royd Mill, West Vale
Briggella Textile Mill
Brighouse Corn Mill
Brighouse Low Mills
Brighouse Mill
Brighouse Mills, Mill Royd Street
Brighouse Quarries
Britannia Mill, Brighouse
Britannia Works, Elland
Britannia Works, Halifax
Broad Carr Mill, Elland
Broad Lea Mill, Elland
Broadbent's Foundry, Mytholmroyd
Broadholme Mill, Brighouse
Brockwell Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Brook's Brick Works, Rastrick
Brook House Brewery, Mixenden
Brook Mill Fulling Mills, Wheatley
Brook Mill, Stainland
Brook's Mill, West Vale
Brooke's Mill, Brighouse
Brookfoot Corn Mill
Brookfoot Dye Works
Brookfoot Mill [1], Brighouse
Brookfoot Mill [2], Brighouse
Brookfoot Mill [3], Brighouse
Brookfoot Mills, Brighouse
Brookhouse Mill, Ogden
Brookroyd Mills, Holywell Green
Brooks & Pickup Brickworks, Todmorden
Brooksmouth Mill, Brighouse
Broomfield Quarry, Brighouse
Brow Bottom Mine
Brow Bridge Mill, West Vale
Brow Mills, Hipperholme
Brow Mills, Sowerby Bridge
Brow Pit, Ambler Thorn
Brown's Mill, Hebden Bridge
Brunswick Mill, Hebden Bridge
Brunswick Mills, Halifax
Bull Close Lane Works, Halifax
Burlees House Mill, Hebden Bridge
Burley Mills, Elland
Burnedacre Mill, Eastwood
Burrwood Mill, Stainland
Buttershaw Mills

C. W. S Union Flour Mills, Sowerby Bridge
Cabinet Works, Brighouse
Calder Bank Mill, Elland
Calder Bank Mills, Rastrick
Calder Bridge Mill, Brighouse
Calder Carpet Works, Brighouse
Calder Chemical Works, Sowerby Bridge
Calder Dale Iron Works, Sowerby Bridge
Calder Dale Works, Norland
Calder Dye Works, Rastrick
Calder Fire Clay Works, Elland
Calder House Mills, Mytholmroyd
Calder Mill, Elland
Calder Mill, Hebden Bridge
Calder Mine, Southowram
Calder Vale Mill, Cornholme
Calder Vale Mills, Rastrick
Calder Vale Works, Cornholme
Calder Works, Elland
Calder Works, Sowerby Bridge
Calderdale Brewery
Calderdale Iron Works
Calderside Dye Works, Todmorden
Calderside Mill, Hebden Bridge
Caldervale Mill, Todmorden
Caledonia Wire Mills
California Works, Walsden
Callis Mill, Charlestown
Canal Dye Works, Halifax
Canal Kilns, Elland
Canal Mill, Brighouse
Canal Mills, Elland
Canal Mills, Sowerby Bridge
Canal Street Works, Todmorden
Canal Wharf Saw Mills, Hebden Royd
Canal Works, Brighouse
Canal Works, Halifax
Canal Works, Sowerby Bridge
Canker Dam Mill, Southowram
Canteen Mill, Todmorden
Carlton Electrical Works, Halifax
Carlton Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Carlton Works, Halifax
Carr Green Dye Works, Rastrick
Carr Mill, Todmorden
Carrfield Mill, Todmorden
Cartwright's Mill, Rawfolds
Casson's Mill, Elland
Castle Fields Quarry, Rastrick
Castle Mill, Cragg Vale
Castle Mills, Elland
Castle Quarry, Ripponden
Catholes Brick Works, Todmorden
Causeway Mill, Todmorden
Causey Mill, Langfield
Causeywood Mill, Langfield
Caxton Printing Works, Hebden Bridge
Central Brass Works, Halifax
Central Brush Works, Halifax
Central Clothing Factory, Sowerby Bridge
Central Iron Works, Boothtown
Central Oil Works, Halifax
Central Pattern Works, Halifax
Central Works, Brighouse
Central Works, Sowerby Bridge
Centre Mills, Sowerby Bridge
Century Dye Works, Elland
Century Works, Halifax
Chapel Field Foundry, Ripponden
Chapel Field Mill, Ripponden
Charlestown Mill
Charlestown Mine, Halifax
Charlestown New Colliery, Halifax
Charlestown Road Brick & Tile Works, Halifax
Chunter's Dye Works, Halifax
Church Bank Mill, Cragg Vale
Cinder Hills Colliery, Southowram
Cinderhill Mill, Todmorden
Cinderhills Fireclay Works, Siddal
Claremount Works, Halifax
Clarence Mill, Halifax
Clarence Works, Halifax
Clark Bridge Mills, Halifax
Clarke's Mine, Holmfield
Clay House Mills, Greetland
Clay Pits Mills, Halifax
Clegg's Mill, Clifton
Clifby Works, Ovenden
Cliffe Brewery, Warley
Clifton Bridge Iron Works, Brighouse
Clifton Bridge Mill, Brighouse
Clifton Colliery
Clifton Edge Mill, Brighouse
Clifton Mill, Bailiff Bridge
Clifton New Colliery
Clifton Vale Print Works, Brighouse
Clock Face Quarry, Barkisland
Clock Hall Quarry, Lightcliffe
Clog Iron Works, Walsden
Clog Sole Quarry, Brighouse
Clough Brewery, Mixenden
Clough Head Mine, Todmorden
Clough Hole Mill, Todmorden
Clough Mill, Hebden Bridge
Clough Mill, Midgley
Clough Mill, Ripponden
Clough Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Clough Mill, Walsden
Clough Mills, Stone Chair
Clough Works, Sowerby Bridge
Cloughfoot Coal Mine, Todmorden
Cloughfoot Mill, Todmorden
Co-op Mill, Hebden Bridge
Coates Pit, Hartshead
Cockcroft Mill, Ripponden
Cockden Mill, Stansfield
Cocker's Mill, Elland
Cockhill Farm Colliery, Shelf
Cold Arbour Coal Pit, Boothtown
Cold Harbour Mine, Boothtown
Coley Mill
Colne Bridge Mill
Commercial Iron & Brass Foundry, Brighouse
Commercial Mills, Elland
Commercial Mills, Halifax
Commercial Mills, Ripponden
Common Wood Quarry, Hipperholme
Company's Mill, West Vale
Condima Textile Works, Halifax
Condima Works, Halifax
Conway Stone Quarries
Coolham Drift Mine, Todmorden
Cooper Bridge Sewage Works
Cooper House Mills, Luddendenfoot
Co-operative Mills, Bradshaw
Copley Chemical Works
Copley Gas Works
Copley mill
Copley Sewage Plant
Copperas House Dye Works, Walsden
Copperas House Mill, Walsden
Copperas Works, Siddal
Copy Pit Colliery, Todmorden
Cornaro Works, Hove Edge
Cornholme Mills, Todmorden
Cornholme Reed Works
Coronation Works, Brighouse
Coronation Works, Ovenden
Corporation Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Corporation Street Saw Mills, Halifax
Cote Hill Bobbin Mill
Cote Hill Quarry, Warley
Cowbridge Mill, Todmorden
Cowside Mill, Todmorden
Cragg Mill, Cragg Vale
Cragg Mills
Cranbrook Mills, Norwood Green
Craven Edge Mills, Halifax
Crescent Mill, Todmorden
Crimsworth Dye Works, Hebden Bridge
The Crispit Factory, Halifax
Criterion Works, Halifax
Croft Mill, Hebden Royd
Croft Mill, Todmorden
Croft Mill, West Vale
Croft Mills, Halifax
Croft Pit, Hartshead
Cromwell Bottom Delph, Southowram
Cromwell Quarries, Southowram
Cromwell Wood Quarry, Southowram
Cross Hill Mills, Halifax
Cross Hills Iron Foundry, Halifax
Cross Lee Mill, Stansfield
Cross Mill, Elland
Cross Mills, Halifax
Cross Platts Quarry, Southowram
Crossfield's Mill, Luddendenfoot
Crossley Mill, Elland
Crossley Mill, Hebden Bridge
Crossley's Mill, Walsden
Crow Carr Ings Mill, Todmorden
Crow Nest Works, Hebden Bridge
Crown Brewery, Northowram
Crown House, Halifax
Crown Steam Printing Works, Halifax
Crown Umbrella Works, Halifax
Crown Wire Works, Brighouse
Crown Works, Boothtown
Crown Works, Halifax
Crown Works, Halifax
Crown Works, Hebden Bridge
Crown Works, Northowram
Crowtrees Mill, Rastrick
Crowtrees Quarry, Rastrick
Cuckoo Steps Mill, Hebden Bridge
Cullingworth's Mill, Brighouse

Dam Head Colliery, Northowram
Dam Head Mill, Shibden
Damside Mill, Ripponden
Dancroft Mill, Gauxholme
Danny Lane Mill, Luddendenfoot
Dapper Mill, Wheatley
Davey Hall Mill, Blackshawhead
Dawson's Quarry, Trimmingham
Deaf Mill, Hipperholme
Dean Clough Mills
Dean Mills, Midgley
Dean Mills, Triangle
Dean Top Delph, Greetland
Dean Valley Mills, Stainland
Deanroyd Gate End Mill, Walsden
Deanroyd Mill, Walsden
Dearden Coal Mine, Todmorden
Delph End Quarry, Pecket Well
Delph Mills, Luddendenfoot
Delph Street Metal Works, Halifax
Demain Coal Mine, Todmorden
Dene Mill, Ripponden
Denholme Mills, Luddendenfoot
Dennison's Mill, Lee Bridge
Der Street Mill, Todmorden
Derby Delph, Rishworth
Derdale Mill, Todmorden
Dobroyd Mill, Todmorden
Dog Lane Mill, Stainland
Doles Lane Pit, Clifton
Dominion Works, Hipperholme
Dredger Soap Works, Halifax
Drury's Soap Works
Dulesgate Brick Works, Todmorden
Dumb Mill, Hipperholme
Dunkirk Mills, Halifax
Dunningly Tannery, Todmorden
Dye works
Dyson's Brewery, Brighouse
Dyson Lane Mill, Rishworth

Eagle Mills, Halifax
Eagle Works, Halifax
Eastfield Mill, Claremount
Eastwood Cotton Mill, Stansfield
Eastwood Dye Works, Todmorden
Eastwood Shed, Hebden Bridge
Eaves Bottom Mills, Hebden Bridge
Eaves Mill, Hebden Bridge
Eaves Top Quarry, Stainland
Ebenezer Biscuit Works, Halifax
Edge Mill, Heptonstall
Edmondson's Mill, Mytholmroyd
Elland Boiler Works
Elland Brewery
Elland Bridge Foundry
Elland Gas Works
Elland Gravel Pits
Elland Malthouse
Elland Mill
Elland Pipe Works
Ellen Holme Mills, Luddendenfoot
Ellen Royd Mills, Halifax
Ellen Royd Mine, Shibden
Ellistones Mill, West Vale
Empire Works, Halifax
Empire Works, Holmfield
Empress Mill, Mytholmroyd
Equitable Engineering Works, Halifax
Eshaldwell Brewery, Woodlesford
Everest Works, Heptonstall
Ewood Mill, Stansfield
Excelsior Mills, Ripponden
Excelsior Trunk Works, Halifax
Exchange Mill, Elland
Exchange Printing Works, Halifax
Exchange Tin-Plate Works, Hebden Bridge
Exley Sandstone Quarry

Fairfield Works, Holmfield
Fairlea Mills, Luddendenfoot
Falcon Brewery, Salterhebble
Fall Spring Wood Quarry, Stainland
Fall Works, Shelf
Farcroft Mill, Ovenden
Farrar Mill Dye Works, Salterhebble
Farrar's Mill, Elland
Farrar's Mill, Luddendenfoot
Fearnley Mill, Dean Clough
Fearnought Works, Halifax
Feathers Mill, Todmorden
Fenton Road Mills, Halifax
Fenton Works, Halifax
Fern House Mill, Todmorden
Ferney Lee Mill, Todmorden
Fielding's Chemical Works, Norland
Fink Hill Quarry, Hipperholme
Firth House Mills, Scammonden
Firth House Mills, Stainland
Firth Mill, Todmorden
Firth's Mills, Bailiff Bridge
Five Acre Quarries, Elland
Flat Head Quarry, Soyland
Flatt's Pit, Clifton
Fletcher's Mill, Dean Clough
Folley Mill, Todmorden
Folly Hall Mills
Folly Mill, Langfield
Ford Hill Colliery, Queensbury
Forest Mills, Ovenden
Foster Mill, Hebden Bridge
Foster Mill, Todmorden
Foul Clough Coal Mine, Todmorden
Fountain Head Brewery
Four Day Work Mill, Mytholmroyd
Four Gates End Mill, Cragg Vale
Four Lane End Colliery, Shibden
Four Mills, Halifax
Foxcroft's Mill, Luddendenfoot
Freeman's Mills, Brookfoot
Frieldhurst Mill, Cornholme
Frith's Brewery. Todmorden
Friths Mill, Walsden
Friths Old Mill, Walsden
Frithswood Bottom Mill, Todmorden
Frost Stud Works, Elland
Frostholme Mill, Cornholme

Gannex Mill, Elland
Ganny Mill, Brighouse
Gaol Lane Bobbin Works, Halifax
Gaol Lane Mills, Halifax
Gaol Lane Picker Works, Halifax
Garden Street Mill, Halifax
Gardner Square Tannery, Hipperholme
Garfield Brass Works, Halifax
Garnett's Mill, Midgley
Gatebottom Mill, Todmorden
Gatehead Mill, Stainland
Gates End Mill, Cragg Vale
Gaubert Hall Quarry, Lightcliffe
Gauxholme Cotton Mill
Gauxholme Iron Works
Gauxholme Mill, Walsden
Gauxholme Picker Works
Gemland Mill, Wadsworth
George Street Mills, Brighouse
Gerrard Street Works, Halifax
Gibson Mill, Hardcastle Crags
Gig Mill, Ripponden
Giles Quarry, Lightcliffe
Gledhill's Quarry, Rastrick
Glen Dye Works, Todmorden
Glen Works, Todmorden
Globe Mills, Halifax
Globe Sanitary Works, Halifax
Globe Works, Halifax
Globe Works, Halifax
Globe Works, Hebden Bridge
Globe Works, Sowerby Bridge
Godley Bridge Mill, Shibden
Gooder Lane Iron Works, Rastrick Common
Gorpley Mill, Todmorden
Gosport Mills, Stainland
Grange Foundry, Mytholmroyd
Grange Hall Quarry, Brighouse
Grange Mill, Mytholmroyd
Granny Hall Quarry, Brighouse
Grantham Quarry, Rastrick
Grantham Road Iron Works, Boothtown
Greave Mill, Stainland
Greaves Mill, Holywell Green
Greaveside Mill, Soyland
Green Hill Mill, Mytholmroyd
Green Lane Quarry, Northowram
Green Mount Dye Works, Halifax
Green Mount Iron Works, Halifax
Green Mount Joinery Works, Halifax
Green's Quarry, Southowram
Greenhouse Quarry, Blackshawhead
Greenhurst Hey Mill, Stansfield
Greenroyd Quarry, Mount Tabor
Greenup's Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Greenwood Lee Mill, Heptonstall
Greenwood Mill, Lumbutts
Greenwood's Mill, Wheatley
Greetland Dye Works
Greetland Sewage Works
Grid Works, Elland Road
Grimscar Brickworks
Grove Brewery, Brearley
Grove Logwood Grinding Mill, Halifax
Grove Mill, Shelf
Grove Mills, Brighouse
Grove Mills, Elland
Grove Mills, Halifax
Grove Mills, Ovenden
Grove Ware Mills, Halifax
Guteroyd Mill, Todmorden

Haley Hill Mills, Halifax
Halifax Brewery Company
Halifax Brush Works, Raglan Street
Halifax Gas Works
Halifax Glazed Brick Works
Halifax Printing Works
Halifax Stained Glass Works
Halifax Steam Brewery Limited
Halifax Tar Works
Hall End Cabinet Works, Halifax
Hall Ing Mill, Todmorden
Hand Carr Mill, Luddendenfoot
Hanging Lee Mill, Ripponden
Hangingroyd Dye Works, Hebden Bridge
Hangingroyd Mill, Hebden Bridge
Hanson Lane Cotton Mill, Halifax
Hanson Lane Toffee Mills Halifax
Hanson's Mill, Halifax
Hard Bed Pit, Siddal
Hare Mill, Todmorden
Hare Street Mills, Halifax
Hargreaves Foundry, Water Lane
Harley Head Quarry, Lightcliffe
Harley House Mill, Todmorden
Harrison Farm Quarry, Southowram
Hartshead Colliery
Hartshead Moor Pit
Hathershelf Scout Delphs
Haugh Shaw Brass Foundry
Haugh Shaw Mills, Halifax
Haugh Stone Mill, Stansfield
Hawksclough Mill, Hebden Royd
Hawksclough Mill, Mytholmroyd
Hay's Mill, Mixenden
Hazel Grove Mill, Bogden
Hazlehirst Stone Quarry, Ambler Thorn
Hazlehurst Quarry, Shibden
Heath Works, Halifax
Hebble End Dye Works, Erringden
Hebble End Mill, Erringden
Hebble End Saw Mill, Erringden
Hebble End Works, Hebden Bridge
Hebble Lane Mill, Wheatley
Hebble Mill, Wheatley
Hebble Mills, Salterhebble
Hebden Bridge Dye Works
Hebden Bridge Electricity Works
Hebden Bridge Gas Works
Hebden Bridge Mill
Hebden Vale Iron Works, Hebden Bridge
Hebden Works, Hebden Bridge
Hebden Works, Heptonstall
Hedge Top Quarry, Northowram
Hell Hole Quarry, Hebden Bridge
Helliwell's Mill, Mytholmroyd
Helm Mills, Rastrick
Helvetia Works, Rastrick
Heptonstall Quarry
Hexagon Iron Works, Halifax
Hexagon Iron Works, Halifax
Higgin Mill, Luddendenfoot
Higginbottom's Cotton Mill, Lee Bank
High Level Brass Works, Halifax
High Level Iron Works, Halifax
High Level Mineral Water Works, Pellon
High Lumb Mill, Colden
Higher Eastwood Cotton Mill, Todmorden
Higher Holme Foundry & Weaving Shed, Gauxholme
Highfield Coal Pit, Southowram
Highfield Mine, Southowram
Highley's Mill, Pellon Lane
Highmoor Pit, Clifton
Highroad Well Foundry
Highroad Well Works
Hill Top Quarry, Hipperholme
Hipperholme Quarries
Hipperholme Steam Brewery
Hipperholme Tannery, Denholme Gate Road
Hipperholme Tannery, Tanhouse Hill
Hipperholme Works
Hole Bottom Mill, Stansfield
Hole Bottom Mill, Wainstalls
Hollings Mill, Ripponden
Hollins Bottom Mill, Walsden
Hollins Estate Quarry, Sowerby Bridge
Hollins Grove Quarry
Hollins Hey Mine, Elland
Hollins Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Hollins Mill, Walsden
Hollins Tannery, Sowerby Bridge
Hollins Tool Works, Sowerby Bridge
Hollins Works, Hebden Bridge
Holly Royd Quarry, Southowram
Hollyns Mill, Greetland
Holme End Bobbin Mill, Cragg Vale
Holme End Dye Works, Cragg Vale
Holme House Bridge Mill, Booth
Holme House Mill, Halifax
Holme House Mill, Warley
Holme Iron Works, Sowerby Bridge
Holme Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Holme Mill, Stainland
Holme Mill, Stansfield
Holme Mills, Stainland
Holme Royd Mills, Luddendenfoot
Holmeroyd Mill, Brighouse
Holmfield Brick Works
Holmfield Mills, Ovenden
Holroyd's Mill, Dean Clough
Holroyds Mill, Holywell Green
Holt's Mill, Eastwood
Holybank Mill, Greetland
Holywell Mills, Holywell Green
Hoo Hole Dye Works, Cragg Vale
Hoo Hole Mill, Mytholmroyd
Hope Hall Mills, Halifax
Hope Iron Works, Pellon
Hope Mill, Stansfield
Hope Mill, Todmorden
Hope Packing Case Works, Halifax
Hope Street Mills, Halifax
Horley Green Fire Clay & Sanitary Tube Works
Horley Green Mills, Halifax
Horse Mill, Halifax
Horsfall Mill, Todmorden
Hough Mills, Northowram
Houghstones Mill, Stansfield
Hove Edge Quarry
Howcans Brick Works, Holmfield
Howcans Pottery, Ovenden
Hoyle Bottom Mill, Wainstalls
Hoyle House Mill, Warley
Hudson's Mill, Heptonstall
Hunter Hill Quarries, Wainstalls
Hutch Royd Mill, Ripponden

Ibbotroyd Mill, Wadsworth
Illingworth Edge Quarries
Illingworth Mill, Elland
Illingworth Mills, Ovenden
Inchfield coal mines
Inchfield Corn Mill, Walsden
Inchfield Mill, Walsden
Inchfield Pasture Cotton Mill
Inchfield Picker Works, Walsden
Ing Head Mill, Sowerby
Ingwood Mill, West Vale
Intake Quarry, Norland
Isaac Collinge Mill
Italy Mill, Todmorden

Jack Bridge Mill, Heptonstall
Jackson's Mill, Hebden Bridge
Jail Hole Quarry, Langfield
James Street Mill, Elland
Jasmine Toffee Mills, Brighouse
Jasper Street Works, Halifax
Jay House Pit, Clifton
Joint Stock Weaving Shed, Todmorden
Jowler Mill, Luddenden
Jubilee Mill, Walsden
Jubilee Works, Halifax
Jubilee Works, Ovenden
Jumb Mill, Langfield
Jumble Hole Mill, Todmorden
Jumble Pit, Norwood Green
Jumples Fulling Mill
Jumples Mills, Wheatley
Jumps Mill, Todmorden

Kebroyd Lower Mill
Kebroyd Middle Mill
Kebroyd Mills, Triangle
Kebroyd Upper Mill
Keighley Mill, Halifax
Kensington Works, Siddal
Kershaw Mill, Heptonstall
Kershaw Mills, Halifax
Key Syke Iron Works, Todmorden
Kidnapper Coal Mine, Todmorden
Kiln End Mills, Elland
King Cross Mills, Halifax
King's Mills, Elland
Kings Mill, Soyland
Kingston Biscuit Factory, Halifax
Kingston Brass Works, Halifax
Kingston Confectionery Works, Halifax
Kingston Lathe Works, Halifax
Kingston Toffee Mills, Halifax
Kingwood Mills, Sowerby Bridge
Kirbroyd Quarry, Hipperholme
Kirk Lane Quarry, Hipperholme
Kirklees Iron Works, Brighouse
Kirklees Mill, Brighouse
Kitchen's Pottery, Elland
Kitson's Fire Clay Works, Elland
Kitson's Pottery, Siddal
Kitson Wood Mill, Stansfield
Knowl Mill, Todmorden
Knowlwood Bottom Mill, Walsden
Knowlwood Delph Quarries, Walsden
Krumlin Mills, Barkisland

Lacy Mill, Walsden
Ladyship Mills, Halifax
Ladyship Mills, Halifax
Ladyship Mills, Ovenden
Lambert Dye Works, Elland
Lambert's Mill, Ripponden
Land Mill, Blackshawhead
Land Mill, Colden
Land Mill, Stansfield
Landemere Quarry, Northowram
Lane Head Quarry, Brighouse
Lane Top Quarry, Norland
Lanebottom Mill, Walsden
Lanebottom Picker Works, Walsden
Lanehead Colliery, Ovenden
Laneside Mill
Law Hill Quarry, Southowram
Law Hill Quarry, Stansfield
Law Mill, Cornholme
Law Quarry, Southowram
Law Street Works, Cornholme
Leach Colour Works, Brighouse
Leafland Street Mill, Halifax
Lee Bank Mills, Ovenden
Lee Bottom Mill, Walsden
Lee Bridge Mill, Halifax
Lee Mill, Hebden Bridge
Lee Mill, Heptonstall
Lee Mill, Todmorden
Lee Mills, Halifax
Leopold Wire Works, Brighouse
Leppington's Mill, Brookfoot
Lillands Quarry, Rastrick
Lilleshall Foundry, Halifax
Lilley's Dye Works, Elland
Lilly Lane Mill, Halifax
Limed House Soft Bed Colliery, Northowram
Linden Mill, Hebden Bridge
Linden Works, Heptonstall
Lindley Moor Pottery
Lineholme Mill, Todmorden
Lineholme Steam Saw Mills & Joinery Works
Lion Brewery, Shelf
Listerwick Colliery, Shibden
Little Britain, Ripponden
Little Hebble Mill, Ovenden
Little John Mill, Clifton Common
Little Marsh Quarry, Southowram
Little Valley Brewery, Hebden Bridge
Livingston Wire Mill, Brighouse
Livingstone Mills, Halifax
Lob Mill Delph, Todmorden
Lob Mill Rope Works, Langfield
Lob Mill, Todmorden
Lock Hill Mills, Sowerby Bridge
Lockhill Foundry, Sowerby Bridge
Lockside Mill, Todmorden
Long Close Quarry, Brighouse
Long Lea Mills, Elland
Long Lee Iron Works, Elland
Long Wall Quarry, Elland
Longbottom Fulling Mills, Luddendenfoot
Longbottom Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Longfield Foundry, Halifax
Longfield Works, Holywell Green
Longroyde Quarry, Rastrick
Lord Brothers' Mill, Todmorden
Lord Holme Mill, Hebden Bridge
Lord Holme Mill, Todmorden
Low Moor Mill, Todmorden
Low Underbank Mill, Todmorden
Lower Brear Brewery
Lower Dyson Lane Mill, Rishworth
Lower Edge Quarries, Rastrick
Lower Ellistones Mill, Greetland
Lower Jack Royd Mill, Ovenden
Lower Laithe Mill, Stansfield
Lower Lumb Mill, Colden
Lower Lumb Mill, Mill Bank
Lower Mill, Brighouse
Lower Mill, Midgehole
Lower Mill, Wainstalls
Lower Shaw Mill, Halifax
Lower Soyland Mill, Soyland
Lower Stoneswood Mill
Lower Swift Place Mill, Soyland
Lower White Lee Works
Lower Willow Hall Mills, Sowerby Bridge
Lower Wormald Mill, Ripponden
Luddenden Clothing Factory, Halifax
Luddenden Corn Mill
Luddenden Mills
Luddendenfoot Joint Sewage Works
Luddendenfoot Mill
Lumb Brook Mills, Coley
Lumb Mill, Mill Bank
Lumb Mill, Todmorden
Lumb Mill, Wainstalls
Lumb Mill, Warley
Lumb Mills, Heptonstall
Lumb Mills, Sowerby
Lumbutts Mill, Todmorden
Lydgate Brewery, Todmorden
Lydgate Mill, Todmorden
Lydgate Mineral Water Works, Todmorden
Lydgate Top Mill, Todmorden

Macauley's Park Quarry, Rastrick
Machpelah Works, Hebden Bridge
Maiden Cross Colliery, Todmorden
Malt Kiln Mill
Maltings Mill, Hipperholme
Maple Works, Halifax
Market Hall Rope Works, Halifax
Marsh Delves Quarry, Southowram
Marsh Factory, Stansfield
Marsh Lane Quarries, Southowram
Marsh Quarries, Southowram
Marsh Quarry, Sowerby Bridge
Marshall Hall Mills, Elland
Marshall's Mill, Dean Clough
Marshall's Quarry, Southowram
Marshaw Bridge Mill, Cragg Vale
Marshfield Mill, Elland
Martin Holt's Mill, Eastwood
Martin's Mill, Halifax
Martin Mill, Wadsworth
Mayfield Mill, Elland
Mayroyd Mill, Hebden Bridge
Meadowcroft's Mill, Ripponden
Mearclough Mills, Sowerby Bridge
Mearclough Works, Sowerby Bridge
Meddle Bottom Mill
Melbourne Mill, Hebden Bridge
Melbourne Mill, Todmorden
Melbourne Works, Heptonstall
Mellor's Mill, Stainland
Melville Saw, Planing & Moulding Mills, Halifax
Merry Boys Quarry, Northowram
Miall Street Mills, Halifax
Middle Delph Quarry, Rastrick
Midgehole Dye Works, Hebden Bridge
Midgehole Mill, Hebden Bridge
Midgehole Mill, Langfield
Mile Cross Works, Halifax
Mile Thorn Mills, Halifax
Mile Thorn Works
Milking Hill Quarries, Southowram
Mill chimneys
Mill House Chimney, Triangle
Mill House Estate, Sowerby Bridge
Mill House Mill, Sowerby
Mill House Mill, Triangle
Mill Royd Mill, Brighouse
Mills to houses
Millsteads Mill, Langfield
Milne's Mill, Longbottom
Milner Royd Dye Works, Sowerby Bridge
Milner Royd Mills, Sowerby Bridge
Miss Lister's Mine, Shibden
Mitchell's Mill, Elland
Mitchell's Mill, Wadsworth
Mixenden Corn Mill
Mixenden Fulling Mill
Mixenden Mills
Mixenden Works, Ovenden
Mons Mill, Todmorden
Monumental Works, Halifax
Moor End Mill, Mixenden
Moor End Quarry, Mount Tabor
Moorfield Mills, Halifax
Moss Pit, Todmorden
Mount Pleasant Mill, Mytholmroyd
Mount Pleasant Mill, Wadsworth
Mount Quarry, Brighouse
Mount Skip Quarry, Old Town
Mount Works, Elland
Mount Works, Halifax
Mountain End Colliery, Northowram
Mountain Mills, Queensbury
Murgatroyd's Mill, Luddenden
Mytholm Iron Works, Hebden Bridge
Mytholm Iron Works, Hipperholme
Mytholm Mill, Hebden Bridge
Mytholm Mill, Hipperholme
Mytholm New Mine, Hipperholme
Mytholme Brick Works, Shibden
Mytholme Mill, Brighouse
Mytholme Mill, Hipperholme
Mytholmroyd Mill, Mytholmroyd
Mytholmroyd Sewage Disposal Plant

Nab End Mine, Boothtown
Nab End Quarry, Cragg Vale
Nab End Quarry, Lightcliffe
Nahum's Mills
Nanholme Mill, Todmorden
Napoleon Works, Hebden Bridge
Navey's Mill, Soyland
Naylor's Mill, Lydgate
Naylor Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Needless Hall Quarry, Brighouse
Netherton Mill, Holmfield
Netto Supermarket
New Bank Foundry, Halifax
New Bank Mills, Halifax
New Bridge Mill, Hebden Bridge
New Brunswick Mills, Holywell Green
New Edge Mill, Heptonstall
New Farm Quarry, Southowram
New Hall Clay Works, Elland
New Hall Mine, Southowram
New House Mill, Ovenden
New Mill, Barkisland
New Mill, Cragg Vale
New Mill, Stainland
New Mill, Wainstalls
New Mill, Wainstalls
New Road Quarry, Northowram
Newbridge Mill, Walsden
Nicholls's Mill, Stainland
Noble's Silk Mill, Brighouse
Norcliffe Mills, Soyland
North Bedford Street Saw Mills, Halifax
North Bridge Electrical Works, Halifax
North Bridge Iron Works
North Bridge Mill, Halifax
North Dean Chemical Works, Salterhebble
North Dean Grease Works, West Vale
North Dean Mill, West Vale
North Dean Munitions Factory, Greetland
North Dean Oil Works, Greetland
North Vale Doubling Mill, Bailiff Bridge
Northowram Hill Quarry
Northowram Quarries
Norton Mills, Elland
Norwood Green Colliery
Norwood Green Mill
Norwood Green Pit
Nutclough Mill, Hebden Royd

Oak Hill Clough Mill, Stansfield
Oates & Green Mine, Horley Green
Oates Royd Mine, Queensbury
Oats Royd Mills, Luddenden
Ogden Kirk Quarries
Ogden Lane Forge, Rastrick
Ogden Lane Mine, Rastrick
Ogden Old Mill
Ogden Pottery
The Old Foundry, Brighouse
Old Holmfield Mine
Old House Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Old Lane Dye Works, Halifax
Old Lane Fulling Mill, Halifax
Old Lane Mill, Halifax
Old Lane Mills, Lee Mount
Old Mill, Greetland
Old Mill, Wainstalls
Old Town Mill, Wadsworth
Old Warley Springs Brewery
Old Water Mill, Brighouse
Old Water Mill, Mill Bank
Oldroyd Mill, Langfield
Onecliffe Mill, West Vale
Ottiwell's Mills, Marsden
Outram's Mill, Greetland
Ovenden Mill [1817]
Ovenden Wood Brewery
Owenshaw Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Owler Carr Mill, Todmorden
Owler Ings Mills, Brighouse
Owlet Hall Mills, Elland
Ox Heys Mill, Shelf
Ox Pits, Clifton
Oxford Mill, Brighouse

Pancreol Mill, Ripponden
Paper Mill, Cragg Vale
Paper Mill, Halifax
Park Brewery, Northowram
Park Loom Mill, Todmorden Moor
Park Mill, Halifax
Park Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Park Nook Mine, Elland
Park Nook Mine, Southowram
Park Print Works, Halifax
Park Quarry, Lightcliffe
Park Quarry, Pellon
Park Road Mills, Elland
Park Works, Halifax
Parker's Old Corn Mill
Pearson Brow Quarry, Hipperholme
Pecket Well Mill
Peel Croft Factory, Elland
Peel House Mill, Luddenden
Peel Mill, Todmorden
Pelicon Metal Works, Halifax
Pellon Lane Cabinet Works, Halifax
Pellon Lane Mills, Halifax
Pellon Lane Saw Mills, Halifax
Pendleton Mills, Elland
Pepper Bank Mill, Cragg Vale
Pepper Hill Mill, Luddenden
Pepper Hill Pottery
Perseverance Brass & Iron Works, Brighouse
Perseverance Engine Works, Elland
Perseverance Mill, Brighouse
Perseverance Mill, Brighouse
Perseverance Mill, Elland
Perseverance Mills, Sowerby Bridge
Perseverance Works, Halifax
Perseverance Works, Halifax
Perseverance Works, Stansfield
Pheasant Pit, Hartshead
Phoebe Lane Mills, Halifax
Phoenix Foundry, Brighouse
Phoenix Iron Foundry, Halifax
Phoenix Iron Works, Todmorden
Phoenix Mill, Brighouse
Phoenix Punch & Shear Works, Todmorden
Phoenix Works, Halifax
Phoenix Works, Todmorden
Pickle Bridge Dye Works
Pickles Foundry, Mytholmroyd
Pinder's Iron Foundry, Brighouse
Pinfold Quarries, Norland
Pinfold Quarry, Elland
Pinnar Lane Quarry, Southowram
Pioneer Iron Works, Halifax
Pioneer Mill, Walsden
Pioneer Quarry, Southowram
Pioneer Works, Boothtown
Pitchforth's Mill, Elland
Plantation Mine, Holmfield
Platts Pit, Clifton
Pond Oil Works, Brighouse
Pond Quarries, Hove Edge
Pond Quarry, Brighouse
Portsmouth Mill, Todmorden
Premier Works, Halifax
Pressure Gauge Works, Halifax
Presto Supermarket
Priestley's Mill, Sowerby
Priestwell Millwright Works, Todmorden
Prince Albert Mill, Brighouse
Prince of Wales Mill, Brighouse
Princess Works, Rastrick
Prospect Dye Works, Brighouse
Prospect Iron Works, Halifax
Prospect Mill, Hebden Bridge
Prospect Mill, Ovenden
Prospect Mill, West Vale
Prospect Mills, Sowerby Bridge
Prospect Works, Bailiff Bridge
Providence Chemical Works, Siddal
Providence Mill, Elland
Providence Soap Works, Halifax
Pudsey Bobbin Works, Todmorden
Pudsey Mill, Stansfield
Pule Hill Pottery
Pump Lane Quarry, Southowram
Puzzle Hall Brewery, Sowerby Bridge

Quality Works, Todmorden
Quarry House Colliery, Northowram
Quarry Mill, Walsden
Queen's Mill, Luddenden
Queen Street Wire Mill, Brighouse
Queens Road Mills, Halifax

Ragby Mill, Walsden
Raglan Street Dye Works, Halifax
Raglan Street Works, Halifax
Railway Brewery, Rastrick
Railway Iron Works, Mytholmroyd
Railway Saw Mills, Brighouse
Rake Bank Quarry, Mixenden
Ramsbottom's Mill, Hebden Bridge
Ramsden's Stone Trough Brewery
Ramsden Wood Mill, Walsden
Ramsden Wood Road Shed, Walsden
Range Bank Mills, Halifax
Range Royd Mills, Halifax
Rastrick Gas Works
Rastrick Mill
Rastrick stone mines and Quarries
Ratcha Mill, Todmorden
Rattan Clough Pit, Cornholme
Rattenclough Quarry, Holmfield
Rawfolds Mill
Rawroyds Mill, Elland
Rawroyds Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Rawson's Mill
Red Cross Brewery, Rastrick
Red Gin Mine, Boothtown
Redacre Delph, Mytholmroyd
Redacre Mill, Mytholmroyd
Regent Works, Halifax
Regent Works, Hebden Bridge
Regent Works, Heptonstall
Regulator Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Resting Hill Quarry, Highroad Well
Rhubarb Hole Quarry, Rastrick
Ridge Mill, Todmorden
Ridgefoot Mill, Todmorden
Riding Hall
Ringby Quarries
Ripponden Free Brewery Company Limited
Ripponden Mill
Ripponden Wood Mill
Rishworth Mills
Rishworth New Mill
River Mill, Rastrick
Riverside Mill, Elland
Riverside Works, Mytholmroyd
Robin Hood Mill, Brighouse
Robin Hood Wire Works, Brighouse
Robinwood Brewery, Todmorden
Robinwood Mill, Todmorden
Rock Edge Quarry, Old Town
Rock Spring Brewery, Todmorden
Roddins Mill, Charlestown
Rodmer Clough Mill, Colden
Rookes Colliery, Hipperholme
Rookes Mill, Brighouse
Roomfield Mill, Todmorden
Rose Hill Mills, Luddendenfoot
Rose Hill Works, Sowerby Bridge
Rose Street Mill, Todmorden
Rosemary Dye Works, Rastrick
Rosemount Dye Works, Rastrick
Rosemount Iron Works, Elland
Rough Hey Quarry, Lightcliffe
Round Hill Mill, Ripponden
Rowroyd Mill, Elland
Royal Mills, Halifax
Royd Iron Works, Hebden Bridge
Royd Mills, Halifax
Royd Shed, Hebden Bridge
Rudclough Mill, Cragg Vale
Rushton Hill Quarries, Pellon
Rushworth Mills
Ruston Works, Highroad Well
Ryburn Brewery, Sowerby Bridge
Ryburn House Mill, Soyland
Ryburn Leather Works, Sowerby Bridge
Ryburn Mill, Ripponden
Ryburndale Paper Mill, Soyland
Ryburne Mills, Halifax

Sainsbury's Supermarkets
Saint Anne's Quarry, Southowram
Saint John's Works, Halifax
Saint Peg Mills, Brighouse
Salem Mills, Hebden Bridge
Salford Card Works, Brighouse
Salford Mill, Todmorden
Salford Old Foundry, Todmorden
Salford Works, Hebden Bridge
Salt Pie Mill, Heptonstall
Salterhebble Cotton Company Mill
Salterhebble Mill
Salterhebble Sewage Works
Salterlee Mills, Halifax
Sand Beds Mill, Ovenden
Sandbeds Sewage Works, Charlestown
Sandholme Iron Works, Todmorden
Sandholme Mill, Todmorden
Sandholme Rope Works, Todmorden
Sandymere Quarry, Shelf
Saunders Clough Colliery, Todmorden
Savile Mill, Colden
Savile Mill, Halifax
Saville's Brick Works, Siddal
Scaitcliffe Mill, Todmorden
Scaitcliffe Picker Works, Todmorden
Scammonden Cotton Mills
Scar Mill, Rastrick
Scar Mills, Upper Greetland
Scarborough Mills, Halifax
Scarbottom Mill, Elland
Scarbottom Mill, Mytholmroyd
Scarr Bottom Mills, Greetland
School Field Quarries, Rastrick
Scotland Quarry, Midgley
Scout Quarry
Scout Quarry, Northowram
Sedburgh Mills, Halifax
Sedburgh Wire Mill, Halifax
Seedlings Mount Brewery, Halifax
Sentry Edge Delfs, Warley
Seventeens Pit, Hartshead
Severhills Mill, Ripponden
Shade Mill, Todmorden
Shade Picker Works, Todmorden
Shaking Delph, Southowram
Sharneyford Brick Works, Todmorden
Shaw Bridge Mill, Hipperholme
Shaw Hill Chemical Works
Shaw Lane Mill, Illingworth
Shaw Lodge Mills, Halifax
Shaw Mill, Mixenden
Shay Lane Mill, Holmfield
Shear Barrow Colliery, Clifton
Sheard's Brewery, Pellon
Shelf foundry
Shelf Mills
Shelf Pottery
Shelf Sewage Works
Shelf Vitriol Works
Shibden Hall Brickworks
Shibden Hall Colliery
Shibden Head Brewery
Shibden Mill
Shoot Pit, Boothtown
Shore Mills, Todmorden
Shroggs Mills, Shroggs Road
Siddal Brickworks
Siddal Lane Chemical Works
Siddal Pottery
Siddal Wells Mine, Southowram
Silk Mill, Elland
Silk Mill, Hebden Bridge
Simm Carr coal mine, Shibden
Simplon Works, Halifax
Skircoat Moor Quarries, Halifax
Sladdin's Mill, Rastrick
Slade Lane Mill, Rastrick
Sladen Wood Mill, Todmorden
Slaten Quarry, Southowram
Slater Ing Mill, Heptonstall
Slater's Mill, Elland
Slater's Quarry, Southowram
Slead Mills, Brighouse
Slead Syke Mill, Brighouse
Slead Syke Quarry, Brighouse
Slitheroe Paper Mills, Rishworth
Slitheroe Works, Rishworth
Small Clews Pottery, Bradshaw
Small Lees Mill, Ripponden
Smith's Brush Works, Halifax
Smithfield Mill, Elland
Smithson's Dyehouse, Halifax
Smithyholme Mill, Walsden
Snake Hill Mill, Rastrick
Soap House Pit
Soft Bed Pit, Siddal
Soil Hill Pottery
Sour Hall Mill, Todmorden
South Edge Quarry, Hipperholme
South Edge Works, Hipperholme
South Grain Coal Mine, Todmorden
South Grove Mills, Halifax
South Lane Mills, Elland
South Mill, Holmfield
South Parade Joinery Works, Halifax
Southgate Iron Works, Elland
Southgate Printing Works, Elland
Southowram Bank Mine
Southowram Quarries
Sovereign Works, Halifax
Sowerby Bridge Flour Mills
Sowerby Bridge Gas Works
Sowerby Bridge Mill
Sowerby Bridge Mills, Warley
Sowerby Bridge Sewage Works
Soyland Mill
Soyland Paper Mill
Spa Field Mills, Elland
Spa Hole Mill, Blackshawhead
Spa Well Mill, Elland
Spaw Mill, Elland
Spiggs Quarry, Stump Cross
Spout Mills, Rastrick
Spring Bank Mills, Halifax
Spring Bank Quarry, Mixenden
Spring Bank Saw Mill, Brighouse
Spring Bank Silk Spinning Mills, Brighouse
Spring Chemical Works, Todmorden
Spring Dye Works, Todmorden
Spring Hall Mill, Hebden Bridge
Spring Hall Mills, Halifax
Spring Hall Works, Halifax
Spring Head Brewery, Mount Tabor
Spring Mill, Rishworth
Spring Mill, Todmorden
Spring Mill, Wainstalls
Spring Mill, Walsden
Spring Mills, Halifax
Springfield Dye Works, Greetland
Springfield Woollen Mill, Greetland
Springfield Works, Greetland
Springhill Quarry, Greetland
Springwood Mill, Todmorden
Springwood Mills, Elland
Square Mill, Mytholmroyd
Square Mill, Wainstalls
Square Mill, Walsden
Square Road Mill, Halifax
Square Works, Halifax
Stackhills Mill, Todmorden
Stamps Mill, Todmorden
Standard Works, Halifax
Stanley Iron Works, New Bank, Halifax
Stannary Mills, Halifax
Stannary Quarry, Halifax
Stannary Works, Halifax
Stansfeld Mills, Halifax
Stansfield Corn Mill
Stansfield Mill, Sowerby
Stansfield Mill, Todmorden
Stansfield Mills, Triangle
Starling Mill, Blackshawhead
Staups Mill, Blackshawhead
Stead Street Iron Works, Halifax
Steam Cabinet Works, Halifax
Steam Confectionery Works, Halifax
Steam Gauge Works, Halifax
Steam Mill, Todmorden
Steanor Bottom Chemical Works, Walsden
Sterne Mills, Copley
Stone Chair Mills
Stone Dam Mill, Halifax
Stone Mill, Elland
Stone Mill Tannery, Sowerby Bridge
Stone Trough Brewery, Halifax
Stones Mill, Ripponden
Stoneswood Higher Mill, Walsden
Stoneswood Lower Mill, Walsden
Stoneswood Mill, Walsden
Stoney Royd Mills, Halifax
Stoney Springs Mills, Midgley
Stoodley Bridge Mill, Eastwood
Stoodley Pike quarry
Storr Hill Brickworks
Storth Colliery, Elland
Storth Fire Clay & Brick Works, Elland
Stott's Mill, Brighouse
Stott's Mill, Luddendenfoot
Stoups Mill, Todmorden
Strangstry Quarry, Rastrick
Strines Mill, Walsden
Stubbin Mill, Todmorden
Stubbing Holme Dye Mill, Hebden Bridge
Stubbing Mill, Erringden
Stubbing Quarry, Hipperholme
Stubbins Quarry, Hove Edge
Stump Cross Brewery
Stump Cross Tannery
Sugden's Flour Mill
Sun Vale Works, Walsden
Sun Works, Halifax
Sunny Bank Mine, Southowram
Sunnyside Dye Works, Elland
Sunway Blinds Mill, Walsden
Sutcliffe's Mill, Cornholme
Sutcliffe's Mill, Shay Lane
Swales Moor Pit, Northowram
Swamp Mills, Sowerby
Swan Bank Brick Works
Swan Bank Colliery
Swan Bank Dye Works
Swan Foundry, Todmorden
Swift's Brewery, Halifax
Swift Place Mills, Soyland
Swineshead Mill, Langfield
Syke House Mill, Greetland
Synchro Works, Luddendenfoot

Tag Cut Mill, Elland
Tag Lock Mill, Elland
Temple Mill, Rishworth
Tesco Supermarkets
Tetley's Mill, Bradshaw
Thorn Tree Works, Halifax
Thornhill Bridge Dye Works, Brighouse
Thornhill Briggs Mill, Brighouse
Thornhills Pit, Brighouse
Thorpe Mill, Triangle
Three Nuns Pit, Hartshead
Thrum Hall Mill, Ripponden
Todmorden Moor Coal Mine
Todmorden Steam Mill
Tom Hole Mill, Blackshaw Clough
Tom Hole Mill, Soyland
Tong Royd Fire Brick & Clay Works, Elland
Tong Royd Mine, Elland
Top o' th' Hill Delph, Northowram
Top o' th' Town Mill, Barkisland
Tower Brewery, Halifax
Tower Works, Brighouse
Tower Works, Hebden Bridge
Tower Works, Norwood Green
Town Ing Mill, Elland
Townsend's Mill, Hebden Bridge
Townson Works, Hebden Bridge
Trafalgar Mills, Halifax
Travis Holme Mill, Walsden
Travis Mill, Walsden
Trimmingham Quarries, Halifax
Trinity Road Carriage Works, Halifax
Trinity Works, Halifax
Tuck Royds Quarry, Hove Edge
Tunnel End Coal Mine, Todmorden
Turbine Works, Halifax
Turgate Quarry, Norland
Turkey Lodge Brewery, Cragg Vale
Turner's Pit, Boothtown
Turvin Mill, Cragg Vale

Underbank Dye Works, Stansfield
Underbank Mill, Stansfield
Union Foundry, Elland
Union Mills, Halifax
Union Mills, Holmfield
Union Mills, Salterhebble
Upper Bradley Mill, Stainland
Upper Firth House Mill, Stainland
Upper Firth Mills, Stainland
Upper Lumb Mill, Colden
Upper Lumb Mill, Mill Bank
Upper Mill, Brighouse
Upper Mill, Cragg Vale
Upper Mill, Wainstalls
Upper Place Quarry, Southowram
Upper Pule Quarry, Swalesmoor
Upper Soyland Mill, Soyland
Upper Swift Place Mill, Soyland

Vale Bobbin Mill, Cornholme
Vale Mill, Cragg Vale
Vale Mill, Todmorden
Vale Mill, West Vale
Valley Dye Works, Brighouse
Valley Iron Works, Sowerby Bridge
Valley Mills, Elland
Valley Mills, Sowerby Bridge
Vicar Park Quarry, Pellon
Vicarage Mill, Luddenden
Victoria & Albert Mills, Brighouse
Victoria Brewery, Warley
Victoria Copper Works, Halifax
Victoria Fire Clay Works, Elland
Victoria Iron Foundry, Todmorden
Victoria Iron Works, Brighouse
Victoria Iron Works, Halifax
Victoria Iron Works, Hebden Bridge
Victoria Machine Works, Sowerby Bridge
Victoria Mill, Bailiff Bridge
Victoria Mill, Hebden Bridge
Victoria Mill, Shelf
Victoria Mills, Brighouse
Victoria Mills, Cragg Vale
Victoria Mills, Halifax
Victoria Mills, Ripponden
Victoria Mills, West Vale
Victoria Oil Works, Halifax
Victoria Quarry, Elland
Victoria Shed, Hebden Royd
Victoria Soap Works, Boothtown
Victoria Wheel Works, Halifax
Victoria Wire Works, Brighouse
Victoria Wire Works, Halifax
Victoria Works, Halifax
Victoria Works, Halifax
Victoria Works, Rastrick
Vine Works, Brighouse

Wadsworth Mill, Todmorden
Wainhouse Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Wainstalls Mill
Walker pit
Wall Nook Quarry, Greetland
Walshaw & Drake's Mill, Rastrick
Walterclough Mill, Southowram
Walterclough Mine, Southowram
Walterclough Pit, Hipperholme
Wapping Spring Brewery, Outlane
Ward's Dye Works, Halifax
Ward's Dye Works, Salterhebble
Warland Mill, Walsden
Warland Quarry, Walsden
Warley Corn Mill
Warley Mill
Warley Springs Brewery
Warley Springs Dye Works, Halifax
Washer Lane Dye Works
Water Lane Dye Works, Halifax
Waterhouse's Mill, Dean Clough
Waterside Chemical Works, Halifax
Waterside Dye Works, Halifax
Waterside Mill, Halifax
Waterside Mill, Hebden Bridge
Waterside Mill, Todmorden
Waterside Saw Mills, Halifax
Waterside Works, Halifax
Waterstalls Mill, Walsden
Watson Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Watson Quarries, Southowram
Watty Corn Mill, Todmorden
Webster's Fountain Head Brewery
Wellington Mills, Elland
Wellington Mills, Halifax
West Croft Joinery Works, Halifax
West Croft Mills, Halifax
West Croft Works, Halifax
West End Cabinet Works, Halifax
West End Dye Works, Halifax
West End Iron Works, Sowerby Bridge
West End Mills, Sowerby Bridge
West End Works, Halifax
West Grove Boiler Works, West Vale
West Grove Mill, Halifax
West Lane Quarries, Southowram
West Mills, Sowerby Bridge
West Mount Brass Works, Halifax
West Mount Mills, Halifax
West Mount Works, Halifax
West Parade Brass Works, Halifax
West Parade Brush Works, Halifax
West Parade Cabinet Works, Halifax
West Parade Carriage Works, Halifax
West Parade Iron Works, Halifax
West Riding Flour Mills, Cooper Bridge
West Street Brewery
West Vale Brass Works
West Vale Corn Mills, Greetland
West Vale Mills
West Vale Warehouse
West Vale Works
West Ward Iron Works, Halifax
Westbury Mills, Elland
Westercroft Quarry, Northowram
Westfield Mill, Wadsworth
Westfield Mills, Mytholmroyd
Westgate Shoeing Forge, Halifax
Wharf Cotton Mills, Walsden
Wharf Mill, Sowerby Bridge
Wheatley Corn Mill
Wheatley Dye Works
Whitaker Pit, Clifton
White Castle Brewery, Bradshaw
White Gate Brickworks, Siddal
White Lee Mill, Mytholmroyd
White Lee Tannery, Mytholmroyd
White Rock Quarry, Sowood
White Rose Mills, Holmfield
Whitegate Brick Works, Southowram
Whiteley's Mill, Hebden Bridge
Whiteplatts Mill, Todmorden
Whitley's Soap Works
Whitwell Mill, Elland
Whitwood Colliery, Bailiffe Bridge
Whitworth's Mill, Luddendenfoot
Wicken Hill Quarry, Cragg Vale
Widdop's Mill, Brighouse
Wilkin Royd Mill, Brighouse
Wilkinson's Clay Works, Elland
Willey Hill Pit, Southowram
Willow Hall Mills, Sowerby Bridge
Wilson's Bobbin Mill, Cornholme
Windmill Hill Brewery, Northowram
Windmill Mill, Shelf
Windy Bank Mine, Queensbury
Windy Wall Nook Mine, Southowram
Winterbutlee Mill, Walsden
Winters Mill, Stansfield
Wood Bottom Dye Works, Luddendenfoot
Wood Bottom Mill, Walsden
Wood Colliery, Judy Woods
Wood's Mill, Hipperholme
Wood Mill, Todmorden
Wood Top Dye Works, Hebden Bridge
Wood Top Dye Works, Luddendenfoot
Wood Top Quarry, Northowram
Woodfield Mill, Greetland
Woodhead Quarry, Northowram
Woodhouse Mill, Langfield
Woodhouse Works, Brighouse
Woodland Mills, Brighouse
Woodman House Pottery
Woodman Works, Elland
Woodside Flour Mill, Elland
Woodside Iron Works, Halifax
Woodside Mills, Halifax
Woodside Stone Sawing Works, Halifax
Woodside Works, Halifax
Woodvale Brassworks, Brighouse
Woodvale Cotton Mills, Brighouse
Woodvale Mills, Brighouse
Woodvale Silk Mills, Brighouse
Worrall's Dye Works, Midgehole

Yew House Quarry, Southowram
Yew Tree Quarries, Lightcliffe
York Field Mill, Stansfield

Zelova Soap Works, Stump Cross

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