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Nab End Mine, BoothtownRef 15-1277
19th century coal mine beneath Swales Moor

Nab End Quarry, Cragg ValeRef 15-797
Now disused.

See Nab Hill Waggonway

Nab End Quarry, Hove EdgeRef 15-1349
Recorded in 1876, as Robinson's Quarry, Brighouse, when the body of Sarah Ann Wood was found in a shaft at the Quarry.

Owners and tenants have included

See Nab End

Nahum's MillsRef 15-82
See Union Mills, Holmfield and Union Mills, Salterhebble

Nanholme Mill, TodmordenRef 15-363
Shaw Wood Road, Springside. Weaving mill. It was owned by the Tatham family of Calder Bank

Owners and tenants of the mill have included


Napoleon Works, Hebden BridgeRef 15-1091
(Possibly) started by a son or nephew of Napoleon Greenwood and named for him.

Since members of the family were dyers, the Works were probably a dye works

Navey's Mill, SoylandRef 15-545
Cotton mill of Edward Navey & Company.

On 24th July 1862, the mill was completely destroyed by fire

Naylor's Mill, Lydgate, TodmordenRef 15-396
Aka Kitson Wood Mill.

Owners and tenants of the mill have included


Members of Shore Chapel held services here before Lineholme Baptist Church was built

Naylor Mill, Sowerby BridgeRef 15-118
Owners and tenants have included

Needless Hall Quarry, BrighouseRef 15-1346
Stone quarry at Needless Hall, Brighouse.

Owners and tenants have included

Netherton Mill, HolmfieldRef 15-236
A part of Holmfield Mills.

The brick-built 4-storey mill and shed was built just after World War I.

Owners and tenants of the mill have included


See Halifax & Ovenden Junction Railway Company and Netherton House, Holmfield

Netto SupermarketRef 15-1374
The company has outlets in the district, some purpose-built, other established in existing property.

See Halifax Bowl

New Bank Foundry, HalifaxRef 15-1324
Owners and tenants have included

New Bank Mills, HalifaxRef 15-187
Aka Garden Street Mills

New Bridge Mill, Hebden BridgeRef 15-287
Built by John Foster around 1796 along Hebden Water, near the lodge at Hardcastle Crags. Crimsworth Beck joins Hebden Water nearby.

Owners and tenants of the mill have included


See Hebden valley mills and Sutcliffe's Refreshment Rooms & Dance Saloon

New Brunswick Mills, Holywell GreenRef 15-1327

New Edge Mill, HeptonstallRef 15-865
Aka Salt Pie Mill, Heptonstall

New Farm Quarry, SouthowramRef 15-1054

Owners and tenants of the quarry have included


New Hall Clay Works, EllandRef 15-558

Owners and tenants of the works have included


New Hall Mine, SouthowramRef 15-1292

New House Mill, OvendenRef 15-879
Built by George Moss.

In 1820, the mill was dismantled. The steam engine was moved to Dean Clough Mill

New Mill, BarkislandRef 15-1258
Pit Hall, Barkisland.

Paper mill.

In August 1867, the mill and several parcels of land were advertised for sale and the mill was said to be

lately in the occupation of Messrs Whiteley & Son, paper makers

Owners and tenants have included

New Mill, Cragg ValeRef 15-225
18th century mill on Withens Clough. Known as New Mill [1853] and Upper Mill [1894].

One of the Cragg mills

New Mill, StainlandRef 15-66

Owners and tenants of the mill have included


New Mill, WainstallsRef 15-1305
Wainstalls Road. A new building in the centre of Wainstalls for Calvert's.

It is now occupied by Heights Design Group [2012].

New Mill, WainstallsRef 15-150
Originally known as Lower Mill. This was probably built some time after 1821.

It was extended and renamed later.

Owners and tenants have included

I. & I. Calvert took this and Upper Mill, Wainstalls on a 14 years' lease [1st January 1884].

Calvert's used the Mill for winding, drawing, spinning, and twisting.

The mill had its own gas-production plant.

The Mill was powered by 2 water-wheels – both about 36 ft in diameter – positioned one above the other. The lower wheel was in a pit hewn out of the solid rock.

A water-turbine and steam engine were installed later Smoke from the boiler was carried underground up the hillside to a square stone chimney.

It is a 4-storey building.

Calvert's left when the lease expired [1897] and buyer George Tyson conveyed the Mill to Joseph Robinson.

This is the only remaining building from Calvert's mill complex at Wainstalls.

The complex also included Old Mill, Wainstalls and Wainstalls Mill

The mill has been converted into apartments

New Road Quarry, NorthowramRef 15-786

Owners and tenants of the quarry have included


Newbridge Mill, WalsdenRef 15-311
Aka Lee Bottom Mill.

Owners and tenants have included

Nicholls's Mill, StainlandRef 15-564
4-storey worsted mill operated by Joseph and Henry Nicholls. The building was described as 10 windows in length and 4 in breadth.

The mill was completely destroyed by fire on 23rd June 1858

Noble's Silk Mill, BrighouseRef 15-N988
19th century mill founded by Joseph Noble. The mill stood on the Calder at the junction of Mill Royd Street and Huddersfield Road. The site is now a petrol station.

See Heap & Noble, Noble & Briscombe, Noble & Sugden, Joseph Noble and B. Noble & Company

Norcliffe Mills, SoylandRef 15-243
Fulling mills

North Bedford Street Saw Mills, HalifaxRef 15-954
Gibbet Street.

Owners and tenants of the mills have included


North Bridge Electrical Works, HalifaxRef 15-1354
New Bank.

Owners and tenants have included

North Bridge Iron WorksRef 15-928
New Bank.

Owners and tenants of the works have included


North Bridge Mill, HalifaxRef 15-880
Aka Paper Mill, Halifax.

From 1798, the mill was used for paper making, cotton manufacture and woollen manufacture.

Owners and tenants of the mill have included


See David Greenwood

North Cut Mill, BrighouseRef 15-1437
Later known as Brookfoot Mill, Brighouse

North Dean Chemical Works, SalterhebbleRef 15-643

Owners and tenants of the works have included


North Dean Grease Works, West ValeRef 15-608
Stood on the Calder.

A garden centre stands on the site

North Dean Mill, West ValeRef 15-N59
Imposing mill on the road into West Vale from Salterhebble. Built on the Black Brook.

The steam-powered woollen / worsted mill was designed by Horsfall's and built in 1876-1877. The mill was extended in 1878 [when offices and a house were added], in 1885 [when a warehouse was added], and in 1919.

The mill chimney was demolished in 199?.

Owners and tenants of the mill have included


The mill is currently occupied by several small businesses

North Dean Munitions Factory, GreetlandRef 15-1336
Aka The Picric Works, HM Chemical Factory, and Greetland Explosives Factory.

The factory had a short life during World War I.

Construction of the factory began in February 1917 and it was completed in August 1917. It immediate went into production of picric acid. It subsequently employed 400 men and women, and was producing 80 tons of picric accid per week.

The Government put the factory under the control of Sharp & Mallett of Copley. Alphonse Sharp was the managing director.

Production ceased in December 1918. Although it was dangerous work, there had been no serious accidents at this factory.

On 20th January 1920, the plant and equipment was sold, and the building was dismantled.

In 1942, the site was described as

On spare ground between the Calder and Greetland Station ... one of the strangest-shaped works ever seen in this district with its miles of earthenware pipes and curious retorts. After the [First World] war, the factory was completely demolished

A water-treatment plant now stands on part of the site

North Dean Oil Works, GreetlandRef 15-719

Owners and tenants of the works have included


North Vale Doubling Mill, Bailiff BridgeRef 15-N157
Bradford Road. 6-storey cotton mill. Built in 1872 for Jonathan Stott.

Subsequent owners and tenants have included


See Branksholme Dye Works, Brighouse

Northowram Hill QuarryRef 15-916
Lane Ends, Stump Cross

Owners and tenants of the quarry have included


Northowram QuarriesRef 15-1099
Foldout looks at some of the quarries in Northowram. These covered the whole of the district from Shibden, through Northowram, to Shelf.

Some of these include

See Quarries

Norton Mills, EllandRef 15-780

Owners and tenants of the mills have included


The mills were demolished and Norton Close was built on the site

Norwood Green CollieryRef 15-N143
Opened in 18??.

Recorded in 1850

There were 100 miners working there when it closed in April 1958 because there was little coal and it was of poor quality, and the pit – a drift mine – became unsafe.

See Judy Woods Coal mining

Norwood Green MillRef 15-N155
Station Road.

Owners and tenants of the mills have included


Norwood Green PitRef 15-1189
When it closed on 31st March 1960, this was the last of the pits in the Norwood Green/Judy Woods area

Nutclough Mill, Hebden RoydRef 15-141
Water-powered mill built on Hebden Water / Ibbot Royd Clough around 1791.

A beam engine was added in the 1850s.

The mill formed a part of the Nutclough Estate.

Owners and tenants of the mill have included


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