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Tag Cut Mill, Elland

See Tag Cut, Elland

Tag Lock Mill, Elland

Owners and tenants of the mill have included


See Tag Lock, Elland

Temple Mill, Rishworth
Built around 1800 by Solomon Lumb.

7-storey mill measuring 69 ft by 42 ft.

Subsequent owners and tenants of the mill have included


The mill burned down on 27th April 1860, and was never rebuilt.

On 26th November 1881, John Kenworthy, his wife and daughter, drowned as they were crossing Booth Dean Beck near the Mill.

See Booth Wood Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Tesco Supermarkets
The company has outlets in the district, some purpose-built, other established in existing property.

See Brighouse Sports Club, Hillard's, Hoffman's Garage, Kirkley House, Brighouse, Ladyship Mills, Halifax, Lower Market, Halifax, St James School Brighouse, Scarborough Mills, Halifax, Sowerby Bridge Railway Station and Wilkinson's

Tetley's Mill, Bradshaw
A popular name for Co-operative Mills

Thorn Tree Works, Halifax
Thorn Tree Street / Parkinson Lane.

Owners and tenants of the works have included


Thornhill Bridge Dye Works, Brighouse
Recorded in 1854

Thornhill Briggs Mill, Brighouse
Built around 1797 by Joseph Cartledge.

The mill was attacked during the Plug Riots of August 1842.

Owners and tenants of the mill have included


The mill was destroyed by fire on 9th June 1858 and again on 6th December 1888.

In 1909, St Peg Mills, Brighouse were built on the site of the reservoir for the mill.

The name Thornhill Briggs Mills was still used in 1923 directories

Thornhills Pit, Brighouse
Coal mine.

In April 1833, Samuel Hirst died after an accident at the pit.

Shafts to the mine can still be seen at Thornhills & Bailiff Bridge. The underground tunnels extend from Norwood Green to south of Bailiff Bridge

Thorpe Mill, Triangle
It was owned by Samuel Hill.

In 1769, his executors sold the mill – described as a water fulling mill – to John Priestley for £1,260.

It was a 5-storey building.

Owners and tenants of the mill have included


There was a robbery here in 1st February 1823.

In August 1824, there was a serious fire in the warehouse at the Mill.

In 1847, the Mill was valued at £7,380.

The mill was destroyed by fire on 11th May 1866, when it belonged to Frederic Rawson.

The family were forced to closed it.

Question: Can anyone tell me anything about why the Rawson family had to close the business?


Around 1912, it was occupied by the Yorkshire Doubling Company.

See Thorpe Cottage, Triangle and Thorpe House, Triangle

Three Nuns Pit, Hartshead
Coal mine behind the Three Nuns pub.

2 men were killed in a roof-fall at the pit on 14th February 1900.

The pit closed around 1928

Thrum Hall Mill, Ripponden
Aka Beestonhirst Mill, Ripponden

Todmorden Moor Coal Mine
19th century coal mine owned by John Dearden

Todmorden Steam Mill
Aka Salford Mill

Tom Hole Mill, Blackshaw Clough

Tom Hole Mill, Soyland
There was a woollen mill here in the 18th century. In 1803, a cotton mill was built alongside. This became known as Greaveside Mill

Tong Royd Fire Brick & Clay Works, Elland

Owners and tenants of the works have included


Tong Royd Mine, Elland

See Tong Royd Brick Company and Tong Royd Fire Brick & Clay Works, Elland

Top o' th' Hill Delph, Northowram
Quarry. Disused [1930s]

Top o' th' Town Mill, Barkisland

Tower Brewery, Halifax
Skircoat Moor Road / Thomas Street West, King Cross.

Owners and tenants have included

Demolished in 2001. The site is now a housing development.

See Bowling Green, Skircoat

Tower Works, Brighouse
Birds Royd.

Owners and tenants have included

Tower Works, Hebden Bridge
The Blackburns of Broadbent Brothers & Blackburn came here from Beehive Works, Hebden Bridge

Tower Works, Norwood Green

Owners and tenants of the works have included


Town Ing Mill, Elland
Stainland Road.

3-storey mill dated TW 1841.

Owners and tenants of the mills have included


In March 1909, Abraham Haigh & Son Limited advertised for sale by auction

the whole of the machinery for cotton spinning, twining, winding, warping, cheesing & reeling; 10 lb yarn bundling press; full complement of loose articles, strapping, bobbins, card cans, baskets, yarn wrap reels, yarn testers, office furniture, &c. Also the stock of yarn in cop, on bobbin, and in bundle

of their Town Ing Mill, Stainland

Townsend's Mill, Hebden Bridge
4-storey mill.

Question: Does anyone know the real name or other details of the mill?


Owners and tenants have included

On 26th October 1864, much of the mill was destroyed by fire

Townson Works, Hebden Bridge

Owners and tenants of the works have included


Trafalgar Mills, Halifax
Haugh Shaw Road.

Worsted mills established by the Scarborough Brothers

They were (possibly) also known as Scarborough Mills, King Cross, Halifax

Travis Holme Mill, Walsden
Clough. Aka Lacy Mill, Walsden Cotton mill owned by the Lacy family

Travis Mill, Walsden
Inchfield Bottom.

Aka Inchfield Corn Mill and Inchfield Mill.

In 1586, a fulling mill was recorded here.

John Bottomley had a corn mill here.

After the deaths of John Bottomley, and his son, William, his wife Mally carried on the family's corn-milling business.

Thomas – son of Mally and John Bottomley – used a part of the mill for carding and spinning cotton.

William Ingham was a fulling Miller here from before 1781 to his death in 1806.

See Bell Parkin, Travis Mill Lock, Walsden and Walsden Cricket & Bowling Club

Trimmingham Quarries, Halifax
Trimmingham Road.

Owners and tenants of the quarries have included


Now closed and abandoned

Trinity Road Carriage Works, Halifax
8 Trinity Road.

Owners and tenants of the works have included


Trinity Works, Halifax
Factory used by Gledhill's which stood opposite Holy Trinity Church at the junction of Harrison Road and Trinity Road, Halifax. The building was demolished in 19??, and the site is now occupied by a part of the Halifax PLC

Tuck Royds Quarry, Hove Edge
Off Halifax Road.

Quarry bought by Brooke's.

The old workings, where the stone was quarried underground, can be seen high up in the wall of the modern quarry.

Owners and tenants have included

Tunnel End Coal Mine, Todmorden

Turbine Works, Halifax
Bedford Street North.

Owners and tenants of the works have included


Turgate Quarry, Norland

Owners and tenants of the quarry have included


Turkey Lodge Brewery, Cragg Vale
Modern brewery

Turner's Pit, Boothtown
19th century coal mine beneath Swales Moor

Turvin Mill, Cragg Vale
18th century mill on Turvin Brook.

Owners and tenants of the works have included


One of the Cragg mills


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