Memories of Calderdale

Sowerby Bridge: The Poultry Farm


Geoffrey Siddall

Prior to the war, my father had a poultry farm above the entrance to the tunnel on the railway line at Sowerby Bridge sheds,

Naturally, with a 1,000 hens or more, there was some mortality,by foxes, cats or old age and disease. These were difficult to dispose of and my father had a private agreement with someone at the Engine Shed to put them in an engine which was in steam.

It was my job to take the dead fowls down a long steep pathway to the engine sheds and usually I was told which engine firebox to put them in. If no suitable engine was available, they went into a fire which burned permanently to dry the sand used for the engine braking system. However, this was frowned upon, as the fire was not as fierce as an engine, and caused quite a smell which was not appreciated

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