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Akroyd, Abraham
[15??-16??] Son of William Akroyd. Brother and fellow-mason of John Akroyd

Akroyd, Abraham
[18??-18??] Champion Murgatroyd, the miller at Brearley Corn Mill, had suffered several thefts of sacks of flour. To solve the problem, he placed marked pieces of paper in the flour. The culprits were caught when flour in their possession was sieved. In 1834, John Mitchell, William Mitchell and Akroyd were charged with stealing 20 lbs of wheat from Champion Murgatroyd. Henry Riley was charged with receiving the stolen wheat. All the men were transported to the West Indies for 7 years

Akroyd, Albert
[18??-19??] Botanical brewers at Boothtown, Halifax

Akroyd, Albert
[19??-19??] Player with Halifax RLFC [1921]. He won caps for England while at Halifax

Akroyd, Alfred
[1869-1???] Son of Thomas Akroyd, wool comber.

Born in Stainland.

He was a carder of Mount Pleasant, Greetland [1890] / a carder [1891] / a boiler maker [1901] / a labourer [1911].

In 1890, he married Annie Davies [1867-1???] at Halifax Parish Church.

Annie, of The Clough, Greetland, was born in Shropshire, the daughter of Benjamin Davies, banksman


  1. Leonard
  2. Alice Ann [b 1893] who was a machinist [1911]
  3. William Morris [b 1897] who was a woollen mule piecer [1911]
  4. Annie E [b 1900]
  5. Doris [b 1902]
  6. Clara [b 1905]
  7. John [b 1908]

The family lived at

  • Church View, Greetland [1891]
  • Haigh Street, Greetland [1901]
  • 26 Spring Lane, Greetland [1911]

Akroyd, Barker
[1817-1883] Born in Stansfield.

He was a shoemaker [1841] / a boot & shoe maker [1851] / a cordwainer [1861, 1871].

In [Q3] 1840, he married Mary Cummins [1818-1???] at Heptonstall Church.

Mary was born in Kirby Lonsdale, Westmorland


  1. Agnes [b 1843] who married [Q2 1861] Samuel Harrison and was a cotton weaver [1871]
  2. William [b 1846] who was a weaver cotton [1861], a railway night watchman [1871]
  3. Mary [b 1849] who was a factory worker cotton [1861]
  4. John [b 1851] who was a warp sizer [1871]
  5. Ann [b 1853]
  6. Roger [b 1854]
  7. James [b 1856] who was a cotton weaver [1871]

The family lived at

  • Toad Carr, Stansfield [1841]
  • Odd Fellows Buildings, Brook Street, Todmorden [1851]
  • Odd Fellows Hall, Langfield, Todmorden [1861]
  • 15 Brook Street, Langfield, Todmorden [1871]
  • George Street, Todmorden [1883]

Living with them [in 1871] was grandson John Edward Ackroyd [aged 8].

Barker was buried at Christ Church, Todmorden [16th April 1883]

Akroyd, Benjamin
[1843-1???] Born in Stainland.

He was a woollen spinner employing 3 boys [1881] / a science teacher [1881].

In [Q4] 1867, he married Martha Stephenson [1846-1???].

Martha was born in Sowerby Bridge


  1. John Edward [b 1868]
  2. Albert Stephenson (Akroyd) [b 1876]

The family lived at Langdale Street, Elland [1881]

Akroyd, Charles William
[1894-1915] Son of Joseph Akroyd.

Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was a member of Tuel Lane United Methodist Free Chapel / a plumber's apprentice [1911] / employed by J. H. Boocock..

He had been a Territorial for 4 years when war broke out.

During World War I, he served as a Sergeant with D Company 1st/4th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He died as a result of gas fumes [19th December 1915].

He was buried at Talana Farm Cemetery, Belgium [Grave Ref IV H 11]

Akroyd, Clifford
[1916-1945] Son of Betsy & James Henry Akroyd.

Born in Holywell Green.

He married Hilda.

They lived at Holywell Green.

During World War II, he served as an Able Seaman with the Royal Navy aboard HMS President III.

He was lost [23rd April 1945] when the cargo ship SS Riverton was torpedoed by German Submarine U-2023 and sank off St Ives, Cornwall with the loss of 3 of her crew of 38.

He is remembered on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, England [88 3], and on Elland War Memorial [as C. Ackroyd]

Akroyd, E.
[1???-19??] Veterinary surgeon.

He lived at 10 Blackwall, Halifax [1936]

Akroyd, Edward
[1810-1887] Aka Colonel Akroyd.

Son of Jonathan Akroyd.

He was probably the most distinguished member of the Akroyd family.

On the death of his father, Jonathan, in 1847, he inherited the family business and estate

Akroyd, Ernest
[18??-19??] Tenor singer of Stainland. Recorded in 1931, when he was a vocalist at a High Class Concert at Stainland Mechanics' Institute

Akroyd, Frank

During World War I, he served as a Private with the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Akroyd, Frank
[1889-1919] He was employed by Taylor's tinners, Portland Street, Halifax.

During World War I, he enlisted [January 1915], and he served as a Driver with the Royal Field Artillery.

In October 1916, he went to Salonika.

He became ill and was hospitalised in Cherbourg.

He died in hospital [8th January 1919] (aged 30).

He was buried at Tourlaville Communal Cemetery & Extension, France.

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Akroyd, Fred
[1877-1895] Born Fred Matthews, illegitimate son of Sarah Matthews (father not recorded).

In 1878, Sarah married William Akroyd.

After the marriage, Fred became Fred Akroyd.

Like William, Fred became an iron founder's apprentice and iron moulder at Halifax and worked alongside William.

Fred died of influenza & acute pneumonia [11th March 1895] (aged 18). He was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 869]

Akroyd, Grace

She was buried at Coley Church [17th February 1686].

Three days later, grave robbers stole her body

Akroyd, Harold
[1883-1996] Son of Joe Speight Akroyd.

He became a railway designer and locomotive engineer.

He married Florence.


  1. Maurice [1913-1989]

Akroyd, Harrison
[1???-19??] He established business as woolcombers & machine comb manufacturers in Halifax.

Recorded in 1915 and 1952 at Pratt Street, Halifax

Akroyd, Henry
[1817-1892] Of Savile Road, Halifax.

Son of Jonathan.

Baptised at Illingworth Church [11th May 1817].

With his brother Edward, he became a partner in Akroyd's.

He moved away to live in the south of England, leaving his brother in charge of the family business. He became a china merchant. In 1881, he was in Shiplake, Oxfordshire.

He married Sophia Emma Bale [b 1819].


  1. Edward (stillborn) 
  2. Mary Elizabeth [b 1845] who married Mr Lynes
  3. Florence [b 1847]
  4. Charles Henry [b 1849]

He lived at Henley-on-Thames [1887].

See West Yorkshire Railway Company

Akroyd, Herbert
[1888-1917] Son of Joseph Akroyd.

He was a member of St Thomas's Church, Greetland / a cotton spinner [1901] / a cloth finisher at wool dye works [1911].

During World War I, he enlisted [25th May 1915], and served as a Driver with the 18th Division Ammunition Col. Royal Field Artillery.

He was killed by a shell [15th July 1917] (aged 29). His 2 animals were killed instantly.

He was buried at The Huts Cemetery, Belgium [I C 1].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Saint Thomas's Church, Greetland

Akroyd, J.
[18??-19??] He was a dealer in incandescent light fittings and ran a 6½d Bazaar at 99 Borough Market, Halifax [1905]

Akroyd, James
[1753-1830] Son of Timothy Akroyd.

Born at Brookhouse.

A yeoman manufacturer at Brookhouse. He had a successful business as a putter-out in the district.

He and his sons – Jonathan, James and Thomas – founded the family worsted manufacturing firm.

He married Mary Bolland.


  1. Jonathan
  2. James
  3. Thomas
  4. Alice [1793-18??] who married Rev George Beaumont

The family lived at Brookhouse, Ovenden.

See John Bancroft

Akroyd, James
[1785-1836] Son of James Akroyd.

He went into partnership with his brother Jonathan and founded the family business – James Akroyd & Son – when he started a water-powered mill at Brookhouse Mill, Ogden.

In 1813, he began trading in partnership with John Garlick. The partnership was dissolved in 1818

James later left the partnership and moved to Halifax, and installed a 60 horsepower steam engine at his Old Lane Mill.

In 1825, Akroyd supplied camlet material to Mr Mackintosh of Manchester, for use in the production of Mackintosh raincoats or Macs.

In 1827, after a visit to France, he installed the first Jacquard loom in Britain for weaving damask and worked in secret in locked rooms.

In 1835, he was on the List of Electors for the Ovenden Township of the Halifax Polling District in the election for the MP for the West Riding.

The firm of James Akroyd & Son became one of the great industrial forces in the district.

He and other members of the family were leaders at Mount Zion where they took the Kilhamite stance. James also supported the Salem Methodists in Halifax, contributing 10s towards the £6 furnishing cost of the rooms behind Northgate, and He was one of the Trustees of Salem's first chapel.

On 11th April 1809, he married Sarah (Sally) Walker [1789-1835] in Halifax.


  1. James [bapt 23rd July 1811]
  2. William [bapt 30th March 1813]
  3. Sarah Jane [1815-1879] who married Thomas Hartley
  4. Thomas Heaton
  5. George Frederick [bapt 10th January 1825]

The family lived at

See Dewhirsts, Akroyd & Sutcliffe

Akroyd, James

He married Ruth [1831-1880] Children:

  1. Mary [1856-1933]
  2. Sarah Ann [1859-1904]
  3. Samuel [1864-1904]
  4. Albert [1867-1907] who died in Umtali, South Africa
  5. Sophia [b 1872]

Ruth died 1st September 1880 (aged 49).

James died 25th February 1900 (aged 68).

Members of the family were buried at Blackley Baptist Graveyard

Akroyd, Joe Speight

In 1882, he married Lavinia Haley [1860-1945] in Bradford.


  1. Harold
  2. Alice [b 1880] who married Dennis Hodson
  3. child
  4. child
  5. child
  6. child
  7. child
  8. Maurice [1898-1916] who was killed in a motorcycle accident at Ainley village
  9. Mildred Helen who married Inglis
  10. Joe Speight
5 children died in infancy.

The family lived at Heathfield House, Elland [1905].

Akroyd, Joe Speight
[1900-1961] Son of Joe Speight Akroyd.

He became an electrical engineer.

He married Amy Hargreaves.


  1. John [b 1932]
  2. Joe Speight III [b 1932]

Akroyd, John
[1556-1613] Of Hipperholme.

Son of William Akroyd.

He was a local stone-mason and a member of the Akroyd family of masons. With his brother, Abraham Akroyd, he went to Oxford to work on the Bodleian library for Sir Henry Savile. He also worked on Merton College and the Tower of the Five Orders in Oxford, and his only local work, Heath Grammar School. He died at Oxford.

See John Bentley and Halifax house

Akroyd, John
[17??-17??] Halifax tailor.

He was one of the trustees of the Chapel Fold Meeting House, Halifax, and a founder member of Square Independent Chapel, Halifax.

He was buried at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax

Akroyd, John
[1794-18??] Born in Warley.

He was a worsted weaver [1841] / a hand loom weaver [1851].

He married Mary Hoyle [1799-18??].

Mary was born in Warley


  1. Sarah [b Boston Mill, Wadsworth 14th February 1791]
  2. Mary [b Boston Mill 12th November 1793]
  3. Hannah [b Boston Mill 14th October 1795]
  4. Grace [b New Bridge, Heptonstall 5th October 1797]
  5. John [b New Bridge 3rd February 1801]
  6. Jane [b 8th March 1827]
  7. Nancy [b 19th September 1829]
  8. John [b 21st December 1831]
  9. Elizabeth [b 8th February 1834]
  10. Ellen [b 14th December 1835]
  11. Samuel [b 1838]

The family lived at

  • Long Can, Ovenden [1841]
  • Ovenden [1851]

Akroyd, John
[1813-1862] Born in Northowram.

He was a silk dresser [1851, 1861].

He married Sarah [1820-1898].

Sarah was born in Huddersfield


  1. Martha Ann [1835-17th November 1870]
  2. William [1840-March 17th 1841] who died aged 7 months
  3. George [b 1843]
  4. son [b 1844]
  5. Samuel [b 1846]
  6. Hannah [b 1846]
  7. John [b 1849]
  8. Mary Jane [b 1849]
  9. Emma [1850-1927]
  10. Mary Jane [1850-1910]
  11. Aquilla [1853-April 29th 1860]
  12. Priscilla [b 1855]

The family lived at

  • Saw Hill, Sowerby [1861]
  • Mill Bank

John died [1st May 1862] (aged 49).

Sarah died [26th April 1898] (aged 78).

Members of the family were buried at Mill Bank Wesleyan Methodist Graveyard

Akroyd, John

He married Elizabeth [1826-1889].


  1. Esther Lillie [1868-1930]

The family lived at New Bank, Halifax [1889].

Elizabeth died 9th May 1889.

John died 11th October 1912.

Members of the family were buried at All Souls' Church, Halifax

Akroyd, John
[1827-1866] Son of Rev Jonathan Akroyd.

Born 4th February 1827.

Baptised at Illingworth Church [2nd July 1827].

He married (1) Margaret Billington [1825-1852] at St John's, Manchester [30th January 1850]


  1. Susan Mary [1851-1905]

He married (2) Harriet Jones [1829-1879] at St George's, Everton [3rd May 1858].

The family lived at 35 Walker Street, Liverpool.

In 1861, he was living apart from his wife in the West Derby Union Workhouse.

He died at Everton, Liverpool [11th May 1866].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at under £200. Probate was granted to widow Harriet

Akroyd, Jonathan
[1749-1826] An early member of the Akroyd family.

He married Betty Charnock [1764-1824] at Halifax Parish Church [1st January 1783].


  1. Betty [1784-1828]
  2. Mary [b 1786]
  3. Martha / Matty [1788-1848] who married Samuel Garforth [1775-1848]
  4. Hannah [1790-1866] who married brothers (1) Matthew Ayrton [1784-1814] and (2) Joshua Ayrton [1796-1872]
  5. Sally [1793-1819]
  6. Jonathan
  7. Priscilla [b 1798]

Jonathan died at Lanehead, Ovenden [14th December 1826].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at under £600. Probate was granted to Sarah, wife of Jonathan Priestley [1873]

Members of the family were buried at Illingworth Church: Sally [9th August 1819]; Betty [31st October 1828]; Jonathan [19th December 1826]; Martha [10th July 1848]; Hannah [Unknown date 1866]

Akroyd, Jonathan
[1782-1847] Son of James Akroyd.

With his brother James, he founded the family business – James Akroyd & Son.

See Buildings In The Town And Parish Of Halifax, Michael Greenwood, Halifax Board of Guardians, Halifax, Bradford & Keighley Fire & Life Insurance Company, Halifax Commercial Banking Company Limited, Halifax General Cemetery Company, West Yorkshire Railway Company and David Tidswell

Akroyd, Rev Jonathan
[1795-1858] Son of Jonathan Akroyd.

Born in Halifax.

He was ordained deacon at Bishopthorpe [1828] / ordained priest at Bishopthorpe [1827] / curate at King Cross [1827].

He built Christ Church, King Cross for his own use [1826].

In 1835, he was on the List of Electors for the Ovenden Township of the Halifax Polling District in the election for the MP for the West Riding.

On 28th January 1816, he married (1) Susan Crawshaw [1794-1831] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Jonathan
  2. Timothy
  3. John [1820-1824]
  4. Sarah [b 1822]
  5. Mary [b 1824]
  6. John
  7. Betty [1828-1906] who married John Backhouse [1818-1894] of Preston
  8. Martha [b 1829]

All the children were baptised at Illingworth Church.

Susan died

after two days' severe illness [14th May 1831]

She was buried at Illingworth Church [20th May 1831].

In 1840, he married (2) Mary Beaumont? [1811-18??] in Halifax.

Mary came from Halifax


  1. Ann [b 1841]
  2. Rowland [1843-1844]

The family lived at

  • Lane Head, Ovenden [1831, 1835]
  • Paul's Square, Preston [1841]
  • 32 Bufton Street, Stepney [1851]
  • Bath Road, Hounslow [1858]

At Bury Petty Sessions, in January 1843, he was charged with (1)  being a rogue and a vagabond under the Vagrant Act, and (2) having obtained money under false pretences.

In July 1848, he moved from the curacy of Lane End, Buckinghamshire to become vicar of Grinton, near Richmond, Yorkshire.

In 1851, the family was living at Stepney, London and he was listed as

not having the cure of souls

He died in Hounslow [16th March 1858].

He was buried at St Leonard's Church, Heston, Middlesex [27th March 1858].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at under £200. Probate was granted to daughter Betty Backhouse

Akroyd, Jonathan
[1813-1887] He was a weaver [1841] / a handloom weaver / worsted hand weaver [1851] / a weaver [1858, 1859] / a carpet weaver [1861, 1871, 1881].

He married Hannah Wormald [1812-1875] at Halifax Parish Church [2nd September 1833]. Children:

  1. Sarah [1834-1893] who married James Foulds
  2. Ann [1836-1894] who was a rug weaver [1851] & married Charles Stuart
  3. Emma [b 1840] who married [1858] John Greenwood
  4. Ellen [1852-1906] who married William Dean

The family lived at

  • Butts Green, Warley [1841]
  • Reservoir Cottage, Hanson Lane, Halifax [1851]
  • 37 Victoria Street, Haley Hill [1861]
  • 4 Victoria Street, Haley Hill [1871, 1881]

Hannah was buried at All Souls' Church, Halifax [10 May 1875].

Living with the widowed Jonathan [in 1881] was brother-in-law Joshua Wormald [1824-1890].

Jonathan died at 4 Victoria Street [26th February 1887].

He was buried at All Souls' Church, Halifax [3rd March 1887].

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £587 0/2d. Probate was granted to his daughters

Akroyd, Jonathan
[1816-1890] Born in Halifax.

He was a carpet weaver [1851] / a grocer & ale & porter dealer [1871] / a retired grocer [1881].

He married (1) Hannah Eastwood [1818-1860] at Halifax Parish Church [11th November 1834].


  1. Mary Ann [b 1837]
  2. John Edmund [b 1839]
  3. Annis Elizabeth [1846-1897] who married Samuel John Carlton
  4. Louisa [1848-1905]

He married (2) Lydia [1820-1880] at Halifax Parish Church [9th September 1865].

Lydia [née Brear] was the widow of Mr Thompson

The family lived at

  • 19 Back Rhodes Street, Halifax [1851]
  • 68 Rhodes Street, Halifax [1871]
  • 39 Chatham Street, Halifax [1881]

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 3765]

Akroyd, Rev Jonathan
[1817-1872] Son of Rev Jonathan Akroyd.

He died at Christ Church Vicarage in the Parish of Maughold, Isle of Man

Akroyd, Joseph
[1816-1896] Born in Warley.

He was a carpet weaver [1851, 1861] / an iron founder employing 3 boys and 2 men [1871].

He married Hannah Taylor [1817-1???].

Hannah came from Midgley


  1. (possibly) Enos [b 1837]
  2. (possibly) Tom [b 1839]
  3. Sarah [b 1840]
  4. Mary Ann
  5. Selina [b 1845] who became a carpet piecer weaver
  6. Ellen [b 1851] who became a carpet setter
  7. Sarah Jane [b 1852] who became a carpet setter
  8. William

The family lived at

  • Jagger Green, Stainland-with-Old-Lindley [1841]
  • 9 Bright Street, Halifax [1851]
  • 16 Crib Lane, Halifax [1861]
  • 11 Seedlings Mount, Halifax [1871]

Akroyd, Joseph
[1830-1877] Born in Thornton.

He was a farmer's man [1871].

He married Harriet [1826-1???], born in Clayton.


  1. Ruth [b 1850] who was an alpaca weaver [1871]
  2. Margaret Ann [b 1856] who was an alpaca spinner [1871], a cotton weaver [1881]
  3. Fred [b 1860] who was a butcher [1881]
  4. Emma [b 1873]
  5. John Thomas
  6. Hannah Maria [b 1871]

The family lived at

  • Blackmires Private House, Northowram [1871]
  • Commercial Street, Northowram [1881]
  • 16 Commercial Street, Northowram [1891]

Akroyd, Joseph
[1850-19??] Son of Eli Akroyd [b Stainland 1820-19??], weaver.

Born in Greetland.

He was a dyer of Greetland [1885] / a dyer's labourer [1891] / a dyer [1901] / a general labourer for farmer [1911].

In 1885, he married Alice [1860-19??] at Halifax Parish Church.

Alice, of Greetland, was born in Heywood, the daughter of George Henry McCann, mechanic, and widow of Mr Brooke.

She had a son by her first marriage: Edgar Brooke [b Heywood, Lancashire 1883] who was a farmer's man [1901]



  1. Clifford [b 1887] who was a cotton spinner [1901, 1911]
  2. Herbert
  3. Delina [b 1891] who was a dress maker [1911]

The family lived at

  • Gate, Scar Bottom Road, Greetland [1891]
  • Gate, Upper Greetland [1901, 1911]
  • The Gate, Greetland [1917]

Living with them [in 1901] was father Ely Akroyd [b 1820] (retired weaver) 

Akroyd, Joseph
[1858-19??] Son of Enoch Akroyd, mason.

Born in Barkisland.

He was a mason of Ripponden [1880] / a mason [1881] / a stone mason [1891, 1901, 1911].

In 1880, he married Hannah Greenwood [1859-19??] at Elland Parish Church.

Hannah, of Ripponden, was the daughter of Thomas Greenwood, mason


  1. Mary [1881-1886]
  2. child who died before 1911
  3. Harry [b 1888] who was a worsted doffer [1901], a brass moulder [1911]
  4. Charles William

The family lived at

  • Victoria Square, Soyland [1881]
  • 30 Greenups Terrace, Sowerby Bridge [1891]
  • 18 Mitchell Street, Sowerby Bridge [1901]
  • 15 Albert Road, Sowerby Bridge [1911]
  • 12 Rochdale Road, Sowerby Bridge

Akroyd, Leonard
[1891-1917] Son of Alfred Akroyd.

Born in Greetland.

He was a dyer's labourer [1911] / a cotton spinner of Spring Lane, Greetland [1913] / a spinner with Thomas Whiteley & Sons, cotton manufacturers.

In 1913, he married Sarah Ann Ogden [1890-19??] at Halifax Parish Church.

Sarah Ann, of Park Road, Elland, was the daughter of Ralph Ogden, labourer


  1. Ethel [b 1913]
  2. Lily [b 1915]

During World War I, he served as a Driver with the 11th Division Ammunition Column Royal Field Artillery.

He was killed by a shell as he was bringing ammunition to the battery [6th May 1917].

His photograph appears with a report of his death in the Halifax Courier [26th May 1917].

He was buried at H.A.C. Cemetery, Ecoust-St.Mein, France [Grave Ref III J 7].

He is remembered on Elland War Memorial.

His brother-in-law Percy Ogden also died in the War.

Sarah Ann married Mr Hayes.

They lived at 66 Park Road, Elland

Akroyd, L.: [19??-19??] He served in World War I.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered on Elland War Memorial

Akroyd, Lewis John
[1873-1954] Son of Robert Akroyd, and brother of Thomas Edward Akroyd.

He was a mechanic [1891] / a machine dealer of Alma Street, Halifax [1900] / a machine broker [1901] / a machinery merchant [1911].

He had many business interests.

He was a machine and metal broker at West Ward Iron Works, Halifax [1905].

1912, he was one of a partnership who bought J. & J. Mallinson.

An advertisement for his business in 1912 announced

Have you Anything for Disposal
that Nobody Dare Buy?

If so, write, phone or wire

"The Sporting Buyer"

Hanson Lane Bottom, Halifax

In 19??, he bought West Ward Iron Works.

In 19??, he bought Campbell's Gas Engines.

In 1952, machinery merchants Lewis J. Akroyd Limited were listed at Hanson Lane.

He was a town Councillor for Halifax / a Freemason

In 1900, he married Ann Holmes [1873-19??] at Halifax Parish Church.

Ann, of Burnley Road, Halifax, was the daughter of Thomas Holmes (deceased), plumber


  1. Ada [b 1903]
  2. Tom [b 1908]

He was widowed in 1927.

He married (2) Gertrude.

The family lived at

  • 8 Grosvenor Terrace, Halifax [1901]
  • 14 Gladstone Road, Halifax [1911]

He retired to Southport where he died in 1954

Akroyd, Martin
[15??-1618] Local stone-mason who went to Oxford to work on the Bodleian library for Sir Henry Savile.

See Halifax house

Akroyd, Mary Ann
[1842-1???] Daughter of Joseph Akroyd.

She worked as a carpet piecer weaver.

She married William Horsfall

Akroyd, Ormonda

On 27th October 1912, he married Hannah Rawnsley at Elland Parish Church.

Ormonda died 21st April 1950 (aged 62).

Hannah died 10th March 1963 (aged 77).

The couple were buried at Blackley Baptist Graveyard with Hannah's mother Sarah Ann Rawnsley who died [11th May 1889] (aged 39) 

Akroyd, Robert
[1830-18??] Born in Haworth.

He was an overlooker (worsted mill) [1871] / a grocer [1881].

He married (1) Ann.

He married (2) Gertrude.

In 1863, he married (3) Jane Jagger in Halifax.


  1. Elizabeth A [b 1865] who was a band box maker [1881], an elementary teacher [1891]
  2. Thomas Edward
  3. Ada [b 1869]
  4. Lucy [b 1870]
  5. Lewis John

The family lived at

  • 18 Alexander Street, Northowram [1871]
  • 24 Haley Hill, Northowram [1881]
  • 13 Brunswick Street, Halifax [1891]

He was dead by 1891

Akroyd, Roger
[1854-19??] Son of Barker Akroyd.

Born in Stansfield.

He was a railway porter [1871, 1877] / a railway foreman porter [1881] / a railway guard [1891] / a railway passenger guard [1901] / a L & Y railway guard [1911].

In 1877, he married Fanny Sutcliffe [1855-19??] at Halifax Parish Church.

Fanny, of Littleborough, was born in Walsden, the daughter of Samuel Sutcliffe, civil engineer


  1. Mary [b 1878] who was a worsted spinner [1891], a mattress weaver [1901], a wire weaver [1911]
  2. Annie [b 1880] who was a worsted warper [1901] and married James Ramsden
  3. Ruth [b 1884] who was a worsted drawer [1901]
  4. William [b 1886] who was a cotton spinner [1901, 1911]
  5. Florence Hilda [1889-1891]
  6. James Thomas [b 1891] who was a railway clerk [1911]

The family lived at

  • 6 Union Street South, Langfield [1881]
  • 4 Carlton Street, Sowerby Bridge [1891]
  • 9 Orion Place, Sowerby Bridge [1901, 1911]

Akroyd, Samuel
[1860-1934] Of Elland.

From 1898, he was Treasurer of the Elland Lighthouse Tent of the Independent Order of Rechabites

Akroyd, Thomas
[1838-1884] Born in Stainland.

He was a commission agent for soap [1881] / a commercial traveller [1884].

On 8th June 1861, he married Sarah Fisher [1842-1913] at Halifax Parish Church.

Sarah was born in Elland


  1. Annie Elizabeth [b 1865] who was a pupil-teacher [1881]
  2. Emily Jane [1871-1886]
  3. Phoebe [1875-1958]
  4. Tryphena [1877-1889]

The family lived at

  • Canal Bank, Sowerby Bridge [1881]
  • 12 Bell Hall Terrace, Halifax [1884]

Thomas died 14th October 1884.

Probate records show that he left a personal estate valued at £199 15/-.

Administration was granted to his widow Sarah

Akroyd, Thomas Edward
[1867-19??] Son of Robert Akroyd, and brother of Lewis John Akroyd.

He was an accountant's clerk [1881, 1891] / a local auctioneer and valuer / established T. E. Akroyd & Company.

In [Q3] 1897, he (possibly) married (1) Ada Annie Myers [1868-1898] in Halifax.

Ada Annie died in Halifax [Q2 1898] (aged 30).

In [Q1] 1913, he married (2) Eleanor Hanson in Halifax.

Eleanor was the sister of T. W. Hanson

They moved to Canada

Akroyd, Thomas Heaton
[1820-1897] Son of James Akroyd.

Baptised at Illingworth Church [2nd February 1820].

In [Q3] 1877, he married Eliza Ann Hartley in Southampton.

Eliza Ann was the daughter of Thomas Hartley

Thomas's sister Sarah Jane Akroyd married Thomas Hartley, becoming Eliza Ann's stepmother

Akroyd, Timothy

In 17??, he married Mary Hanson.


  1. Jonathan [1717-1779] who married Mary Riley
  2. James

Akroyd, Timothy
[1740-1819] Of Lane Head, Ovenden.

He was one of the founders of Mount Zion Methodist Chapel. He was one of the largest subscribers to the Chapel. For over 40 years, he was a Class Leader of the Ogden Society.

He was buried at Mount Zion Methodist Chapel, Ogden with his uncle James Riley

Akroyd, Timothy
[1819-1868] Son of Rev Jonathan Akroyd.

Born 6th August 1819.

Baptised at Illingworth Church [4th June 1820].

He died at Halifax [21st February 1868].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at under £200. Probate was granted to

Akroyd, Tom
[1907-1941] Halifax solicitor [1934].

He qualified in October 1931.

He lived at 6 Rothwell Drive, Halifax [1941]

Akroyd, W.
[18??-19??] Ginger beer brewer at Akroyd's Aerated Water Works, Halifax.

A bottle in the attached photos suggests that he took over the business of F. Crossley

Akroyd, Walter
[1863-19??] Son of Joseph Akroyd, warehouse man.

Born in Stainland.

He was an overlooker in Stainland [1889] / a woollen overlooker [1891] / a power loom fuller [1901] / a weaving overlooker [1911].

In 1889, he married Matilda Helliwell [1867-19??] at Halifax Parish Church.

Matilda, of Sowood, Stainland, was the daughter of James Helliwell, contractor


  1. Harry [b 1890] who was a weaving overlooker [1911]
  2. Alice [b 1891] who was a weaver [1911]
  3. Edith [b 1893] who was a weaver [1911]
  4. William
  5. Phyllis [b 1898] who was a worsted spinner [1911]
  6. Helliwell [b 1900]
  7. Iris [b 1904]

The children were born in Stainland.

The family lived at

  • Park Lane, Stainland with Old Lindley [1891]
  • St Helen's Square, Holywell Green, Stainland with Old Lindley [1901]
  • Station Road, Holywell Green, Stainland [1911]
  • 86 King Cross Lane, Halifax [1916]

Akroyd, William
[15??-1???] Mason of Warley.

He married Unknown.


  1. John
  2. Abraham

Members of the family worked on Heath Grammar School, and went to Oxford to work on Merton College and the Tower of the Five Orders, and on the Bodleian library for Sir Henry Savile.

They may also have produced many of the rose windows in the district

Akroyd, William
[18??-19??] Iron founder at Phoenix Iron Foundry, Halifax [1905]

Akroyd, William
[1813-1???] Born in Skircoat.

He was porter & coal merchant [1861].

He married Mary [1821-1???].

Mary came from Warley


  1. Thomas [b 1841]
  2. Alfred [b 1843] who was a joiner and cabinet maker [1861]
  3. Mary Ann [b 1854] who was an iron turner and fitter [1861]
  4. John [b 1857]

The family lived at Wharf Lodge, Sowerby Bridge [1861]

Akroyd, William
[1817-1869] Born in Halifax.

He was a pipe maker employing 6 hands [1851].

Around 1840, he married Frances [1822-1877].

Frances was born in Halifax


  1. Martha [b 1840]
  2. Sarah L. [b 1845]
  3. Marianne [b 1847] who never married
  4. Caroline [b 1851]

The family lived at 12 Winding Road, Halifax [1851].

William died 14th December 1869 (aged 52).

Frances died 28th April 1877 (aged 55).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 2274] with Josh Akroyd [1854-1867] & Claire Emma Akroyd [1865-1870]

Akroyd, William
[1858-1904] Son of Joseph Akroyd.

He became an iron moulder and a master iron founder at Halifax.

In 1878, he married Sarah Matthews [1857-18??].

Sarah had an illegitimate son: Fred Matthews [b 1877] (father not recorded).

After Sarah & William's marriage, Fred became Fred Akroyd



  1. Fred
  2. Joseph [b 1880]
  3. Gertrude [b 1882]
  4. Harry [b 1884]
  5. Edith [b 1886]
  6. Frank [b 1888]

The family lived at

  • 11 Seedlings Mount, Halifax [1881]
  • 35 North Parade, Halifax [with William's 2 unmarried sisters 1891, 1895]

William died 16th April 1904 (aged 46).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 869]

Akroyd, William
[1897-1916] Son of Walter Akroyd.

He was an apprentice butcher [1911] / employed by Stainland Co-operative Society.

During World War I, he enlisted soon after the outbreak of War, and served as a Lance Corporal with the 1st/4th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He died 3rd September 1916.

He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial, France [6A & 6B]


The Akroyd family of Halifax
James Akroyd, a yeoman manufacturer of Brookhouse, had sons, Jonathan, James and Thomas, who founded James Akroyd & Sons, the family worsted manufacturing firm which, at one time, was the largest wool manufacturer in Britain.

There was much rivalry between the Crossley family and the Akroyd family

See Akroyd's school, Jonathan Akroyd, Akroyd Place, Halifax, All Souls' Cemetery, Halifax, Ibbotroyd, Wadsworth and Salem Methodist New Connexion Chapel, North Parade

The Akroyd family of Northowram

The Akroyd family of Wadsworth
Recorded in the 14th century

Akroyd surname
Other forms of the surname include Ackred, Ackroyd, Ackroyde, Acroyd, Aikerod, Aikeroide, Akerod, Akeroyd, Akred, Akrode, Aykroyd, Aykroyde, Eacrod, Eakrod, Eckroyd, Ecroyd and Ekerode.

Entries for people with this and similar surnames are shown in a separate Foldout

The name is recorded in 1381 and comes from the house Akroyd at Pecket Well.

There are over 50 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Akroyd, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Akroyd:

Marriages 1807, 1867, 1872, 1879, 1904, 1907; Deaths 1900, 1907

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