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Aaron, AlfredRef 379-737
[1879-1900] Son of John Aaron.

Born in Halifax.

He was known as Fred in later life.

He lived with his family at Stirling Street, Halifax.

On 29th December 1899, he had a medical examination at Halifax and enlisted at Huddersfield in the Imperial Yeomanry [1st January 1900].

He served as a Trooper with No. 66 Yorkshire Contingent of the Imperial Yeomanry in the South African Wars.

He arrived in South Africa on 13th March 1900.

He died of enteric fever in the Boys' Model Hospital, Pretoria [10th October 1900].

He is remembered on the Halifax Parish Church South African War Memorial, and on West View Park War Memorial

Aaron, BenjaminRef 379-719
[1802-1871] Son of Henry Aaron.

He was listed as

He took over the boot and shoe business which his father had established at 24 Gaol Lane, Halifax in 1810. In 1845, he was proprietor.

This became Ben Aaron & Son

On 7th May 1821, he married (1) Elizabeth Hardyman [1798-1868] at Halifax Parish Church.

Elizabeth came from Halifax


  1. Mary [b 1824] who married Abraham Baldwin
  2. William
  3. Joseph [1828-1829]
  4. Ann [b 1830] who worked in the family shoe business
  5. Henry [1832-1833]

In February 1870, he married (2) Mary Hodgson [1816-1???].

They lived at

  • Gaol Lane, Halifax [1841]
  • 2 Jail Lane, Halifax [1851]
  • 83 Northgate, Halifax [1861]
  • 47 Skircoat Green, Halifax [1871]

He was one of the first members, and a trustee, of the Halifax Working Men's Co-operative & Provident Society [1851].

He died 3rd July 1871.

Members of the family were buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell

Aaron, BenjaminRef 379-2
[1824-1902] Born in Leicester.

He was a woolsorter [1851, 1871] / a woolsorter (woollen) [1881].

In [Q3] 1850, he married (1) Eliza Barthrop [1819-1882] in Halifax.

Eliza was born in Bradford


  1. William Barthrop [b 1852] who was an apprentice  woolsorter [1871]
  2. Lucy Ann [b 1853]
  3. Emma Goodson [1854-1856]
  4. Emily [1855-1857]
  5. Henry who died 2nd August 1858 (aged 3 months) 

Eliza died 6th May 1882 (aged 63).

In [Q4] 1882, he married (2) Sarah Ann Stamper [1852-1932] in Halifax.

The family lived at

  • 8 Upper Brunswick Street, Brunswick Terrace, Halifax [1851]
  • 33 Cavendish Terrace, Halifax [1871, 1881]

Benjamin died 30th December 1902 (aged 78).

Sarah Ann died 2nd March 1932 (aged 80) 

He, his wives & the children were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3358].

Aaron, BenjaminRef 379-837
[1848-1904] Son of William Aaron.

He was a shoemaker like other members of the family. He was a prize-winning swimmer [1868].

In November 1869, he married Sarah Ann Hall Standeven

Sarah Ann was the daughter of Sarah Ann and Mr Standeven


  1. Blanche [b 1870]
  2. Alice Gertrude [1873-6th February 1878]
  3. Florence Louisa
  4. William Benjamin [b 1877] who was a carpet designer  [1901, 1911]
  5. Benjamin

They lived at

  • Wentworth Terrace, Halifax [1871]
  • 26 Milton Street, Halifax [1881]
  • Upper Brunswick Street, Halifax [1891]
  • 61 Rochdale Road, Halifax [1901]
  • 69 York Crescent, Halifax [1904, 1907]

Benjamin died 9th November 1904.

Sarah Anne died 14th March 1907.

They both died at home.

They & the children () were buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell

Aaron, BenjaminRef 379-839
[1882-1948] Son of Benjamin Aaron.

In 1911, he married Amy Moore at the Christadelphian Hall, Dudwell.


  1. Bertha who died in infancy
  2. Alice Gertrude who died in infancy
  3. Louise [b 1921]
  4. Donald Benjamin

Living with them [in 1911] were They lived at

  • 10 Laundry Terrace, Halifax [1911]
  • 102 Dudwell Road, Halifax [1921]
  • 41 Crossley Hill, Halifax [1940]

Living with them [in 1911] were Benjamin's siblings Florence Louisa & William Benjamin.

He died of a brain haemorrhage [9th August 1948].

Members of the family were buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell

Aaron, DavidRef 379-846
[1804-1857] Of Halifax.

Son of Henry Aaron.

He was a joiner [1823, 1851].

On 20th May 1823, he married Elizabeth Briar [1803-1875] at Halifax Parish Church.

Elizabeth may be the Elizabeth Aaron, mother of Elizabeth Ann Bottomley who married George Samuel Patefield [1871], and who was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 845]


  1. David Briar [b 1823] who was a potato dealer [1851]
  2. Emma [b 1826]
  3. Jane [b 1827]
  4. Sarah Ann [1828-1904] who married John Smith
  5. Eliza [1829-1831]
  6. John
  7. Elizabeth [b 1832] who was a dress maker [1851]
  8. Fanny [b 1833]
  9. Joseph
  10. Jeremiah [b 1839] who was a part-timer [1851]
  11. Mary [b 1840] who was a part-timer [1851]
  12. Henry [1841-1883]
  13. Moses [1843-1871] who was a part-timer [1851]  

The children were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3267] with their uncle Henry Aaron.

They lived at

  • Smithy Street, Halifax [1841]
  • Bank Bottom, Halifax [1851]

He was buried at Halifax Parish Church

Aaron, DavidRef 379-184
[1897-1968] Son of William Aaron.

Born in Halifax.

In [Q3] 1938, he married Florence Ethel Riley [1910-1989] in Halifax.

Florence Ethel was born in Halifax

There is no evidence that they had any children

Aaron, David BenjaminRef 379-841
[1943-] Son of Donald Benjamin Aaron.

He joined the family business – Ben Aaron & Son [1958].

He moved the business from selling and repairing footwear to selling work and industrial clothing and safety wear.

In 1971, he married Joyce Gledhill.


  1. Rachel Ruth [b 1973]
  2. Paul Benjamin
  3. Daniel Matthew [b 1979]

Aaron, Donald BenjaminRef 379-840
[1914-1983] Son of Benjamin Aaron.

Born 12th April 1914.

He was a boot and shoe dealer.

He bred dogs and became a judge at Crufts.

In 1940, he married Ruth Constance Sutcliffe [1914-19??] at the Christadelphian Hall, Dudwell.


  1. David Benjamin
  2. Philip W. B.

Aaron, Florence LouisaRef 379-3
[1876-1911] Daughter of Benjamin Aaron.

She never married.

She was housekeeper to her brothers Benjamin & William Benjamin, and lived with them at 10 Laundry Terrace, Halifax.

She had shown suicidal tendencies and had spent some time in a Retreat.

On 7th July 1911, she committed suicide at her home. Her brother William Benjamin found a slate with a note from Florence:

Do not come upstairs with a light. Goodbye. I cannot sleep

On going upstairs, he found Florence dead on her bed, with one end of an india-rubber pipe in her mouth and the other end attached to the gas bracket. The gas was on at full.

At the Inquest, the Jury found that she had committed suicide while of unsound mind

Aaron, FrancisRef 379-836
[1807-1879] Known as Frank.

Son of Henry Aaron.

He was a cordwainer / shoemaker and carried on the family cobbling business.

On 23rd December 1828, he married Frances Ingham [1811-1876] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Ellen [1829-1903] who married Abraham Thornton
  2. John [1832-1832]
  3. Sarah [b 1834] who married William Hill
  4. Henry
  5. Frank [1837-1868] who was a plumber
  6. George
  7. Joseph [1841-1857]
  8. Benjamin [1843-1862]
  9. Frances [1847-1866]
  10. Eliza [1850-1852]

The children were born in Southowram.

They lived at Bank Bottom, Halifax [1837, 1871].

He was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3916]

Aaron, HarryRef 379-168
[1872-1938] Son of Henry Aaron.

Born in Halifax.

He was a cellar man [1904].

On 15th October 1904, he married Kate Parker [1865-1924] in Halifax.

Kate [née Parker] was born in Friskney, and widow of Mr Smith

They had no children

Aaron, HenryRef 379-834
[1756-1839] A Jew from Hanover, Germany.

He moved to Halifax

He was a traveller in hardware / an optician / a spectacle maker.

In 1810, he set up a boot and shoe business at 24 Gaol Lane, Halifax.

In 1793, he married Mary Stephenson at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. child
  2. Moses
  3. Benjamin
  4. David
  5. Francis
  6. child
  7. child
  8. child

Mary was a Christian and the children were baptised at South Parade Methodist Chapel, Halifax, and brought up as Christians.

He was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 780]

Aaron, HenryRef 379-161
[1836-1894] Son of Francis Aaron.

Born in Southowram.

He was a cordwainer.

On 23rd February 1859, he married Sarah Horner in Halifax.

Sarah was the daughter of Joshua Horner


  1. James
  2. George [1864-1876]
  3. William
  4. Frances [1870-1908] who married Thomas Briggs
  5. Harry
  6. Mary [b 1878] who married Norman Green

The children were born in Southowram.

They lived at 60 Waterhouse Street, Halifax [1894].

Henry died 27th November 1894 (aged 59)  and was buried at Stoney Royd Cemetery [Grave Ref: K 1136 D]

Aaron, JamesRef 379-167
[1861-1925] Son of Henry Aaron.

Born in Southowram.

He was a cordwainer [1886].

On 20th September 1886, he married Hannah Stansfield [1863-1933] in Halifax.

Hannah was born in Halifax


  1. Nellie [1888-1949] who married Thomas Palmer
  2. Annice [1889-1966] who married (1) William Arthur Horsman and (2) Hiram Wilson
  3. Leonard

The children were born in Halifax

Aaron, JohnRef 379-844
[1831-1890] Son of David Aaron.

He was green grocer of Halifax [1855] / a machine broker [1861] / an iron and steel merchant [1871] / a machine merchant [1881].

In [Q3] 1855, he married (1) Martha Kershaw [1836-1871] at Halifax Parish Church.

Martha, of Halifax, was the daughter of John Kershaw, overlooker

Martha died 11th February 1871 (aged 35).

In [Q3] 1871, he married (2) Mary Hosking [1849-1890] at Holy Trinity Church, Halifax.

Mary, was born in Cornwall [15th March 1850], the daughter of Matthew Hosking, gentleman


  1. John David
  2. Florence Elizabeth [b 1874] who married [1905] Sam  Bolton at Halifax
  3. Constance [b 1877] who was an assistant school mistress  [1891], head teacher at municipal school [1911]
  4. William Hosking who died 10th December 1878 (aged 5  months), & was buried with his parents
  5. Alfred
  6. Sue / Sara Elizabeth [b 1880] who was a head  teacher at municipal school [1911]
  7. Margaret [1882-1907] who was buried with her parents
  8. Doris [b 1885]

They lived at

  • 20 Winding Road, Halifax [1861]
  • 10 Fountain Street, Halifax [1871]
  • 9 Sterling Street, Halifax [1881]
  • Leicester Terrace, Skircoat, Halifax (the children with John  David as head of the household) [1891]
  • 9 Sterling Street, Halifax (sisters Constance, Sara  Elizabeth & Doris living together) [1911]

Mary died 30th March 1890 (aged 40).

John died 19th May 1890 (aged 59).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 780]

Aaron, John DavidRef 379-1
[1872-19??] Son of John Aaron.

Born in Halifax.

He was a machinery merchant (employer) [1891] / an engineer of Halifax [1892] / a steel merchant, gold miner, farmer, fur trader & contractor [1901].

In 1891, after the deaths of his parents, John was living in the family home at Leicester Terrace, Skircoat, Halifax, with his siblings:

  • Constance
  • Alfred
  • Florence Elizabeth
  • Margaret
  • Doris

and widowed grandmother Elizabeth Hosking [b Cornwall 1813] & aunt Sarah Hosking [b Cornwall 1849] (mantle saleswoman).

In 1892, he married Henrietta Otty [1872-19??] at St Clement's Church, Sheepscar, Leeds.

Henrietta, of 12 Cowper Street, Leeds, was the daughter of Adam Otty, jeweller

On 26th March 1896, John – shown as single – left Liverpool, aboard the Parisian, bound for Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

In 1900, he was at Railway Avenue, Wabigoon, Canada.

In March 1901, the couple were living at 9 Sterling Street, Halifax [1901] with John sisters:

  • Florence Elizabeth
  • Constance (assistant school mistress) 
  • Margaret
  • Doris

and aunt Sarah Hosking.

On 25th April 1901, Henrietta & John (merchant) left Liverpool aboard the Commonwealth, bound for Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Aaron, JosephRef 379-749
[1837-1896] Son of David Aaron.

He was a potato dealer [1851] / a greengrocer [1861].

In August 1867, he was declared bankrupt.

He was a grocer's man [1871]

In 1856, he married Charlotte Ann Balmforth [1839-1886] in Halifax.


  1. John [b 1856]
  2. Elizabeth Ann [b 1858]
  3. Arthur [b 1860]
  4. Harriet Sophia who died 12th December 1862 (aged 3  weeks), & was buried in a public grave Plot 4237 at Lister Lane Cemetery
  5. David who died 24th November 1867 (aged 1 year & 7  months), & was buried in a public grave Plot 4320 at Lister Lane Cemetery
  6. Joe [b 1869]
  7. Martha Emma who died 20th May 1870 (aged 6 years), & was  buried in a public grave Plot 2491 at Lister Lane Cemetery

They lived at

  • 10 Smithy Street, Halifax [1861]
  • Back Brier's Court, Halifax [1871]

In 1881, Charlotte and Elizabeth Ann were in the Halifax Union Workhouse. Arthur was a mill hand lodging with the Hanson family in Halifax

In 1891, a Joseph Aaron, a fish hawker, was staying at a Halifax lodging house.

Joseph died at 97 King Cross Road, Halifax [16th March 1896] (aged 58).

He was buried at Christ Church, Pellon

Aaron, LeonardRef 379-185
[1896-1975] Son of James Aaron.

Born in Halifax [23rd May 1896].

On 19th May 1923, he married Maud Brewer [1895-1977] in Halifax.

Maud was born in Huddersfield

There is no evidence that they had any children.

The couple died in Halifax: Leonard [1975]; Maud [9th April 1977]

Aaron, MosesRef 379-835
[1792-1861] Son of Henry Aaron.

He was a watchmaker.

On 27th December 1818, he married Hannah Jowett [1795-1846] at Halifax Parish Church.

Hannah came from Halifax

There are no records of any children.

They lived at Well Lane, Gardeners Square, Halifax [1839, 1841, 1851].

In 1851, Joshua Keighley and family were lodgers with Moses at 7 Gardeners Square, Halifax.

Hannah died in Halifax [Q3 1846].

Her burial place is not yet known.

Living with Moses [in 1861] were lodgers and his nephew, John Smith, at 21 Winding Road, Halifax [1861]

Moses died 3rd August 1861 (aged 69)  and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3267] with his nephews Moses Aaron & Henry Aaron and John Smith

Aaron, Paul BenjaminRef 379-843
[1975-] Son of David Benjamin Aaron.

He runs the family business – Ben Aaron & Son.

He married Alison.

Alison also joined the partnership

Aaron, Philip W. B.Ref 379-842
[19??-] Son of Donald Benjamin Aaron.

He was an engineering draughtsman.

He married Valerie.

He joined the family business – Ben Aaron & Son [1984].

Valerie also joined the partnership.

Philip changed the business towards the importation and sale of German military and industrial footwear under the name Aaron Distribution

Aaron, WilliamRef 379-838
[1826-1881] Son of Benjamin Aaron.

He was a shoemaker like other members of the family.

In 1871, he was a boot manufacturer and employed 22 men, 2 boys and 2 women.

He was a prize-winning swimmer.

In 1846, he married Martha Knowles [1826-1921] in Halifax.


  1. Benjamin
  2. Elizabeth [b 1850]
  3. Lucy [b 1852] who married Joshua Auty
  4. Louisa [b 1855]

They lived at

  • 2 Albert Street, Halifax [1851]
  • Northgate, Halifax [1871]
  • Whitehall Villas, Bramley Lane, Hipperholme [1881, 1891, 1901,  1911]

Aaron, WilliamRef 379-183
[1868-1936] Son of Henry Aaron.

Born in Southowram.

On 23rd June 1897, he married Eleanor Jane Nicholl [1876-1954] in Halifax.

Eleanor Jane was the daughter of David Nicholl

Child: David

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