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Asquith, MrRef 322-151
[17??-1819] Of Hipperholme.

On 29th May 1819, he was thrown over the battlements of Halifax Bridge

by some unknown assassin

He fell 46 feet and was found dead the next morning.

Afterwards the bridge was surmounted with iron palisades, in the hope to prevent any similar occurrence

Asquith, AlexanderRef 322-228
[1848-1871] Son of Dan Asquith.

Born in Ovenden.

He was a bell hanger / a whitesmith [1868].

On 9th November 1868, he married Elizabeth Nicholl in Halifax.

He committed suicide [7th June 1871] (aged 23).

The Bradford Observer [Thursday 8th June 1871] reported

About half past five yesterday morning, the body of a man named Alex Asquith, bellhanger, who was without fixed residence, was found drowned in the canal near Caddyfields bridge.

During the night, he stopped at the house of Mr William Holt, Talbot Inn Yard, to whom he expressed a wish to drown himself.

The Police found Holt's door open, when Asquith was missed and afterwards found dead in the canal


and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3199]

Asquith, BenRef 322-502
[1856-1???] Son of Thomas Asquith, a scourer.

Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was a warehouse man in dye works [1881] / a dry goods warehouseman [1891] / a worsted stuff warehouseman [1901] / assisting in his wife's millinery business [1911].

In 1879, he married Hannah Maria Briggs [1853-1???] at Halifax Parish Church.

Hannah Maria, of Skircoat, was the daughter of Jarrerd Briggs, a carter


  1. Annie Jane [b 1880] who was a worsted spinner [1891], a  milliner's assistant [1901]

Hannah Maria died in 1882 (aged 30).

In 1886, he married Sarah Hannah Crowther [1859-1???] in Halifax.

Sarah Hannah was a milliner [1891, 1901].

In 1911, she was a dealer (millinery). Employer



  1. Harold [b 1892] who was a machine tool fitter [1911]

They lived at

  • 3 Willow Street, Sowerby Bridge [1881]
  • 75 Bolton Brow, Sowerby Bridge [1891]
  • 28 Town Hall Street, Sowerby Bridge [1901]
  • 30 Town Hall Street, Sowerby Bridge [1911]

In 1905, an advertisement was published in the Sowerby Bridge Chronicle for

Mrs Asquith's, New Spring and Summer Millinery at 30 Town Hall Street, Sowerby Bridge

Asquith, CharlesRef 322-11
[1821-1877] He was a farmer [1866].

In [Q2] 1844, he married Grace Nortcliffe [1817-1???] in Halifax.

Grace was born in Brighouse

Child: James

A Charles Asquith died in Halifax [Q4 1877] (aged 56).

In 1881, Grace was living with son James & family

Asquith, DanRef 322-921
[1813-1870] Son of Jane [1777-1853] & Joseph Asquith.

Born in Halifax; baptised in Halifax [16th November 1817].

He was a wire drawer [1841] / landlord of the Royal Hotel & Oddfellows' Hall, Halifax [1846]  / (possibly) landlord of the Golden Plough, Halifax [from 1846] / landlord of the Broad Tree, Lee Mount [1851] / an assistant bailiff [1861].

In November 1856, he was declared bankrupt.

On 25th April 1839, he married (1) Maria Rushworth at Halifax Parish Church.

Maria was the daughter of William Rushworth


  1. William
  2. Joseph Hopkins [1841-1889]
  3. Thomas Sharp
  4. John Stancliffe [1844-1902]
  5. Robert
  6. Alexander
  7. Lucy Jane / Lucy Ann [1849-1908]
  8. Richard [1851-1853]
  9. Martha Ann [1853-1858]
  10. Mary [1854-1858]
  11. Elisa / Eliza [1855-1938]
  12. Maria [1858-1924]

Maria died a fortnight after giving birth to her youngest daughter.

In 1859, he married (2) Mary Ann Clegg [1833-1893] in Dewsbury.

Mary Ann came from Earlsheaton


  1. George Henry [1859-1872]
  2. Charles Edward [1862-1938]
  3. Allen [1860-1935]
  4. Alfred [1868-1933]

They lived at

  • Shroggs Bottom, Ovenden [1841]
  • Broad Tree, Lee Mount [1851]
  • 14 North Castle Street, Halifax [1861]

Dan died 5th July 1870 (aged 57).

He was buried at Dewsbury Cemetery.

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3199]

Asquith, Empsall HansonRef 322-8
[1834-1???] Son of William Asquith.

Question: Is he the same person as Empsall Hanson [1834-1???]?


Born in Brighouse.

He was a labourer slop dyer [1851] / a stuff presser [1861].

In [Q1] 1853, he married Ellen Schorfield in Halifax.

Ellen died 28th December 1864 (aged 36)  and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1995] with Empsall's parents

Asquith, Herbert HenryRef 322-402
[1852-1928] British MP (for Fife and for Paisley, Scotland), Home Secretary, Chancellor & Prime Minister [1908-1916].

Son of Emily Willans and Joseph Dixon Asquith of Morley.

He attended Making Place Academy.

See Gerald Cozens-Hardy Willans

Asquith, Hugh DynevorRef 322-785
[1896-1917] Son of Rev Swithin Asquith

He was educated at Holy Trinity School.

During World War I, he served as a Rifleman with the 2nd/3rd Battalion New Zealand Rifle Brigade.

He was killed by a shell whilst in his way to the ambulance quarters [18th June 1917] (aged 21).

He was buried at Pont D'Achelles Military Cemetery, Nieppe, France [Grave Ref I D 13].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Asquith, JamesRef 322-824
[1739-1???] Of Northowram.

Son of Timothy Askew.

He married Betty Whiteley.

Child: Samuel

Asquith, JamesRef 322-10
[1844-1???] Son of Charles Asquith.

Born in Brighouse.

He was a silk dresser [1866, 1871] / a dairyman [1881] / a farmer [1891, 1901].

In 1866, he married Sarah Lee [1842-1???] at Halifax Parish Church.

Sarah was born in Shelf, the daughter of Benjamin Lee, farmer


  1. Ellen [b 1866]
  2. Ben [b 1868] who was a clerk (office) [1891]
  3. Tom / Thomas [b 1871] Tom [b 1871] who was  a farmer's son [1891, 1901]
  4. Willie / William
  5. Charles [b 1879] who was a brass finisher [1901]
  6. Fred [b 1881] who was a farmer's [1901]
  7. Frank [b 1883] who was a dyer [1901]

They lived at

  • 4 Bottomley Street, Brighouse [1871]
  • 31 & 32 Thornhills Road, Brighouse [1881]
  • Fox Glove Farm, Thornhills Lane, Brighouse [1891]
  • 13 Thornhill Bridge Lane, Brighouse [1901]

Living with them [in 1881] was James's widowed mother Grace Asquith [b 1817]

Asquith, JamesRef 322-312
[1867-19??] Son of Thomas Asquith.

Born in Halifax.

He was a mill hand [1881] / a cart driver [1891] / a carter [1895] / a cart driver [1901] / a greengrocer [1904] / a cart driver [1910] / a coal carter [1911].

In [Q1] 1895, he married (1) Lucy Jane Thompson [1874-1904] in Halifax.

Lucy Jane was born in Halifax, the daughter of John Thompson


  1. Elsie May [b 1895; bapt 27th  November 1895; d 1900]
  2. Raymond B. [b 1902; bapt 7th  January 1902; d 1904]

The children were baptised at St Paul's Church, King Cross.

On Easter Monday, 4th April 1904, Lucy Jane murdered her 2-year-old son Raymond, cutting his throat, and then tried to cut her own throat. When this failed, she tried to strangle herself with a skipping rope.

The bodies were found by her husband.

Lucy Jane had been distressed after the death of daughter Elsie May 2 years earlier, and had said to a neighbour

I don't know how it is I cannot rear children; other people have such strong ones

At the inquest, the Jury found that the baby was wilfully murdered by the mother and that the mother died from injuries inflicted on herself whilst of unsound mind.

Mother and child were buried at King Cross Wesleyan Church.

James moved to Blackpool after the tragedy.

In 1910, he married (2) Maria Robinson [1872-19??] at Blackpool Parish Church.

Maria, of 10 Coronation Street, Blackpool, was the daughter of Samuel Robinson, gentleman

They lived at

  • Scarborough Street, Halifax [1895]
  • 42 Rochdale Road, Halifax [1901, 1902, 1904]
  • 63c Adelaide Street, Blackpool [1910]
  • 23 Laburnum Grove, Blackpool [1911]

Asquith, JohnRef 322-13
[1800-18??] Born in Shelf.

He was a beer seller & cart driver [1851].

He married Ellen [1803-18??].

Ellen was born in Northowram


  1. William [b 1825] who was a wool comber [1851] & married  Elizabeth [b Ovenden 1826]
  2. Thomas [b 1828] who was a wool comber [1851], a gas  manager [1866] & was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1994] with Samuel Asquith
  3. Samuel [b 1845]

They lived at Skircoat Green Halifax [1851]

Asquith, John GreenRef 322-387
[1910-1933] Son of John William Stancliffe Asquith.

He lived at Moorlands, Savile Park, Halifax.

He died [28th April 1933] from complications following an appendicitis operation at the Royal Halifax Infirmary, only a month after the death of his father. At the time of his death, he was preparing to marry Angela Watkinson. Probate records show that he left effects valued at £7,858 4/8d.

Administration was granted to his sister Alice

Asquith, John Henry StancliffeRef 322-113
[1866-1927] Son of William Asquith.

Born in Halifax.

He was a machine tool maker [1901]. He and his cousin, J. W. S. Asquith, succeeded William Asquith at Asquith's, the family machine tool manufacturing business.

In 1892, he married Annie Chapman [1869-1932] in Rochdale.

Annie was born in Ovenden


  1. Louie Gertrude Ann Stancliffe [1897-1976]
  2. William Stancliffe [1900-1960]

They lived at 318 Gibbet Street, Halifax [1901].

He died at Great Yarmouth [10th August 1927].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £73,821 6/11d.

Probate was granted to Arthur Stocks (chartered accountant)  and James Frederick Sykes (surveyor) 

Asquith, John William StancliffeRef 322-111
[1874-1933] Nephew of William Asquith.

He was a machine tool manufacturer [1901]. He and his cousin, John Henry Asquith, succeeded William Asquith at Asquith's, the family machine tool manufacturing business.

He was a director of the firm.

On 6th October 1909, he married Alice Mann Wills [1880-1972] at All Saints, Wakefield.


  1. John Green
  2. Robert Wills
  3. Richard Warren
  4. Mary [b 1916]
  5. Alice Elizabeth [1918-1985] who (possibly) married Mr  Mann and was widowed by 1933

They lived at Moorlands, Halifax [1920, 1933].

John William died 29th March 1933.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £64,624 6/6d.

Probate was granted to his widowed daughter Alice and Arthur Stocks (chartered accountant).

He and his son, John, died a month apart

Asquith, JosephRef 322-6
[1796-1847] He was a card maker [1841].

Around 1819, he married Elizabeth [1799-1869].

Elizabeth was born in Halifax.

She was widowed and a proprietor of houses [1861]



  1. Thomas [b 1821] who was a joiner [1841]
  2. William
  3. George [b 1829]

They lived at

  • Gardener's Square, Well Lane, Halifax [1841]
  • 22 Winding Road, Halifax [1851]
  • 28 Winding Road, Halifax (Elizabeth living alone) [1861]

Joseph died in Halifax [Q4 1847].

His burial place is not yet known.

Elizabeth died 8th September 1869 (aged 70)  and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 877] with son William

Asquith, JosephRef 322-977
[1841-1913] Born in Queensbury.

He was a linen draper with a ladies' outfitters and draper's business in Halifax.

He was in Old Market, Halifax [before 1890].

He had his Mourning Warehouse at Alexandra House, Halifax [1903].

In [Q3] 1868, he married (1) Savina Magson [1842-1871] in Halifax.

Savina or Sabina was the daughter of Samuel Magson

Savina died 16th September 1871 (aged 29), and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1765].

In 1875, he married (2) Annie Elizabeth Moorhouse in Stourbridge.

Annie Elizabeth came from Whitby


  1. Mary Helen [b 1878]
  2. William / Willie [1880-1895]
  3. Constance M. [b 1884]

They lived at

Son Willie were buried at Stoney Royd Cemetery [Grave Ref: N 52 A]

See Halifax Juvenile Blue Ribbon Army

Asquith, Richard WarrenRef 322-465
[1914-1988] MC, AMIPE.

Son of John William Stancliffe Asquith.

In 1949, he was a Director of the family business – William Asquith Limited – and of Modern Foundries Limited.

In September 1939, he married Joan Roscoe at Halifax Parish Church.

Joan was the daughter of George Thomas Roscoe

They lived at Warley Cott, Warley.

Richard Warren died 30th August 1988.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £376,184.

Asquith, RobertRef 322-4
[1846-1906] Son of Dan Asquith.

Born in Halifax [20th April 1846].

He was a commercial traveller [1871] / a beer seller [1881] / a hotel keeper [1901] / (possibly) the Bowling Green, Halifax.

In [Q1] 1869, he (possibly) married Mary Green [1841-1891] in Halifax.

Mary was born in Midgley


  1. Thomas Frederick [1870-1871] who died in infancy, & was  buried with his parents
  2. Dan [1871] who died in infancy, & was buried with his  parents
  3. Annie [b 1873]
  4. John W. [b 1874] who was a mechanical engineer [1901]
  5. Walter [b 1881] who was an electrical engineer [1901]

Mary died 30th August 1891 (aged 50).

They lived at

  • 2 Victoria Street, Halifax [1871]
  • 213 Gibbet Street, Halifax [1881, 1901]

Living with them [in 1901] was Robert's sister Eliza.

Robert died 26th March 1906.

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1696] with Albert John son of Edward Rice

Asquith, Robert SimpsonRef 322-686
[1847-1???] Born in Ripon.

He married Elizabeth [1846-1???].

Elizabeth was born in Masham


  1. Henrietta E. [b 1866] who was a cotton spinner [1881]
  2. Robert William S. [b 1879]
  3. Mary Jane who married Thomas Helliwell

They lived at Albion Terrace, Luddendenfoot [1881]

Asquith, Robert WillsRef 322-388
[1912-1963] MIPE.

Son of John William Stancliffe Asquith.

He was Managing Director of the family business – William Asquith Limited [1949].

He married Deirdre Newton.

They lived at

  • 1 Savile Terrace, Halifax [1935]
  • Willow Hall, Halifax [1949, 1963]
  • Queen Anne House, Dukes Lane, London [1963]

Robert died at the Hotel Principe Savoia, Milan, Italy [8th October 1963].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £393,906.

Probate was granted to James Dudley Halliwell Horobin and Hugh Wilfrid Walter Finn

Asquith, SamuelRef 322-823
[1773-1852] Son of James Asquith.

Born in Northowram.

He became a tailor.

On 24th June 1798, he married Mary Green at Halifax Parish Church.

Mary was the daughter of James Green


  1. Harriet [1800-1855] who married [1823] John Gregory
  2. James Green [b 1804]
  3. Mary Ann [1807-1875] who married [1832] Joseph  Holdsworth
  4. William [b 1811] who married [1833] Hannah Ellen  Sowden
  5. Samuel

Around 1841, he went to live with his daughter Harriet and her family at Liverpool.

He died in Liverpool

Asquith, SamuelRef 322-2
[1804-1???] Illegitimate son of Mary Asquith.

Baptised at St John the Baptist, Coley [22nd December 1804]

Asquith, SamuelRef 322-825
[1814-1894] Son of Samuel Asquith.

Born in Halifax.

He became a cabinetmaker. (Possibly) an apprentice to James Mellor.

On 16th October 1833, Samuel Askwith and John Mellor appeared at the Leeds Sessions and were found guilty of highway robbery and stealing money from Benjamin Pinder in Halifax on 21st September and were sentenced to be transported for 7 years.

On 9th April 1834, left, board the Surrey, for Maitland, New South Wales, Australia.

On 17th August 1844, he married Margaret Butler Whalan [1820-1896] from Tipperary, Ireland.


  1. Henrietta [1846] who died in infancy
  2. William [1847] who died in infancy
  3. Mary Ann [b 1849]
  4. Amelia [1851-1902]
  5. Samuel Cornelius [b 1854]
  6. George [1856-1912]
  7. James Alexander [1859-1904]
  8. Amelia [b 1861]
  9. Elizabeth Harriet [1862-1936]
  10. Frederick [1866-1867] who died in infancy
  11. Amelia Theresa [b 1867]
  12. Annie [1868-1957]

An advertisement in the West Maitland (NSW) newspaper announced

Two Pounds Reward.
LOST, about a month ago, at Seven-mile Station, Liverpool Plains,
A PATENT LEVER SILVER WATCH, maker's name, M. J. Tobias, Liverpool, No. 7837.
Whoever will bring the said Watch to Mr W. Drew's, "Lamb Inn," West Maitland, shall receive the above reward.

West Maitland, March 1, 1853

Asquith, SamuelRef 322-12
[1864-1933] Born in Halifax.

He was a master butcher [1891] / a pork butcher [1911].

On 26th April 1887, he married Angelina Hollins [1861-1935] in Halifax.

Angelina was born in Halifax


  1. Gertrude Elizabeth [1888]
  2. Samuel [1890]
  3. Edith Mary [b 1895]

The 1911 census shows that they had had 4 children of whom 1 was still alive at that time.

The family lived at

  • 2 Great Albion Street, Halifax [1891]
  • 20 Waterhouse Street, Halifax [1911]

Samuel died 25th October 1933 (aged 69).

Angelina died 6th February 1935 (aged 74).

The couple & the children were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1994] with Thomas Asquith [1827-1866], son of John Asquith & Hannah Thornton [1838-1884], daughter of Lavinia Oliver = as yet unidentified

Asquith, Rev SwithinRef 322-789
[1853-1926] Born in Hunslet, Leeds.

Vicar at St James's Church, Halifax.

He left to serve at New Houghton, Mansfield.

In [Q2] 1887, he married Ann Louisa Gillibrand in Guisborough.

Child: Hugh Dynevor

He died in Southampton

Asquith, ThomasRef 322-3
[1832-1???] Born in Ripponden.

He was a cotton warp dresser [1881] / a dyer's labourer [1891].

In [Q2] 1851, he married Sarah Ann Jackson [1833-1???] in Halifax.

Sarah Ann was born in Halifax


  1. Mary Eliza [b 1860] who married Robert Fitton
  2. Sarah Jane / Sarah Ann [b 1863] who was a worsted  weaver [1881], a cotton weaver [1891]
  3. James
  4. John Arthur [b 1870] who was a floor cloth printer [1891]
  5. Wenlock [1872-1939] who was a stationary engine fitter  [1891]
  6. Willie [b 1875] who was a cart driver [1891]

The family lived at

  • 10 Dale Street, Halifax [1881]
  • 4 Moorgate Street, Halifax (with son James as head of the  household) [1891]

Living with them [in 1881] were daughter Mary Eliza & her husband Robert Fitton

Asquith, Thomas SharpRef 322-112
[1843-1910] Son of Dan Asquith.

He was a compositor.

In 1863, he emigrated to Canterbury, New Zealand.

On 25th October 1867, he married Hannah Ellis [1843-1929] in Christchurch.

Hannah Ellis came from Wakefield, Yorkshire, and arrived at Lyttleton, New Zealand, on the Chrysolite [24th November 1862]


  1. Harry Rushworth [1868-1904] who married Emma
  2. Harriet Maud [1869-1908] who married [1900] John  Upritchard
  3. Frederick Ellis [1871-1904] who married [1898] Lillian  Eliza Gill
  4. Edith Mary Stancliffe [1872-1888]
  5. Constance Maria [1874-1964] who married (1) [1902]  John Franz Reimann (2) [1924] Capt. Charles West
  6. Reginald William [1876-1876] who died aged 2 months
  7. Eleanor Kate [1877-1937] who married [1920] Robert  Leonard Morris
  8. Reginald [1879-1879] who died aged 6 weeks
  9. William Sydney [b 1880]
  10. Elizabeth Angela [b 1881] who married [1907] Andrew  Shankland
  11. Charlotte Ethel [1883-1944] who married [1906] Oliver  Lawrence Luxton

Asquith, WilliamRef 322-7
[1817-1875] Born in Hipperholme.

He was a labourer cart driver [1851] / a farmer of 5 acres [1861].

In [Q2] 1843, he married Betty Hanson [1814-1869] in Halifax.

Betty was born in Brighouse


  1. Enoch [b 1831] who was a factory worsted weaver [1851]
  2. Empsall Hanson
  3. Mosey [b 1849]

They lived at

  • 10 Birks Hall Lane, Halifax [1851]
  • 4 Allerton Street, Halifax [1861]

Betty died 15th August 1869 (aged 55).

William died 11th October 1875 (aged 58).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1995] with daughter-in-law Ellen [1828-1864]

Asquith, WilliamRef 322-9
[1818-1875] Born in Halifax.

He was farmer employing 5 men [1871] / landlord of the Prince of Wales, Halifax [1871, 1874].

In 1870, he married Mary Ann Booth [1831-1???] in Halifax.

Mary Ann was born in Bradford

William died in Halifax in 1875 (aged 58).

Mary Ann took over at the Prince of Wales [1881].

Her niece Susannah Tattersall [b 1865] was assisting at the pub [1881]

Asquith, WilliamRef 322-5
[1822-1882] Son of Joseph Asquith.

Born in Halifax.

He was a tailor [1841] / a master tailor [1851] / a tailor [1861] / a retired tailor [1871] / a retired tailor & draper [1881].

In [Q1] 1851, he married Jane Hartley [1827-1880] in Halifax.

Jane was born in Halifax

They had no children.

They lived at

  • 29 Winding Road, Halifax [1861]
  • 26 Winding Road, Halifax [1871]
  • 21 Cromwell Street, Halifax [1881]

Jane died 12th February 1880 (aged 53).

Living with William [in 1881] was his niece Jane Hartley [b 1860] (housekeeper).

William died 10th February 1882 (aged 60).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 877] with William's mother Elizabeth

Asquith, WilliamRef 322-76
[1840-1901] Son of Dan Asquith.

Born in Halifax [16th March 1840].

Machine maker who went to work in the Canadian gold fields of British Columbia, and spent 2 years working at a mining company in San Francisco.

In 1865, after the American Civil War, he returned to Halifax to establish Asquith's at Raglan Street, the family machine tool manufacturing company.

He was succeeded in the business by his son John Henry Asquith and his nephew John William Stancliffe Asquith.

On 30th September 1865, he married Ann Bower [1843-1917] at Halifax Parish Church.

Ann was born in Bradford [19th August 1843].

In 1861, Ann was staying with John Stancliffe & family



  1. John Henry Stancliffe
  2. Caroline [15th September 1868-1915]
  3. Hannah Maria [1870-1939] who never married
  4. Mary Emma [1873-1962] who never married

They lived at

William died at Birks Hall [18th March 1901].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £26,855 19/1d.

Probate was granted to son John Henry Stancliffe and nephew John William Stancliffe Asquith.

Daughter Caroline died 9th January 1915.

Ann died at Weston-super-Mare [16th December 1917].

Probate records show that she left effects valued at £2,562 3/11d [Resworn £2,859 13/5d]. Probate was granted to daughters Hannah Maria and Mary Emma.

Daughter Hannah Maria died 4th January 1939 (aged 68).

They were buried at Warley Town Cemetery

Asquith, WilliamRef 322-412
[1876-1???] Son of James Asquith.

He was a hairdresser's assistant [1891] / a hairdresser & umbrella-maker at his Cliffe End Toilet Rooms,  Rastrick / a hairdresser (own account) [1901, 1911].

In 1903, he married Mary Hannah Briggs [1873-19??] in Halifax.

Mary Hannah was born in Hartshead


  1. James [b 1904]
  2. Annie [b 1906]

They lived at 14 Crossley Street, Rastrick [1911]

Asquith, William StancliffeRef 322-373
[1900-1960] Son of John Henry Stancliffe Asquith.

He was director of William Asquith Limited [1935].

On 24th May 1928, he married Nellie Eastwood [1905-1984] at Christ Church, Sowerby Bridge.


  1. Betty Stancliffe [1929-1993]
  2. Angela Diane [1936-1998]
  3. Joan E. [b 1938]
  4. William J. S. [b 1941]

They lived at Oak Royde, Bright Street, Sowerby Bridge.

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £115,921


Asquith surnameRef 322-1
A variant of the surname Askwith.

The name originated in the village of Askwith, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire

There are 34 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Asquith, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Asquith

Marriages 1906, 1912, 1913; Deaths 1897, 1899


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