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Boocock, MrsRef 300-23
[1809-1880] Born Sarah Denham.

Possibly a member of the family linked to the Denham Engineering Company Limited.

In 1833, she married James Boocock.

She was a well-known and popular local singer, working under the name Mrs Boocock.

She appeared in many concerts with Mrs Sunderland, including those on 1835, 1837, 28th November 1838, 3rd January 1839, 26th July 1842, 13th February 1843, 21st April 1843, 26th December 1843, 25th March 1845, and 7th December 1853.

She also sang at the opening of Todmorden National School [May 1845].

In 1837:

Concert – Mrs Boocock

begs most respectfully to inform her Friends and the Public generally that a Benefit Concert will take place at the Malt Shovel Inn, Southowram on Wednesday Evening January 14th, 1835


The programme had a long list of artists, music, singers, and the performers included Mrs Sarah Peel of the Malt Shovel

Boocock, EdwardRef 300-259
[1844-1919] Illegitimate son of Hannah Boocock.

Born in Northowram [28th December 1844].

He was a cart man/driver.

He never married.

He died in Halifax [19th March 1919].

In his will, he left £20 to his sister Dorothy

Boocock, EricRef 300-319
[19??-] Well-known Halifax speedway rider. Retired in 1975

Boocock, FrankRef 300-275
[1868-1???] Son of Titus Boocock.

Born in Skircoat [24th May 1868].

He was a tin plate worker [1896].

On 4th April 1896, he married Ann Candwell [1875-1???] at All Souls' Church, Ancoats.

Ann was born in Ashton


  1. Florrie [b 1897]

Boocock, FredRef 300-890
[1889-1917] Son of James Boocock.

Born in Todmorden.

He was a blacksmith's striker [1911]

In [Q4] 1909, he married Annie Pearson in Halifax.

They lived at

  • 17 Back Brook Street, Todmorden

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 1st/6th Battalion with the Lancashire Fusiliers.

He was killed in action [6th September 1917] (aged 29).

He was buried at Tyne Cot Cemetery, Belgium [Grave Ref VIII D 10].

He is remembered in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance

Boocock, HannahRef 300-251
[1819-1870] Daughter of Thomas Boocock.

Hannah had 2 children whilst living with her parents – father unknown:

  1. Edward
  2. Dorothy Bottomley [1846-1920] who married Jonathan Hepworth

On 4th March 1860, she married Edward Holland and had two more children:


  1. James [b 1854] who married Lydia Mary Dawson  [1853-1896]
  2. William [1858-1909] who married Mary Ann Coles  [1880-19??]

Hannah died in Lightcliffe [8th September 1870]

Boocock, HarryRef 300-280
[1874-1949] Son of Titus Boocock.

Born at King Cross.

He was a cabinet maker [1901].

On 26th October 1901, he married Sarah Ellen Wade [1879-1957] at St Paul's Church, King Cross.

Sarah Ellen was born in Halifax

Children: Ben [1906-1937]

Ben died 31st March 1937 & was buried at St Paul's Church, King Cross.

Harry died 26th February 1949

Boocock, HerbertRef 300-1547
[1877-1949] Son of William Henry Boocock.

Born in Halifax.

He was a scholar at St Mary's National School, Finchley [1891] / articled to Major Alfred Fields of Lincoln's Inn Fields,  London [1894] / a qualified solicitor [July 1899] / admitted as a Solicitor and commenced practice with his father in  Halifax [July 1899] / Secretary of Denham Engineering Company [1899].

In 1901, he was a boarder at 15 Second Avenue, Halifax. Also at the same address was Edith Alice Cronhelm (living-on-own-means) with one servant.

In 1901, he married Eleanor Sunderland.

He eventually took over his father's business W. H. Boocock & Son [1904] & was at Penny Bank Chambers, Halifax [1921].

He travelled extensively. Early in 1935, he spent 5 weeks in Egypt flying there and back on what was termed a giant plane. In 1936, he was the first Halifax man to fly to and from Ceylon.

They lived at Selway, Greenroyd, Halifax [1911].

On 27th October 1949,

Mr Herbert Boocock, a solicitor of Moorland, Ben Rhydding Road, Ilkley was found dead on the floor in the garage, next to his car, with the door open, the engine running slowly, and the car full of fumes. He was found by his Housekeeper Miss E. A. Boocock who said that Mr Boocock was in the habit of leaving the engine running to warm the car up

Question: Does anyone know who Miss E. A. Boocock was? His sister Elizabeth Ann – a possible candidate – married Harry Stebbings in 1907


He was buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell

Boocock, HoraceRef 300-867
[1894-1915] Son of Tom Boocock.

Born in Halifax.

He was a French polisher [1911] / employed by Moss Brothers.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 1st/4th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He was a friend of Edwin Copley and felt his death [16th June 1915] very much.

On 17th July 1915, he was shot through the stomach by a German bullet whilst he was on a working party and died about ¾ of an hour afterwards.

His photograph appears with a report of his death in the Halifax Courier [24th July 1915].

He was buried at Bard Cottage Cemetery, Belgium. [Grave Ref I E 13].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Boocock, J.Ref 300-1842
[18??-18??] Cattle dealer at Halifax.

In December 1866, he was declared bankrupt

Boocock, JamesRef 300-3190
[1814-1???] He was a card maker at Brunswick Mill, Halifax / a card maker [1841, 1845, 1851, 1861].

In 1833, he married Sarah Denham – who was possibly a member of the family linked to the Denham Engineering Company Limited. Sarah was a popular singer working under the name Mrs Boocock.


  1. Elizabeth [b 1836]
  2. William Henry

The family lived at

  • Garden Street, Halifax [1841]
  • 27 Church Street, Halifax [1845]
  • Church Street, Halifax [1851]
  • 3 High Street, Halifax [1861]

Boocock, JamesRef 300-1146
[1854-19??] Born in Todmorden.

He was a labourer (iron trade) [1901] / a labourer (textile machines) [1911].

In [Q1] 1876, he married Emma Powell [1859-19??] in Todmorden.

Emma came from Ludlow, Shropshire


  1. Sarah A. [b 1883] who was a fustian machinist [1911]
  2. Frank [b 1887] who was a warehouse boy [1901]
  3. child
  4. Fred
  5. Harold [b 1892] who was a labourer [1911]

They lived at

  • 8 Temperance Street, Todmorden [1911]
  • 5 Myrtle Street, Todmorden [1911]

Boocock, James HenryRef 300-804
[1858-1922] Born in Sowerby.

He was a plumber & glazier [1888].

On 21st January 1888, he married Clara Hopkinson at Mount Pellon.

Clara was the daughter of
Thomas Hopkinson

They had no children.

He died in Sowerby

Boocock, James HenryRef 300-3204
[1872-1???] Son of William Henry Boocock.

He was an apprentice wool spinner [1891] / secretary to a company [1901].

He married Agnes Amy [1870-19??] from Barrow in Furness.

The family lived at 65 Richmond Road, Paddington, London [1901]

Boocock, JoeRef 300-2
[1897-19??] MM.

Son of Tom Boocock.

He was a scholar at Queens Road United Methodist Chapel / a mill hand doffer [1911] / employed by W. & R. Hoyle at Queens Road Mill, Halifax.

During World War I, he enlisted [28th April 1916] he served as a Private with the King's Royal Rifle Corps, then transferred to the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.

In July 1917, he was again transferred to the Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey).

He was awarded the Military Medal [1917] for

gallantry and devotion to duty in action

His photograph appears with a report of his award in the Halifax Courier [17th November 1917]

Boocock, John ColinRef 300-1445
[1879-1917] Son of Smith Boocock.

He was a worsted spinner [1891] / a coal miner hewer [1911] / employed at Black Dyke Mills, Queensbury.

In [Q4] 1916, he married Mary Ellen in Halifax.

Mary Ellen [née Woodhead] was the widow of William Prout

They lived at 69 Stone Terrace, Upper Lane, Northowram.

During World War I, he was called-up [28th June 1916] and served as a Private with the 8th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He was killed in action [28th August 1917] (aged 38).

The Halifax Courier [22nd September 1917] reported his death with a photograph.

He is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium [Grave Ref 82-85 & 162A], in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Saint Matthew's Church, Northowram

His stepson Edward Prout also died in the War

Boocock, John StocksRef 300-7
[1790-1869] Recorded in 1848 when he lived at Limed House, Shibden, and appeared on the list of electors in the West Riding election for the Knight of the Shire

Boocock, JosephRef 300-6
[1819-1872] Born in Northowram.

He was a police constable in Manchester [1861] / a policeman in Halifax.

In [Q2] 1842, he (possibly) married (1) either Ann Brearley or Ann Mansfield [1815-1866] in Halifax.

Ann was born in Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire


  1. William [b 1850] who was a worsted spinner [1871]
  2. twins Mary [b 1851]
  3. Joseph
  4. Jane Ann [b 1857]

The family lived at

  • 17 Kelly's Buildings, Manchester [1851]
  • 3 Temperance Street, Halifax [1871]

Ann died 12th October 1866 (aged 51).

In [Q4] 1868, Joseph married (2) Rachel Tempest [1823-1912] in Halifax

Rachel was born in Northowram.

She was a patient at Halifax Union St Luke's Hospital [1911]


Joseph died 26th October 1872 (aged 53)  and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2467].

Rachel died in Halifax [Q4 1912] (aged 89) 

Her burial place is not yet known

Boocock, JosephRef 300-1100
[1887-1916] Born in Kidderminster.

He worked for John Holdsworth & Company Limited at Shaw Lodge Mills, Halifax.

He lived at 3 Horsfall's Yard, Halifax.

He was a reservist.

During World War I, he was called-up [August 1914], and he served as a Corporal with the 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards.

He died 18th September 1916 (aged 29).

He was buried at Bois-Guillaume Communal Cemetery, France. [Grave Ref I B 2].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Boocock, Joseph HenryRef 300-8
[1851-1929] Son of Joseph Boocock.

Born in Manchester.

He was a carpet weaver [1871] / a carpet worker [1901].

In [Q4] 1883, he married Mary Ann Hill [1852-1904] in Kidderminster.

Mary Ann was born in Halifax


  1. Edgar [b 1886] who was a cotton piecer [1901]
  2. Joseph [b 1888] who was a cotton piecer [1901]
  3. Minnie [b 1889] who was a carpet twister [1901]
  4. Clara [b 1891]

The children were born in Kidderminster.

They lived at 2 Derby Street, Halifax [1901].

Mary Ann died 11th January 1904 (aged 52).

Joseph Henry died 9th April 1929 (aged 78).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2467] with Joseph's parents

Boocock, SamRef 300-1702
[1858-1908] Son of Titus Boocock.

Born in Skircoat [24th April 1858].

He was a mechanic [1881].

On 17th July 1881, he married Mary Emma Holden [1860-1890] in Halifax.

Mary Emma was born in Skircoat


  1. Lewis Boocock
  2. Lillian Boocock [1884-1952] who married Harry Ealham
  3. George Boocock [b 1885]
  4. Hilda Boocock [1887-1976] who married Herbert Ealham
  5. Ernest Boocock [1889] who died in infancy

The children were all born in Halifax.

Mary Emma died 17th September 1890.

Sam died 24th March 1908

Boocock, SmithRef 300-5
[1845-1881] Son of John Boocock, butcher.

Born in Northowram.

He was a delver of Northowram [1872] / a stone quarryman [1881].

In 1872, he married Esther Ann Collins [1853-1???] at Halifax Parish Church.

Esther Ann was born in Coltsworth, Lincolnshire, the daughter of George Collins, cordwainer, of York Street, Northowram


  1. Albert [b 1872] who was a coal miner [1891]
  2. Elizabeth [b 1874] who was a worsted spinner [1891]
  3. Arthur [b 1875] who was a coal miner [1891]
  4. Mary Ann [b 1878] who was a worsted spinner [1891]
  5. John Colin
  6. Edith [b 1882]

They lived at

  • Village, Northowram [1881]
  • 59 Upper Lane, Northowram [1891]

Smith committed suicide in 1881 (aged 36).

The Bradford Daily Telegraph [2nd May 1881] reported

Smith Boocock, delver, Northowram, 36 years of age, was found hanging by his neck to a rope at a quarter past eight on Saturday morning. It appears that a man names James Holdsworth found the lifeless body of the deceased suspended from the roof of a stone mine belonging to Messrs Charnock & Sons, contractor, Halifax. Nothing further is reported of the affair than that Boocock was last seen alive by William Ellis at the Yew Tree, Northowram at half-past six on the preceding night

In 1891, the family were living at 59 Upper Lane, Northowram where Esther was housekeeper for Thomas Speight

Boocock, ThomasRef 300-143
[1794-1854] Born in Northowram.

He was a wool sorter [1817].

On 14th February 1817, he married Mary Ann Wilkinson [1796-1850] in Halifax.

Mary Ann was born in Northowram


  1. Ann Wilkinson [b 1817]
  2. Hannah
  3. Elizabeth [1821-1899] who never married
  4. twins Henrietta [b 1823] who died in infancy
  5. Hippilina [b 1823] who died in infancy
  6. Rhoda [1826-1901] who married Benjamin Lawton
  7. Adelaide [1831-1919] who married William Taylor
  8. Martha [1834-1913] who never married
  9. Titus

The children were all born in Northowram

Boocock, TitusRef 300-144
[1837-1917] Son of Thomas Boocock.

Born 24th February 1837.

He was a card machine maker [1858] / a mechanic [1861].

On 22nd May 1858, he married Lydia Helliwell [1839-1929].

Lydia was born in Halifax


  1. Sam
  2. Mary [1860-1934] who married Lockwood Hall
  3. Tom
  4. Martha [b 1864] who became a mission worker and was  living in Bournemouth [1911]
  5. Fred [b 1865]
  6. Frank
  7. Lydia Ann [1870-1949] who married Ernest Bates
  8. Elizabeth Hannah [b 1872] who married Samuel Priestley
  9. Harry
  10. Titus [1882-1955] who was a general labourer & married  [1922] Emily Ward [1879-1955]

Titus died 17th November 1917 & was buried at St Paul's Church, King Cross

Lydia died 3rd February 1929.

She was buried at St Paul's Church, King Cross

Boocock, TomRef 300-864
[1862-1934] Son of Titus Boocock

Born 11th January 1862.

He was an iron moulder of Parkinson lane, Halifax [1884] / an iron moulder [1891, 1901, 1911].

In 1884, he married Leah Hollas at Halifax Parish Church.

Leah was the daughter of John Hollas


  1. Eveline [b 1887] who was a spinner worsted [1901]
  2. John [b 1888] who was a doffer [1901]
  3. Walter [1890-1893]
  4. Horace
  5. Joe
  6. Frank [b 1899]

They lived at

  • 24 Plum Street, Halifax [1891]
  • 3 High Road Well Court, Halifax [1901]
  • 3 Harrow Street, Halifax [1911, 1917]

The couple were buried at Christ Church, Pellon Tom [15th February 1934]; Leah [16th April 1935]

Boocock, WilliamRef 300-1686
[18??-19??] MC.

Born in Mytholmroyd

He lived at Buckland Place, Gibraltar Road.

He was Quartermaster Sergeant at Halifax Barracks.

During World War I, he served as a 2nd Lieutenant with the West Riding Regiment.

He was granted a commission [May 1915].

In 1916, he was promoted to Captain.

In October 1916, he was awarded the Military Cross ...

For conspicuous gallantry during operations. He commanded his company in [Delville Wood] during six days of heavy shelling and sniping. Regardless of personal danger, he took our patrols time after time to clear up the situation

[London Gazette supplement 20th October 1916 p 10176]


His photograph appears with a report of his award in the Halifax Courier [16th December 1916]

Boocock, WilliamRef 300-3
[18??-19??] He was landlord of the Abbey, Luddenden [1905]

Boocock, WilliamRef 300-476
[18??-19??] He lived at Shay House until 1903 when it was bought by Halifax Corporation

Boocock, WilliamRef 300-1607
[1803-18??] Born in Wakefield.

He was a gardener [1851] / a journeyman gardener [1861] / a gardener [1871].

He married Priscilla [1812-18??].

Priscilla was born in Heckmondwike


  1. Eliza [b 1837]
  2. Edward [b 1838] who was a worker in a worsted mill [1851]
  3. Sarah Hannah [b 1840] who was a worker in a worsted mill  [1851]
  4. Thomas [b 1842] who was a gardener [1861]
  5. Ellen [b 1846] who was a silk picker [1861]
  6. Emily [b 1848] who was a cotton reeler [1871], a  tailoress [1881]
  7. Margaret [b 1851] who was a worker in a cotton card room  [1871]
  8. Elizabeth [1853-1924] who was a worker in a cotton card  room [1871] & married Thomas Wood
  9. James Corbet [b 1855] who was a cotton piecer [1871]
  10. John Miles [b 1858] who was a cotton piecer [1871], a  groom [1881]
  11. Priscilla [b 1864] who was a cotton winder [1881]

They lived at

  • Ripponden Wood, Soyland [1851]
  • Soyland Town [1861]
  • Bank Bottom, Barkisland [1871]
  • Prospect House, Soyland [1881]

William was dead by 1881.

Living with the widowed Priscilla & children [in 1881] were daughter Elizabeth, her husband Thomas Wood & family

Boocock, WilliamRef 300-371
[1866-19??] Born in Halifax.

He was a nursery gardener [1911].

In [Q2] 1889, he married Mary Hannah Charnock [1868-19??].

Mary Hannah from Halifax, was running a refreshment & boarding house [1911]


  1. Annie [b 1890] who was an assistant in business [1911]

They lived at Far Burrs, Ogden [1911]

Boocock, WilliamRef 300-4
[1866-1916] Born in Halifax.

He was a wool finisher [1893] / landlord of the Maypole Inn, Warley [1913-1916].

In 1893, he married Emma Lees [1870-1933] in Halifax.

Emma was born in Halifax

William died at the Maypole Inn [25th August 1916].

Emma took over at the Maypole Inn, Warley [1916-1929].

She died in Halifax in 1933

Boocock, William HenryRef 300-722
[1836-1911] Son of James Boocock.

Baptised at Southowram [April 1838].

He was educated at Rishworth School / a law stationer's clerk with J. W.  Longbottom / a solicitor's clerk [1861] / a clerk with Joshua Fourness Perkinton / a solicitor [1870].

He practised on his own account – as W. H. Boocock & Son – at Black Swan Passage until around 1907, when the offices transferred to George Street when Imperial Chambers were erected.

He was a partner in Denham Engineering Company Limited.

He was a bass singer and a member of Halifax Parish Church choir.

In 1878, he married (1) Frances Ann Thompson [1844-1885] in Halifax.

Frances Ann, from Sowerby, was the daughter of James Thompson


  1. James Henry
  2. William Ernest [b 1874]
  3. Herbert
  4. Elizabeth Ann [b 1883] who married [1907] Harry Elstob  Stebbings, eldest son of Alfred Stebbings of Woodside  Park, London, at St Philip's Church, Kensington

His obituary says that

One son, Herbert was engaged with him in the firm, one is engaged in the shipping business in London and the other a Solicitor in Sydney

In 1890, he married (2) Emma Elstob [1864-1???] at St Mary's Church, Kensington.

Emma the was the adopted daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel K?? of the 11th Hussars & 6th Dragoon Guards

They lived at

  • 21 Gerrard Street, Halifax [1871]
  • 17 New Bond Street, Halifax [1881]
  • Kensington House, Halifax [1891]
  • Richmond Mansions, South Kensington [1907]

In 1901, William Henry and Emma are shown as Married/Passengers with reference to Calais Harbour and were (possibly) going to, or coming from, Calais

He was buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell


Boocock surnameRef 300-1
Other forms of the surname include Bocock and Bowcock

Entries for people with this and similar surnames are shown in a separate Foldout

George Redmonds writes that early forms of the surname include Bulcok, Bulcoke, Bocoke, Bulcock, and Bowcock.

Thomas Bulcock is recorded at Warley in 1543, John Bocoke is recorded at Warley in 1546 and William Bulcock/Bowcock is recorded at Heptonstall in 1603.

There are 31 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Boocock, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Boocock

Marriage 1915; Death 1804


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