Rev John Barling


Rev John Barling was born in Weymouth, Dorset.

He was a dissenting minister and route? large?, & proprietor of houses  [1851] / a widower, proprietor of houses [1861] / a Unitarian minister [1871] / (independent) income derived from house shares and money as Int [1881]

He owned the Duke of Leeds' Arms, Halifax. Some of his property in Jail Lane was destroyed by fire on 24th March 1840. He was insured in the Norwich Union Fire Office.

He was Minister at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax [1829-1833].

He assisted Rev William Turner before succeeding him at Northgate End Chapel [1854].

He left Northgate End Chapel in 1856.

On 25th November 1856, only 135 people were present when he gave a

dry and uninteresting lecture on The Sunday League

at the Oddfellows' Hall, Halifax. The lecture was

composed chiefly of quotations from the Scriptures and ancient authors, with whom very few present would be familiar

In December 1859, he took out a patent for improvements in propelling vessels.

He published several religious treatises, including A Review of Trinitarianism.

He returned to Halifax shortly afterwards and attended Harrison Road Chapel.

On 1st December 1831, he married (1) Elizabeth Kitson at Halifax Parish Church.

Elizabeth was the daughter of Riley Kitson


  1. Edith Elizabeth [1834-28th May 1921] who lived at Stock  Lane House, Halifax.

    Probate records show that she left effects  valued at £9,394 0/3d. Probate was granted to her sister  Eliza Jane

  2. John Rawlinson [1835-1908]
  3. Mary Ellen [1837-29th October 1855] who was buried next  to her parents at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 195]
  4. Sarah Louisa [1839-1905]
  5. Thomas Kitson [1841-1842]
  6. Eliza Jane [1844-26th February 1926] who lived at Stock  Lane House, Halifax.

    Probate records show that she left effects  valued at £14,597 11/6d. Probate was granted to John   Riley Farrar Dr Priestley Leech

  7. Alice Isabella [1846-1847]
  8. Frederick Harvey [1852-1887] who was an undergraduate at  the University of London [1871]

Elizabeth died at Fleetwood in 1857.

On 16th January 1862, he married (2) Emma Ellis [1838-1899] in Halifax.

Emma came from Halifax


  1. Arthur Stanley [1862-1938] who was a student at Yorkshire  College [1881]
  2. Ivan Collingwood [1865-1950]

The family lived at

In 1833, he resigned on account of ill health and moved to Bristol.

He died in 1883.

After his death, the Duke of Leeds' Arms, Halifax passed to his daughters Edith Elizabeth & Eliza Jane

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 194].

The Barling family were buried in the double plot 194/195 [between 1855 & 1883], and – because the Cemetery was full – the grave was sold to John Brook Whitehead some years later.

Although this was not supposed to happen, there are several instances of this practice at Lister Lane

Whitehead was buried in the plot [3rd July 1918]


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