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In addition to the regular spelling Brodley and the other forms of the surname, the name is also found in written forms such as

especially in older documents & records

Brodley, Detective InspectorRef 335-3455
[18??-19??] Detective Inspector with Halifax police.

Recorded in 1894, when he was a witness in the trial of Tom Holden

Brodley, EdwardRef 335-B1477
[15??-1625] Of Shelf.

He married Unknown.


  1. Michael [b 1574]
  2. Abraham [b 1576]
  3. Alice [b 1580]
  4. Edward [b 1581]
  5. Robert
  6. Maria / Mary [b 1586] who married [Halifax 25th  April 1627] Abram Whewell

He was buried at Coley Church [26th December 1625].

The Savile Rentals at Huddersfield [DD/5/1/259] show that Edward Broadley paid 8d rent at Shelf [1629]

Brodley, EdwardRef 335-1813
[1542-1584] Of Northowram.

Son of John Broadley.

Baptised 17th March 1542.

He never married.

The Foldout gives details of his will [9th January 1584]

Brodley, JamesRef 335-B344
[1???-1582] Of Southowram.

He married Jennet.

Jennet may have been Jennet Bairstow who married James Brodley at Halifax [30th May 1580].

She is not his first wife and may be the third; but there is more than one James



  1. Marie [bapt 29th February 1562/3] who was left 13s 4d in  the will of Thomas Brodley of Sawghshowses [1576]
  2. Thomas [bapt 24th April 1571]
  3. Isabel
  4. Dorathie
  5. Alice
  6. Susan
  7. Sibbell
  8. Elizabeth

James was buried at Halifax [25th December 1582]

Brodley, JohnRef 335-B1811
[1???-1581] Son of Richard Brodley.

Yeoman of Northowram.

Born in Lightcliffe in Hipperholme.

He married Margaret.

John was buried at Halifax Parish Church [7th January 1581/2]

Brodley, JohnRef 335-8
[1400-1456] Son of John Brodley

He married Unknown.

Child: Richard

Brodley, JohnRef 335-B319
[1554-1594] Son of Thomas Brodley of Halifax.

Baptised 3rd July 1554.

He is recorded as John Broadley of the Gemeres.

He was a clothier of Halifax.

On 28th May 1588, he married (1) Margaret Gott in Halifax.

Margaret was the daughter of Richard Gott


  1. Thomas [bapt 2nd March 1588/9]
  2. Susan [b 8th November 1590]
  3. infant who was buried 1st April 1591
  4. Richard [b 25th March 1591/2] who was buried 24th April  1592

Margaret was buried 4th July 1592.

On 29th October 1593, Johes Bradely of Halyfax married (2) Esther Firth at Elland Parish Church.

Esther / Hester was the daughter of John Firth of Roidhouse in Sowerby [The Royd, Sowerby],


  1. John [bapt 12th January 1594/5]

John (senior) was buried 2nd March 1594/5

Brodley, JohnRef 335-11
[1572-1615] Son of Richard Brodley.

Baptised in Halifax [6th July 1572].

He married Mary (Marie) Pollard.


  1. infant [bur 29th January 1601/2]
  2. Dorothy [bap 13th March 1602/3]
  3. John [bap 3rd March 1604/5]
  4. Richard [bap 1st June 1607]
  5. Abraham [bap 11th June 1609]
  6. Martin [bap 23rd January 1611/12]
  7. Judith [bap 2nd April 1614]

In his will, John calls himself John Broadley.

Probate was granted [3rd July 1615], and his widow Marie Broadley widow appeared and took the oath in due form

Brodley, MatthewRef 335-194
[1587-1648] Aka Broadley.

Son of Richard Broadley.

Born [15th January 1587] and grew up at Lane Ends, Hipperholme.

Like his brother, Samuel, he worked as a goldsmith in London.

He became Paymaster-General to the Royalist army of Charles I during the Civil War, and had to pay decimation

He died [1648] at the home of his friend Sir William Uvedale in Wickham, Hampshire.

In his will dated 15th October 1647, he left £500 for the establishment of a free grammar school at Hipperholme-cum-Brighouse, Hipperholme Grammar School

Brodley, MichaelRef 335-12
[1543-1597] Son of Thomas Brodley.

Baptised 18th August 1543.

On 11th October 1575, he married Jennet Tattersall.

He was buried 8th May 1597

Brodley, RichardRef 335-4
[1???-1562] Son of Richard Brodley.

Born in Lightcliffe / Hipperholme.

He is recorded as paying tax on £10 of property in 1545

Brodley, RichardRef 335-6
[14??-1???] Recorded in Brighouse [1492], when

Richard Brodlee took 1 rood of waste land lying on the east of doggebank and hookcarhede

Brodley, RichardRef 335-7
[1436-1492] Son of John Brodley.

He married Unknown.

Child: Richard

Brodley, RichardRef 335-5
[1480-1562] Son of Richard Brodley.

Recorded in 1545, when he was named as paying tax on £10 of property.

He married Elisabeth [1490-1553].


  1. Robert
  2. John
  3. Margaret who married John Otes of Whytley

Brodley, RichardRef 335-10

On 30th September 1555, he married Anna Bairstowe in Halifax.


  1. Robert [1556-1624] who was buried 24th July 1624
  2. Alice [b 1558]
  3. Anna [b 1561]
  4. Margaret [b 1564]
  5. Richard
  6. John [b 1572]
  7. Thomas Brodley or Broadley

The family lived in Sedall (Siddal) / Skircote (Skircoat) / Halifax

Brodley, RichardRef 335-9
[1566-1622] Son of Richard Brodley.

On 8th November 1602, he married Agnes Binns at Elland Parish Church.


  1. Ann who was baptised 4th October 1607

Richard had a messuage or tenement and closes in Skircoat. In his will [of 1622], he left this to his daughter (with one third to his wife). He left legacies to other relatives: brother Robert, James [bapt 1605] son of Robert, Richard son of ?Thomas his brother, Marie Jenkinson his sister, Isabel his sister, Esther & Susanna Binnes, and others

Brodley, RobertRef 335-3
[1522-1560] Of Hipperholme.

Eldest son of Richard Brodley.

He married Margaret Roper.


  1. John
  2. Alice
  3. Isabell
  4. Sibell
  5. Robert
  6. William

After the death of his father Richard, the messuage, 8 acres of copyhold and 2 acres of Charlesland in Hipperholme and Brighouse went to Robert.

In his a will [22nd December 1560], Robert left

Daughters Isabell and Sibell 4 marks yearly. Rest to wife Margaret and youngest son William

Brodley, RobertRef 335-663
[1583-16??] Son of Edward Brodley.

Clothier of Northowram.

He married Susan.

In his will of 1st November 1643,

he leaves his wife Susan half of his goods, 5s to his brother Edward Brodley and 5s to his sister Mary Whewell.

He also mentions tuition of William Clay, son of John Clay, late of Northowram.

Susan was executrix.

Witnesses: Jonas Houldsworth, Samuel Crowther, Richard Moore, Jonas Houldsworth (junior) 


Susan may have been buried at Halifax as

ux Robert Broadley 8 Aug 1649

Bury Church register records [date unknown] the burial of Robert Broadley

a very godly man, exiled from Halifax, sojourning at Hey wood

See Nicholas Cudworth

Brodley, ThomasRef 335-14
[15??-1???] Of Halifax.

Thomas appears in the Halifax rentals for 1585 paying 12d for the Gemeres

He married Unknown.

Child: John

Brodley, ThomasRef 335-B1803
[15??-1576] Of Sawghshowses, Southowram

He was born in Halifax and moved to Southowram.

He married Unknown.


  1. Michael
  2. James
  3. Isabel [bapt 15th August 1546] who married [30th June  1572] John Marshal

Thomas left a will dated 24th July 1576.

He was buried at Halifax Parish Church [28th July 1576].

Miscellaneous Notes

It appears that most of their children died, since Samuel, in his will of 1614, only mentions his sister Mary and brother James.

There is no baptism for James, so the will has been useful in showing James belongs to this family.

Samuel was baptized 4th April 1580 and his sister Mary 22nd August 1585.

Perhaps James was born in 1587, as there is a gap in the family there.

Samuel's mother was Jennet Tattersall bap 13th July 1554, daughter of Edward and her brother was Samuel Tattersall 24th February 1569, probably the Samuel mentioned in the will.

This is interesting because Edward Tattersall married Alice Broadley 22nd September 1551.

Did Michael Broadley marry his cousin? Samuel Broadley of Halifax married Esther Lumme 8th July 1604.

Ester daughter of George Lome of Sowerbie was bap at Halifax 18th March 1581 and her brother George 28th October 1578.

George Lumme is named at Samuel Broadley's brother-in-law in the will.

There is a burial for Samuel Broadley of Sowerby at Halifax 28th September 1613.

Although it doesn't say wife of, this must be Esther as Samuel wrote his will 18th January 1614 and probate was 14th March 1614, so he died between these dates.

John s Samuel Brodell of North bap 20th February 1607, Anne of North 1st October 1609, Jennet of Hal 1st February 1611-18th August 1612, Anne of Hal 29th August 1613.

These are possible children for Samuel and Esther, but none appear in the will so they must all have died.

Samuel names his sister as Mary Hill, wife of Thomas Hill and mother of John and Samuel Hill.

Samuel Bates son of Tobyas must be Samuel Broadley's godson but I have found no more about him. Because of the legacy to Ester Eastwood, it must be Samuel's brother James who married her in 20th July 1617


Brodley, ThomasRef 335-B665
[15??-1610] Of Ovenden.

He married Unknown.


  1. Dredgod
  2. daughter who married Robert Earneshay

He was buried at Halifax Parish Church [6th September 1610]

Brodley, ThomasRef 335-13
[15??-1632] Or Thomas Broadley of Southowram.

Son of Richard Brodley.

In the name of God Amen the vjth day of June in the seaventh year of the reaigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace of God King of England France and Ireland etc in the yeare of Our Lord God 1632 I Thomas Broadley of Southeram beinge weake of body but of good and perfect memorie praised be God for the same doe make and appoynte this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge first I comitt my soule into the handes of God my creator and by his death and passion to have full remission of all my sins and my bodie to the earth from whence it came and as touching my worldly estate which it hath pleased God to blesse me withal first my will and mynd is and give devise and bequeath unto Richard Broadley my son ten pounds Item I give and bequeath unto Henry Broke ten shillings Item I give and bequeath unto Samuel Thornill ten shillings Item I give and bequeath unto Henry Moore ten shillings Item I give and bequeath unto William Fournes tenn shillings Item I give and bequeath unto Isabell wife of Edward Jenkinson ten shillings Item I give and bequeath unto three children of Richard Broadley Ann Marie and Sara every one of them v s Item I give and bequeath unto Jonas Bayley v s The rest and residue of my goods I give and bequeath unto Isabell my wife and John Bates my son whome I make and appoynte full and sole executor of this my last will and testament in witnesses whereof I have hereto set my hand and seale this 6th day of June Anno Dom 1632 Thomas Broadley Thomas Briggs Danyall Greenwood

Probate 4th oct 1632 by the executor


Brodley, WilliamRef 335-1796
[1???-15??] of Ovenden.

He (possibly) married Jennet Best.


  1. John
  2. Margaret [b 1538] who married [Halifax Parish Church 16th  September 1650] Dominus John Smythe
  3. Elizabeth [b 1541] who died before 1570
  4. William [bapt 2nd July 1542]
  5. Edward
  6. Genet [1546-1557]
  7. Ann [1548-1557]
  8. Marie [bapt 28th June 1550]
  9. Michael [bapt 7th May 1552]
  10. Johannette
  11. Sibell

Brodley, WilliamRef 335-449
[14??-14??] He was the first recorded owner of land at The Shay in the 15th century

Brodley, WilliamRef 335-2
[1560-1598] Of Hipperholme.

Son of Robert Brodley of Hipperholme.

Baptised at Halifax [8th August 1560].

He married Agnes.


  1. Michael
  2. Daniel [b 1589]
  3. Matthew
  4. Sara

Around 1586, the family moved to New Close, Bradford.

In his will [22nd December 1598], William left

his property in Shipley on trust to Edward Bower of Bradford and Henry Coyt of Rawden for the use of his children Michael, Daniel, Matthew and Sara while they are growing up.

Michael the eldest, or his tutor, was to receive £5 per year; Daniel the second son £4 per year; Matthew £4 and Sara £3 per year.

The reversion of William's lands to Michael (when adult) and the rest of the goods to be divided between the children.

Each child had a guardian: Thomas Roper of Halifax Banke was Michael's guardian; Walter Wolley was Daniel's; John Dickson of Shipley was Matthew's and William's widow Agnes was Sara's.

Agnes was the executor



Brodley surnameRef 335-1
A variant of the surname Broadley

Entries for people with this and similar surnames are shown in a separate Foldout

There are 25 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Brodley, as discussed in this SideTrack.

See Brodlegh and Broidle

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