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Bull, AlfredRef 457-643
Son of
Richard Bull.

Born in Loughton, Buckinghamshire.

He was a farm labourer [1871] / a farmer of 15 acres [1881].

In [Q1] 1851, he married Matilda Payne [1830-1887] in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire.

Matilda was born in Newport Pagnell

They lived at

  • Fern Hill, Warley [1871]
  • Upper Willow Hall, Burnley, Halifax [1881]

Living with them [in 1871] were their nieces Sarah Moore [b  1855] (mill hand), & Emma Moore [b 1857] (mill hand).

Matilda died 5th December 1887 (aged 57).

Alfred died 26th January 1888 (aged 57).

The couple were buried at King Cross Methodist New Connexion Chapel with Alfred's parents

Bull, Augustine HowieRef 457-1480

Son of Rev William Howie Bull.

He was educated at Rugby, Trinity College Cambridge / ordained deacon [1850] / ordained priest [1851] / perpetual curate at Toft, Cheshire [1855-1866] / vicar of Cerne Abbas, Dorset [1866-1875] / chaplain to the Bishop of Sydney

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Bull, Charles HenryRef 457-1953
Son of
George A. Bull

Born in Grange Moor / Flockton [15th June 1877].

He was a oiler in mill [1891] / a cart driver [1901] / a general labourer (heavy worker) [1939].

He married Sarah Jane.

Sarah Jane was born 21st June 1886


  1. Florence [b 1900]
  2. Nellie [b 11th December 1912] who married [Halifax Q2  1948] William H. Bradley

They lived at 12 Trafalgar Row, Halifax [1939].

Charles Henry died 16th January 1942 (aged 64)  & was buried at Illingworth Moor Wesleyan Chapel

Bull, Charles MusgraveRef 457-1476

Son of Rev William Howie Bull.

Born in Sowerby [11th November 1828]. He was educated at Rugby, St John's College Oxford / an assistant master at Marlborough College.

He died 3rd May 1906

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Bull, EdwardRef 457-949
Born at Pear Tree Green, near Southampton.

He was a joiner [1836] / an engineer [1841, 1851] / civil engineer, architect & surveyor [1861] / civil engineer & insurance agent [1871] / civil engineer & architect [1881] / civil engineer & surveyor [1891].

He designed several local buildings, including Atlas Mill, Brighouse

In November 1861, he bought of part of the Stannary estate, near Birks Lane, from Mary Scott Byerley and Margaret Byerley of Northallerton.

In July 1865, he sold it to John Crossley & Sons Limited.

On 11th March 1826, he married Ann Grant [1797-1857] at Market Drayton, Shropshire.

Ann was born at Hodnet, Shropshire


  1. Maria [1827-1890] who never married
  2. Richard [b 1828]
  3. Eliza [b 1833]
  4. Emma [b 1836] who never married

They lived at

  • Skircoat [1836]
  • Salterhebble [1841]
  • 13 Barum Top, Halifax [1851]
  • 3 Clare Road, Halifax [1861]
  • 8 Clare Road, Halifax [1871, 1881, 1891]

Living with them [in 1881] was grandson Edward G. R. Risdal [b  1862] (carpenter, joiner & architectural pupil).

He died at home [27th May 1891].

Probate records show that he left a personal estate valued at £201 6/6d.

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3295]

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Bull, EdwardRef 457-270
Born in Essex.

He was a carriage cleaner with the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway [1921].

In [Q2] 1913, he married Beatrice Gates [1893-19??] in Halifax.

Beatrice was born in Barnsley


  1. George [b 1914]
  2. Emily [b 1913]
  3. Frances [b 1918]
  4. Mary [b 1918]

They lived at 15 Kelton Square, Halifax [1921].

In April 1926, Halifax Police discovered £800 and the burnt remains of £150 notes at a house in Sowerby Bridge.

The money was believed to be from a mailbag containing £2,000 in Treasury notes which disappeared from a train travelling between Bradford and Manchester on 2nd February.

On 26th April, George Edward Dixon of Sowerby Bridge and Bull - both carriage-washers on the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway – were charged with stealing the mailbag.

At the hearing, it was reported that the 2 men boarded the train at Halifax, went into the van and threw the bag out of the window. Then they got off the train at Sowerby Bridge and went back to collect the bag

Bull, Francis WilfredRef 457-1850
Son of George Bull, carter.

Born in Halifax.

He was a carter of Taylor's Buildings, Southowram [1901] / a teamster for carting [1911].

In 1901, he married Sarah Ann Walker at Halifax Parish Church.

Sarah Ann was the daughter of
John Walker


  1. Arnold [b 1902]
  2. Lottie [b 1904]
  3. Evelyn [b 1907]
  4. Thomas Edward [b 1910]

They lived at 1 Lower Haugh Shaw, Halifax [1911]

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Bull, Frederick WilliamRef 457-16
Son of
Joseph Bull.

Born in Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire [March 1879].

After his father's death, his mother, Harriet remarried Frederick Smith from Birmingham.

The family moved to Halifax.

Frederick William worked for Richard Dearden Ward at Washer Lane Dye Works.

On 26th December 1908, he married Ada Mary Snowball at St Paul's Church, King Cross.


  1. Edna May [1909-1940] who married George H. Wood
  2. Frederick Charles [b 1913] who married [1937]  Florence [1913-1980] at Halifax Parish Church

The family lived at

  • 11 Threadneedle Street, King Cross, Halifax [1908]
  • 101 Scarr Bottom Road, Halifax [1921]

Living with the widowed Ada Mary [in 1921] were her illegitimate daughter Nora Snowball (a grocer's assistant with Driver's Stores at 2 Old Market, Halifax)  & Nora's illegitimate daughter Valiera Snowball.

Frederick William served in the Boer War.

During World War I, he served as a Private with C Company 1st/4th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He was severely wounded in the head by a shell [21st December 1915], and died at Ypres [26th December 1915].

The Halifax Courier [1916] reported his death with a photograph.

He was buried at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Belgium [Grave Ref II B 26].

Ada Mary received a pension of 18/6d per week for herself and 2 children.

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Saint Paul's Church, King Cross

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Bull, GeorgeRef 457-288
Born in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire.

He was a labourer [1861] / a gardener [1871, 1881] / a general labourer [1891].

In [Q4] 1860, he married Mary Hannah Eastwood [1843-1918].

MARY HANNAH was born in Warley


  1. Phoebe [b 1862] who was a worsted reeler [1881]
  2. Elizabeth [b 1864] who was a worsted rover [1881]
  3. Alfred [b 1866] who was a wool washer [1881]
  4. Eliza Ann [b 1868] who was a worsted drawer [1891]
  5. Fred [b 1870] who was a worsted bobbin setter [1881], a  general labourer [1891]
  6. Mary Emma [b 1872] who was a worsted cop twister [1891]
  7. Arthur [b 1874] who was a labourer (wood yard) [1891], a  hawker (coal & coke) [1901]
  8. Martha Ellen [b 1876] who was a worsted cop twister  [1891], a worsted twister [1901]
  9. Sarah Alice [b 1880] who was a cotton spinner [1891], a  cotton reeler [1901]
  10. Ann [b 1880] who was a cotton reeler [1901]
  11. Ada [b 1881] who was a winder in a cotton mill [1911]
  12. George Elliot [b 1882] who was an apprentice (mechanic  fitter) [1901]

The 1911 census shows that they had had 14 children of whom 13 were still alive at that time.

The family lived at

  • 4 Wharf Street, Warley [1861]
  • Chancery Terrace, Skircoat [1871]
  • 11 Jubilee Road, Salterhebble [1891]
  • 22 Browning Avenue, Halifax [1901]
  • 34 Chapel Lane, Salterhebble [1911]

Living with Mary Hannah and Ada [in 1911], was visitor Mrs Alice T. Bull [b 1887]

Bull, George AlbertRef 457-1954
Born in Norwich.

He was a miller's waggoner (carter) [1881].

He married Matilda [1847-1908].

Matilda was born in Norwich


  1. Alfred [b 1868] who was a worsted doffer [1881]
  2. Kate E. [b 1871]
  3. Thomas W. [b 1872]
  4. Charles Henry
  5. Francis W. [b Huddersfield 1880] who was a worsted doffer  [1891]
  6. Florence [b 1886]

The family lived at

  • 22 Whitworth Buildings, Ovenden [1881]
  • 19 Old Lee Bank, Ovenden [1891]

George died Q2 1889 (aged 41).

Matilda died Q4 1908 (aged 61).

They both died in Halifax

Bull, HaroldRef 457-4
Born 20th February 1910.

He was an iron & steel driller (horizontal & vertical) [1939].

In [Q3] 1935, he married Ada Pooh [1911-19??] in Halifax.

Ada was born 12th January 1911

They lived at High Street, Queensbury & Shelf [1939].

Harold died in 1972

Bull, Rev HarryRef 457-770
From Kegworth, Nottinghamshire.

He was Minister at

In 1893, he was ordained into the Church of England and was appointed curate at Great Horton.

He was Vicar of Siddal [19??]

Bull, JamesRef 457-5
Born in Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire.

He was a gardener [1841, 1851, 1861, 1871].

In [Q3] 1838, he married Mary Johnson [1812-1???] in Huntingdon.

Mary was born in Great Stukeley, Huntingdonshire


  1. George [b 1834]
  2. James [bapt 4th November 1838]
  3. Joseph
  4. (possibly) John [bapt 12th November 1843]
  5. Mary Maria [bapt 17th September 1848]
  6. Elizabeth [b 1850]
  7. Sarah [b 1854]
  8. John [b 1856]
  9. William [bapt 15th January 1860]
  10. Margaret [b 1870]

The children were born in Huntingdon, and baptised at St Mary's & St Benedict's Church, Huntingdon.

The family lived at

  • Yard near St Benedict, Huntingdon [1841]
  • Priory Lane, St Benedict, Huntingdon [1851]
  • Germain Street, St Benedict, Huntingdon [1861, 1871]

A James Bull died in Huntingdon [Q4 1872] (aged 63) 

Bull, JamesRef 457-3
Born in Mickleover, Derbyshire.

He was a chimney sweep [1871, 1881, 1901, 1911].

He married (1) Ann [1847-1894].

Ann was born in Manchester


  1. Margaret [b 1866] who was a worsted spinner [1881]
  2. Louisa [b 1866] who was a worsted spinner [1881]
  3. Ellen [1870-27th March 1940] who was a worsted  spinner [1881], a weaver (worsted) [1901] and married [Halifax q3  1918] George Hunt
  4. Henry [1871-21st October 1898]
  5. Eliza [1873-1st April 1889]
  6. John [b 1873]
  7. Herbert [b 1875]
  8. Alonzo [b 1879] who was a brick yard labourer [1901]
  9. Percy [b 1881] who was a joiner's apprentice [1901]
  10. Wilton [b 1883] who was a brick yard labourer [1901]
  11. Arnold [b 1885] who was a coal hewer (under ground) [1901]
  12. James [b 1887] who was a brick yard labourer [1901]
  13. Arthur [b 1889] who was a spinner (mohair) [1901]
  14. Ann [b 1891]

The children were born in Queensbury.

Ann died 20th April 1894 (aged 47).

In [Q3] 1918, James married (2) Louisa Petty [1868-1???] in Halifax.

Louisa was born in Queensbury.

She was a weaver (worsted) [1901]


The family lived at

  • Brunswick Street, Clayton [1871]
  • 7 Granby Street, Halifax [1881]
  • Roper Farm, Queensbury [1901]
  • Ambler Thorn, Queensbury (James was living alone) [1911]

James died in Halifax [16th February 1924] (aged 80) 

He was buried at Church of the Holy Trinity, Queensbury with his first wife Ann, and the children (

Details of Louisa's death / burial place are not yet known

Bull, JobRef 457-804
Son of
Richard Bull.

Born in Loughton, Buckinghamshire.

He was a general labourer [1870].

In 1870, he married Nancy Holroyd [1848-1928] in Halifax.

Nancy was born in Barkisland


  1. Alfred [1870-1890]
  2. George [b 1872]
  3. Ann [1873-1891]
  4. Fred [b 1876]
  5. Thomas [b 1880]
  6. Alice [b 1882]
  7. Arthur [b 1884]
  8. Ethel [1888-1895]
  9. Lena [1891-1894]

Job died 19th January 1901.

Nancy died 1st June 1928.

They both died in Halifax.

Members of the family were buried at St Stephen's Church, Copley [Grave Ref: 224]

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Bull, JosephRef 457-2
Son of
James Bull.

Born in Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire; baptised at St Mary's & St Benedict's Church, Huntingdon [14th November 1841].

He was a shoemaker [1861] / a bootmaker.

In [Q1] 1873, he married Harriet Shelford [1850-19??] in Huntingdon.

Harriet was born in Huntingdon [19th July 1850], the daughter of Eli Shelford


    Fanny [b 1877]
  1. Frederick William Mary [b 1881] who was a mill hand drawer [1901]

The family lived in Huntingdon.

Joseph died of a heart attack [Q4 1880] (aged 39).

In [Q1] 1883, Harriet married (2) Frederick Smith in Huntingdon

The family moved to Halifax around 1890

Bull, Rev MarcusRef 457-3134
[19??-] Pastor at Hope Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge [2008-2011].

In 2011, a victim of the recession, the Church was unable to support a Pastor, and he gave his last service on Easter Sunday 2011

Bull, PhilRef 457-261
Founder of the publishing company
Portway Press, and the Timeform organisation

This & associated entries use material contributed by June Paxton-White

Bull, RichardRef 457-308
Born in Loughton, Buckinghamshire.

By 1861, the family had moved from Loughton to Halifax.

He was a general labourer in Loughton, Buckinghamshire [1851] / a general labourer in Halifax [1871].

He married Phoebe Evans [1806-1888].


  1. Alfred
  2. Job
  3. Harriet [1851-1892] who married George Fossey

They lived at 20 Mill Street, Copley [1861, 1871, 1881].

Phoebe died 7th September 1888 (aged 8).

Richard died 11th June 1895 (aged 88).

The couple were buried at King Cross Methodist New Connexion Chapel with son Alfred

This & associated entries use material contributed by Glynn Helliwell

Bull, RichardRef 457-660
Born in London.

He was a stuff dyer [1871].

In [Q2] 1854, he married Sarah Ann Appleyard [1824-1909] in Halifax.

Sarah Ann was born in Northowram, and (possibly) the daughter of
John Appleyard


  1. Henry Osbourne [1868-1870]
  2. Ann [1854-1893] who was a teacher [1871] & married  William Henry Allen
  3. Frank [b 1858] who was a marker [1871]
  4. Willy [b 1863]

They lived at 4 Alma Street, Halifax [1871].

He married Sarah Ann [1824-1909].

Richard died 12th May 1904 (aged 75).

Sarah Ann died 29th July 1909 (aged 85).

The couple & the children were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2571]

Bull, Robert CookeRef 457-1479

Son of Rev William Howie Bull.

He was educated at Emmanuel College Cambridge / ordained deacon [1859] / curate at St Andrew's, Cambridge [1859-1861] / ordained priest [1860] / rector of Lynch, Sussex [1862-1882] / rector of Stedham [1882-1907].

He died at Chichester [20th September 1918] (aged 87) 

This & associated entries use material contributed by Derrick Habergham

Bull, WilliamRef 457-3164
Halifax architect.

He was one of the people who submitted designs for the Chapel at Lister Lane Cemetery [1839]

Bull, Rev William HowieRef 457-238

One of 11 children of Rev John Bull, rector of Pentlow & Tattingstone, Suffolk and chaplain to the Bishop of London.

Born 2nd March 1796.

He was educated at St John's College Oxford / curate of Sheffield [for 5 years] / at Sowerby [for 22 years] / Vicar of St Peter's Church, Sowerby [1827] / the first Vicar of St George's Church, Sowerby [1840].

He left to become vicar of Old Newton, Suffolk [for 11 years]. He was incumbent at Billingshurst, Sussex.

He was closely involved with Sowerby National School.

Having heard of discovery of the Lightcliffe Hoard of 1830, he hurried to Bradford and elsewhere to recover as much as possible, and subsequently published an account of the finds.

He was interviewed during Crabtree's Tour of Calder Dale of 1832, and when asked to sign a petition supporting the Ten Hours Bill ...

... he refused to sign it, and said he thought the less the clergy had to do with the question, the better

On 5th February 1824, he married Sarah Bridges [1797-1886] at Maldon, Essex.


  1. William John
  2. Augustine Howie
  3. Charles Musgrave
  4. Robert Cooke
  5. Margaret Anne [1833-1908]
  6. Julius Henry [b 1838]

William John & Augustine Howie were born in Sheffield, the others were born in Sowerby.

William Howie and Sarah were buried at Worthing.

See Rev John Fearby Haslam

This & associated entries use material contributed by Derrick Habergham & Alan Longbottom

Bull, William JohnRef 457-1481

Son of Rev William Howie Bull.

He was educated at Rugby, Trinity College Cambridge / assistant master at Harrow [1853-1888].

He married Unknown.


  1. Reginald A. [b 1876]
  2. Herbert A. [b 1873]
  3. George V. [b 1890]

He died at Harrow [14th January 1890]

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Bull surnameRef 457-1
The surname identified someone who was of strong character or who was physically strong & big.

Early records of the name are found in Somerset.

There are 21 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Bull, as discussed in this SideTrack.

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