Local Benefactors & Philanthropists


General Points

During the Victorian age, there were many social reformers, benefactors and philanthropists who helped the poor and needy of the area, and who contributed to the general public good

Crabtree has a long section on public charities and bequests in the district

Local Benefactors & Philanthopists

Edward  Akroyd
Jonathan  Akroyd
John  Appleyard
John  Appleyard
Joshua  Appleyard
Rev Hugh Atwell

Samuel  Baines
John  Baldwin
Samuel  Watson Batty
Mary Bedford
Rev Joseph Birch
British Workman House
Robert  Brook
John  Brooke
Joseph  Brooksbank

Andrew Carnegie
John  Caygill
George  Clegg
Rev  Richard Clegg
William  Clegg
Sir  Savile Brinton Crossley
Jane & Bryan  Crowther
Mrs Jane Crowther
Joseph  Crowther

Mrs Susanna Danson
Phoebe Dickinson

Mrs Sally Walton

The family of John  Farrar
Mary  Farrar
John  Fielden
Samuel  Fielden
Sir  Algernon Freeman Firth
Thomas  Firth
John  Foster
John Henry Foster
George  Foxcroft

John  Greenwood

Henry Haigh
Halifax Citizens Guild
Dr  Jeremiah Hall
Robert  Halstead
Ann  Holt
Miss  Hopkinson
Mrs Ellen Hopkinson
Thomas  Horton

Robert Inman

Mrs Charles Knapp

Mary Law
Henry  Lee
Rev Dr George Legh

Mrs Rev  Alfred Master
Henry Charles McCrea
Thomas  Mitchell
Jane  Moss

Edward Navey
Richard Nicall
Joshua  Nicholson

Dr  John Oakley
Richard  Oastler
Peter  Ormerod

Elizabeth  Porter
Thomas  Porter

Christopher  Rawdon
James  Rawdon
William  Henry Rawson
Ernest Shaw Redman
Charles  Robertshaw
John  Robinson
Richard Rookes
The Rydings, Brighouse
Gilbert Ryley
Rev John Ryley

Sir  Titus Salt
Samuel  Shaw
John  Smith
John  Smyth
Ann Snydall
Sidney Squire
Sir William Staines
Charles Stockwell
Peter  Sunderland
Samuel  Sunderland
Anthony  Sutcliffe
John  Sutcliffe
Evan  Charles Sutherland-Walker

John Tenant
Mrs Frances Thornhill
William Townend
Jonathan Turner

James  Waddington
Josiah  Wade
Robert  Wade
Elizabeth  Wadsworth
Edward  Wainhouse
Isaac Walton
Catherine  Grace Doherty Waterhouse
Nathaniel  Waterhouse
Emma  Jane Watkinson
Daughter of Christopher  Wetherherd
Joseph  Whitaker
Henry  Whiteley
Nathan  Whitley
Percival  Nathan Whitley
Thomas  Whitley
Mary  Wilkinson
Thomas Wilkinson

Sarah  Jane Yates

The Akroyd family of Halifax
The Hall family

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