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Butler, BenRef 445-1596
[1892-1917] Son of Annie (née Hodgson) [1867-1927] & Thomas Butler [1862-1921], farmer & carter, of Wadsworth [1901].

Born in Wadsworth.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 2nd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment.

He died 24th April 1917.

He is remembered on the Arras Memorial, France [Grave Ref 5], on the Memorial at Crimsworth Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, and on Wadsworth War Memorial

Butler, CharlesRef 445-2448
[18??-19??] Recorded in 1937 at Butler Machine Tool Company

Butler, EdwardRef 445-1465
[1829-1879] Born in Northowram.

He was an iron founder [1861, 1871].

In [Q3] 1849, he married (1) Hannah Crowther [1830-1864] in Halifax.

Hannah was born in Halifax


  1. Thomas [b 1853] who was a tailor [1871]
  2. Albert [b 1855] who was an iron moulder [1871]
  3. Grace Ann [b 1858] who was a spinner [1871], a fancy  warper [1881]
  4. Sarah Elizabeth [b 1860] who was a worsted weaver [1881]
  5. Edward

Hannah died (possibly of perinatal complications) [Q1 1864].

In [Q4] 1865, he married (2) Lydia Crowther [1828-1???] in Halifax.

Lydia was born in Halifax.

She was the sister of his first wife and had been living with Edward & Hannah in 1861


They lived at

  • New Bank, Halifax [1861]
  • 52 Lower Wade Street, Halifax [1871, 1881]

Living with them [in 1861] were Hannah's sisters: Lydia Crowther [b 1828] (power loom worsted weaver), Sarah Crowther [b 1839] (filler-up at worsted mill), Ruth Lund [b 1832] (power loom worsted mill) & Ruth's children Thomas Lund [b 1853] & Charles Lund [b 1860].

An Edward Butler died in Halifax [Q2 1879] (aged 51) 

Butler, EdwardRef 445-1113
[1863-1937] Son of Edward Butler.

Born in Halifax.

He was a wire drawer [1881, 1891] / a patent steel wire drawer [1901] / a grocer shop keeper [1911].

In [Q3] 1885, he married Clara Mitchell [1861-1936] in Halifax.

Clara was born in Halifax


  1. Edith [b 1887] who was a stationer's assistant [1901]
  2. Bertha [b 1892]

They lived at

  • 3 Malton Street, Northowram [1891]
  • 20 Woodside Place, Halifax [1901]
  • 97 Parkinson Lane, Halifax [1911]

Clara died 29th September 1936 (aged 75).

Edward died 7th March 1937 (aged 74).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1667] with James Holdsworth

Butler, EmmaRef 445-2357
[1849-19??] General draper, hatter, haberdasher, glover and hosier at 13 Northgate, Halifax trading as W. E. Butler [1900, 1906].

A 1900 advertisement for the business announced

W. E. Butler
Hosier & Glover

We want you to know us, our 3/6d Felt Hats are Splendid Value

13 Northgate, Halifax

Butler, FrancisRef 445-3287
[18??-18??] He was a butter factor of Norton parish, Grimston Smithy [1835, 1836].

In 1835, he married Sarah, daughter of Luke Roper, at Halifax Parish Church. Sarah was widowed by 1851, when she was innkeeper of the Angel Inn, Dean Clough, Halifax.


  1. Mary Ann [b 1836] who was born in Leeds

Mary Ann was living with her grandfather Luke Roper [1841]. She married Thomas Tattersall [1857].

They lived at Angel Inn, Dean Clough, Halifax.

Living with them [in 1851] was lodger Daniel Briggs [aged 32] (cart driver) from Halifax

Butler, Geoffrey MitchellRef 445-2449
[1913-1964] Son of Harold Butler.

He was a director of Butler Machine Tool Company [1937].

He married Marjory, daughter of Alfred Edward Sykes.


  1. Jill
  2. Clive
  3. Ann

Butler, HaroldRef 445-2447
[1876-1941] Elder son of James Ryder Butler.

Born in Halifax [Q4 1876].

In 1905, he married Elizabeth Ann Walton at Thornton Parish Church.

Elizabeth Ann (Tissie) was the second daughter of Mr Walton of Thornton, Bradford


  1. Geoffrey
  2. Jim

Butler, J.Ref 445-1599
[18??-19??] Established J. Butler & Company around 1870

Butler, JackRef 445-2450
[1900-1961] Son of John Butler.

He was (possibly) at Butler Machine Tool Company [1937]

In [Q3] 1926, he married Winifred Eunice Shaw in Preston.


  1. Brian Shaw who was a master worsted spinner [1961]
  2. Patricia Ann

They lived at Stoneyhurst, Lightcliffe [1961].

Jack died in Halifax General Hospital [17th October 1961].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at.

Administration was granted to his widow Winifred Eunice and children Brian Shaw & Patricia Ann

Butler, JamesRef 445-1401

He married Catherine Rushworth.

Catherine was the daughter of
Miles Rushworth

Catherine died 25th January 1834 (aged 72).

James died 18th May 1834 (aged 70).

The couple were buried at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax [Grave Ref: 89] with Catherine's parents

Butler, James RyderRef 445-97
[1844-1917] MIME. Son of Sarah Butler [1811-1873] who never married. His father was (possibly) Benjamin Ryder, a married man.

Born at Middle Fold, Leeds [8th February 1844].

Engineer who started his working life as an apprentice engineer and foreman working on textile machinery for Crossley's Carpets.

In 1868, he set up a small engineering business making looms at a factory in Weymouth Street, Halifax.

In 1872, he went into partnership with George Dennis, producing machine tools.

The partnership was dissolved by mutual consent in 1876. Butler continued the business on his separate account, and [in 1880], he moved to Victoria Iron Works, Halifax where he carried on business as a machine tool maker under the style J. Butler & Company.

He went on to establish Butler Machine Tool Company, the family machine tool manufacturers.

In 1917, the business moved to Mile Thorn.

He was a Councillor for Halifax Pellon ward [1892-1895] / a member of the Technical School Committee / a promoter of the Halifax High Level Railway.

In 1866, he married Elizabeth Mitchell [1842-1932] in Halifax.


  1. twins Annie [1866-1870]
  2. Lily / Lillie [1867-1939]
  3. Clara [1867-1948]
  4. Edgar [1869-1872]
  5. Annie [1871-1875]
  6. Ernest [1873-1879]
  7. Miriam
  8. Harold Harold [1876-1941]
  9. Arthur [1878-1879]
  10. Herbert [b 1880]
  11. (possibly) twins Herbert [1880-1939]
  12. Emily [1880-1880]

They lived at Longfield House, Halifax [1905].

He had an illegitimate son – Telford Thompson Dyson – by his housekeeper, Lily Dyson. Lily's sister, Sophia, was a servant at Butler's house.

His mother Sarah and some of his children were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1131]

Butler, James WilliamRef 445-1743
[18??-1916] He served in World War I.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 46th Battalion / 3rd Battalion Australian Infantry (Australian Imperial Forces).

He died 14th April 1916.

He is remembered on the Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, France, and in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Butler, Jo.Ref 445-3445
[17??-17??] Hatter in Halifax [1777]

Butler, JohnRef 445-371
[1834-1888] Son of Rev William Butler.

Born in Coventry [22nd March 1834].

He was a draper's assistant [1861] / a draper [1871] / a draper employing 4 men [1881].

He married Emma [1844-1903].

Emma was born 22nd January 1844


  1. Sarah [b 1868]
  2. William [b 1870]
  3. Mabel [1871-1929] who was buried with her parents

They lived at 12 Northgate, Halifax [1871, 1881].

John died 27th October 1888 (aged 54).

Emma died 24th December 1903 (aged 59).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 979]

Butler, JohnRef 445-1808

In 1896, he married Florence Caroline Horsfall in Halifax.

Florence Caroline was the daughter of
James Horsfall


  1. Jack [1900-1961]
  2. James Horsfall [1905-1971]

Jack and James joined Joseph Horsfall & Sons Limited

Butler, JoshuaRef 445-3414
[1806-1???] Son of land surveyor Henry Butler.

He was a butcher of Bradford [1848].

On 7th December 1848, he married Elizabeth, daughter of William Greenwood, at Halifax Parish Church

Butler, MargaretRef 445-1215
[1885-19??] Born in Liverpool.

She was one of the children who came to the district and worked as a worsted spinner at Calvert's Mill at Wainstalls.

She lived with George Abbott [1901]

Butler, RichardRef 445-1219
[16??-16??] He lived at Jacque Royd, Shelf.

He married Grace Brooksbank

Butler, ThomasRef 445-1012
[1821-1880] Born 31st January 1821.

He married Betty [1825-1884].

Betty was born 30th January 1825


  1. Rebecca [1860-1872]
  2. William

The family lived at 47 Oxford Terrace, Halifax (Betty living with son William and his wife) [1881].

Thomas died 11th June 1880 (aged 59).

Betty died 19th February 1884 (aged 59).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1571]

Butler, Rev WilliamRef 445-2249
[1802-18??] He was a dissenting minister [1841] / Pastor at Mount Zion Baptist Church, Heptonstall Slack [1834-1848].

He married Sarah [1804-1???].

Sarah was born in Loughborough


  1. Eleanor [b 1826] who was a dressmaker [1861]
  2. William [b 1828]
  3. Martha [b 1834] who was a dressmaker [1861]
  4. John
  5. Ann [b 1840] who was a card stamper [1861]

They lived at

  • Slack [1841]
  • Haigh Street, Halifax [1861]
Sarah was a widow by 1861.

See Rishworth Particular Baptist Chapel

Butler, WilliamRef 445-1010
[1850-1905] Son of Thomas Butler.

Born in Halifax [21st July 1850].

He was a machine maker [1881].

In [Q4] 1872, he married Margaret Simpson [1850-1912] in Halifax.

Margaret was born in Halifax [2nd October 1850]

They lived at 47 Oxford Terrace, Halifax [1881].

Living with them [in 1881] was William's widowed mother Betty Butler.

William died 3rd July 1905 (aged 55).

Margaret died 30th January 1912 (aged 62).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1571] with William's parents


Butler surnameRef 445-1
There are 22 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Butler, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

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