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Casson, A. BenjaminRef 431-533
[1881-1915] Son of Betsy & Walter Casson.

He lived at 21 Savile Park, Halifax.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 1st/4th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He died at Fleurbaix Casualty Clearing Station [11th May 1915] (aged 34).

He was buried at Merville Communal Cemetery, France [Grave Ref II T 7].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Casson, David DysonRef 431-4
[1833-1869] Son of William Casson.

He was a partner in Jackson & Casson [1858] / a member of the Loyal Georgeans [1858-1886].

David died in Birkenhead [Q1 1869] (aged 35) 

Casson, ElizabethRef 431-6220
[17??-18??] Matron of Halifax Workhouse [1830]

Casson, Ernest TateRef 431-1871
[1882-1946] Son of James Casson.

Born in Elland.

He was a woollen manufacturer (employer) [1901, 1911] / senior partner in James Casson Limited [1934].

In [Q2] 1905, he married Mary Helen Dyson [1878-19??] in Halifax.

They lived at Sommerville, Victoria Road, Elland [1911]

Casson, GeorgeRef 431-1410
[17??-18??] In 1800, he was the Halifax Agent for the British Fire Office of London

Casson, GeorgeRef 431-138
[18??-1???] He married Ellen Todd [18??-1???].


  1. Emma who married Ernest George Fossey

Casson, GeorgeRef 431-1225
[1801-1861] Born in Halifax.

He was a joiner [1841] / a master joiner employing 1 man [1851].

He married Mary Ann [1806-1850].


  1. George Frederick [b 1832] who was a joiner's apprentice  [1851]
  2. William Norris [b 1834] who was a machine maker's  apprentice [1851]
  3. Alfred [b 1837] who was a joiner's apprentice [1851]
  4. Hannah [b 1839]
  5. (possibly) Henrietta [b 1840]
  6. Wallace [b 1842]
  7. Sidney

They lived at

  • Square Road, Halifax [1841]
  • 5 Square Road, Halifax [1851]

Mary Ann died Q3 1850.

George (possibly) died Q2 1861

Casson, GeorgeRef 431-178
[1836-1880] Born George Beaumont.

Son of Eliza Beaumont; father unknown.

In 1842, Eliza married
Thomas Casson

Born in Elland.

He was a woollen weaver [1851] / a woollen manufacturer [1859] / a woollen manufacturer employing 7 men, 6 boys, 17 girls [1871].

On 16th December 1860, he married Susannah Sykes [1837-1???].

Susannah was born in Elland


  1. Miriam [1862-1929]
  2. Thomas
  3. John Edward [b 1868]
  4. Sarah [b 1870]
  5. Louisa [b 1872]
  6. Hetty [1873-1958]
  7. George Lewis [1876-1935]
  8. Laura [1877-1940]

They lived at Savile Road, Elland [1871]

Casson, GeorgeRef 431-968
[1890-1948] Son of Thomas Casson.

He was a woollen manufacturer with business at Bar Mill, Elland / head of Thomas Casson & Brother / chairman of Century Dyeworks, Elland.

In [Q3] 1916, he married Delia Constance (Connie) Lumb in Conway, Wales.

Delia was born in Elland, the daughter of Samuel Lumb


  1. Tom

They lived at Barkisland Hall and Llandudno.

George died [30th June 1948] after suffering a heart attack and then falling down stairs at Barkisland Hall and breaking his neck. Probate records show that he left effects valued at £140,463 19/8d.

Probate was granted to his widow Delia Constance, son Tom, Samuel Sutcliffe (chartered accountant), and Harry Riley (chartered accountant).

Delia Constance died in Halifax General Hospital [7th May 1957].

Probate records show that she left effects valued at £11,279 10/2d.

Probate was granted to son Tom.

The couple were buried at Christ Church, Barkisland

Casson, George FrederickRef 431-2
[1880-1944] Son of James Casson.

Born in Elland.

He was a woollen manufacturer (employer) [1911].

On 8th May 1905, he married Beatrice Lumb at Elland Parish Church.

Beatrice was the daughter of Luke Lumb


  1. Audrey Bowes [1909-1988] who married Norman Dawson
  2. Katherine Mary [1912-1983] who married Francis Dalton Drake

They lived at

George Frederick died at Norton Lodge, West Parade, Llandudno [22nd April 1944] (aged 53).

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £44,715 15/9d.

Probate was granted to his widow Beatrice, daughters Audrey Bowes Dawson & Katherine Mary Drake.

Beatrice died 5th December 1973 (aged 90).

The couple were buried at Elland Cemetery

Casson, HarryRef 431-1782
[1896-1918] Illegitimate son of Annie Casson.

He was a member of St Hilda's Church, Halifax & Sunday School / an ironmonger's errand boy [1911] / an apprentice with Nicholson & West Limited.

He served with with the Yorkshire Dragoons.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 1st/5th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment.

He was killed at Bailleul, France [11th April 1918] (aged 22).

His photograph appears with a report of his death in the Halifax Courier [11th May 1918].

He was buried at Le Grand Beaumart British Cemetery, Steenwerck, France [Grave Ref II C 10].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Saint Hilda's Church, Halifax

Casson, JamesRef 431-1327
[1848-1900] Son of Thomas Casson.

Born in Elland.

He was a woollen manufacturer employing 17 men, 30 women & 9 boys [1881].

In 1861, he established James Casson Limited woollen manufacturers.

On 27th May 1879, he married Ann Tate at Elland Parish Church.

Ann was the twin daughter of Christopher Tate


  1. George Frederick
  2. Ernest Tate
  3. Sophia [b 1885]

The family lived at Norton House, Elland [1891, 1900].

James died 10th January 1900.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £15,178 2/4d.

Probate was granted to William Smithies (cotton waste dealer), and John Crawshaw (shoddy manufacturer) 

Casson, JoelRef 431-363
[17??-18??] Of Ovenden.

He married Mary Sharp.

Mary was the daughter of
William Sharp


  1. Hannah [1817-1840] who married William Hall

Mary died 6th October 1838 (aged 41).

Hannah died 15th September 1840 (aged 23).

Mary & Hannah were buried at Steep Lane Baptist Chapel, Sowerby

Casson, JohnRef 431-1367
[1???-18??] Halifax architect.

He was at Bath Parade, Halifax [1822]

Casson, JohnRef 431-6
[1823-1858] Son of Joseph Casson.

He was a wire drawer [1851].

On 18th August 1853, he married Ann Hemingway [1830-1914] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Eliza [1856-1860] who was buried with her parents

John died 26th September 1858 (aged 35).

Ann died 20th October 1914 (aged 84).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3879]

Casson, JohnnieRef 431-57
[1944-] Comedian and presenter.

Born in Halifax.

He began his career as a drummer with a group called the Cresters. He has made many appearances on TV and on the stage.

In [Q1] 1969, he married Jean Williams in Calder District.


  1. Linda Maria
  2. Lucy
  3. Aimee Louise

They lived at Brighouse.

Casson, JosephRef 431-7

He married Mary [1800-18??].

Mary was born in Halifax.

She was a shopkeeper (for spice) [1851]



  1. Harriet [b 1821]
  2. Edwin [b 1821]
  3. John
  4. Emma [b 1827]
  5. Ellen [b 1829] who was a wire lapper [1851]

Mary was widowed by 1851.

They lived at Upper Shaw Hill, Halifax [1841, 1851].

Living with them [in 1851] was grandson Walter Casson [b 1846]

Casson, Lucy ElizabethRef 431-893
[1974-] Brighouse-born singer and dancer. Daughter of Johnnie Casson.

She appeared as a ballet tart in the film version of The Phantom of the  Opera [2004] and in the Harry Potter film The Goblet of Fire [2005]

Casson, SidneyRef 431-1223
[1845-1918] Son of George Casson.

Born in Halifax.

He was a picker maker [1871, 1881] / a picker maker for weaving [1891] / a picker maker [1901] / a leather picker maker [1911].

In [Q4] 1868, he married Mary Jane Jagger [1848-19??] in Halifax.

Mary was born in Halifax.

She was a silk mill hand [1871]



  1. Henrietta [b 1868] who was a worsted spinner [1881], a  silk rover [1891]
  2. Rose Ann [b 1870] who was a silk dresser [1891], a silk  twister [1901], a worsted coating weaver [1911]
  3. Annie [b 1873] who was a worsted twister [1891] & had a  son Harry (father unknown) 
  4. Alice [b 1878] who was worsted spinner [1891], a worsted  twister [1901], a worsted coating weaver [1911]

They lived at

  • 1 Fisher's Buildings, Horley Green [1871]
  • 1 Freedom Court, Northowram [1881]
  • 10 Alexandra Street, Northowram [1891]
  • 24 New Bank, Halifax [1901]
  • 5 Franklin Street, Gibbet Street, Halifax [1911]

Living with them [in 1881] was nephew Sidney Jagger [b 1866] (railway servant).

Living with them [in 1881] was niece Lena Jagger [b 1881] (worsted winder).

Living with them [in 1901] was niece Selina Jagger [b 1881] (worsted coating weaver) 

Casson, ThomasRef 431-2494
[1???-18??] He built the George & Dragon, Elland on land known as Sheep Croft.

He was landlord there [1845].

Question: Does anyone know whether he had any link to Casson Place, Elland?


Casson, ThomasRef 431-353
[1809-1859] Born in Halifax.

He was a woollen manufacturer employing 3 hands [1851].

On 23rd January 1842, he married Eliza Beaumont [1814-1876] in Huddersfield.

Eliza had 2 children (fathers unknown):

  1. George Beaumont Casson
  2. Sarah Ann Beaumont [1840-1869]


  1. Elizabeth [b 1842] who was a bobbin weaver [1851]
  2. John [b 1844]
  3. James
  4. Mary [b 1850]
  5. Jennings [1854-1928]
  6. Hannah [b 1856]
  7. Ellen [1848-1929]

They lived at New Street, Elland-cum-Greetland [1851].

Thomas died 30th September 1859.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at under £600.

The will was proved by his widow Eliza, and stepson George Beaumont

Casson, ThomasRef 431-1221
[1847-1???] Born in Halifax.

He was a saddler [1891].

In 1873, he married Martha Ann Crowther from Wymondham, Norfolk, in Halifax.

The family lived at 12 Northgate, Elland [1891]

Casson, ThomasRef 431-3
[1864-1933] Son of George Casson.

He was a woollen cloth manufacturer [1891] / a woollen manufacturer [1901, 1911] / a partner in Thomas Casson & Brother.

In 1889, he married (1) Emily Marchant in Halifax.

Emily was the daughter of Edwin Marchant


  1. George

Emily died at Springfield, Victoria Road, Elland [Q2 1920] (aged 50).

On 9th November 1925, he married (2) Constance Mary Witty at Christ Church, Barkisland.

Constance was the daughter of Thomas Witty

They lived at

Thomas died at Springfield, Elland in 1933

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £72,779

Constance died in Norton Tower [7th March 1950].

Members of the family were buried at Christ Church, Barkisland

Casson, ThomasRef 431-966
[1918-1992] Son of George Casson of Barkisland Hall.

He was a woollen manufacturer [1948, 1957].

In July 1940, he was imprisoned for 18 months for manslaughter and banned from driving for 10 years after he knocked down and killed a 17-year-old mill-girl who was cycling at Boothtown. He said he was dozing at the time and did not know that he had hit anyone.

He was Lieutenant Casson at the time.

In 1947, he married Audrey Hesketh in Conway, North Wales.


  1. George [1952-1977] who died in Colwyn Bay, Wales
  2. Jane [1953-1956]

Jane was buried at Christ Church, Barkisland

Casson, WilliamRef 431-2096

Question: Is he the same person as William Casson [1805-1865]?


Halifax architect. Recorded in 1850 at Ferguson Street, Halifax

Casson, WilliamRef 431-5

Question: Is he the same person as William Casson [18??-18??]?


Son of Mary & John Casson.

Born in Halifax; baptised in Halifax [17th March 1805].

He was a land surveyor [1841, 1851].

Around 1828, he married Elizabeth [1806-1???].

Elizabeth was born in Halifax


  1. Charlotte Louisa [b 1828]
  2. William John [b 1829]
  3. Barbara Dyson [b 1831]
  4. David Dyson
  5. Mary Hirst [b 1835]
  6. James Alfred [b 1841]

They lived at

  • 9 Hopwood Lane, Halifax [1841]
  • 38 Rhodes Street, Halifax [1851]
  • Southowram [1865]

William (possibly) died March 1865


The Casson familyRef 431-1199
They lived at Barkisland Hall. In the 1920s, they renovated the interior, destroying much of the original detail.

See George Casson


Casson surnameRef 431-1
There are 26 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Casson, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Casson

Marriage 1853


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