This Foldout lists some local links with Canada.

Migration to Canada – of farmers and tradesmen – was encouraged from 1772.

In the 1830s, representatives from Toronto came to England to recruit stone masons and market gardeners which were in great demand in Canada. Many local workers emigrated about this time.

The Montréal Immigrant Committee report for 1847 recorded

... the year has been unparalleled for the amount of immigration in Canada: near 100,000 souls have left the British isles for these provinces during this period. Over 5000 of these died on their passage out, 3389 died at Grosse Isle, 3862 at Montréal, and other places in the same fearful proportions. Never has Canada presented such fearful scenes of destitution and suffering. The disease of which the emigrant passengers and in many circumstances the officers and crews of ships, perished at sea, and of which on their arrival in the United States and Canada a great number were ill, was typhus fever in its genuine form. In some ships dysentery, smallpox, and measles swelled the amount of mortality, and added to the number of sick that reached the ports of destination

See America, Australia, New Zealand, India, Africa, South America, China, Portugal and Burma

John  David Aaron
Thomas  Edward Akroyd
Rev  Richard Alderson
Sir  Douglas Alexander
Dr  William Alexander
John  Ashwood
William  Asquith

Charles  Ernest Bancroft
George  William Bancroft
The Beaver Club
Jeremiah  Bedford
George  Bentley
Clement  Berry
Frank  Arthur Berry
Horace  Booth
John  Spencer Booth
William  Bottomley
William  Stanley Braithwaite
Edgar  Brearley
Sam  Brighouse
Fred  Brown

Miles  Calvert
George  Arthur Clay
Vernon, son of James  Clay
Henry, son of Stephen Cockburn
Francis Edward Collinson
Thomas  Collinson
William Cecil Conway
Edith  Crabtree
Rev Charles Russell Cranham
Rev Henry Only Crofts
Charles  Albert Crossley
Henry  Crossley
John  Crossley
John  Crossley

Luther  Herbert Dobson
John  Albert Drake
Durban (Stellawood) Cemetery

Alfred  Rawnsley Edwards
Arnold  Edwards
Bruce  Elliott
Harry  Ellison
Empress Of Ireland
James  Evison

Rev  A. C. Fenwick
Frederick  Fickling
Joseph  Fielding
Lewis  Fielding
Mary  Fielding
Mercy  Rachel Fielding
Louis  Frederick Fleming
Russell  George Freeman
Frobisher brothers
The Frobisher family of Halifax
Benjamin  Frobisher
Joseph  Frobisher
Thomas Frobisher

Frederick  Charles Gledhill
James  William Gledhill
Janie Forsythe Grant
Fred  Greenwood
George  Greenwood
Lawrence  Herbert Greenwood
Lewis  Greenwood
Matthew  Henry Greenwood
Rev  Thomas Greenwood
Herbert  Guest

William Hailstone
William  Hainsworth
Edward  Cecil Haley
Harry  Hardacre
John  Hebden
Thomas  Helliwell
William  Helliwell
Wilmott  Hepworth
Russell  Hincklieff
James  Maden Hollas
Samuel  Riley Holmes

Emma  Jane Houseman
John  Howarth

Harry  Edward Illingworth
Frederick  Ing
Samuel  Ingham

Harry  Percy Jackson
Rev Francis James
Wilfred  Judson

Klondike Gold Rush
Rev Charles Knapp

James  Law
Robert  Law
Rev  Thomas Law
William  Ledgard
Edmund  Lodge
Henry  Lodge
Leonora  Lumb

John  Mallinson
Annie  McCandlish
Charles  McKenna
Archibald Norman McLeod
John  Whitworth McLintock
Jack  Mellor
John C. Miles
Albert  Victor Mitchell
A.  Morris
John  Morton
Arnold  Murgatroyd

Lewis  Naylor
The North West Company

Hedley  Palmer
George  Parker
George  Albert Pickles
Rev  Michael Pickles
Archibald Macallister Poyner
John  Presswood
Edgar  Watkin Priestley

Thomas Quinsey

Christopher  Rawson
Frank  Rawsthorn
Edward  Ripley
Lucy Rodd
William  Rushworth

Joshua  Scarff
Thomas  Henry Scarff
Richard  Bates Simpson
Stafford  Stocks Smith
Thomas  Hartley Soothill
David Squire
Joshua  Stansfeld
Robert  Stansfeld
William  Hosking Stevenson
John  Edward Sunderland
Herbert  Sutcliffe
Hanson  Sykes
John  Coggin Sykes

Robert  Leslie Taylor
Rev  Edwin Teale
Joseph  Farrar Thornton
The Three Greenhorns
James  Tucker

Henry  Hodgson Wadsworth
Lawrence Rickard Wager
Harold  Wright Harwood Walker
Tom  Dinsdale Webster
Rev  Bertie Loftus Whitaker
Robert Foster Wilkinson
Francis  Walter de Winton
Percy  Wressell

Elizabeth Ann Yates
John  Young

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