Crimes & Criminals

This Foldout collects the entries for some crimes and court cases in the district.

See also the entries for Murders & Murderers, Deaths, and Coiners

Miscellaneous Crimes

Jeremy Brigg
Brighouse Co-operative Stores: Stabbing [1929]

Arson at Canal Wharf Saw Mills, Hebden Royd
John Carpmael

Dixon vs Brearley

Goldthorpe vs Hardman

Halifax Corporation vs Barraclough
Halifax Race Course
Hare Mill, Todmorden
Hare Spinning Company Limited
Hipperholme Picture House
James Hoyle (Limited) vs Cousin & Mitchell

Jones vs Greenwood

Jesse Lord

Mark Mellor
Mixenden Riot

Newby & Woodhouse

Patchett vs Sutcliffe

George Paxton
Pound breach

Thomas de Quincey

Robinwood Mill, Todmorden
William Rookes
Roper vs George Greenwood & Sons

Shillito vs Shillito & Hirst
Men playing Shoolnige

Taylor vs Green
Sidney Thornton
Todmorden Joint Stock Mill Company
William Town

Waddington vs Waller
Harry Wallace Wardle
John Whiteley
Winterburn, Warley
Wood vs Wood & Farrar

Yorkshire Artificial Silk Company Limited
Rev Hamilton Young

The Holden Family of Forgers

Transported Convicts

Valentine Ackroyd
Abraham Akroyd
Abel Ashworth
George Ashworth
Samuel Asquith

John Baines
John Baines
John Bancroft
Elkanah Bannister
William Barber
Jonas Barrett
Isaiah Bentley
Joseph Bentley
Benjamin Borran
Isaac Briggs
Isaac Broughton
James Brown
John Bulmer

John Clarke
Henry Clayton
John Clayton
Joseph Clayton
Joseph Cliffe
John Cockroft
Solomon Crabtree
and 2 others John Crowther

George Dawtrey
John Downs

Charles Evans

Mark Farrar
Gideon Fearnley
John Fielding
Joseph Firth
James Fletcher

William Gaukroger

John Greenwood
Mary Greenwood

James Hainsworth
The Hermit of Hathershelf
Edward Holden
John Holden
John Holden
Samuel Holdsworth
Mary Hyde

George Ibbetson
Joseph Ingham

Henry Jagger
Benjamin Jowett

John Kitson

William Law
Simeon Lord

Alexander Mackay
Daniel Maude
John Mellor
John Mitchell
Jonas Mitchell
William Mitchell
James Mozley

James Naylor
Ellis Nicholl
Joseph Noble

Paramatta cloth
Richard Partridge
James Pickles
Matthias Pilling
James Price
Eli Priestley
Jabez Priestley

Prison hulk

Samuel Ramsden
Joseph Ratcliffe
Henry Riley
Jonathan Rushworth

Joseph Saville
George Scholes
James Scholes
Sarah Shackleton
George Cropper Smith
Jonathan Smith
William Snowden
Thomas Spencer
Thomas Squires
George Stansfield
Jonathan Stansfield
Benjamin Stott
Henry Sunderland
Henry Sutcliffe
Henry Sutcliffe
Henry Sutcliffe
John Swallow

Joseph Tatham
Benjamin Thorpe
Robert Titterington

John Verity

Intruder apprehended by Mr Wade
William Walsh
Sidney Whitaker
James Wilkinson
Joshua Wilson
John Wood
John Wood
Thomas Bardsley Wood

People executed at Tyburn, York

Thomas Boys
John Brigg

Isaac Charlesworth
Joshua Clayton

George Bell for forging the will of Ralph Dalton
Charles Dimmey
John Dobson
John Dove

Thomas Boys & Richard Boys for the robbery of Abraham Earnshaw

William Field

Benjamin Gartside
John Greenwood

George Harger
William Hartley
Job Hey
John Hill

Robert Iredale

Joseph King

George Mellor
Benjamin Micklethwaite

Matthew Normington

James Oldfield

Michael Pickles

Rev Edmund Robinson

John Scott
Michael Shaw
Joseph Shepherd
Christopher Singleton
Henry Smelt
Thomas Smith
Henry Sutcliffe

Robert Thomas
William Thorpe
Andrew Tucker

Mr Watson
Richard Watson
William Cowan & William Hall for the attempted murder of John Williamson

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