Local Conservatives

This Foldout collects the entries for some of the local Conservatives and Conservative groups

Sir Alfred Arnold

Bailey Hall Conservative Club
John  Herbert Lacy Baldwin
W.  Barber
Sir  Edward Bates
Boothtown Conservative Club
James  Bracewell
William  Brear
Brighouse Conservative Association
Brighouse Conservative Club

Mrs Geraldine Carter
Joyce Cawthra
Claremount Ward Conservative Club
Arthur  Travis Clay
Joseph  Travis Clay
Clifton Conservative Club
Major Edward Feetham Coates
William  Coates
Conservative Association for the Brighouse Polling District
Conservative News Room
Conservative Reading Room, Elland
Copley & Skircoat Green Conservative Club
Copley Ward Conservative Club
Francis  Savile Crossley

William  Dearden

Sir  Henry Edwards
Elland Conservative & Unionist Association
Elland Division Conservative Association

Edward  Brocklehurst Fielden
Thomas  Fielden
Philip  Staveley Foster

Roy Galley
Gilbert  Gledhill
Greetland Conservative Club

Halifax Conservative Association
Halifax Conservative Union
The Halifax Guardian
Halifax Junior Conservative Association
John  C. D. Hardy
Sir  Enoch Hill
George Brown Hillman
Hipperholme & Lightcliffe Conservative Club

James Fitzalan Hope
Hove Edge Conservative Club

Illingworth Conservative Association

Robert  Law
Edward Egerton Leigh
Thomas Levy
Henry  Charles Lightowler
Mrs  Miriam Lightowler
Anne  Lister
Lydgate Conservative Club, Northowram
Lydgate Conservative Club, Todmorden

Maurice Victor Macmillan
Malcolm Stewart McCorquodale
Henry Charles McCrea
Mr  A. Morris

Norwood Green Conservative Club

Chris O'Connor

Pellon Ward Conservative Club
George Wilfred Proudfoot

Major  F. C. Rasch
Ripponden Conservative Club

Michael  Norman Shaw
Shelf Conservative Club
William Algernon Simpson-Hinchliffe
Sowerby Conservative Club
Sowerby Conservative Working Men's Club
Sowerby Division Conservative Union
Colonel  Robert Stansfeld
Sir  Harold Sutcliffe

Sir  Donald Thompson
Todmorden Conservative Club
Turk's Head Conservative Club
Thomas  Turney

Gary Peter Anthony Waller
Walsden Conservative Club
James  Walsh
Herbert  James Whiteley
Working Men's Conservative League

See Labour and Liberals

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