Local Conservatives

This Foldout collects the entries for some of the local Conservatives and Conservative groups

Sir Alfred Arnold [1835-1908]
Bailey Hall Conservative Club
John Herbert Lacy Baldwin [1863-1945]
W. Barber [18??-1???]
Sir Edward Bates [1816-1896]
Boothtown Conservative Club
James Bracewell [1834-1916]
William Brear [1837-1919]
Brighouse Conservative Association
Brighouse Conservative Club
Mrs Geraldine Carter [19??-]
Joyce Cawthra [19??-]
Claremount Ward Conservative Club
Arthur Travis Clay [1845-1919]
Joseph Travis Clay [1804-1892]
Clifton Conservative Club
Major Edward Feetham Coates [18??-19??]
William Coates [1815-1874]
Conservative Association for the Brighouse Polling District
Conservative News Room
Conservative Reading Room, Elland
Copley & Skircoat Green Conservative Club
Copley Ward Conservative Club
Francis Savile Crossley [1889-1959]
William Dearden [1803-1889]
Sir Henry Edwards [1812-1886]
Elland Conservative & Unionist Association
Elland Division Conservative Association
Edward Brocklehurst Fielden [1857-1942]
Thomas Fielden [1854-1897]
Philip Staveley Foster [1865-1933]
Roy Galley [1947-]
Gilbert Gledhill [1889-1946]
Greetland Conservative Club
Halifax Conservative Association
Halifax Conservative Union
The Halifax Guardian
Halifax Junior Conservative Association
John C. D. Hardy [19??-]
Sir Enoch Hill [1865-1942]
George Brown Hillman [1867-1932]
Hipperholme & Lightcliffe Conservative Club
James Fitzalan Hope [1870-1949]
Hove Edge Conservative Club
Illingworth Conservative Association
Robert Law [1840-1907]
Edward Egerton Leigh [1851-1913]
Thomas Levy [1874-1953]
Henry Charles Lightowler [1871-1918]
Mrs Miriam Lightowler [1875-1958]
Anne Lister [1791-1840]
Lydgate Conservative Club, Northowram
Lydgate Conservative Club, Todmorden
Maurice Victor Macmillan [1921-1984]
Malcolm Stewart McCorquodale [1901-1971]
Henry Charles McCrea [1810-1901]
Mr A. Morris [18??-19??]
Norwood Green Conservative Club
Chris O'Connor [19??-]
Pellon Ward Conservative Club
George Wilfred Proudfoot [1921-19??]
Major F. C. Rasch [1847-1914]
Ripponden Conservative Club
Michael Norman Shaw [1920-19??]
Shelf Conservative Club
William Algernon Simpson-Hinchliffe [1880-1963]
Sowerby Conservative Club
Sowerby Conservative Working Men's Club
Sowerby Division Conservative Union
Colonel Robert Stansfeld [1805-1885]
Sir Harold Sutcliffe [1898-1958]
Sir Donald Thompson [1931-2005]
Todmorden Conservative Club
Turk's Head Conservative Club
Thomas Turney [1797-1880]
Gary Peter Anthony Waller [1945-]
Walsden Conservative Club
James Walsh [19??-]
Herbert James Whiteley [1857-1936]
Working Men's Conservative League

See Labour and Liberals

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