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Collinson, AllanRef 451-1236
[18??-1???] In 1871, he established business as a fruit, potato and fish merchant and herring curer in the Halifax markets. By 1895, he occupied 9 shops there

Collinson, ArthurRef 451-2496
[1871-1???] OBE.

Son of Thomas Collinson.

He was awarded the OBE for special services during World War I / Assistant Superintendent of North-Eastern Railway, York

Collinson, B. J.Ref 451-1654
[18??-19??] He was a Director of the family firm T. Collinson & Sons Limited [1935, 1949]. He lived at Hilsea, New Lane, Skircoat [1935]

Collinson, EdwardRef 451-2492
[1849-1926] Son of Thomas Collinson.

He was a tea & coffee merchant [1881] / a tea merchant [1891, 1901].

On 20th October 1880, he married Helen Louisa Leah [1858-1929] at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Oswestry.

Helen Louisa was the eldest daughter of the late John Leah Assistant Master of Oswestry Grammar School


  1. Edith Mary [1881-1967]
  2. Francis Edward
  3. Thomas Seymour [1884-1913]

They lived at

He died [4th September 1926] at Ynysfechan Arthogh near Dolgelly, Merionethshire, Wales

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £35,119 8/-

Probate was granted to his widow & daughter.

Helen Louisa also died at Ynysfechan Arthogh [27th March 1929] Probate records show that she left effects valued at £5,395 3/- and probate was granted to her daughter

Collinson, Edward WhiteleyRef 451-287
[1879-1949] Son of Joseph Collinson.

Born in Halifax.

He was educated at Halifax New School. In 1891, he and Harold were pupils at District Friends School, Ackworth. Later, he studied at Bootham School, York and at Halifax Technical School.

He started in the family business – T. Collinson & Sons Limited – in the warehouse. After a year, he was placed for 2 years with Appleton, Machin & Smiles Limited to study the blending of tea & coffee. On returning to Halifax, he became company secretary / a Director [1900] / tea merchant & grocer [1901] / Governing Director of T. Collinson & Sons Limited / director and joint general manager of Collinson's (IOM)   Limited / founder and managing director of Beech's Chocolates Limited in  Preston / chairman of the Caterers' Association of Great Britain.

He was a good cricketer, a fisherman, and loved motoring. He won a medal for wrestling. He was a three-quarter back with Mytholmroyd Rugby Union club and was in the team when they won the Yorkshire Challenge Cup [1900]. He also played for the Yorkshire R.U. side with his brother.

He had a collection of rare birds eggs.

In 1917, he married Bessie Mabel Taylor [1880-1947] of Norwich, in Norwich.


  1. Elizabeth [1923-2010]

They lived at Savile Field, Balmoral Place, Halifax [1935, 1949].

On Monday 28th August 1949, he left his holiday address in Scarborough saying that he was going to search for fossils. A search began when he did not return. Bloodhounds from the Lancashire Constabulary were called in. On Wednesday 31st August, the Coastguards found his body at the bottom of the 200 ft high Burniston Cliffs

Collinson, Francis EdwardRef 451-2545
[1883-19??] Son of Edward Collinson.

In 1907, he married Emily Kendal at Darlington.

He emigrated to Canada [1912] and settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

He was still living there in 1931

Collinson, GeorgeRef 451-2493
[1859-1898] Son of Thomas Collinson.

He was one of 100 pupils at District Friends School, Ackworth [1871] / a tea dealer [1881] / manager of a wholesale tea & coffee warehouse [1891].

In 1890, he married Ada Mary Bean [1863-1???] at Ripon.


  1. Mabel Mary [b 15th November 1896; baptised at St Jude's Church, Halifax 28th February 1897]

They lived at 17 Heath Mount, Halifax [1891, 1897, 1898].

He died on 6th August 1898.

He was buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell

Collinson, George BrianRef 451-1410
[1912-1963] Son of George William Collinson.

Born in Halifax [19th May 1912].

During World War II, and he served as a Captain with the 122nd Army Field Regiment Royal Artillery.

He was captured by the Japanese forces in Singapore and served the rest of the war as a POW.

He died in Cracoe, North Yorkshire [26th December 1963] & was buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell with his parents

Collinson, George WilliamRef 451-1397
[1881-1914] LDS, RCS.

Son of Joe Collinson.

Born in Halifax.

He was a dental surgeon [1911].

On 10th August 1911, he married Annie Davison Lees [1885-1952] at St Paul's Church, King Cross.

Annie was born in Halifax, the daughter of Thomas H. K. Lees

Child: George Brian

The family lived at 35 Haugh Shaw Road, Halifax [1921].

George died at 30 Clare Road, Halifax [4th June 1914].

Annie died at Emscote Villa, Halifax [7th August 1952].

Members of the family were buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell

Collinson, HaroldRef 451-2490
[1876-1???] Son of John William Collinson.

In 1891, he and Edward Whiteley Collinson were pupils at District Friends School, Ackworth

Collinson, HarryRef 451-1137
[1884-1968] Son of Joe Collinson.

Born in Lightcliffe [6th March 1884].

He qualified [April 1908] / was a solicitor with Clarkson, Thomas & Collinson in Halifax [1934].

In 1922, he married Gladys May Leonora Wedge [1893-1979] in Conway.

Gladys was born in Willenhall, Staffordshire

Harry died in Halifax [5th January 1968].

Gladys died in Wolverhampton in 1979.

See George Herbert Normanton

Collinson, JamesRef 451-8080
[17??-18??] He married Mary [17??-18??].

Child: Thomas

Collinson, JoeRef 451-1452
[1849-1894] Son of William Collinson.

Born in Northowram [31st May 1849].

He was a stone quarry man [1871, 1891].

On 4th March 1880, he married Clara Wilkinson [1859-1944] in Halifax.

Clara was born in Halifax


  1. George William
  2. Harry
  3. Gladys Maud [b 1888]

They lived at Hyde Park Road, Halifax [1891].

Joe died 6th April 1894.

Clara died in Chorlton-cum-Hardy [18th April 1944] (aged 85).

Members of the family were buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell [Grave Ref: 27V]

Collinson, John HaroldRef 451-2160
[1896-1918] Son of Elizabeth & Arthur Collinson of Idle, Bradford.

Born in Eccleshill [1895].

During World War I, he served as a 2nd Lieutenant with the 18th Battalion Machine Gun Corps (Infantry).

He was killed in action [21st March 1918] (aged 22).

He is remembered on the Pozières Memorial, France [Grave Ref 90-93], and on Ripponden War Memorial

Question: Does anyone know his connections with Ripponden?


Collinson, John WilliamRef 451-2489
[1852-1916] Son of Thomas Collinson.

Born in Halifax [8th November 1851].

He was educated at Ackworth School, Pontefract / Chairman of Hipperholme UDC / President of Lightcliffe Literary Society / governor of Hipperholme Grammar School / an assistant wool stapler [1871] / a wool stapler [1881] / a wool merchant at Nelson Street, Bradford [1891, 1901].

On 20th October 1875, he married Frances Whiteley at Wesley Chapel, Broad Street, Halifax.

Frances was the youngest daughter of Robert Whiteley


  1. Harold
  2. Thomas Whiteley [1880-1881]
  3. Clifford Whiteley [b 1881] who married [1905] Mary  Grace Robertshaw

They lived at

Frances died 10th September 1902.

John William died 25th June 1916 (aged 64).

The couple were buried at Brighouse Cemetery

Collinson, JosephRef 451-1152
[1845-1911] Son of Thomas Collinson.

Born in Halifax.

He was an Alderman / a tea dealer [1861, 1871] / a tea merchant employing 13 men [1881] / a wholesale & retail tea & coffee merchant [1891] / director, tea & coffee merchant [1901].

On 24th January 1872, he married Emma Jane Whiteley.

Emma was the daughter of Robert Whiteley


  1. Ethel Mary [b 1873] who married [1900] Frederick  Leonard Sessions at North Bierley
  2. Robert Whiteley
  3. Edward Whiteley

They lived at

He died 16th September 1911.

He was buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell.

Emma Jane died at Savile Field, Balmoral Place, Halifax [23rd January 1916] shortly after returning from a visit to her son Robert Whiteley in Norwich

Collinson, Richard Jeffreys HamptonRef 451-960
[1924-1983] His Honour Judge Collinson. Circuit Judge. Educated at Heath Grammar School and Wadham College Oxford

Collinson, Robert WhiteleyRef 451-1908
[1875-1963] Son of Joseph Collinson.

Born in Halifax.

He was an analytical chemist at City Road, Norwich [1901] / a cricketer with Halifax Cricket Club / a Rugby Union player for Yorkshire / living in Zurich for 9 months while studying at Polytechnikum  (ETH) Zurich [1898/99] / a player in the first (unofficial) international match for  Switzerland [1898] / a member of the first official Swiss champion Anglo-American  Football Club, Zurich [1898] / first captain of Norwich City [1902].

Collinson, ThomasRef 451-319
[1811-1887] In 1835, he established T. Collinson & Sons Limited, tea blenders and coffee roasters

Collinson, ThomasRef 451-54
[1843-1927] JP.

Son of Thomas Collinson.

He was said to be a lover of dumb animals / educated at Ackworth School / a tea dealer in the family business – T. Collinson & Sons Limited  [1857] / a coal agent with a business established by his uncle Joseph Simpson [1864] – see Robert J. Maude.

In November 1864, a local newspaper advertisement announced

Thomas Collinson, Junior. Coal Merchant (late Joseph Simpson's) 4, Corn Market, Halifax.

He was a coal agent / coal merchant [1871] / a coal merchant [1891] / Appointed Justice of the Peace [15th December 1892] / at The Coal Exchange, Halifax [1905, 1919]

He retired in June 1923, just before his 80th birthday.

On 8th June 1870, he married Emily Worsdell at Friends Meeting House, Yealand Conyers.


  1. Arthur
  2. James Alfred [1873-1890] who died very suddenly [30th  November 1890]
  3. Wilfred Worsdell [b 1880]
  4. Eric [b 1883] who visited Canada with his father in 1910  and stayed on to live in Vancouver

They lived at

  • 12 Trinity Place, Halifax [1871]
  • 20 Elm View, Halifax [1881, 1891]
  • 17 Heath Mount, Halifax [1901]

He was buried at the Society of Friends Cemetery, Kendal.

Collinson, WilliamRef 451-1522
[1810-18??] Born in Scholes, Lancashire.

He was a stone quarry man [1871].

Around 1849, he married Rachel [1816-18??].


  1. Joe
  2. Susan [b 1856] who was a worsted factory hand [1871]
  3. Rachel [b 1857] who was a worsted factory hand [1871]

They lived at Town Gate, Northowram [1871]


The Collinson family of HalifaxRef 451-2491
The family have been Quakers ever since the time of George Fox.

Members of the family were involved in the local tea, coffee, grocery, and coal business, and included


Collinson surnameRef 451-1
There are 22 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Collinson, as discussed in this SideTrack.

Unattached BMDs for Collinson

Marriage 1917; Death 1900


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