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Clark, MrRef 293-1226
[18??-1???] Clock and watch maker, jeweller and silversmith at Union Street, Halifax. Around 1875, the business was acquired by A. Z. Sindall

Clark, AlanRef 293-1019
[1921-1940] He was a member of Luddendenfoot Congregational Church & Sunday School / educated at Luddendenfoot Council School & Sowerby Bridge Secondary School / employed at Scarborough Mills, Halifax.

He lived at 2 Daisy Bank, Luddendenfoot.

During World War II, he enlisted [June 1939], and served as an Aircraftman 2nd Class with the 607th Squadron Royal Air Force.

He was killed at Audreuch, near Calais [24th May 1940] (aged 18).

He was buried at Zutkerque Churchyard [9].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Luddendenfoot Congregational Church, and on Luddendenfoot War Memorial

Clark, AlfredRef 293-1163
[1892-1916] Son of Thomas Clark of 35 Wainhouse Road, King Cross, Halifax

He had a sweetheart Miss C. Turner, 3 Daisy Street, Hopwood Lane, Halifax.

During World War I, he served as a Driver with No.5 C Reserve Brigade Royal Field Artillery.

He died suddenly after 21 months' service at the Front [21st July 1916].

He was buried at King Cross Methodist New Connexion Chapel [Y 29].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Saint Paul's Church, King Cross

Clark, Rev CharlesRef 293-1599
[18??-18??] Pastor at North Parade Baptist Church, Halifax [1862]. He was popular and drew great crowds to the Chapel

Clark, CharlesRef 293-C2671
[1816-1909] Son of Phoebe (née Rose) & John Clark.

Born in Leeds.

He was a labourer [1835] / a sawyer [1841].

On 10th September 1835, he married Dinah Jowett, daughter of John Jowett, at Coley Church.

Dinah and Charles Clark were the great-grandparents of Sir Edmund Hillary.

Dinah was a weaver [1835] / a corset maker [1841]


  1. William [1838-1932]
  2. Sarah Ann [1840-1908]
  3. Hannah Maria [1844-1904]
  4. George [1845-1901]

The family lived at Haley Hill, Halifax [1841].

The family emigrated to New Zealand, sailing on the Indus from Gravesend and arriving in Nelson in 1843, brought out from England by the New Zealand Company with all sorts of promises, the company had been unrealistic and failed, leaving the settlers impoverished at times.

Charles died in Whakahara, North Island [1909]. Dinah died in Auckland, New Zealand [1895]

Clark, CharlesRef 293-1823
[1857-1880] An unmarried porter working at Holmfield Railway Station.

On 24th July 1880, he attempted to save Mrs Martha Ann Rothera from an on-coming express train as she crossed the railway line. Both he and Mrs Rothera were killed

Clark, EdwardRef 293-9920
[1854-1???] Born in Ackworth, Yorkshire.

He was landlord of the Royal Oak, Ambler Thorn [1887-1895].

He married Sarah Ann from Halifax.


  1. Edward C. [b 1880] who was an errand boy in brick yard  [1891]
  2. Ernest [b 1880] who was a worsted spinner [1891]
  3. Harry [b 1884]
  4. Willie [b 1885]
  5. Rosamond [b 1890]

Clark, FirthRef 293-5
[1864-1932] Son of Mary Ann [1829-1???] & George Clark [1830-1???], plasterer, of Rastrick.

Born in Buttershaw.

He was a plasterer [1891, 1901].

In [Q3] 1888, he married Charlotte Haigh in Halifax.

Charlotte was the daughter of
Joseph Haigh


  1. George Ernest who died 30th March 1892 (aged 8 months) &  was remembered on the grave of his Haigh grandparents at St Anne's Church, Southowram [Grave Ref: F-P1]
  2. Edith [b 1896]
  3. Nelly [b 1898]
  4. George [b 1900]

They lived at

  • 82 Bramston Street, Rastrick [1891]
  • 10 Clara Street, Rastrick [1901]

Clark, FosterRef 293-4
[1856-1???] Born in Midgley.

He was a boot & shoe finisher [1891] / a boot finisher [1901] / a boot finisher for boot manufacturer [1911].

In 1885, he married Edith Elizabeth Carlton [1859-1???].

Edith was born in Halifax


  1. Clara L. [b 1889] who was an assistant teacher [1911]
  2. Frederick Charles Carlton
  3. Harold L. [b 1893] who was an engineer apprentice [1911]
  4. Frank C. [b 1894] who was an office boy [1911]

They lived at

  • 6 Staverton Street, Halifax [1891]
  • 17 Surrey Street, Halifax [1901]
  • 14 The Rookery, Salterhebble [1911]

Clark, FrancisRef 293-1726
[1???-1643] Of Burlington [Bridlington]. A Royalist soldier. He was a casualty of the Civil War and was buried at Halifax

Clark, FrankRef 293-1317
[1872-19??] Son of Ann & John Clark, delver.

Born in Hebden Bridge.

He was a delver of Hebden Bridge [1894] / a stone quarry man [1901] / a quarryman (stone) [1911].

In 1894, he married Emily Alice Hollinrake [1873-19??] at Halifax Parish Church.

Emily Alice, of Erringden, was the daughter of Jonas Hollinrake, farmer


  1. Mary A. [b 1896] (adopted daughter) who was an cotton  piecer [1911]
  2. John William
  3. Hannah [b 1899]
  4. Frank [b 1903]

The family lived at

  • 11 Shepherd House Cottages, Luddenden Foot [1901]
  • 8 Oak Villas, Charlestown, Hebden Bridge [1911]
  • 7 Bankfoot House, Hebden Bridge [1916]

Living with them [in 1911] was brother-in-law William Hollinrake [b 1863] (calico weaver) 

Clark, Frederick Charles CarltonRef 293-3
[1890-19??] MC.

Son of Foster Clark.

Born in Midgley.

He was a student teacher at Borough Road Training College, Isleworth,  Middlesex [1911] / a member of Park Congregational Church, Halifax / a teacher at Moorside School, Ovenden / a teacher at Akroyd Park.

During World War I, he served as a Gunner with Siege Battery Royal Garrison Artillery.

He was promoted to a Second Lieutenant, and then to Major.

He was awarded the Military Cross for

gallantry and devotion to duty on the 7th of June 1917 at Messines Ridge

The Halifax Courier of 21st July 1917 described the occasion

The platoon went over the top to establish observation posts, and Lieutenant Clark got separated from his men, the telephone wire was lost, and communications subsequently were cut off. After capturing 30 German prisoners, single-handed, the gallant officer sought out and found his men and got them under cover behind the barrage fire. He then went back midst a tornado of shot and shell, discovered the lost wire, and returned to his men with it. The result was that the whole party was complimented as being the only group who established communications to scheduled time and kept them throughout the day

His photograph appears with a report of his award in the Halifax Courier [21st July 1917].

He survived the War, and is remembered on the Roll of Honour at Park Congregational Church

Clark, G.Ref 293-1804
[18??-18??] Journeyman dyer at Halifax.

In January 1861, he was declared insolvent

Clark, GeorgeRef 293-2127
[18??-19??] He served in World War I.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered on the Roll of Honour at Patmos Congregational Chapel, Todmorden

Clark, George AugustusRef 293-14
[1844-1923] Son of Louisa (née Gowers) & John Clark.

Born at 4 Ann Street, Bethnal Green, London [15th June 1844].

He was a cotton weaver [1861] / a brewer [1866, 1871] / a milk dealer & farmer of 12 acres [1881] / a farmer [1891, 1901, 1911].

On 1st November 1866, he married Sarah Thompson [1843-1921] at Halifax Parish Church.

Sarah was born 1st December 1843


  1. Edgar Augustus [1867-1905]
  2. Louisa Ann [1872-1887]
  3. Harry Thompson [1882-1947]
  4. Ethel [1885-1960] who married Herbert William Cockcroft
  5. Herbert [1888-1889]
  6. child

They lived at

  • Spotland, Rochdale (George Augustus living with his  mother's family) [1851]
  • Spotland, Rochdale (George Augustus living with his  mother) [1861]
  • 1 Albert Spring Brewery. Boothtown [1871]
  • Upper Shaw Booth, Wainstalls [1881, 1891, 1901, 1911]
  • Clough Lane, Mixenden [1921]

Sarah died 6th January 1921.

George Augustus died at the home of his daughter Ethel Spring Hall Place, Halifax [26th October 1923].

The couple were buried at Mount Pleasant Methodist Church, Wainstalls

Clark, Sir George NormanRef 293-1076
[1890-1979] Son of James Walker Clark.

He was educated at Bootham School, York and Balliol College Oxford [1911];

He became a leading historian.

He was knighted in 1953.

He was professor at Oxford, Cambridge and several other universities.

He was an authority on Anglo-Dutch history.

He edited the Oxford History of England.

Clark, H.Ref 293-1810
[18??-19??] Jeweller at Halifax.

In July 1885, he was declared bankrupt

Clark, HenryRef 293-2634
[18??-18??] In 1838, he married Ann, daughter of Thomas Milne


  1. Anne Eliza who married Samuel Milne Smith

Clark, IsaacRef 293-1907
[19??-19??] He was Vicar of Coley [1948]. He left Coley to become Vicar of St James's Church, Halifax [19??]

Clark, JamesRef 293-1347
[18??-19??] Of J. Clark & Company

Clark, JamesRef 293-11
[1844-1886] Son of James Clark, delver.

Born in Erringden.

He was a fustian cutter [1871] / a cotton cord cutter [1881].

In 1866, he married Ellen Marshall [1849-1???] at Halifax Parish Church.

Ellen, of Wadsworth, was born in Heptonstall the daughter of John Marshall, slater


  1. John
  2. Hamlet [1869-1871]
  3. Clara [b 1872] who was an ender & mender of fustian  pieces [1891]
  4. Sarah [b 1874] who married [Halifax 1893] William Mitchell
  5. Marshall
  6. Mary Ann [1877-1881]
  7. Charley [b 1879]
  8. Wallace

The family lived at

  • Buttress Bottom, Hebden Bridge [1871, 1881, 1886]
  • 34 Market Street, Hebden Bridge (with John as head of the  household) [1891]

Living with them [in 1891] was niece Laura Allen Clark [b  1890].

Ellen died in Todmorden [Q1 1884] (aged 35).

James died at home [14th December 1886] (aged 42) 

Clark, James WalkerRef 293-1005
[1858-1936] CBE, JP.

Born in Bentley / Rowley, Yorkshire.

He was a mantle maker costumier (employer) [1891] / a wholesale & retail draper, shirtmaker etc (employer) [1901] / a wholesale linen draper, silk mercer, costumier, mantle dealer &  shopkeeper (employer) [1911] / chairman of the Halifax Mutual Plate Glass Insurance Society [1919].

He established a drapery business – J. Walker Clark.

In [Q4] 1887, he married Mary Midgley [1865-19??] in Halifax.

Mary was the daughter of Samuel Thomas Midgley


  1. James M. [b 1889] who became professor of German at  Glasgow University
  2. George Norman
  3. Dorothy Mary [b 1893]
  4. Annie Barbara [b 1894]
  5. Charles Raymond [b 1904]

They lived at

  • 15 Crown Street, Halifax [1891]
  • 7 Norfolk Place, Halifax [1901]
  • 5 Norfolk Place, King Cross Road [1911]
  • Park Mount, Halifax

He was buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell

Clark, JohnRef 293-1796
[17??-1???] He was Constable of Northowram [1766]

Clark, JohnRef 293-12
[1867-19??] Son of James Clark.

Born in Hebden Bridge.

He was a cotton cord cutter [1881] / a fustian cutter [1891, 1897] / a fustian cord cutter [1901].

In 1897, he married Sarah Ann Sutcliffe [1869-19??] at Halifax Parish Church.

Sarah Ann, of Garden Street, Stansfield, was born in Todmorden, the daughter of Thomas Sutcliffe, clogger

They lived at Fom Villas, Blackshaw, Todmorden [1901].

Living with them [in 1901] was John's brother Wallace

Clark, John EdwardRef 293-10
[17??-18??] Recorded in 1848 when he lived at Limed House, Shibden, and appeared on the list of electors in the West Riding election for the Knight of the Shire

Clark, John RobertRef 293-1905
[1861-1909] He was a clay miner [1891, 1901].

He married Sarah Ann Thornton [1864-1938].


  1. Bertha Wood [b 1886] who was a silk minder [1911]
  2. Janey Elizabeth [b 1891]
  3. Thomas Arthur
  4. Robert Victor [b 1900]

John Robert died in 1909.

The family lived at

Clark, John WestRef 293-6

He married Annie Sophia [1899-1958].

Annie Sophia died 1st February 1958 (aged 59) 

John West died 28th April 1965 (aged 77) 

Members of the family were buried at St Anne's Church, Southowram [Grave Ref: NR-D29] with Stephen Bill Porteus [1???-8th June 1981], Kathleen Beryl Harrison [1927-21st December 1991], Mavis Downs née Clark [1938-2002], and James Downs [1933-2008]

Clark, John WilliamRef 293-1326
[1897-1916] Son of Frank Clark.

Born at Charlestown, Hebden Bridge.

He was a member of St James's Church, Hebden Bridge & School / a cotton piecer [1911] / employed by Wheelwright's at Callis Mill, Charlestown.

During World War I, he enlisted [March 1916] and served as a Private with the 2nd Battalion Lewis Gun Section Royal Scots Fusiliers.

He was sent to France [June 1916].

He died of wounds [15th October 1916].

The Halifax Courier [21st October 1916] reported his death with a photograph.

He was buried at Heilly Station Cemetery, Mericourt-L'Abbé, France [Grave Ref III E 26].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Saint James Church, Hebden Bridge

Clark, JosephRef 293-2378
[17??-18??] Tanner of Northowram.

On 27th December 1794, he married widow Mary Bottomley of Halifax, at Halifax Parish Church

Clark, JosephRef 293-1200
[17??-1835] He lived at Lee House, Shibden [1835]

Clark, JosephRef 293-7
[1818-1902] Born in Fosdyke, Lincolnshire.

He was landlord of the Rose & Crown, Greetland [1871-1875].

He died in Halifax in 1902

Clark, JosephRef 293-6290
[1842-19??] (Possibly) son of Thomas Clark.

He married Sarah Jane [1840-1???], daughter of Martha (née Tempest) & Joseph Foster, in Bradford.


  1. Alice [b 1863]
  2. Joseph Foster [b 1865]
  3. Edward Watkinson [b 1867]
  4. Florence [b 1863]
  5. Lucy [b 1873] who married Charles Crossley
  6. John William Tempest [b 1875]
  7. Thomas Holdsworth
  8. Ruth [b 1880]
  9. George Alfred [b 1882]
  10. Maud [b 1884]
  11. child

Clark, MarshallRef 293-13
[1876-1929] Son of James Clark.

Born in Hebden Bridge.

He was a fustian cutter [1891] / a fustian cutter of Knott Hall [1909] / a hand fustian cutter [1911].

In 1909, he married Clara Dale [1878-19??] at Halifax Parish Church.

Clara, of Stoodley Cottages, Langfield, was born in Woodhouse, Sheffield, the daughter of Alonzo Dale, coal miner.

She had a son: Albert Priestley Clark [b Todmorden 1902]


They lived at 4 Woodland View, Charlestown, Hebden Bridge [1911].

Living with them [in 1911] was Marshall's brother Wallace.

A Marshall Clark died in Todmorden [Q1 1929] (aged 53) 

Clark, Mary EllenRef 293-65
[1863-1877] Born in Liverpool.

She was one of the children who died whilst working at Calvert's Mill at Wainstalls.

She lived at Spring Mill, Wainstalls.

She died 24th January 1877 (aged 14).

She is buried at Luddenden Dean Wesleyan Chapel Graveyard

Clark, RobertRef 293-8

Robert died 10th August 1832 (aged 66)  & was buried at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax

Clark, StephenRef 293-1141
[1???-18??] He was appointed Surveyor of the Highways for Erringden [1835]

Clark, ThomasRef 293-2391
[1???-1???] Of Scout Hall, Shibden.

He married Unknown.


  1. Elizabeth [16??-1717] who married John Halliday

Clark, ThomasRef 293-2253
[17??-1???] He was Constable of Northowram [1767]

Clark, ThomasRef 293-9
[1804-1860] Born in Halifax.

He was a greengrocer [1841, 1851, 1860].

He married Fanny [1803-1888].

Fanny was born in Halifax


  1. An infant son who died 14th September 1860 (aged 1 Hour)   
  2. William [1828-1873]
  3. Joseph [1830-1872] who was a butcher's assistant [1851]  
  4. Sarah Ann [b 1827]
  5. Frances [b 1833]
  6. Hannah [b 1839] who was a book stitcher [1851]
  7. Amelia [1843-1910] who never married
  8. John [b 1848]

The family lived at

  • Chapel Fold, Gaol Lane, Halifax [1841]
  • 1 Causeway, Halifax [1851]

Thomas died 22nd August 1860 (aged 56).

Fanny died 8th July 1888 (aged 85).

The couple & the children were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3534]

Clark, ThomasRef 293-1011
[1819-18??] Son of Thomas Clark.

He was land owner and coal proprietor [1851] / paper merchant [1863].

On 17th February 1842, he married Martha Gibson Watkinson in Halifax.

Martha was the daughter of
George Watkinson


  1. (possibly) Joseph

Clark, ThomasRef 293-15
[1862-19??] Born in Erringden.

He was a gas worker [1916] / a fustian clothing presser for John Hilton & Company in Hebden  Bridge [1921].

He married Elizabeth [1862-19??].

Elizabeth was born in Manchester.

She was a fustian finisher for John Hilton & Company, fustian clothiers [1921]



  1. Ben [b 1896] who was a fustian clothing cutter for Astin Bros in Hebden Bridge [1921]
  2. Ethel [b 1888] who married Herbert Halstead Horsfall

They lived at Thistle Buildings, Erringden [1921]

Clark, Thomas ArthurRef 293-1874
[1891-1918] Son of John Robert Clark.

Born in Brighouse [23rd December 1891].

In 1911, he, his brother & his widowed mother were living at the Vulcan, Rastrick with Harry Womersley.

He was an assistant engine driver [1911] / a steam lorry driver [1915].

On 21st September 1912, he married Sarah Jane Jackson [1887-1937] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Vera [1912-1995]
  2. Eileen [b 1914]
  3. Arthur [b 1916]
  4. Edna [b 1919] who never married

They lived at 20 Foundry Street, Rastrick / the Vulcan [1912].

During World War I, he enlisted [28th May 1915] and served as a Private with the 972nd Mechanical Transport Company Army Service Corps.

He served in Egypt [from 30th October 1917] until his death from pneumonia [1st November 1918].

He was buried at Ramleh War Cemetery, Palestine & Israel [Grave Ref EE 26].

He is remembered on Brighouse War Memorial, and on Rastrick War Memorial

Clark, Thomas HoldsworthRef 293-4230
[1878-1909] Son of Joseph Clark.

He was a currier.

He married Alice Emma Priestley [1883-19??] in Bradford.

Alice Emma was the daughter of John Priestley


  1. Edward Priestley (Clark) [b 1904]

In 1911, the widowed Alice was living as a servant with a family

Clark, Dr Thomas LindsayRef 293-952
[19??-19??] MD, FRCS.

Son of Thomas Lindsay Clark of Ayrshire.

He was a general practitioner in Halifax [1930s] / at 23 Aked's Road [1937] / the police surgeon in Halifax [1937] / senior consultant surgeon to the Halifax Area Hospitals Group [1950s].

On 21st June 1937, he married Lucy Margaret (Peggy) Watkinson at St Matthew's Church, Northowram.

A number of police officers formed a guard of honour at the Church


  1. George Lindsay [b Q4 1938]
  2. (possibly) James A. L. [b Q1 1941]
  3. (possibly) Thomas L. [b Q2 1943]
  4. Lucy M. M. [b Q1 1949]

The family lived at

Thomas died in the Royal Halifax Infirmary [29th December 1957] (aged 71).

His funeral was at St Matthew's Church, Northowram and he was cremated at Park Wood Crematorium [2nd January 1958].

The Halifax Evening Courier [23rd May 1958] published probate details for his estate. which was valued at £35,983 14/4d

Clark, TomRef 293-16
[1856-1933] Born in Ackworth, Yorkshire.

He was a retort maker [1881] / a clay retort maker [1891] / a foreman brickmaker [1901] / publican at the Bacchus, Halifax [1911, 1917, 1921].

In 1879, he married Sarah Jane Lloyd [1858-1937] in Halifax.

Sarah Jane came from Salford, Lancashire


  1. Albert [b 1880]
  2. Anne [b 1881] who was a worsted mill hand spinner [1891],  a worsted spinner [1901]l
  3. Tom [b 1883] who was a brass finisher [1901]
  4. Samuel [b 1885] who was a worsted spinner [1901], a brick  maker [1911]
  5. Maud Elizabeth [b 1887] who was a worsted spinner [1901]
  6. Hettie [b 1889]
  7. George Clarence [b 1894] who was a brass worker [1911]
  8. May [b 1897] who was a toffee wrapper in manufactory  [1911]

They lived at

  • 20 Brian Road, Lindley cum Quarmby, Huddersfield [1881]
  • 1 Crow Point, Northowram [1891]
  • 20 Beechwood Avenue, Halifax [1901]
  • the Bacchus Tavern, 10 and 12 King Street, Halifax [1911]

Tom died at 16 King Street, Halifax [20th September 1933].

Sarah Jane died in the Gibbet Street Institution [22nd August 1937] (aged 79).

They were buried at All Souls' Church, Halifax

Clark, WallaceRef 293-1854
[1880-1917] Son of James Clark.

Born in Hebden Bridge

He was a fire beater at cotton mill (living with his brother  John) [1901] / a delver in stone quarry (living with his brother  Marshall) [1911] / a quarryman with Oldfield Watson at Rawtenstall / a fireman at Moss Bros, Bridge Royd Dyeworks, Eastwood.

During World War I, he enlisted in Todmorden [August 1914] and served as a Private with the 1st/6th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers.

He served in Egypt, Dardanelles & France.

He was killed in action [6th September 1917] (aged 37).

Several local newspapers, including the Todmorden Advertiser & Hebden Bridge Newsletter [10th May 1918] reported that

Private Wallace Clark, Lancashire Fusiliers, of Charlestown, was killed in action or died of wounds

He is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium [Grave Ref VIII C 23], and in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance

Clark, WilliamRef 293-2
[1855-19??] Born in Bracewell, Yorkshire.

He was innkeeper at the King of Prussia, Halifax [1911].

In [Q1] 1877, he married Mary Jane Clowes [1858-19??] in Salford.

Mary Jane was born in Lancaster


  1. Walter [b 1883] who was a railway car contractor [1911]
  2. Maggie [b 1890]
  3. George [b 1892] who was a hairdresser [1911]
  4. Edward Cleminson [b 1894] who was a farm servant [1911]
  5. child who died before 1911
  6. child who died before 1911
  7. child
  8. child
  9. child

Living with them [in 1911] were daughter-in-law Rosa Mary Clark [b 1885] & granddaughter Ruth Clark [b 1910]


Clark surnameRef 293-1
Another form of the surname is Clarke.

Entries for people with this and similar surnames are shown in a separate Foldout The name is related to clerk and used by a priest or other man in holy orders, rather than an office clerk.

The Surname is discussed in the book Halifax & District Surnames by George Redmonds.

There are 46 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Clark, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Clark

Marriages 1803, 1876, 1888, 1920; Death 1899


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