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Crawshaw, ArthurRef 394-1740
[18??-19??] Chair maker at Alma Road Wood Works, Halifax [1937]

Crawshaw, C. J.Ref 394-2095
[18??-1???] Principal of White Windows School, Sowerby [1873]

Crawshaw, FrankRef 394-2169
[1843-1912] He was landlord of the Lord Raglan, Halifax [1891] / landlord of the White Horse, Halifax [1905, 1911] Children:

  1. Emily Ann [b 1866] who was born in the USA, & married John James Denton

Crawshaw, JamesRef 394-392
[1832-1892] Son of John Crawshaw.

Born in Barkisland [18th March 1832].

He was a shoe maker's apprentice [1851] / a boot & shoe maker [1861] / a shopman for Industrial Society [1871] / a Co-operative storekeeper [1881] / a secretary [1891].

In [Q1] 1857, he married Charlotte Hindle [1836-1914] in Halifax.

Charlotte was born in Stainland

They lived at

  • 211 Beech Street, Stainland-with Old Lindley [1861]
  • Holywell Green, Stainland-with Old Lindley [1871]
  • Stainland Road, Stainland-with Old Lindley [1881]
  • Oak Terrace, Stainland-with Old Lindley [1892]

Living with them [in 1891] was niece Mary E. Crawshaw [b 1862] (dressmaker).

James died 30th December 1892 (aged 60).

Charlotte died 12th March 1914 (aged 78).

The couple were buried at Providence Congregational Church, Stainland

Crawshaw, JamesRef 394-4670
[18??-1874] Cotton operative and draper of Spring Side, Stansfield.

He married Ann.

He died 16th April 1874. Probate records show that he left effects valued at under £200. Probate was granted to Ann

Crawshaw, JamesRef 394-3510
[1836-1874] Born in Soyland.

He was a stone mason [1871] / a beerseller (possibly) at the Beehive, Soyland [1874].

In 1856, he married (1)  Elizabeth Wood [1830-1871] in Halifax.


  1. Samuel [b 1861] who was a mason's labourer [1881]

In 1871, the widowed James and son Samuel were living with James's widowed mother Hannah Crawshaw [aged 62] at Hey House, Soyland.

The family of John Normington [aged 27] (baker) - wife Eliza [aged 26] and son Levi [aged 1 month] – were lodging with them.

In 1872, he married (2) Elizabeth Popplewell.

He died at Flathead, Soyland [28th April 1874]. Probate records show that he left effects valued at under £100. Probate was granted to his widow Elizabeth.

After his death, Elizabeth married Armitage Kershaw

Crawshaw, JohnRef 394-297
[17??-18??] Co-founder of Shelf foundry

Crawshaw, JohnRef 394-1288
[18??-19??] Of Crawshaw Brothers [1905]

Crawshaw, JohnRef 394-1686
[1807-18??] Born in Rishworth.

He was a labourer & cartman [1851].

Around 1832, he married Ellen [1804-18??].

Ellen was born in Rishworth


  1. James
  2. William [b 1838]
  3. Mary [b 1840]
  4. Philip [b 1842]
  5. Sarah Ann [b 1847]

The family lived at

  • Barkisland Lower Hall [1851]

Crawshaw, JohnRef 394-1303
[1833-1???] Born in Halifax.

He was a stone mason [1871].

Around 1857, he married Mary [1832-1???].

Mary was born in Halifax


  1. Fred [b 1857] who was a cotton twist maker-up [1871]
  2. Harry [b 1859] who was a cotton twine piecer [1871]
  3. Sam [b 1861] who was a cotton twine piecer [1871]
  4. John Edwin [b 1863] who was a cotton twine piecer [1871]
  5. William [b 1865]
  6. Mary Jane [b 1867]
  7. Sarah Alice [b 1870]

The family lived at Netheroyd, Soyland [1871]

Crawshaw, JonathanRef 394-1290
[18??-19??] Partner in J. & R. A. Crawshaw [1905]

Crawshaw, JosephRef 394-2425
[1752-1818] Of Round Ing, Rishworth.

He married Sarah [1755-1844].

Children: several including

  1. Ruth [1803-1828]
  2. (possibly) James

Members of the family were buried at Stones Methodist Church, Soyland. Their gravestone records that Sarah

was mother, grandmother, great grandmother and great, great grandmother to 397 children

Crawshaw, JosephRef 394-1624
[18??-18??] Cotton warp manufacturer at Ripponden Mill.

He lived at Bankhouse Head [1845].

See Dyson & Crawshaw

Crawshaw, LeonardRef 394-1705
[19??-19??] Son of Simon Crawshaw.

He became manager of the Automatic Standard Screw Company Limited factory

Crawshaw, Luke HartleyRef 394-1791
[1865-1933] Born in Halifax.

Partner in Gig Mill Spinning Company [1921].

He died in Huddserfield [Q3 1933] (aged 67) 

Crawshaw, R. A.Ref 394-1291
[18??-19??] Partner in J. & R. A. Crawshaw [1905]

Crawshaw, RichardRef 394-1687
[1796-18??] He was a cloth draper [1841]

Around 1822, he married Mary [1796-18??].


  1. Middleton [b 1822] who was a hatter's apprentice [1841]
  2. Cain [b 1826]
  3. Abel [b 1828]
  4. James [b 1830]
  5. Martha Ann [b 1835]
  6. Lucy Ann [b 1839]

The family lived at King Cross, Halifax [1841]

Crawshaw, RonaldRef 394-2017
[1909-1943] Son of Hannah Maria & Fred Crawshaw of Hebden Bridge.

During World War II, he served as a Leading Aircraftman with the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

He died 23rd May 1943 (aged 34).

He was buried at Bournemouth North Cemetery [Grave Ref: G 4 99]

Crawshaw, SamRef 394-1298

In [Q3] 1926, he married Laura Siddall in Halifax.

Laura was the daughter of
John Siddall

They lived at Rochdale Road, Ripponden.

Laura died 12th July 1939 (aged 49).

She was buried at Stones Methodist Church, Soyland

Crawshaw, SimonRef 394-1704
[18??-19??] He was chairman of a national committee which worked on the standardisation of screw threads. In 19??, he bought the Automatic Standard Screw Company Limited. His son, Leonard, was manager of the factory

Crawshaw, William H.Ref 394-1292
[18??-19??] Builder at Ripponden [1905]

Crawshaw, ZachariahRef 394-1924
[1852-1914] Wringing machine manufacturer at 10 Archer Street, Halifax [1887]


The Crawshaw family of OvendenRef 394-1150

Crawshaw surnameRef 394-1
There are several entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Crawshaw, as discussed in this SideTrack.

Unattached BMDs for Crawshaw:

Marriages 1868, 1871, 1907

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