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Chambers, Alfred LeoRef 301-2030
[1911-1945] Son of Nellie & Alfred Chambers of 12 Baker Street, Pellon.

He was educated at St Mary's Catholic School / a baker at Paton & Baldwin's.

In [Q1] 1934, he married Annie Walsh in Halifax.


  1. child
  2. child

The family lived in Halifax.

During World War II, he served as a Private with the Royal Army Medical Corps.

He died of pneumonia in India [14th July 1945] (aged 34).

He was buried at Calcutta (Bhowanipore) Cemetery, Kolkata, India [Grave Ref O H 4].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Chambers, BenjaminRef 301-1790
[17??-18??] Partner in Cooper & Chambers [1806]

Chambers, CharlesRef 301-4470
[1???-18??] Of Todmorden.

Recorded in 1838, when he was considered a proper person to be a Constable for the hamlet of Todmorden

See Todmorden & Walsden Select Vestry

Chambers, CharlesRef 301-53
[1???-18??] Cotton manufacturer at Todmorden.

His mill was

submerged to the tops of the looms

in the flood of 7th August 1859.

He married Unknown.


  1. daughter
  2. Betsy [b 1845] who married John Priestley

They lived at Adam Royd, Todmorden [1868]

Chambers, CharlesRef 301-9

He married Sarah [1816-1880].

Charles died 24th June 1875 (aged 59).

Sarah died 18th January 1880 (aged 64).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1343]

Chambers, CharlesRef 301-10
[1822-1891] Born in Sowerby [1st August 1822].

He was a hand carpet weaver [1851] / a carpet weaver [1861, 1871, 1881] / a carpet weaver (a pauper inmate at the Halifax Union Workhouse, Gibbet Street) [1891].

In [Q2] 1844, he married Ellen Clayton [1821-1880] in Halifax.

Ellen was born in Warley [18th July 1821]


  1. Martha Ann [b 1847] who was a worsted spinner [1861], a  worsted weaver [1871]
  2. Lucy [b 1850] who was a worsted spinner [1861], a worsted  weaver [1871]
  3. Sarah [b 1852] who was a worsted spinner [1861], a  worsted weaver [1871]
  4. Arthur [1855-1900] who was a mill hand [1871], a wood  carver [1881] & was buried with his parents
  5. Clayton [b 1858] who was a mill hand [1871], an iron  turner [1881]
  6. Rufus [b 1860] who was a mill hand [1871]
  7. Jane Ellen [1865-1955] who was a worsted weaver [1881] &  married Henry Hilbert
  8. Annice [b 1867] who was a bobbin carrier [1881]

They lived at

  • Spring Field, Northowram [1861]
  • 28 South Darley Street, Halifax [1871, 1881]

Ellen died 10th May 1880 (aged 59).

Charles died 5th June 1891 (aged 69).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1448] with 2 of their Hilbert grandchildren

Chambers, DavidRef 301-424
[1877-1941] Born in Warley.

He was a tailor's salesman [1896].

In [Q1] 1896, he married Edith Hitchin in Halifax.

Edith was the daughter of
Albert Hitchin


  1. Albert [1896-1935]
  2. Albert [1900-1963]
  3. Edith Mary [1902-1969] who never married
  4. John Philip [1906-1976]
  5. Marion [1909-1981] who married [1936] William  Fraser
  6. David [1910-1994]
  7. George [1920-1943]

The children were born in Sowerby

Chambers, Major E. P.Ref 301-1102
[18??-19??] Brighouse solicitor.

Grandson of Samuel Washington

Chambers, Edward NavyRef 301-1560
[1866-1???] Of Sowerby Bridge.

He was a worker at Corporation Mill, Sowerby Bridge [1897].

On 27th November 1886, he married Sarah Ann Culpan at Halifax Parish Church.

Sarah Ann was the daughter of Richard Culpan


  1. Bertie [29th March 1887-1890]
  2. Beatrice Adelaide [b 8th August 1891]

In September 1897, the family sailed to Dunedin, New Zealand where Edward was to take the entire charge of a worsted mill

Chambers, FrancisRef 301-2662
[1840-1890] In 1867, he married Rebecca Boocock [1843-1915] in Halifax.

The couple were buried at Butts Green Baptist Chapel, Warley

Chambers, Francis JosephRef 301-1882
[1887-19??] MC.

Son of Martin Chambers.

Born in Halifax.

He was educated at Heath Grammar School.

During World War I, he served as a 2nd Lieutenant with the Reserve Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps.

His brother, Clifford M. Chambers, was a Rifleman with the King's Royal Rifles.

In September 1916, Francis Joseph was awarded the Military Cross

He took command when the company commander was wounded and carried on with great dash under heavy shell, rifle and machine-gun fire. He consolidated the ground won with great determination, and repelled many bomb attacks

Chambers, G. W.Ref 301-1225
[18??-1???] Naturalist, dealer in British and foreign birds, animals and fish. He began business in King Cross, Halifax, and then in the Halifax Covered Market. In 1890, he moved to 11 Union Street, Halifax, and also in the Old Market Hall. His premises were known as The Old Bird House. He won several prizes and awards for exhibiting his animals.

He was at 21 Union Street, Halifax [1915, 1937]

Chambers, JamesRef 301-410
[1841-1878] Son of Thomas Chambers.

Born in Halifax.

He was a worsted spinner [1871, 1878].

On 19th March 1862, he married Hannah Bottomley [1843-1914] at St Chad's Church, Rochdale.

Hannah was born in Rochdale


  1. Thomas [1865-1905]
  2. Lizzie [1864-1917]
  3. Mary [1866-1928]
  4. William [b 1868]

They lived at

James died 26th January 1878 (aged 37), and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 849] with his parents. Probate records show that he left a personal estate valued at under £8,000.

The will was proved by his widow Hannah, his father Thomas, his brother William McClellan, and James Bancroft Eastwood of Hoyle Green, Warley (woolstapler) 

James died 26th January 1878 (aged 37).

He was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 849] with his parents

Chambers, JamesRef 301-2174
[1875-1941] Son of William McClellan Chambers.

In 1908, he established business as timber merchants.

They were at Pellon Lane Saw Mills, Halifax near the High Level Railway.

They are still at the same site [2014]

In [Q2] 1910, he married Winifred Kate Shipston [1879-1968] in Halifax.

Winifred Kate was born in Gloucestershire

They lived at 338 Gibbet Street, Halifax [1911].

Chambers, JohnRef 301-5
[1???-18??] (Possibly) son of Joseph Chambers.

He was a hatter in Halifax.

He married Mary [1802-1837].

Children: Elizabeth [1821-November 1823]

Mary died 27th January 1837 (aged 35) 

& & her daughter were buried at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax

Chambers, JohnRef 301-2667
[17??-1???] Of Halifax.

He was Pastor at Butts Green Baptist Chapel, Warley [1791]

Chambers, JohnRef 301-123
[1753-1842] Collector of Excise in Hallifax.

He died 2nd January 1842 (aged 59) 

He was buried at Halifax Parish Church [7th January 1842]

Chambers, JohnRef 301-11
[1774-1858] Born at Bradshaw

He was a weaver by trade, and went on to become minister at Mount Zion Church, Ogden and preached at many other local Methodist chapels

Members of the family were buried at Mount Zion Methodist Chapel, Ogden [Grave Refs: Tm23]

Chambers, JonasRef 301-623
[17??-18??] Printer & stationer of Todmorden

Chambers, JosephRef 301-4
[17??-1803] Of Halifax.

He was cardmaker.

He married Mary [17??-1809].


  1. Samuel who died aged 7 months
  2. Isaac who died aged 5 months
  3. Thomas [1793-27th June 1807]
  4. Jane [1796-1st August 1856]
  5. (possibly) John

Joseph died 1st April 1803.

Mary died 28th May 1809

Members of the family were buried at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax

Chambers, JosephRef 301-2130
[1841-1888] Worsted manufacturer. With his brothers-in-law, Dan and William Cockroft, he was a partner in Cockroft & Chambers. He was at Forest Mills, Ovenden [1888].

In 1864, he married Fanny Cockroft [1840-1886].


  1. Edith [1880-1948]

They lived at Forest Grove, Ovenden Road [1888].

On the afternoon of Sunday, 16th September 1888, his body was found face downwards in the Hebble. He had been in low spirits for some months.

Members of the family were buried at Mount Zion Methodist Chapel, Ogden (Grave Ref: Em08

Chambers, L.Ref 301-1733
[18??-19??] Chemist and naturalist at 23 Union Street, Halifax [1937]

Chambers, LewisRef 301-2661
[1849-1926] Of Friendly.

In 1873, he married Emily Greenwood [1850-1930] in Halifax.


  1. Sarah [1880-1898]

Members of the family were buried at Butts Green Baptist Chapel, Warley

Chambers, LewisRef 301-450
[19??-19??] He was a chemist / a Wesleyan lay preacher / an Officer in the St John's Ambulance Brigade / a Councillor [1927] / Chairman of the Health Committee [1933] / Mayor of Halifax [1944-1945].

In 1911, he married Annie M., daughter of Bates Wood. His wife was a musician, Mayoress [1944-1945], a member of the Yorkshire Women's Liberals Association, a member of the Society for the Blind, a member of the Beacon Club, and a member of the Lifeboat Guild.

They lived at 31 West View, Halifax.

Chambers, M.Ref 301-1154
[18??-1???] In 1871, he established a boot merchants business at Union Street, Halifax. In 1881, the company moved to larger premises in Commercial Street, Halifax

Chambers, MartinRef 301-1885
[1846-1931] Son of James Chambers, farmer.

Born in Newtownards, County Down, Ireland.

He was a boot & shoe merchant [1872, 1881] / a boot & shoe merchant (employer) [1891, 1901, 1911].

In 1872, he married Sarah Ellen Midgley [1851-1940] at Halifax Parish Church.

Sarah Ellen, of Skircoat, was born in Halifax [1st December 1851], the daughter of Thomas Midgley, salesman


  1. Gertrude Mary [1874-14th March 1939]
  2. Mabel [16th May 1875-11th November 1943] who was  incapacitated [1939]
  3. Edgar James [b 1878] who was an assistant boot & shoe  merchant [1901]
  4. Arnold / Arnie [1879-29th January 1900]
  5. Beatrice Kathleen [28th October 1882-2nd November 1940]  who was incapacitated [1939]
  6. Francis Joseph
  7. Clifford Midgley [b 1889] who was a rifleman with the  King's Royal Rifle Corps [World War I]
  8. Dorothy Eileen [b 1896]
  9. Gerald [b 1900]

The children were born in Halifax.

They lived at

  • 3 Heath Field Terrace, Skircoat, Halifax [1881]
  • 1 Heathfield Place, Skircoat, Halifax [1891, 1901]
  • Elm Wood, Halifax [1911]
  • 13 Heath Avenue, Halifax [1939]

Martin died in Halifax [1st March 1931].

Sarah Ellen died in Halifax [8th November 1940].

Members of the family were buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell

See William Tetley

Chambers, RichardRef 301-884
[18??-18??] Printer, publisher and bookseller at 1 Cheapside, Todmorden [1861] and Salford, Todmorden [1865]. He published the Todmorden Advertiser [1853, 1861]

Chambers, SamuelRef 301-858
[1911-1945] Son of Thomas Chambers.

He married Annie.

They lived at Elland.

During World War II, and he served as a Driver with the Royal Army Service Corps.

He died 20th July 1945 (aged 34)  & was buried at Elland Cemetery [E 5].

He is remembered on Elland War Memorial

Chambers, ThomasRef 301-7
[17??-18??] Of Halifax.

He married Hannah [1792-1844].


  1. William [1816-5th December 1827]
  2. Frances who died 4th September 1819 (aged 1 year 10  months) 
  3. Thomas [1824-4th September 1826]
  4. George James who died 28th December 1826 (aged 6 weeks) 

Hannah died 4th January 1844 (aged 52).

Members of the family were buried at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax.

Details of Thomas's death & burial place are not yet known

Chambers, ThomasRef 301-1035
[18??-1???] He was a commercial traveller of Brighouse.

He married Unknown.


  1. Hannah [1820-1889] who married (1) Mr Fearnley and (2) Samuel Freeman

Chambers, ThomasRef 301-390
[1815-1883] He was a timber merchant [1851] / a timber merchant master employing 11 men & 2 boys [1861] / a timber merchant [1871, 1881] / a partner in Thomas Chambers [1883].

On 13th June 1840, he married Mary McClellan [1815-1873] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. James
  2. Elizabeth [b 1843]
  3. William McClellan

They lived at

  • 13 Gerrard Street, Halifax [1851]
  • Pratt Street, Halifax [1861]
  • 44 Hopwood Lane [1871, 1881]

Mary died 17th September 1873 (aged 58).

Thomas died 1st July 1883 (aged 66).

Probate records show that he left a personal estate valued at £8,761 15/3d.

The will was proved by son William McClellan, John Oddie, and John Tinkler (timber merchant's foreman).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 849]

Chambers, Thomas BarkerRef 301-1908
[18??-1???] On 26th July 1876, he married Alice Greaves

Chambers, Thomas BradleyRef 301-469
[1825-1885] Of Brighouse.

Son of Mr Chambers.

Born in Rastrick [12th January 1825].

He was a solicitor / partner in Higham & Chambers / Clerk to the trustees of the Bradford to Huddersfield Turnpike (on  the death of George Higham) / Solicitor to the Brighouse gas and drainage commissioners / Steward of the court baron and Manor of Brighouse / one of the solicitors of the Yorkshire & Lancashire Railway Company. He was one of a number of attorneys who were

commissioned for taking acknowledgements of deeds executed by married women

In [Q1] 1856, he married Eliza Washington [1829-1906] in Halifax.

Eliza was born in Lightcliffe [18th November 1829]

They lived at

He died 9th October 1885.

Eliza died 23rd June 1906.

Members of the family were buried at Brighouse Cemetery.

See Kaye Aspinall and William John Chambers

Chambers, Thomas WashingtonRef 301-2
[1865-1929] Of Field House, Brighouse.

Son of William John Chambers.

Born 20th March 1865.

He was a solicitor [1918].

He died 17th June 1929

The couple were buried at Brighouse Cemetery

Chambers, WilliamRef 301-1124
[1???-18??] Stationer and bookseller at Hebden Bridge [1829]

Chambers, WilliamRef 301-4560
[17??-1???] Worsted manufacturer in Halifax.

He was one of the town's trustees for Halifax, on the removal of William Chambers [1770].

He occupied Room 25 on the Rustic gallery of the Piece Hall [1787]

Chambers, WilliamRef 301-6
[1760-1803] Cardmaker of Halifax.

He married Hannah [1759-1807].

William died 11th July 1803 (aged 43).

Hannah died 14th December 1807 (aged 48).

The couple were buried at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax

Chambers, WilliamRef 301-3
[1768-1839] Born in Brighouse.

He was a joiner [1799].

On 3rd January 1799, he married Sarah Bradley [1778-1853] in Halifax.

Sarah was born in Brighouse

  1. Sarah [b 1804]
  2. William [b 1805]
  3. James [b 1808]
  4. Charlotte [1811-1838]
  5. Alfred [b 1815]
  6. Sidney [1819-1838]
  7. Elizabeth [b 1822]
  8. Thomas Bradley

They lived at Commercial Road, Halifax [1851].

William died in Brighouse [23rd January 1839].

Sarah died in Brighouse [22nd September 1853].

The couple & other members of the family () were buried at St Martin's Church, Brighouse

Chambers, WilliamRef 301-8
[1822-1881] Born in Northowram.

He was a cotton warp draper & furniture broker [1861] / a furniture broker [1871] / a worsted overlooker [1881].

In [Q4] 1845, he married Hannah Sharp [1821-1879] in Halifax.

Hannah was born in Southowram


  1. Thomas Edward [b 1847] who was a factory hand [1861], a  warp dresser [1871]
  2. Elizabeth Ann [b 1850]
  3. Albert [1852-1888] who was a tin plate worker [1871]  
  4. Annie [1865-1886]

They lived at

  • 8 (south of) Gibbet Street, Halifax [1861]
  • 15 Gibbet Street, Halifax [1871]
  • 23 Gibbet Street, Halifax [1881]

Living with them [in 1881] was daughter Elizabeth Ann & her family.

Hannah died 21st May 1879 (aged 58).

Her burial is recorded at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 944], though she is named on her husband's headstone

William died 5th June 1881 (aged 59).

The couple & the children were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 973]

Chambers, WilliamRef 301-991
[1856-1927] Ironmonger and hardware dealer.

He lived at Manor House, Hebden Bridge.

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £7,653

Chambers, William JohnRef 301-1010
[1837-1918] Born 29th June 1837; baptised 3rd August 1837.

In [Q2] 1863, he married Esther Washington [1840-1922] in Sheffield.

Esther was born in Lightcliffe [13th September 1840]


  1. Gertrude [b 7th April 1864]
  2. Thomas Washington
  3. George William [b 1st November 1866]
  4. Edward Percy [b 20th May 1868] who was a solicitor [1911,  1918]
  5. Esther Eliza Catharine [b 3rd March 1870] who married  George Grandage
  6. Florence Elizabeth [b 26th March 1872]
  7. Eleanor [b 11th February 1874]

They lived at

He died 17th January 1918 (aged 80).

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £14,674 11/3d.

Probate was granted to his sons Thomas Washington and Edward Percy.

Esther died 18th November 1922.

Members of the family were buried at Brighouse Cemetery

See Thomas Bradley Chambers

Chambers, William McClellanRef 301-415
[1844-1885] Son of Thomas Chambers.

Born 26th August 1844.

He was a partner in Thomas Chambers [1883] / a partner in James Chambers Executors [1883] / a timber merchant [1878, 1883].

On 23rd January 1867, he married Sarah Hannah Walshaw [1846-1931] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Ada [1870-1941]
  2. Rebecca [1872-1919]
  3. James

They lived at 4 Pratt Street, Halifax [1881].

William died 24th November 1885.

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 706].

His gravestone mentions ALSO FIVE INFANTS.

Probate records show that he left a personal estate valued at £2,882 9/4d.

The will was proved by his widow Sarah Hannah, James Edward Booth of Park View, Halifax (commercial clerk), and William Sutton of 84 Lister Lane, Halifax (commercial clerk).


Chambers surnameRef 301-1
There are 42 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Chambers, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Chambers

Marriage 1900; Deaths 1811, 1900

Unattached burials at Lister Lane Cemetery: Plot 1869, Plot 4177


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