Deaths in Childbirth

Foldout collects the entries for some of the mothers who died in childbirth

Sarah, wife of James Arrandale
Nora, wife of William Stanley Arthur

Harriet, wife of Joseph Bedforth
Sarah, wife of John Berry
Elizabeth, wife of William Booth
Martha, wife of Robert Bottomley
Esther, daughter-in-law of Edmund Brearcliffe
Betty, wife of George Brearley
Marion, wife of Thomas Brigg
Edith, wife of Samuel Britton
Martha, wife of Ambrose Brook
Margaret, wife of George Buckley
Ann, wife of John Burrow

Harriet Ann, wife of Edward Carter
Elizabeth, wife of William Chilcott
Sarah Crossley

Hannah, wife of John Davies
Martha, wife of Robert Dennison

Annie, wife of Henry Edmunds

Elizabeth, wife of Charles Farrar
Evelyn, wife of Albert Lawrence Fawthrop
Alice, wife of Fred Fielden
Mary Ellen, wife of Clay Fielding
Alice, wife of Harry Fisher
Diana Forness
Annie, wife of John Albert Akroyd Fowler
Ruth Ellen, wife of Herbert Fox
Nancy, wife of James Fox

Sarah, wife of Greenwood Gibson
Ruth, wife of William Gibson
Ann, wife of William Gledhill

Sarah, wife of Tom Habergham
Elizabeth, wife of Addison Hamer
Elizabeth, wife of John Hanson
Caroline Hatton
Mary, wife of George Hollas
Nellie, wife of Wilfred Holroyd
Mary Hannah, wife of James Hooson
Emma, wife of Elkanah Hoyle

Elizabeth Simpson Jessop
Ada, wife of Herbert Lancaster Jowett
Isabella, wife of William Jowett

Mary Eliza, wife of James Hatton Kershaw

Sally, wife of John Law
Sarah, wife of Thomas Law
Ann, wife of Charles Bourne Lawton
Susan, wife of Robert William Lund

Martha, wife of Thomas Mallinson
Elizabeth, wife of Dr Richard Marsh
Sarah Elizabeth, wife of Lewis Arthur Marshall
Edith Amy, wife of Rev Henry Howard May
Eliza, wife of Reuben Morton
Ann, wife of John Murgatroyd

Sarah, wife of William Norris

Clara, wife of William Henry Pearson
Mary, wife of John Dunning Prickman

Esther, wife of Thomas Rawsthorn
Hannah, wife of Moses Rayner
Ellen, wife of Joseph Richardson
Hannah, wife of Emanuel Riley
Mary, wife of Albert Robertshaw

Mary Amanda, wife of William Robert Sandall
Betty, wife of John Scholfield
Mary, wife of Percival Shackleton
Martha, wife of Benjamin Shaw
Lucy, wife of Rev Frederick Smith
Janet, wife of George Smithies
Florence Lydia, wife of Fred Spencer
Hannah, wife of William Spencer
Mary Ann, wife of John Stansfield
Harriet, wife of John Stansfield
Sarah, wife of Joshua Stansfield
Hannah, wife of William Stansfield
Sarah, wife of William Stocks
Mary Ann, wife of Abraham Stott
Eliza Jane, wife of Eli Smith Stott
Mary, wife of David Goldthorp Sugden
Fanny, wife of Joseph Sugden
Grace, wife of Allen Sutcliffe
Sarah, wife of Henry Sutcliffe
John Sutcliffe
Hannah, wife of John Sutcliffe
Mary, wife of James Suthers

Elizabeth, wife of James Tatham
Alice, wife of Fred Taylor

Gundrada, wife of Gundrada de Warenne
Sarah, wife of Joseph Waring
Lydia Ann, wife of Frederick Washington
Mary, wife of Henry Watkinson
Olga, wife of Harry Watson
Annie Wayman
Martha, wife of William Westwood
Sarah, wife of Nathan Whitley
Sarah, wife of Jonas Wormald
Elizabeth, wife of Dr John Hodgson Wright

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