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Farrer, CaptainRef 319-868
[15??-16??] He was a military man training militia in the Halifax district prior to the Civil War. When the war began, he joined the Parliamentary forces.

See Captain Thomas Beaumont

Farrer, Major A.Ref 319-953
[18??-19??] Of Woodlands, Luddenden.

He married Unknown.


  1. son [b 1880]

Farrer, ArthurRef 319-515
[18??-18??] Of the Madras Cavalry.

Son of Henry Farrer of Scaleby Hall, Cumberland.

On 19th September 1877, he married Edith Annie Bracken, at Bolton Abbey.

Edith Annie was the daughter of
Richard Bracken


  1. Arthur G D. [b 1879]
  2. Richard Bracken

In 1881, Edith and the children were living with her parents in Midgley.

In 1891, Edith married Horace Parr Yeld

Farrer, BenjaminRef 319-86
[1788-1877] He was a watchmaker.

He married Ellen Thompson [1787-1854].


  1. child
  2. child
  3. child
  4. child
  5. child
  6. Robert
  7. child
  8. child

Farrer, BrianRef 319-85
[1515-1575] Son of Henry Farrer.

In 1539, he (possibly) married Margaret Lacy [1518-1567].

He married Unknown.


  1. Henry [1540-1565]
  2. Robert [1542-1???]
  3. Mary [b 1544]
  4. Grace [b 1545]
  5. Richard
  6. Alice [b 1549]
  7. Agnes [1551-1581]
  8. Sarah [b 1554]
  9. Susan [b 1557]

Farrer, EdwardRef 319-358
[15??-1609] Of Sowerby.

He (possibly) married Margaret Wade.


  1. Judith
  2. Abraham
  3. Susan
  4. Dorothy
  5. Margaret
  6. Mary [15??-1643] who married Nicholas Hanson

Farrer, ElkanahRef 319-176
[1689-1761] Son of John Farrer.

Born in Ovenden.

On 21st February 1710, he married Rachel, daughter of Luke Hoyle.


  1. John [1710-1726]
  2. Mary
  3. Sarah [b 1715]
  4. Elkanah
  5. Rachel [1720-1746]
  6. Luke [b 1725]
  7. Susan [b 1728]
  8. John [b 1731]

Farrer, ElkanahRef 319-177
[1718-1799] Son of Elkanah Farrer.

He inherited Rydeing, Ovenden Wood from his grandmother, Mary

Farrer, Dr G. A.Ref 319-53
[18??-19??] Medical practitioner in Brighouse [1895]

Farrer, Dr George AlbertRef 319-52
[1854-1916] Son of Dr Robert Farrar.

Born in Brighouse.

He was a surgeon in Brighouse [1891, 1901, 1911].

In [Q2] 1889, he married Mary Smith [1864-19??] in Burnley.

Mary came from Colne


  1. George Piercy [b 1891] who was an electrical engineer  [1911] and in India [1916]
  2. Doris Marian [b 1893] who was a nurse at St Bartholomew's  Hospital, London [1916]

They lived at Spring Villa, Brighouse [1911]

George Albert died of Bright's Disease in Scarborough in 1916 (aged 62) 

Farrer, HenryRef 319-355
[1???-1???] Son of John Farrer.

He inherited Ewood Hall, Mytholmroyd.

He married Anne Horsfall.


  1. William
  2. Henry
  3. John
  4. Edward

Farrer, HenryRef 319-32
[1490-1542] Of Halifax.

He married Unknown.


  1. Brian
  2. Thomas [b 1518] who became a priest

Farrer, HenryRef 319-F1053
[15??-16??] He had a fulling mill at Luddendenfoot [1588, 1599].

A Foldout describes the 1599 dispute between Michael Foxcroft and Farrer over the water rights to their mills

Farrer, HenryRef 319-104
[15??-1610] Or Ferror. Of Ewood Hall, Midgley.

Son of William Farrer.

In 1585, he and his brothers – John of Croxon, Lincolnshire, and Hugh – gave 2 acres of land at Skircoat for the building of Heath Grammar School. At his own expense, he obtained the charter for the foundation of the school.

He married Ellen Blakey.

He was murdered at Westminster in 1610

Farrer, IsaacRef 319-1279
[15??-1646] A clothmaker of Ball Green, Sowerby. He was Constable of Sowerby Township [1629].

After the death of Jeremy Brigg [in 1613] he married his widow, Susan Brigg. Susan and Isaac were jointly made guardians of young Joseph Brigg who was not of age when his father died.

In 1638, he became the owner of Lower Fieldhouse by the surrender from Joseph Brigg.

Child: Isaac

Farrer, JamesRef 319-282
[16??-1717] Of Ewood Hall. (Possibly) son of John Farrer.

He married Mary Templeman.

There is a monument to him in St Mary the Virgin, Luddenden

Farrer, JamesRef 319-2
[1874-1???] Illegitimate son of Harriet Farrer of Lower Wyke.

Baptised at St Matthew's Church, Lightcliffe [1st November 1874]

Farrer, JohnRef 319-205
[1???-1???] Son of Henry Farrar.

He inherited Ewood Hall, Mytholmroyd.

He married Unknown.

Child: Henry

Farrer, JohnRef 319-149
[1???-17??] Of Ewood Hall.

Son of William Farrar.

He married Dorothea, daughter of Nicholas Hanson.


  1. William
  2. James

Farrer, JohnRef 319-892
[1662-1726] Or Farrar.

On 16th September 1685, he married Elizabeth Currer.


  1. Thomas [1688-1742]
  2. Mary [1687/9-1765] who married Ely Stansfield
  3. Hannah [bapt 1693]
  4. John
  5. Elizabeth [bapt 1697]
  6. Sarah [bapt 1699]
  7. Timothy who went to Leeds
  8. Joseph
  9. Debora [16??-1711]

They lived at

On their father's death, his property passed to son John and then to son Joseph

Farrer, JohnRef 319-167
[1666-1707] Of Ewood Hall.

Son of Jacob Farrar.

In 16??, he married Mary Rydeings [1670-1705].

Child: Elkanah

They lived at Rydeing, Ovenden Wood

Farrer, JohnRef 319-427
[17??-18??] Hatter in Halifax [1811]

Farrer, JonathanRef 319-1131
[1671-1743] Or Farrar.

Son of Jacob Farrar.

Clockmaker of Sinderhills.

He married Martha Ackeroyd.


  1. Jonathan
  2. Abraham of Warley
  3. John [1711-1773] who was a weaver of Midgley
  4. Samuel who died in infancy
  5. Benjamin who died in infancy

Farrer, JonathanRef 319-1141
[17??-17??] Or Farrar.

Son of Jonathan Farrer.

Like his father, he was a clockmaker

Farrer, JoyceRef 319-356
[1580-16??] Daughter of Richard Farrer.

She died after 7th April 1610

Farrer, JudithRef 319-359
[1???-1???] Daughter of Edward Farrer. Her first husband was William Dean. Her second husband was Jasper Blythman

Farrer, MaryRef 319-178
[1712-1735] Of Rydeing, Ovenden Wood. Daughter of Elkanah Farrer.

She married Samuel Ramsbottom

Farrer, RichardRef 319-227
[1547-1610] Son of Brian Farrer.

On 3rd July 1570, he married Margaret Blackburn


  1. Mary [b 1572] who married George Fairbanks
  2. John [b 1574]
  3. Sarah [b 1576]
  4. Henry [b 1578]
  5. Joyce
  6. William [b 1582]
  7. Grace [b 1584] who married Anthony Gemyes
  8. Susan [b 1587] who married Alexander Bradshaw

He died and was buried at Erringden

Farrer, Richard BrackenRef 319-392
[1880-1917] Son of Colonel Arthur Farrar.

He was a barrister / a director of Jonathan Bracken & Sons Limited.

During World War I, and he served as a Lieutenant with the 1st/5th Battalion Leicestershire Regiment.

He was killed by a shot through the head during an attack [8th June 1917].

He was buried at Bully-Grenay Communal Cemetery, British Extension, France [Grave Ref IV A 7].

He is remembered on Luddenden & Midgley War Memorial, and on the Memorial at Saint Mary the Virgin, Luddenden

Farrer, Dr RobertRef 319-55
[1822-1894] LFPS (Glas), LS (Lond).

Born in Pontefract in 1822.

Son of Benjamin Farrer.

He was head of the Halifax Infirmary & Dispensary [1851] / surgeon at Church Lane, Brighouse [1861] / certifying surgeon under the Factory Act [1861] / a general practitioner [1851, 1861, 1871, 1881] / retired surgeon [1891].

Recorded in May 1882, when he was being driven along Elland Road to visit patients. A bolt at the bottom of the phæton gave way, allowing the front part to leave the rest behind. The startled horse set off at a gallop and ran into the gates of Mr Richardson's garden where it caught itself by the neck in the ornamental spikes at the top. It was severely injured and had to be put down on the spot. The doctor and the coachman escaped unharmed.

In 1852, he married Fanny, daughter of George Piercy, at Halifax.


  1. Benjamin Percy [1853-1894]
  2. George Albert
  3. Frances Ellen [b 1856] who married Bernard Green
  4. Robert Thompson
  5. Annie Louisa [1860-1862]
  6. Fanny Emily [1860-1862]
  7. Annie Louisa [1863-1912] who married Edward Charles  Jobson
  8. Charles Henry [b 1865]
  9. Edith Ada [1867-1944]
  10. Fanny Margaret [1870-1960]

They lived at

He died in Scarborough [1894].

Farrer, Robert NoelRef 319-50
[1886-19??] Son of Dr Robert Thompson Farrer.

He was a medical student [1911].

In [Q3] 1913, he married Maud R Welch in Leeds

Farrer, Dr Robert ThompsonRef 319-314
[1858-1948] MRCP, MRCS (England), LSA (London, 1881).

Son of Dr Robert Farrer.

He was surgeon at New North Road Infirmary, Huddersfield [1881] / general practitioner at Mayfield, Church Street, Brighouse [1891] / surgeon [1901, 1911].

He is mentioned in many newspaper reports as tending the ailing worthies of Brighouse.

In 1886, he married Henrietta Sophia Jobson [1863-1943] at Hartlepool.


  1. Robert Noel
  2. Gladys Vera [b 1888] who married Reginald Sawyer
  3. Agnes Dulce [b 1896] who married William Hanson

They lived at Mayfield, Brighouse [1901, 1911].

They moved to live in Scarborough.

He died in Scarborough [1948]

Farrer, SimeonRef 319-3
[1851-1???] Illegitimate son of Margaret Farrer of Hipperholme.

Born 26th March 1851; baptised at St John the Baptist, Coley [27th July 1851]

Farrer, SusanRef 319-408
[15??-16??] Of Ewood.

She married Robert Whittell

Farrer, WilliamRef 319-400
[16??-1???] Of Ewood.

He married Frances James [1629-1680].

Frances was the daughter of Richard James of Portsmouth

Frances died 16th January 1680 (aged 51).

She was buried in the Church of St Michael le Belfry, York

Farrer, WilliamRef 319-134
[1725-1762] Halifax lawyer.

Son of John Farrer of Ewood Hall. He was articled to John Baldwin. From 1753 to 1756, he was in partnership with John Bentley


Farrer surnameRef 319-1
A variant of the surname Farrar

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