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Farnell, A. J.Ref 409-1272
[18??-1???] Butcher with premises at the bottom of Russell Street, Halifax. The Saddle Hotel was (possibly) later built on the site

Farnell, AsaRef 409-815
[18??-19??] Partner in E. Farnell & Sons.

He lived at 199 Gibbet Street, Halifax [1905]

Farnell, BentleyRef 409-423
[1870-1931] Son of John Farnell

Born in Wainstalls.

He was a carter [1891] / a brewery waggoner [1901] / a brewery driver [1911].

In [Q4] 1891, he married Hannah Thorp [1866-1910].

Hannah was born in Sowerby


  1. Eveline [b 1894] who was a twister (worsted mill) [1911]
  2. Clement [b 1896] who was a spinner (worsted mill) [1911]
  3. Maximilian
  4. John Walter [b 1900]
  5. Clifford [b 1900]
  6. William Henry [b 1902]
  7. Sunley [b Q4/1907] who married [Halifax 1934] Emily Midgley

The family lived at

  • 23 Grey Jacob, Halifax [1901]
  • 18 Heath Hill, Mount Tabor [1911]

Hannah died in 1910 (aged 45).

Living with them [in 1911] was widowed mother Sarah A Farnell [b 1845] (servant) 

Farnell, DanRef 409-130
[1875-1955] Son of John Farnell.

He was a woollen finisher [1891] / landlord of the Stone Chair, Mount Tabor [1909-1930]

Farnell, E.Ref 409-620
[17??-18??] He established E. Farnell & Sons.

He married Unknown.


  1. John
  2. Elijah

Farnell, ElijahRef 409-6
[1847-1921] Born in Halifax.

He was a coach, cart, wagon & wheelwright & timber merchant (employer) [1901] / a wheelwright & timber merchant (employer) [1901].

In [Q2] 1872, he married Sarah Ann Sugden in Halifax.

Sarah Ann was the daughter of
Zaccheus Sugden


  1. Arthur Sugden [1873-1877]
  2. Lily [1875-1875]
  3. Rose Sugden [1876-1966] who married Walter Edward Horsfall
  4. William Sugden [1878-1957] who was a merchant [1921]
  5. John [1880-1881]
  6. Frederick [1882-1906] apprentice coach, cart, wagon & wheelwright

The family lived at

  • 203 Gibbet Street, Halifax [1901]
  • Bolland, Greenroyd, Halifax [1921]

Sarah Ann died 29th June 1901.

Probate records show that she left effects valued at £2,097 15/8d.

Probate was granted to her husband Elijah.

Elijah died 17th March 1921.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £9,206 1/5d.

Probate was granted to children William Sugden Farnell and Rose Sugden Horsfall

Farnell, GeorgeRef 409-1058
[1796-1853] A Halifax chimney sweep.

Other members of his family were also chimney sweeps.

On 10th May 1819, he married (1) Susannah Tidswell in Halifax.


  1. James [b 1822; bapt 19th April 1829] who was a chimney sweep [1841]
  2. George
  3. Elizabeth [bapt 19th April 1829] who married [Halifax 21st October 1848] Charles Rothera, son of James Rothera
  4. Margaret [bapt 5th December 1830]
  5. Dominic [b 1834]
  6. Sarah [b 1836]

A Susannah Farnell died in Halifax [Q3 1838].

He married (2) Elizabeth.


  1. Susannah who died 30th December 1850 (aged 1 year) 
  2. James Henry who died 7th January 1852 (aged 4 months) 

The family lived at Bank Street, Halifax.

He was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 4534]

Farnell, GeorgeRef 409-1059
[1826-1885] Son of George Farnell.

Baptised 19th April 1829.

Like other members of his family, he was a chimney sweep at Halifax.

On 1st February 1847, he married Elizabeth Dyson [18??-18??] at St James's Church, Halifax.

Elizabeth was the daughter of Robert Dyson


  1. child who died in infancy
  2. child who died in infancy
  3. John
  4. George Edward

The family lived at Milk Street, Halifax

Farnell, GeorgeRef 409-1062
[1891-1916] Son of George Edward Farnell.

He was a bobbin skep emptier in worsted spinning warehouse [1911] / a warehouseman for Rouse & Company at Bowling Dyke Mills.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 9th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers.

He served in Egypt before going to France.

He was killed in action [17th September 1916] (aged 24).

His photograph appears with a report of his death in the Halifax Courier [30th September 1916].

He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial, France, in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Halifax Parish Church Church Members (WWI) Memorial.

During World War I, his brother, Edward, served with the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) and was wounded [1916]

Farnell, George EdwardRef 409-1061
[1863-1909] Son of George Farnell.

He was a chimney sweep [1901].

In 1886, he married Isabella McLane in Halifax.


  1. Eliza McLane [b 1881] who was a stocking knitter [1901]
  2. Edward Farnell McLane [b 1885] who was a carpet printer [1901], a chimney sweep [1911]
  3. Rose Ann [1888-1981]
  4. George
  5. Harry

The family lived at

  • 1 Blucher Passage, Halifax [1886]
  • 8 St John Street, New Road, Halifax [1901]
  • 9 Orange Street, Halifax [1911]

Sons Edward & George served in World War I. Edward was wounded in the left leg, & George was killed in action

Farnell, HarryRef 409-1063
[1894-2001] Son of George Edward Farnell.

He was a cotton piecer [1911].

He married Esther Passchendale Roper [1943-1994].

He died at the age of 107.

See Longevity

Farnell, HarryRef 409-615
[1892-1916] Son of A. T. Farnell of 10 Holden Street, St James Road, Halifax

He worked as a labourer for Cartwright's.

During World War I, he enlisted with the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, then served as a Private with the 1st Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers.

He was reported missing and assumed to have died on the first day of the Battle of the Somme [1st July 1916] (aged 24).

He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial, France [Grave Ref 3C & 3D], and in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Farnell, HirstRef 409-121
[1873-1936] Son of John Farnell.

He was a woollen finisher [1891] / landlord of the Three Horseshoes, Mixenden [1907]

Farnell, JohnRef 409-1060
[1852-1???] Son of George Farnell.

Like other members of his family, he was a chimney sweep at Halifax

Farnell, JohnRef 409-50
[1830-1889] Born in Halifax.

He was a verger [1871].

In [Q4] 1862, he married Ann Sheard [1833-1???] in Halifax.

Ann was born in Halifax


  1. Mary [b 1864]
  2. Edward [1866-24th May 1868] who was buried with his father
  3. Clara [b 1869]
  4. Harriet Ann [b 1870]
  5. Albert who died 13th March 1875 (aged 15 months) who was buried with his father

The family lived at 53 Haley Hill, Halifax [1871].

John died 22nd December 1889 (aged 59).

He was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 3450] with Thomas Horsfall

Farnell, JohnRef 409-62
[1831-1???] Born in Clayton.

He was a joiner & cabinet maker [1861] / a joiner employing 1 man [1871].

In [Q2] 1852, he married Martha Abbott [1832-1871] in Halifax.

Martha was born in Northowram


  1. Arthur [b 1853] who was a joiner [1871]
  2. Williamson [b 1855] who was a joiner [1871]
  3. Caroline [b 1857] who was a worsted spinner [1871]
  4. Phineas [b 1859]
  5. Ruth Ann [b 1861]
  6. Sarah Hannah [b 1866]
  7. Emma Jane [b 1868]

The family lived at

  • Roper Lane Side, Northowram [1861]
  • Beggarington, Northowram [1871]

Martha died Q2 1871 (aged 39) 

Farnell, JohnRef 409-498
[1842-1903] Son of Solomon Farnell.

Born in Ovenden.

He was a grocer [1865] / a horse keeper [1891] / landlord of the Travellers' Rest, Mount Tabor [1901, 1903].

On 11th May 1865, he married (1) Harriet Riley in Halifax.

Harriet was born in Ovenden

They had no children.

Harriet died in Ovenden in 1867.

On 23rd November 1869, he married (2) Sarah Ann Bentley [1845-1925].

Sarah Ann was born in Shelf


  1. Bentley
  2. William Henry [1871-1901]
  3. Hirst
  4. Dan
  5. Solomon [1879-1923] who was a worsted spinner [1891]
  6. Edgar [1883-1957]

John died at the Travellers Rest [15th February 1903].

Sarah died in Halifax in 1925.

The family lived at 46 & 48 Burnley Road, Luddendenfoot [1891]

Farnell, MaximilianRef 409-424
[1896-1917] Son of Bentley Farnell.

Born in Wainstalls.

He was a member of Mount Tabor Wesleyan School / a spinner (worsted mill) [1911] / employed by Gaukroger & Sykes.

He lived at Upper Shaw Booth, Mount Tabor [1911].

During World War I, he served as a Driver with A Battery 47th Brigade Royal Horse Artillery & Royal Field Artillery.

He died of wounds [23rd April 1917].

He was buried at Warlincourt Halte British Cemetery, Saulty, France [Grave Ref IX B 2].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Mount Tabor Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Farnell, SolomonRef 409-143
[1811-1858] Born in Ovenden.

He was a grocer [1851].

In 1842, he married Hannah Hirst [1816-1879] in Halifax.

Sarah was born in Clayton.

She was a shopkeeper [1871]



  1. Sarah [b 1837] who was a dress maker [1851]
  2. John
  3. Isaac [b 1846]
  4. Hannah [b 1848]
  5. Mary [b 1852] who was a mill hand [1871]
  6. Martha [b 1853] who was a mill hand [1871]
  7. George [b 1857]

The children were born in Ovenden.

The family lived at Lane Head, Ovenden [1851, 1871].

Solomon died in 1858.

Living with the widowed Hannah (and her 4 youngest children)  [in 1871], was granddaughter Sarah Farnell [b 1870]

Farnell, ThomasRef 409-125
[18??-19??] Councillor for Halifax Central ward [1894]

Farnell, Thomas HenryRef 409-108

Thomas Henry died 20th March 1942 (aged 76).

Clara died 13th April 1942 (aged 73).

He married Clara Lister [1869-1942]

Clara was born in Wakefield.

Her sister Annie married Arthur William Turner


The couple were buried at Elland Cemetery

Farnell, WilliamRef 409-2
[1826-1889] Born in Ovenden.

He was a blacksmith [1861, 1871, 1881].

In [Q3] 1847, he married Elizabeth Jackson [1826-1917] in Halifax.

Elizabeth was born in Midgley


  1. Thomas [1847-16th December 1897] who was born in Bradford, was a sizer at carpet factory [1861], a cotton & silk warp dresser [1871], & was buried with his mother
  2. Arthur [February 1857-1st August 1858]
  3. Clara [b 1859] who was a worsted spinner [1871] & married Emmanuel Hesselden
  4. Herbert [1864-18th December 1893] who was a butcher [1881], died in Chicago, USA & is remembered on his mother's grave

The family lived at 3 Bright Street, Halifax [1861, 1871, 1881].

William died Q2 1889 (aged 63).

Details of his burial place are not yet known

Elizabeth died 18th March 1917 (aged 91).

She was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 3507]

Farnell, William SugdenRef 409-15
[1878-1957] Son of Elijah Farnell.

He was superintendent in a saw mill [1901] / a merchant [1921]



Farnell surnameRef 409-1
The surname is recorded in 1750.

It may mean a fern-covered hill

There are several entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Farnell, as discussed in this SideTrack.

Unattached BMDs for Farnell

Baptism 1819; Marriages 1855, 1881, 1885; Deaths 1899, 1900


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