PC Alan Godfrey

This Foldout describes incidents involving police officer Alan Godfrey of Todmorden:

The Todmorden Incident

In the early hours of 28th November 1980, PC Alan Godfrey was driving his patrol car at Todmorden, when he saw what he thought was a UFO.

He reports:

I was driving a police car at the time, and in the early hours of the morning I came across what I thought at that time was a bus that had slid across the road sideways. And when I approached the object – I got within about twenty yards of it – and immediately came across what I now would describe as a UFO. It was about twenty feet wide and fourteen feet high and was diamond shaped. It had a bank of windows in it and the bottom half was rotating. The police blue beacon was bouncing back off it, as were my headlights. It was hovering off the ground about five feet. And it was very frightening – very frightening.

In addition, Godfrey noticed that the bushes beside the road were shaking. He attempted to contact his headquarters by radio but failed, so he decided to draw the object. He suddenly found himself 100 yards further down the road, and the UFO was gone. His boot was split, as if he had been dragged for some distance.

Deeply disturbed by the experience, he was unsure of what to do until the following night, when he heard some colleagues talking about strange lights in the sky. He discussed his experience with a colleague who was a member of a local UFO investigation society.

At his colleague's suggestion, PC Godfrey underwent a session of regressive hypnosis with a Manchester psychiatrist 8 months after the incident, and had several other sessions with different therapists, and his recall in later sessions was video-taped. Under regression he told of the bright light stopping the car engine, causing his radio and police handset both to be filled with static, and how he was swamped by blinding light as he lost consciousness. He recalled being inside a strange room, more like a house than a spaceship. There was a large black dog. He was studied by a heavily bearded man who telepathically conveyed that his name was Yosef who wore Biblical clothing. Assisting Yosef were several small robot-like creatures the size of a 5-year-old lad and with a head shaped like a lamp. Godfrey was asked questions, told that he knew Josef, and was promised a later encounter.

In spite of the potential damage to his reputation, PC Godfrey stuck unerringly to his story and later even wrote a book about his experience. Nonetheless, it wasn't enough to stop West Yorkshire force questioning his sanity. This led PC Godfrey to allege that there was a conspiracy against him.

He has since left the Police force

The Ilkley Moor Incident

After the Todmorden incident, Alan Godfrey and his family moved to Ilkley, near to his wife's family.

In the early morning of 1st December 1987, he was walking across Ilkley Moor to visit his father-in-law. As he walked, he planned to take some photographs and he suddenly caught sight of a strange-looking being on the hillside ahead of him. The creature seemed to be gesturing for him to stay away, but he took a photograph before the creature ran away. He ran after the creature and as he got nearer he saw a flying craft with a domed top – with a whitish square on top – rise up from the moor and disappear into the sky. He was unable to get a photograph of the object.

As he walked on he noticed that his compass pointed south instead of north, and also that the town clock was an hour ahead of his watch.

He caught the bus to town and had the film developed. The photograph of the creature indicated that it was about 4 foot tall, and its skin had a blue-green tint

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