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Hebden, BenjaminRef 473-3138
Of Wakefield.

He became head gardener for Richard Kershaw Lumb.

He moved to Cheltenham with Lumb.

In May 1860, he and Lumb won the RHS Silver Cup as first prize for 10 azaleas at the Cheltenham Flower Show

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Hebden, FrancisRef 473-3176
A Halifax merchant.

He married Elizabeth Murgatroyd from Luddenden.

Child: John

Hebden, FrancisRef 473-1572
Son of
John Hebden.

Born in Ballymena, Ireland.

Watchmaker and clockmaker at 3 New Market Street, Halifax [1829] and 5 Northgate, Halifax [1837]

On 25th December 1838, he married Elizabeth Carr [1818-1889] at St Mark's Church, Woodhouse.

Elizabeth was the daughter of worsted manufacturer John Carr


  1. John [d 1840] who died in infancy
  2. William Carr
  3. Henry [1844-1845] who died aged 7 months
  4. Ellen [1846-1848] who died aged 16 months, & is  remembered (but not named) on the grave of Horatio Stead at  Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2724]
  5. Ellen [b 1849]
  6. Henry [b 1851]
  7. Fanny [b 1853]
  8. Mary Jane [b 1855]

They lived at 10 Northgate, Halifax [1861].

Francis died 20th May 1884 (aged 84).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2064]

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Hebden, JamesRef 473-3190
Watchmaker and clockmaker at Woolshops, Halifax [1822], 61 Woolshops, Halifax [1829], 62 Woolshops, Halifax [1834], and 35 Woolshops, Halifax [1837, 1841]

Hebden, JohnRef 473-927
Of Halifax.

He married Elizabeth [1770-1839].


  1. daughter
  2. Jane [1796-26th April 1880]
  3. daughter
  4. daughter
  5. Catherine [1809-14th October 1888]

Elizabeth died 2nd August 1839 (aged 69) 

John died 17th January 1850 (aged 81).

The couple & other members of the family () were buried at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax

Members of the family were buried at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax

Hebden, JohnRef 473-437
Of Halifax.

Son of Francis Hebden.

He was a cloth dresser [1799].

He joined the local volunteers and went on to serve with the Tay Fencibles in Ulster [1799-1802] and the 1st Battalion of the 8th King's Regiment of Foot [1804] He saw service in Europe, the West Indies, and British North America.

He was Lieutenant Adjutant in the Canadian Voltigeurs militia, a group of French-Canadians raised to fight alongside British troops defending Montréal and lower Canada against American invasion in the War of 1812.

On 25th October 1813, he was mentioned in dispatches for his bravery at the Battle of Châteauguay in which a group of 400 Voltigeurs and 170 Mohawk Indian allies under Lieutenant Colonel Charles de Salaberry routed 4000 Americans under General Wade Hampton who were advancing on Montréal.

On 3rd June 1799, he married Mary McCloud at Halifax Parish Church.

Mary came from Halifax


  1. Francis
  2. son [d 1852] who died a few days before his father

He retired and died in Halifax on Boxing Day 1852.

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plots 2064] & [2065]

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Hebden, MartinRef 473-3174
An early member of
the Hebden family.

He married Unknown.


  1. William [b 1673]

Hebden, ThomasRef 473-3177
A Halifax merchant.

He died at Derby

Hebden, ThomasRef 473-853
Born in Halifax.

He was a sawyer [1866, 1885].

In [Q1] 1862, he married Emma Jane Crossley [1838-1916] in Halifax.

Emma Jane was the daughter of
George Crossley


  1. William / Willy [1867-1882] who was a sawyer and  was buried with his parents
  2. Tom [b 1869] who was a barber's boy [1881]
  3. Herbert [b 1875]

The family lived at 20 Shaw Street, Skircoat [1881].

Thomas died 15th March 1885 (aged 51).

Emma Jane died 24th August 1916 (aged 78).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3985] with Emma Jane's mother

Hebden, William CarrRef 473-1550

Son of Francis Hebden.

Born in Halifax [31st December 1840].

Around 1882, he established business – W. C. & H. Hebden – as a manufacturing chemist, wholesale druggist and drysalter at Albany Works, Halifax and Upper Cross Street, Halifax.

The firm manufactured a range of products including baking powder, chemicals, drugs, drysalteries, essences, herbs, inks, jellies, soaps, stains, syrups, varnishes, Hebden's Gloss for linen, and Camphortar deodoriser, insect destroyer & air purifier

He was active in local affairs and a Town Councillor. He was appointed Justice of the Peace [1899].

He lived at

He died 29th November 1918.

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2064].

See Hebden & Halifax Limited and Crossley Hodgson

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Hebden, William HenryRef 473-1374
Son of Mary & William Hebden of Trinity Row, Halifax.

Born in Halifax.

Baptised in Halifax [8th December 1824].

He was a worsted spinner & manufacturer [1851] / an accountant [1891].

He married Joyce [1836-1904]

Joyce was born in Newark

They lived at 3 Park Side, Manor Heath Road, Halifax [1891].

William Henry died in Penzance [9th December 1891] (aged 69), and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 270].

In [Q4] 1892, Joyce married John Read Cockle [1850-1897] in Yarmouth.

John died in Cambridge [Q4 1897] (aged 47).

Joyce died 8th September 1904 (aged 68)  and was buried with William Henry


The Hebden familyRef 473-3173
Martin Hebden was an early member of the family.

Members of the family were merchants, baptised at Northgate Presbyterian Chapel, and buried at Square Chapel

The Hebden family of clockmakersRef 473-1124
Members of the family include:


Hebden surnameRef 473-1
Other forms of the surname include Ebden, Ebdon, Epton, Hebdin, Hebdon, Hepden and Hepton.

Entries for people with this and similar surnames are shown in a separate Foldout The name has the same meaning as the placename element Hebden.

It is accepted that the surname originated in the village of Hebden, near Grassington in Wharfedale, North Yorkshire. This was a Saxon manor granted to Uchtred who became known as de Hebden.

The male line died out in the early 15th century.

Entries for people with the surname Hebden are discussed in this SideTrack.

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