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Harrison, Miss
[1???-18??] She ran a private school in Halifax [around 1870]

Harrison, Mr
[17??-17??] Brighouse attorney.

He lived at Broad Oak, Hove Edge [1760]

Harrison, Albert
[1864-1???] Son of Thackrah Harrison, carder.

Born in Rastrick.

He was a cotton spinner of Bailiffe Bridge [1889] / a cotton spinner [1891, 1901] / a garden labourer [1911].

In 1889, he married Alice Ann Radcliffe [1865-1???] at Halifax Parish Church.

Alice Ann, of Rastrick, was born in Ripponden, the daughter of William Radcliffe, cotton twiner


  1. William
  2. Nellie [b 1896] who was a sewer [1911]
  3. Ethel [b 1898] who was a winder [1911]

The family lived at

  • Old Lane, Hipperholme with Brighouse [1891]
  • 11 Booths Buildings, Hipperholme [1901]
  • 3 Holme Street, Lightcliffe [1911]

Harrison, Rev Alexander James
[18??-19??] BD.

He was Vicar of Lightcliffe [6th December 1888, 1892]

In [Q3] 1885, he married Frances Mary Seymour in Kington.


  1. Dorothy Alexandra [b 17th November 1892]

Harrison, Arthur Lewis
[1889-1911] Son of Edwin Harrison.

He was interested in playing the violin.

He sustained kidney injuries when he backed into a large key in a cellar door.

He died in 1911 (aged 22) 

Harrison, C.
[1895-1914] Son of Mr Harrison of 44 Atkinson Street, Hunslet, Leeds

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 2nd/4th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He died 9th November 1914 (aged 19).

He was buried at Poperinghe Old Military Cemetery, Belgium [Grave Ref I M 62]

Harrison, Charles
[1858-19??] Born in Halifax.

He was a book binder [1881, 1891, 1901, 1911].

In 1880, he married Sarah Elizabeth Halliwell [1855-19??] in Halifax.

Elizabeth was born in Halifax


  1. Harold Halliwell

The family lived at

  • 10 Prince Street, Halifax [1881]
  • Preston Place, Halifax [1891]
  • 35 Park Place, Halifax [1901]
  • 16 Park Place, Halifax [1911]

Harrison, Daniel
[18??-19??] In [Q3] 1919, he married Ethel Whittemore at St Paul's Church, King Cross

Harrison, Denis Storr
[1918-1940] Son of Ann & Thomas Henry Harrison.

He was educated at Crossley & Porter School.

During World War II, he served as a Wireless Operator with the 107th Squadron Royal Air Force.

He died 30th June 1940 (aged 22).

He was buried at Wittes Churchyard, France [Grave Ref 3].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Crossley & Porter School, Halifax

Harrison, E.
[18??-19??] Music publisher at 45 Crown Street, Halifax.

He lived at 6 Dryclough Lane [1905]

Harrison, Edgar
[1880-1918] Son of Mary Ann & Jesse Harrison of 282 Huddersfield Road, Halifax.

He was a music publisher at Palace Buildings, Halifax.

In [Q3] 1904, he married Dora Lillian Law [1876-1910].


  1. son

The family lived at 249 Huddersfield Road, Halifax.

Dora died in 1910.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 14th Labour Company Lincolnshire Regiment.

He died 4th February 1918 (aged 38).

He was buried at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Belgium [Grave Ref XXVII FF 4].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Halifax Bowling Club

Harrison, Edwin
[1840-1913] Son of William Harrison.

He was a wire roller [1861] / a labourer in a print works [1881] / a wire roller [1883].

He married (1) Unknown.


  1. Lily [b 1871]
  2. Dinah [b 1872]

Edwin was widower by 1881.

On 1st December 1883, he married (2) Emma Bullen in the Parish Church of Houghton-le-Spring.

Emma came from Norfolk.

She was in service [1883]


The couple were both living in New Tunstall, Sunderland, but moved to Brighouse shortly after their marriage. Children:

  1. Charlotte [b 1884] who married Unknown who served in World War I
  2. James William
  3. John
  4. Arthur Lewis
  5. Ernest

The children were born in Brighouse.

Edwin died in New Street, Brighouse in 1913

Harrison, Edwin

In [Q1] 1896, he married Lily Ann Blackburn in Halifax.

They lived at 1 Heathfield Spa Well, Elland.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He died 31st January 1915 (aged 47).

He was buried at Elland Cemetery [U A 1067].

He is remembered on Elland War Memorial

Harrison, Eric
[19??-19??] Halifax-born pianist. He was educated at Heath Grammar School. He was Senior Lecturer in Piano at Melbourne University

Harrison, Eric
[1938-] Born in Mytholmroyd.

He played football for Halifax Town [1957-1964]. He became the youth team coach for Manchester United

Harrison, Ernest
[18??-19??] Son of Edwin Harrison.

He served in the trenches in World War I.

In 1917, he was wounded in the leg by shrapnel at Nieuport, Belgium. He survived the War, and, thanks to the skill of the Belgian surgeons, walked without a limp

Harrison, Frank
[1898-1918] Son of Harry Harrison.

Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was a woollen piecer / scholar [1911].

He lived at Prospect Terrace, Norland.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 13th Battalion Royal Scots.

He died 28th May 1918 (aged 20).

He was buried at Duisans British Cemetery, Etrun, France [Grave Ref VI G 5].

He is remembered on Norland War Memorial

Harrison, Fred
[1873-1915] Son of Ralph Seddon Harrison.

Born in Halifax [23rd February 1873].

He was a pattern maker [1891].

He went to South Africa [1895].

He worked for the De Beers Consolidated Mines [from July 1895]. He was head of the data department of the Engineering Staff.

He fought in the Second Boer War. He joined the Kimberley Volunteers, and was made Sergeant [March 1896], Sergeant-Major [1897], Lieutenant [1897], and Captain [1897].

He served in Bechuanaland [1896-1897] (and was awarded the medal and clasp), and in the South African War (Queen's medal and the Transvaal clasp, the Orange Free State clasp and the Kimberley clasp and King's medal and the South Africa 1901 clasp and the South Africa 1902 clasp).

On 3rd April 1899, he married Adelaide Emma Good.

Adelaide Emma was the eldest daughter of William Henry Good of Westport, County Mayo, Ireland


  1. Frederick William [b 1900]
  2. Eileen Mary [b 1903]
  3. Ralph Benjamin [b 1910]

The family lived at 4 Elsmere Street, Kimberley, South Africa.

He resigned from the army in 1902.

When a 2nd Battalion was formed, he rejoined as Captain.

He took part in the Expedition against German South-West Africa [30th September 1914-26th April 1915]. He was with C Company, 7th Infantry (Kimberley Regiment), S. A. Forces.

He was killed in action at Trekkopjes, German South-West Africa (now Namibia), one of a small group of South African railway protection troops attacked by a German force [26th April 1915].

He was buried at Trekkopje Cemetery, Namibia,

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Harrison, Fred
[1891-1918] Son of Mary (née Ann) & Frank Harrison of Clifton.

Born in Clifton.

In 1917, he married Emily Barraclough in Halifax.

They lived at Holly House, Clifton.

During World War I, he served as a Driver with B Battery 168th Brigade Royal Field Artillery.

He died 3rd October 1918 (aged 27).

He was buried at Cerisy-Gailly Military Cemetery, France [Grave Ref III K 13].

He is remembered on Clifton War Memorial, on the Memorial at Saint John's Church, Clifton, and in the book Clifton War Memorial

Harrison, G. V.
[1???-19??] Recorded in 1946, when he and T. Valentine were proprietors of Valentine & Harrison.

He lived at 42 Eldon Place, Halifax

Harrison, Geoffrey
[18??-18??] He lived at Holden House, Barkisland.

He established a school here [1864]

Harrison, George
[1552-1???] Of Halifax.

On 14th December 1573, he married Agnes, daughter of Gilbert Fairbanks, in Halifax.


  1. George
  2. Susannah
  3. Edward
  4. Grace
  5. Eden

Harrison, George
[19??-194?] Born in Birmingham.

He was educated at King Edward's Grammar School, Birmingham / employed by Skelton, Machin & Watson, Birmingham.

He married Unknown.


  1. daughter

The family lived at 137 Highroad Well Lane, Halifax.

During World War II, he served as a Lieutenant with the Royal Engineers.

He died of wounds in the conflict [1941/1942] (aged 26).

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Harrison, George William
[1868-19??] Son of John Harrison.

He married (1) Unknown.

In January 1921, he married (2) Annie Elizabeth, daughter of John Holmes.

The family lived at Hoyle House, Lightcliffe [1921]

Harrison, H.
[1890-1918] He lived at 33 Brook Street, Halifax.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the Lancashire Fusiliers.

He was killed [13th October 1918] (aged 28).

Harrison, Hannah
[16??-1693] Daughter and heiress of Richard Harrison of Wakefield.

She married John Smyth

Harrison, Harold Halliwell
[1881-1917] Son of Charles Harrison.

Born in Halifax [Q4 1881].

He was a member of Park Congregational Church, Halifax & Sunday School / a solicitor's clerk [1901] / a district auditor's clerk [1911] / an auditor dealing with local government / employed by Longbotham & Sons / an auditor with the auditing department of the Local Government Board.

He lived at 16 Park Place, Halifax.

During World War I, he enlisted [October 1916], and served as a Private with the K Supply Company Army Service Corps aboard the troopship Cameronia.

He was reported missing and assumed to have drowned [15th April 1917] (aged 35)  when his ship was torpedoed by German Submarine SM U-33 and sank in the Mediterranean Sea (east of Malta), with the loss of 140-210 of over 2,650 people on board.

His photograph appears with a report of his death in the Halifax Courier [5th May 1917].

He is remembered on the Chatby Memorial, Egypt, in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Park Congregational Church

Harrison, Harry
[1880-1939] Born in Gomersal.

He was a tailor [1911].

On 4th June 1894, he married Sibby Ann Binns [1865-1951] at St John the Divine, Thorpe.

Sibby Ann was born in Triangle


  1. Frank

The family lived at

  • Scar Head, Norland [1911]
  • 2 New Longley, Norland [1918]
  • 30 Collyhurst Avenue, Blackpool [1939, 1951]

Harry died in Blackpool [23rd February 1939].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £465 17/4d.

The will was proved by his widow Sibby Ann.

Sibby Ann died at Wesham Park Hospital, Fylde [14th March 1851].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £1,996 2/9d.

The will was proved by Walter Ibson Clarkson (manager) 

Harrison, Herbert Mercer
[1886-1918] Son of Mary & Thomas Harrison.

Born in Halifax.

He was a member of Sion Congregational Church, Halifax / educated at Halifax Secondary School [until 1899].

In [Q2] 1912, he married Mabel Grayston in Chorlton, Lancashire.

They lived at Whitethorn, Prestbury, Cheshire.

During World War I, he served as a Gunner with D Battery 110th Brigade Royal Field Artillery.

He died of wounds [21st April 1918] (aged 32).

He was buried at Mendinghem Military Cemetery, Belgium [Grave Ref X B 34].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Halifax Secondary School

Harrison, Holroyd
[1848-1911] Born in Halifax.

He was

an auctioneer [1911].

On 7th February 1877, he married Sarah Ann Nutter [1852-1933] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. child who died young [before 1911]
  2. child who died young [before 1911]
  3. child who died young [before 1911]
  4. John / Johnnie
  5. Ann [b 1882]
  6. Irving [b 1890] who was an auctioneer's clerk [1911]

The family lived at 261 Huddersfield Road, Halifax [1911].

Holroyd died 16th April 1911.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £3,625.

Probate was granted to his widow Sarah Ann and Leonard Shepherd (solicitor) 

Harrison, James
[18??-1???] In 1846, he married Martha Sugden [1828-1901] in Halifax. Martha was a member of the Sugden family of Shelf

Harrison, James Thomas
[1886-1917] Son of John Harrison.

Of Todmorden.

He was a picker maker [1911].

He married Minnie [1888-1911].

Minnie died February 1911 (aged 23) 

She was buried at St Peter's Church, Walsden

During World War I, he served as a Private with the R.M. Medical Unit, R.N. Div Royal Marines.

He died 22nd April 1917.

He is remembered on the Arras Memorial, France [Grave Ref 1], and in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance

Harrison, James William
[1885-19??] Son of Edwin Harrison.

He was a keen gymnast in his youth.

In 1914, he was rejected by the Army on account of a heart murmur and poor sight in one eye.

In 1960, he suffered a heart attack whilst shopping in Brighouse, and chose to walk home to Thornhill Briggs, lest he had another attack and showed himself up on the bus

Harrison, John
[1???-1559] He was presented as the Vicar of Halifax by Anne of Cleves in recognition of the grant for life made to her by her husband, Henry VIII. Anne had converted to the Catholic faith in 1555. Harrison took up the post on 12th July 1556. He died
at the beginning of Lent

and was buried in Halifax Parish Church on 13th February 1559/60.

See Sir William Saltonstall

Harrison, Rev John
[17??-176?] Curate at Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, Elland [1753].

On 27th September 1753, he married Sarah Dyson.


  1. James Dyson [b 1754] who died in infancy

Harrison, John
[17??-18??] A grocer, tea and hop merchant who also sold bottled beer and porter. He had business at 4 Corn Market, Halifax [1834].

In May 1835, Thomas Collinson took over the business. Soon after acquiring the business, Collinson stopped selling beer and porter. Collinson opened his Golden Canister Tea Warehouse on the premises.

See Hoyland, Armistead & Company

Harrison, John
[1787-18??] He served with the 2nd Battalion 84th Foot York & Lancaster Regiment in the Peninsular War

Harrison, John
[18??-18??] Accountant and hat manufacturer at Foundry Street, Brighouse [1845]

Harrison, John
[18??-19??] Of Hoyle House, Lightcliffe.

He married Unknown.


  1. George William

John was dead by the time of his son's second marriage [1921]

Harrison, Rev John
[1814-1883] DD.

Born in the Yorkshire Wolds. He was brought up as a Wesleyan but trained at Rotherham College before becoming Minister at Providence Congregational Church, Ovenden [1843-1846]. He lived at White Birch, Wheatley [1845].

In February 1846, he moved to Douglas on the Isle of Man.

He subsequently returned to the Church of England and became a curate at Rotherham and Sheffield before becoming vicar at Fenwick, where he died

Harrison, John
[1847-1???] Illegitimate son of Elizabeth Harrison of Hove Edge.

Baptised at St Matthew's Church, Lightcliffe [1st April 1847]

Harrison, John
[1849-1???] An engine tenter of Lightcliffe.

In 1882, he was charged with taking part in the Irish Riot, and the attack on the St Joseph's Church. He was committed to gaol for 2 months with hard labour

Harrison, John
[1857-19??] Born in Todmorden.

He was a journeyman picker maker [1911].

Around 1881, he married Elizabeth [1854-19??].

Elizabeth was born in Heywood


  1. James Thomas
  2. Reuben [b 1898] who was a picker maker [1911]

The family lived at 14 Chapel Street, Walsden [1911]

Harrison, John
[1879-1918] Known as Johnnie.

Son of Holroyd Harrison.

Born in Halifax.

He was an auctioneer [1911].

In October 1904, he married (1) Annie Lena Ayrton [1882-1908] in Halifax.

Annie Lena was born in Halifax

Annie Lena died in 1908.

In [Q4] 1916, he married (2) Kathleen Barron [1896-1982] in Halifax.

Kathleen came from East Ferry, Lincolnshire

They lived at 172 Spring Hall Lane, Halifax.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 2nd/4th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He died 20th July 1918.

He is remembered on the Soissons Memorial, France, in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, on the Memorial at All Saints' Church, Dudwell, on Copley War Memorial, and on the Memorial at West Vale Baptist Chapel

Harrison, John
[1887-19??] Son of Edwin Harrison.

Around 1899, he was working at Woodvale Cotton Mills, Brighouse, and narrowly escaped being crushed by a cotton hoist which had slipped, when 2 men managed to stop it, only inches from his head. It is said that he was never the same again

Harrison, Rev John
[19??-19??] He was curate at Acomb before becoming Vicar of Heptonstall [1983-1990]

Harrison, John Holroyd
[1915-1944] Son of Louie & Irving Harrison of Halifax

He was a member of West Vale Baptist Chapel / educated at Heath Grammar School / employed by GPO engineering.

During World War II, he served as a Lieutenant with the 6th Battalion Green Howards (Yorkshire Regiment).

He died 9th September 1944 (aged 29).

He was buried at Geel War Cemetery, Belgium [Grave Ref IV A 2].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on Heath Grammar School Memorial Gates

Harrison, John W.
[18??-191?] He served in World War I.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered on Copley War Memorial

Harrison, Jonathan
[1798-1870] Vet. Lived and died at Great Clough House, Eastwood

Harrison, Joseph Shaw
[1876-1942] Born in Hull.

He lived at Vegal Terrace, Halifax then at Preston.

He had retired from service [1937].

During World War II, he re-enlisted [1939], and served as a Chief Engineer with the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.

He died at sea [6th June 1942] (aged 66).

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Harrison, Lewis
[1885-1917] Son of William Harrison.

Born in Halifax [17th March 1885].

He was a wool card maker [1901] / a chauffeur (private) [1911] / a taxi driver for Mr J. Marsh / a motor man for Mr T. Hoyle at Savile Royd.

In [Q4] 1907, he married Florence Adeline Butterworth [1884-19??] in Halifax.

Florence Adeline was born in West Vale, the daughter of Isabella [1841-19??] & Mark Butterworth [1845-19??], cabinet maker


  1. Adeline [b 1909]

The family lived at

  • 23 St Paul's Road, King Cross, Halifax [1911]
  • 28 Stirling Street, Halifax [1917]

Living with them [in 1911] were father-in-law Mark Butterworth, mother-in-law Isabella Butterworth, and relative Clara Louisa Morris (dressmaker).

During World War I, he enlisted [May 1915], and served as a Private / Driver with the Mechanical Transport Service Army Service Corps, attached to 158th Siege Battery Royal Garrison Artillery.

He died suddenly (the day before his 32nd birthday) [16th March 1917].

He was buried at Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension, France [Grave Ref I H 29].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance.

In [Q4] 1917, Florence Adeline married Tom Breen in Halifax.

They lived at 2 Sandhall Lane, Highroad Well, Halifax

Harrison, Philip
[1853-1???] Born in Wednesbury, Staffordshire.

He was a boiler maker [1891].

He was living as man & wife with Emily Atkinson at 12 Victoria Street, Northowram [1891].

Emily was the widow of
George Atkinson

Living with them [in 1891] were stepsons Reuben Atkinson [b 1875] (cotton creeler)  & Charles Atkinson

Harrison, Ralph Seddon
[1851-1909] Son of James Harrison, goods porter.

Born in Bradshaw.

He was a cabinet maker [1871] / a pattern maker in machine shop [1881] / a pattern maker [1891].

In 1871, he married Mary Moore [1852-1???] at Halifax Parish Church.

Mary, born in Queensbury, was the daughter of Thomas Moore, reed & heald maker


  1. Fred
  2. James Holmes [b 1876] who was a mechanic's apprentice [1891]
  3. Willie [b 1880] who was a worsted operative [1891]
  4. Lily [b 1886]
  5. Edith [b 1888] who was a sewing machinist (underclothing) [1911]
  6. Emma [b 1894] who was a sewing machinist (blousemaking) [1911]
  7. child who died young
  8. child who died young
  9. child who died young
  10. child who died young
  11. child who died young

The family lived at

  • 4 Green Street, Northowram [1881]
  • 25 South Darley Street, Northowram [1891]
  • 14 Greenwood Street, Northowram [1911]

Harrison, Rev Robert
[17??-1761] Master of Hipperholme Grammar School, and Curate at Hartshead [1761]. He lived at Slead Hall, Brighouse

Harrison, Robert
[1754-1???] Baptised in Sowerby [1754].

He married Tabitha Thomas [1753-1???].

Tabitha was baptised in Elland [1753]


  1. Elizabeth who married William Pickles

Harrison, Samuel
[1863-1???] On 24th June 1863, he married Rachel Grandage in Bradford.

Rachel was the daughter of
William Grandage


  1. Florence [b 1865]
  2. Mary [b 1866]
  3. Samuel [b 1868]
  4. William G [b 1870]
  5. Jane [b 1872]
  6. Rachel [b 1875]

Harrison, Thomas
[1???-18??] He was appointed Surveyor of the Highways for Shelf [1835]

Harrison, Thomas
[1761-1793] Of Kendal.

He married Anne Ramsden.

Anne was the daughter of
Thomas Ramsden


  1. Rowland [1759-1835]
  2. Anne [1788-1790]

There is a memorial to members of the family in Halifax Parish Church

Harrison, Thomas
[18??-1???] He was in partnership with Dr Frederick Hosken Tucker as surgeons & apothecaries in Halifax. The partnerhip was dissolved in August 1846

Harrison, Tom
[1899-1918] Son of William Harrison.

He was employed by W. & R. K. Lee Limited.

During World War I, he enlisted [30th July 1917], and served as a Private with the 1st Battalion Notts & Derby (Sherwood Foresters) Regiment.

He went to the Front [April 1918] and was captured [27th May 1918]. He was hospitalised and became seriously ill.

He died 25th September 1918 (aged 19)  from cardiac weakness and severe intestinal catarrh in hospital in Darmstadt.

He was buried at Niederzwehren Cemetery, Germany. [Grave Ref I C 4].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, on the Memorial at Saint Paul's Church, King Cross, on the W. & R. K. Lee Limited Roll of Honour, and at King Cross Methodist New Connexion Graveyard

Harrison, W.
[18??-18??] Leather dealer at Halifax.

In June 1865, he was declared bankrupt

Harrison, William
[1813-1886] Born at Belbroughton, Worcestershire.

He was working in the iron industry [1831] / a steel rod roller or turner [1841] / an iron rod roller [1851] / a wire roller [1861] / a wire roller [1881].

On 7th February 1831, he married Charlotte Walters [1813-1???] in the Collegiate Church of St Peter, Wolverhampton.

Charlotte was born in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

She was in service [1831]



  1. Thomas [b 1833] who was an iron rod roller [1851]
  2. Joseph [b 1839] who was an iron rod roller [1851], a wire roller [1861]
  3. Edwin
  4. John [b 1843]
  5. Matilda [b 1849]
  6. Martha [b 1854]

The family lived at

  • 11 Back Park Street, Halifax [1886]
  • Millsands, Sheffield [1841]
  • Coseley Street, Bilston [1851]
  • Cleckheaton [1861]
  • Bottom of Clifton Common, Brighouse [1881]

Living with them [in 1861] were grandchildren Lily [b 1862] & Dinah Harrison [b 1872].

William died 17th December 1886 (aged 74) 

Harrison, William
[1819-1???] Illegitimate son of Sarah Harrison of Wyke.

Baptised at St Matthew's Church, Lightcliffe [21st February 1819]

Harrison, William
[1819-18??] Born in Stainland.

He was a stone mason [1851] / a mason contractor employing 40 men & 2 boys [1861].

In [Q2] 1845, he married (1) Rebecca Mellor [1822-1857] in Halifax.

Rebecca was born in Stainland


  1. Mellor [b 1846] who was a mason [1861]
  2. Joseph [b 1848] who was a cotton piecer [1861], a mason [1871]
  3. Hannah Maria [b 1850] who was a weaver [1871]
  4. James [b 1852] who was a cotton piecer [1861], a plumber [1871]
  5. Elizabeth A. [b 1854] who was a weaver [1871]
  6. Ruth A. [b 1856]

Rebecca died Q1 1857.

In [Q3] 1858, he married (2) Martha in Halifax.

Martha [née Turner] was the widow of
Joseph Collins


  1. (possibly) Samuel [b 1859]

The family lived at

  • Beestonley Lane, Stainland [1851]
  • Lower Heywood Terrace, Elland-cum-Greetland [1861]
  • Wood Bottom, Elland-cum-Greetland [1871]

Martha was a widow by 1871.

Martha died 18th February 1899 (aged 80) 

She was buried at Greetland Methodist Church [Grave Ref: R15] with her first husband

Harrison, William
[1842-1???] Son of Edward Harrison, warehouseman.

Born in Halifax.

He was a woolstapler in St James's district, Halifax [1865] / a wool warehouseman [1871] / a warehouseman [1881] / a warehouseman (wool) [1891] / a woolsorter [1901].

In 1865, he married Lucy Langstreth [1845-1???] at St James's Church, Halifax.

Lucy, of Halifax, was born in Illingworth, the daughter of John Langstreth, farmer


  1. Lily [1870-1874]
  2. Samuel [b 1871]
  3. James [b 1873] who was a brass finishers apprentice [1891]
  4. Fred [b 1876] who was a telegraph messenger [1891]
  5. Florry / Florrie [b 1878] who was a worsted spinner [1891], a worsted coating weaver [1901]
  6. William Henry who was a worsted fly doffer [1891], a brass finisher [1901]
  7. David [b 1883] who was a wood working machine maker [1901]
  8. Louis / Lewis

The family lived at

  • 12 Holden Street, Halifax [1871]
  • Ingram Street, Skircoat, Halifax [1881]
  • 10 Industrial Terrace, Halifax [1891, 1901]

Living with them [in 1871] were brother-in-law David Slingsby [b 1836] (card wainer), sister Mary Slingsby [b 1835] (carpet setter), and sister-in-law Emma Langstreth [b 1842] (cook) 

Harrison, William
[1871-19??] Son of John Harrison, shoemaker.

Born in Barkisland.

He was a finisher of Barkisland [1898] / a cloth finisher [1901] / a stuff presser [1911].

In 1898, he married Florence Priestley [1871-19??] at Elland Parish Church.

Florence was born in Greetland, the daughter of Jonathan Priestley, overlooker


  1. Emma [b 1899]
  2. Tom
  3. James [b 1903]
  4. Fred [b 1904]
  5. Annie [b 1907]
  6. Godfrey [b 1908]
  7. John [b 1909]

The family lived at

  • Haigh Street, Greetland [1901]
  • 36 Undercliffe Terrace, Halifax [1911]
  • 23 Wilson Road, King Cross

Harrison, William
[1892-1917] Son of Albert Harrison.

Born in Brighouse.

He was a member of Bailiff Bridge Working Men's Club / a playing member of Lightcliffe Cricket Club / a printer at carpet works [1911] / a weaver at Firth's carpet works.

During World War I, he served as a Sergeant with the 1st/4th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He died whilst on duty in the firing line [14th August 1917] (aged 25).

He was buried at Coxyde Military Cemetery, Belgium [Grave Ref II H 22].

He is remembered on Bailiff Bridge War Memorial

Harrison, William Greasley
[1901-1961] Born in Ashby-de-la-Zouch

In 1927, he married Lilian Ursula Ormerod in Stroud.

Lilian Ursula was born in Rastrick, the daughter of
George Frederick Ormerod

He died in Dover

Harrison, William Henry
[18??-1???] Partner in Hollingrake & Clegg Limited

Harrison, William Ralph
[1916-1943] Son of Samuel & Gertrude Alice Harrison.

He worked for Conway's Limited.

In [Q3] 1938, he married Florence Annie Ryall in Halifax.

They lived at 31 Skircoat Green, Halifax.

During World War II, he served as a Private with the 2nd/4th Battalion King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.

He died 21st April 1943 (aged 27).

He was buried at Medjez-El-Bab War Cemetery, Tunisia [Grave Ref 5 A 9]

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance


The Harrison family of Brighouse
See Hoyle House, Lightcliffe

Harrison surname
The surname is patronymic and means the son of Harry, a form of Henry.

There are over 50 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Harrison, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Harrison:

Marriages 1889, 1898, 1907; Deaths 1808, 1907

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