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Harwood, Albert BarrettRef 311-1392
[1894-1917] Son of Samuel Harwood.

He was a cotton doubling frame tenter [1911] / employed by R. B. Brown & Sons, Hangingroyd, Hebden Bridge.

During World War I, he served as a Junior Wireless Operator for the Marconi Company with the Mercantile Marines aboard the troopship SS Arcadian.

He died 15th April 1917 (aged 23).

when his ship was torpedoed by German Submarine UC-74, and sank off Milos, Greece, with the loss of 277 lives.

The Halifax Courier [5th May 1917] reported his death with a photograph.

He is remembered at Wainsgate Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge [Grave Ref: J751], on the Tower Hill Memorial, London, and on Wadsworth War Memorial.

His brother Frank was also a wireless operator in World War I

Harwood, Albert FrederickRef 311-1478
[1892-1983] MM.

Born in Poplar, London [10th August 1892].

In 1920, he married Amelia Emily Ellen Pengilley [1894-1984] in St Neots. He served with the Royal Garrison Artillery [1911-1937] and was awarded the MM during World War I.

He reached the rank of Major.

He died in Halifax [15th December 1983] (aged 91).

Amelia Emily Ellen died in Halifax [29th December 1984] (aged 90).

The couple were buried at St Thomas's Church, Greetland

Harwood, AlfredRef 311-2
[1880-1971] Landlord of the Shoulder of Mutton, Midgley [1928-1956]

Harwood, AshworthRef 311-446
[1846-1915] Son of Crossley Harwood.

Born in Wadsworth.

He was a whitesmith [1873].

On 1st March 1873, he married Mary Hitchin in Halifax.

Mary was the daughter of Phineas Hitchin


  1. Claudine [1879-1957] who married William Wilde
  2. Annie Eliza [b 1885]
  3. Miriam [1889-1910]
  4. Joe

The children were born in Midgley

The couple died in Midgley: Mary [1900]; Ashworth [11th June 1915]

Harwood, BrianRef 311-3059
[19??-19??] Son of Henry William Harwood.

He was a reporter for the Halifax Courier after World War II, principally reporting on the courts and crime

Harwood, CrossleyRef 311-452
[1824-1886] He was a whitesmith.

In [Q2] 1846, he married Sarah Ashworth [1825-1898] in Halifax.

Child: Ashworth

Harwood, EdgarRef 311-1238
[1857-1927] Son of James Harwood. He became a partner in the family business – James Harwood & Sons.

In 1895, he married Ada Townsend, in Todmorden.

In May 1909, the couple were walking along the Blake Dean bridge with Ada's 16-year-old nephew George Arthur Smith and their lodger Miss Mary Ann Edith Milnes, when Ada and her nephew stepped on to a small wooden platform to allow the workers' train to pass. She died on 22nd May 1909 after falling 108 ft into the ravine when the platform on collapsed. George Arthur Smith, survived by hanging on to the railings.

Later that year, Edgar married Mary Ann Edith Milnes.

He lived at Hurst Dene, Hebden Bridge.

He was killed when a grindstone burst at the works.

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £7,962

Harwood, FredRef 311-1393
[1883-1917] Son of Mary Jane & Squire Harwood of 4 Oak Street, Hebden Bridge.

He worked for Helliwell & Sutcliffe.

During World War I, he enlisted [January 1916], and served as a Gunner with the 32nd Trench Mortar Battery Royal Field Artillery.

He was killed by shrapnel [10th July 1917].

He was buried at Coxyde Military Cemetery, Belgium [Grave Ref I I 47].

He is remembered at Wainsgate Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge [Grave Ref: F761], and on the Memorial at Hope Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge

Harwood, HarryRef 311-1394
[1897-1918] Son of Smith Harwood [1861-1949] of 2 Pecket Bar, Pecket Well.

He was a member of Crimsworth Wesleyan Methodist Chapel & Sunday School / employed by Cords Limited.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 5th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He was killed in action [10th April 1918] (aged 21).

He was buried at Douchy-Les-Ayette British Cemetery, France [Grave Ref IV G 9].

He is remembered on Wadsworth War Memorial, on the Memorial at Crimsworth Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, and on the family grave at Crimsworth Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Harwood, HarwoodRef 311-3695
[1853-1933] Son of John Harwood.

Born in Wadsworth.

He was a cotton fustian cutter [1871] / a publican at Mount Skip, Wadsworth [1901] / Mount Skip Inn, Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge [1901].

In 1906, he married Melinda Baldwin [1864-19??] from Warley, in Todmorden.

Living with them [1901] was niece Damaras White [b 1878].

He is mentioned in the List of Local Wills: 1892

Harwood, Henry WilliamRef 311-329
[1885-1967] A native of Midgley. Journalist and antiquarian.

He started work in a mill. By the age of 18, he had read every book in the library at the Midgley Methodist Chapel.

In 1905, he became a reporter on the Halifax Daily Courier. In 1919, he became the Halifax correspondent for The Yorkshire Observer. In 1938, he returned to become Chief Reporter on the Halifax Daily Courier.

For some time, he wrote a village newspaper, The Midgley Intelligencer.

In 1910, he married Mary Hannah Crabtree [18??-1956].


  1. Constance
  2. Brian

He lived at Newstead House, Halifax, then with his daughter at Top o' th' Hill, Norton Tower.

He was interested in dialect. He was responsible for reviving the local Pace Egg play. He was a keen walker and with Tom Green, he wrote a booklet on Country Walks around Halifax.

See Halifax Antiquarian Society

Harwood, HerbertRef 311-1656
[18??-19??] Son of James Harwood. He became a partner in the family business – James Harwood & Sons

Harwood, HerbertRef 311-1771
[18??-19??] Partner in Harwood Brothers.

He lived at Rose Grove, Hebden Bridge [1905]

Harwood, HerbertRef 311-772
[1870-1942] Born in Bradford.

He was manager for J. F. Crossley, wholesale grocer / a director of Law & Crossley Limited [1899] / director secretary (in wholesale grocery business) [1911].

In [Q1] 1904, he married Annie Shillito in Halifax.

Annie was the daughter of John Shillito


  1. Frances [1905-1941] who married Donald Mitchell
  2. Clara / Claire [1907-2004]

They lived at

  • 280 Huddersfield Road, Halifax [1911]
  • 244 Huddersfield Road, Halifax [1940s]

Frances died 2nd November 1941 (aged 36).

Herbert died 30th September 1942 (aged 72).

Annie died 24th October 1965 (aged 94).

They were buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell

Harwood, Rev JacobRef 311-1590
[17??-1???] Minister of Sowerby Congregational Church [1788].

In 1794, he went to America

Harwood, JamesRef 311-1183
[1???-1956] Of Mytholmroyd.

He was Chairman of Levi Harwood & Company Limited.

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £72,351

Harwood, JamesRef 311-1653
[18??-1880] In 1847, he established James Harwood & Sons.

He married Mary Ann Ashworth.


  1. William
  2. Edgar
  3. Wallace
  4. Herbert

His sons became partners in the family business – James Harwood & Sons

Harwood, JamesRef 311-9080
[1804-18??] Born in Midgley.

He was a woollen weaver [1841] / a farmer of 8 acres [1851] / a farmer of 7½ acres [1861]

He married Sarah [1807-1???].


  1. John
  2. Sarah [b 1831] who was a hand loom weaver woollen [1851]
  3. Jonas [b 1833] who was an apprentice living with Henry Whitworth [1851]
  4. Richard [b 1836]
  5. Martha [1838-1846?]
  6. Levi

The family lived at

  • Springs, Midgley [1841]
  • Stony Springs, Midgley [1851]
  • Springs, Midgley [1861]

Harwood, JamesRef 311-3493
[1827-1840] He worked at Henry Ambler's Shay Lane Mill.

He died at the Halifax Infirmary & Dispensary after being caught by a strap and twisted round one of the shafts at the Mill

Harwood, James SteadmanRef 311-859
[1840-1880] Son of Wright Harwood.

Born in Sowerby Bridge.

In 1862, he married Sarah Ann Padgett [1839-1897] in Halifax


  1. Clara [b 1870] who died aged 1 year

James died 6th June 1880 (aged 40).

Sarah Ann died 14th January 1897 (aged 58).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2337]

Harwood, JoeRef 311-502
[1891-1961] Son of Ashworth Harwood.

Born in Midgley.

He was a loom tuner [1913].

In [Q1] 1913, he married Edith Walton [1893-1970] in Halifax.

Edith was born in Halifax

The couple died in Southport: Joe [1961]; Edith [1970]

Harwood, JohnRef 311-3842
[1810-1876] Son of John Harwood, whitesmith.

Born in Wadsworth.

He was a farmer 2 acres & beer seller at Mount Skip, Wadsworth  [1851] / a carter [1860] / a farmer 8 acres & ale seller [1861] / a beerhouse keeper & farmer of 7 acres [1871].

He married (1) Unknown.


  1. Mariah [b 1848]
  2. Sarah Ann [b 1851]

In 1851, he was listed as married with daughter Sarah Ann, and was living with widow Nancy Horsfall [1821-1892], daughter of textile singer John Ingham, at Mount Skip. Nancy was born in Durham.

In 1860, he married (2) Nancy at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Harwood
  2. Elizabeth A. [b 1860]

In 1871, the children appeared on the census as Maria Harwood Horsfall, Sarah A Harwood Horsfall, Harwood Harwood Horsfall, and Elizabeth A Harwood Horsfall

The family lived at

Nancy was publican/beer seller at Mount Skip Inn [1881, 1891]

Living with them [1881, 1891] was granddaughter Damaras White [b 1878]

Harwood, JohnRef 311-5

In [Q4] 1863, he married Sarah Best in Halifax.

Sarah was the daughter of
John Best.

She was a dress maker [1881]



  1. Wright [b 1865] who was a National School master [1881,  1891]
  2. Edward [b 1868] who was a worsted doffer [1881], a  pawnbroker [1891]
  3. Herbert [b 1871] who was a wholesale grocer's assistant  [1891]
  4. John [b 1875] who was a stationer's assistant [1891]

A John Harwood died Q1 1879 (aged 59).

The family lived at

  • 155 New Bank, Halifax [1881]
  • 104 Lister Lane, Halifax (with Sarah's sister Ellen  Best) [1891]

Sarah died 16th February 1900 (aged 65).

She was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3893] with her parents

Harwood, JohnRef 311-6720
[1827-1???] Son of James Harwood.

He was a woollen weaver [1841] / a hand loom weaver woollen [1851] / a blanket manufacturer [1881].

He lived at Stubley Grove, Wardle, Rochdale [1881].

Staying with him [in 1881] was his niece Frances, daughter of Levi Harwood

Harwood, JohnRef 311-2673
[1867-18??] Son of Levi Harwood.

Partner in Levi Harwood & Company Limited [1874]

Harwood, Rev John A.Ref 311-1114
[1???-1???] Recorded in 1949 & 1950, when he performed burials at Rishworth Particular Baptist Chapel

Harwood, John William MarmadukeRef 311-3089
[1863-1941] Son of Marmaduke Harwood.

Born in Halifax.

He was a cabinet maker's apprentice [1881].

In 1896, he married Matilda Horsfall.

Her family had been licensees at the Victoria, Halifax for some time.

He was licensee at the pub [1905].

John William died in Halifax [Q4 1941] (aged 76) 

Harwood, JonasRef 311-2672
[18??-18??] Partner in Levi Harwood & Company Limited [1874]

Harwood, JonasRef 311-4
[1833-1???] Born in Midgley.

He married Mary [1835-1???].

Mary was born in Warley


  1. Ada [b 1862]
  2. Martha [b 1863]
  3. Helena [b 1865]
  4. Agnes [b 1869]

The family lived at Sowerby [1871]

Harwood, LeviRef 311-1706
[1840-1907] Son of James Harwood.

Born in Midgley.

He was a wool sorter [1861] / a flock & blanket dealer [1871] / a woollen manufacturer employing 60 hands [1881] / a woollen manufacturer (employer) [1891] / a woollen blanket manufacturer (employer) [1901].

He established Levi Harwood & Company Limited.

In 1865, he married (1) Grace Lamb [1845-1876] in Halifax.

Grace was born in Sowerby


  1. John
  2. Frances [b 1868] who was staying with her uncle John Harwood [1881]
  3. James [b 1875] who was a woollen blanket manufacturer  [1891, 1901]
  4. Albert Dewhirst [b 1876] who was a woollen blanket  manufacturer [1901]

Grace died in [Q1] 1876, shortly after giving birth to son Albert.

In 1878, he married (2) Hannah Wilcock [1836-1900] in Ormskirk.

Hannah was born in Sowerby

They lived at

  • Brampton Grove, Brearley, Midgley [1871]
  • Mill House, Lower Brearley, Midgley [1881]
  • Mill House, Midgley [1891]
  • Mill House, Silver Street, Midgley [1891]
  • Springroyd, Brearley [1905]
  • Springs Royd, Mytholmroyd [1901]

He died 19th March 1907.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £42,171 8/9d. of which £31,737 19/7d is net personalty Probate was granted to son James Harwood and Henry William Helliwell (woollen manufacturers) 

Harwood, MarmadukeRef 311-3
[1837-1???] Son of William Harwood

Born in Halifax.

He was a solicitor's managing clerk [1871] / deputy magistrate's clerk (county office) [1881].

In [Q3] 1862, he (possibly) married either Mary Ackroyd or Ellen Jowett in Huddersfield.

Child: John William

In [Q1] 1874, he married (2) Eliza Lambert in Halifax.

Eliza was the daughter of John Lambert

Child: 2. Edgar [b 1876]

The family lived at

  • 57 Raglan Street, Halifax [1871]
  • 42 Pellon Lane, Halifax [1881]

Eliza died 19th August 1934 (aged 91), and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 395] with her mother Ann, her sister Matilda & her brother-in-law John Whitehead

Details of Marmaduke's death / burial place are not yet known

Harwood, Mary SelinaRef 311-3892
[1845-1???] A domestic servant of Halifax.

On 16th October 1868, she was charged with attempting to murder her new-born daughter by putting the baby down the water closet on 29th September 1868. The infant's cries were heard and she was rescued. In her defence, the surgeon who had visited her on the day of the offence, said that she was insensible in bed and very weak. It was quite possible for a woman in her condition to go to the water closet and not be aware that she had delivered a child. She was acquitted

Harwood, SamuelRef 311-347
[1861-19??] Born in Wadsworth.

He was a cotton weaver [1891, 1901, 1911].

In 1889, he married Mary Jane Barrett [1861-19??] in Todmorden.

Mary Jane was born in Lancaster.

She was a cotton weaver [1911]



  1. Beatrice Hannah [b 1890] who was a cotton weaver [1911]
  2. Albert Barrett
  3. Frank Spencer [b 1897] who was a wireless operator in  World War I

The family lived at

The family lived at

  • Club House, Old Town, Wadsworth [1891]
  • Old Town, Wadsworth [1901]
  • Chiserley Terrace, Wadsworth, Hebden Bridge [1911]
  • Coronation Terrace, Wadsworth, Hebden Bridge

Harwood, Rev T. G.Ref 311-3312
[19??-19??] He was assistant curate at Whitby before being appointed to St Michael & All Angels' Church, Cornholme [1949]

Harwood, WallaceRef 311-1655
[18??-19??] Son of James Harwood. He became a partner in the family business – James Harwood & Sons

Harwood, WilliamRef 311-1654
[18??-19??] Son of James Harwood.

He became a partner in the family business – James Harwood & Sons. He lived at Eiffel House, Hebden Bridge [1905]

Harwood, WrightRef 311-867
[1812-1???] Son of Martha & John Harwood.

Baptised at Birchcliffe Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge.

He was a whitesmith [1851].

Around 1831, he married Mary [1809-1???].


  1. Emma [b 1831] who was a weaver [1851], a dress maker  [1861]
  2. Greenwood [b 1837] who was a whitesmith [1851]
  3. John [b 1838] who was an apprentice whitesmith [1851]
  4. James Steadman
  5. Mary Ann [b 1848]
  6. Edward [b 1850]
  7. Priscilla [b 1852]

The family lived at

  • Boulderclough [1851]
  • 1 Boulderclough [1861]


Harwood surnameRef 311-1
There are 37 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Harwood, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Harwood

Marriages 1871, 1874, 1890, 1940


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