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Kendall, Charles ScottRef 338-533
[1862-1930] Son of Jeremiah Kendall.

He was a railway servant [1891] / a waggon driver [1901] / a farmer [1911, 1913].

He married (1) Elizabeth [1861-1898] born in Somerset.


  1. Willie Scott [b 1884] who was a boiler maker's labourer  [1901]
  2. Charles Scott [b 1886] who was a worsted doffer [1901]
  3. Horace Scott [b 1888]
  4. John Scott
  5. James Henry Scott / Jimmy
  6. Lewis [b 1895] who was a creeler in a carpet mill [1911]

In 1899, he married Elizabeth Tordoff [1874-1955] born in Halifax.

Elizabeth was a tapestry weaver [1911]


  1. Sam [b 1900]

The family lived at

  • 10 Womersley Court, Southowram [1891]
  • 3 Bath Parade, Halifax [1901]
  • Little Walterclough Farm, Southowram [1911, 1913]

Kendall, FredRef 338-378
[1896-1915] Born Fred Kershaw, son of Mary Antoinette Kershaw (father unknown), who married Thomas Kendall.

During World War I, he served as an Air Mechanic 2nd Class with the Royal Flying Corps.

He died 31st December 1917 (aged 19).

He is remembered on a memorial in Mount Zion Methodist Church, Mytholmroyd and Scout Road Wesleyan Chapel, Mytholmroyd, and in the book Royd Regeneration

Kendall, Frederick WilliamRef 338-421
[1898-1918] Son of Emma & Nobel Kendall of 6 Great Street, Queensbury.

Born in Queensbury.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 1st Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own).

He died 21st March 1918 (aged 20).

He is remembered on the Arras Memorial, France [4]

Kendall, GeorgeRef 338-567
[1896-1917] Son of Annie & Alfred Kendall of 162 Gravelly Hill, Birmingham.

His grandparents lived at 88 Gibraltar Road, Halifax.

Born in Bingley.

He was educated at Halifax Secondary School [until 1912].

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 23rd Battalion Middlesex Regiment.

He died 27th June 1917 (aged 21).

He was buried at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Belgium [XIV C 7].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, on the Memorial at Halifax Secondary School, and on the Memorial at Saint Hilda's Church, Halifax

Kendall, GeorgeRef 338-524
[1914-1941] Son of Herbert Kendall.

He was educated at Lee Mount School / a member of Shroggs Park Bowling Club / employed by Stott's Printers.

During World War II, and he served as a Private with the 2nd Battalion Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders.

He was killed in action in the Middle East [16th June 1941] (aged 27).

He was buried at Halfaya Sollum War Cemetery, Egypt [Grave Ref 2 G 5-9].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Kendall, George WilliamRef 338-545
[18??-1917] Of Bradford.

He lived in Brighouse.

He had a sweetheart, Phyllis of 12 Northcastle Street, Halifax.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 1st/4th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He was killed in action [3rd June 1917].

He was buried at Rue-Petillon Military Cemetery, France [I N 48].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Norwood Green Congregational Institute, and on the Memorial at Saint John the Baptist, Coley

Kendall, GraceRef 338-589
[1???-1826] Of Stansfield.

On 23rd March 1826, Grace Greenwood was charged with the willful murder, by poisoning, of Grace.

Kendall, a single woman, was pregnant and asked Greenwood to obtain a liquid containing wood sage to cause her to miscarry.

On 6th December 1826, Kendall took the liquid, and a neighbour, Betty Howard, found her very ill in bed. Kendall died on the 10th December 1826.

Kendall, HerbertRef 338-568

In [Q2] 1908, he married Violet Corney [18??-1???] in Halifax.

Child: George

They lived at 13 Melrose Street, Lee Mount, Halifax

Kendall, Hugh PercyRef 338-57
[1874-1937] Son of Robert Kendall.

Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was a mechanical engineer / a steam engine fitter [1891] / one of the founder members of the Halifax Antiquarian Society / President of the Halifax Photographic Society / President of the Sowerby Bridge Prosecution Society [1900, 1906] / a subscriber to The Old Halls & Manor Houses of Yorkshire [1913].

Through his mother, his family had interests in Wood Brothers at the Valley Iron Works.

In 1900, he married Mary Ellen Farrow [1860-1950] in Halifax.

He retired to Whitby [1927].

He died in Whitby [1st May 1937] (aged 62).

Probate records show that he left a personal estate valued at £5,639.

He left his books, photographs, drawings & lantern slides to the Yorkshire Archæological Society

Kendall, JackRef 338-569
[1909-1944] Son of Lucy & Calvin Kendall.

Born in Queensbury.

He was a member of Queensbury Cricket Club / a member of Queensbury Allotments Association / a member of the Home Guard.

He married Frances Eileen.


  1. child
  2. child
  3. child
  4. child

They lived at 16 Kenyon Lane, Highroad Well.

During World War II, and he served as a Private with the 6th Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment.

He was killed in action [24th January 1944] (aged 35).

He was buried at Minturno War Cemetery, Italy [Grave Ref V E 6].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Kendall, JackRef 338-521
[1914-1943] Son of Clara & Frank Kendall.

He was educated at West Vale Board School / employed by James Casson Limited.

In [Q4] 1941, he married Mavis Mitchell in Halifax.

They lived at

  • Salterhebble, Halifax
  • 9 Bower's Yard, West Vale

During World War II, he served as a Sapper with the 237th Field Company Royal Engineers.

He died of wounds in the Middle East [12th August 1943] (aged 29).

He was buried at Tripoli War Cemetery, Libya [7 B 11]

He is remembered on the Memorial at Clay House, Greetland

Kendall, James Henry ScottRef 338-6
[1893-1967] Known as Jimmy Kendall.

Son of Charles Scott Kendall.

Born 5th April 1893.

Baptised at Halifax Parish Church [31st July 1893].

He was a warehouse man (woollen spinning) [1911].

During World War I, he enlisted [September 1914] and served as a Private in the Labour Corps [1914-1918]. On his discharge, he became a coal miner, living at 1 Park View, Kingston, Barnsley.

In 1920, he founded Kendall's Ices at Hipperholme.

It is said that he won the ice cream business from Luigi de Luca in a game of cards.

On 26th September 1914, he married (1) Lilian Thompson [1892-1945] at St John's Church, Barnsley.

Child: John

Lilian died in Halifax General Hospital [17th October 1945]. Probate records show that she left effects valued at £710 14/5d.

In July 1946, he married (2) Clara in Halifax.

Clara had 3 children from her previous marriages:

  1. Kenneth
  2. Eric
  3. Ann who married George Watson

He died 27th July 1967 in Halifax General Hospital.

When Jimmy died, the business passed to his son, John – aka Johnny Pedlar – and his stepsons, Kenneth and Eric.

Reader John Firth, his grandnephew, remembers Jimmy ...

sitting outside the factory in the sun, a little plump chap with bow legs and always wearing clogs

Kendall, JeremiahRef 338-9740
[1838-1???] He married Sarah Jane Scott [1840-1???].

Child: Charles Scott

Kendall, Joe WillieRef 338-108
[1877-1970] Son of Mark Kendall.

Born in Shipley [13th July 1877].

He married Unknown.

Child: William Denis

He died in Lytham St Annes

Kendall, JohnRef 338-5
[1818-18??] He was a carpet weaver [1851].

In [Q1] 1846, he married Hannah Sunderland [1824-1864] in Halifax.


  1. Thomas Henry [b 1847]
  2. Joe [1851-1852] who was buried with his mother

They lived in Northowram.

Hannah died 9th August 1864 (aged 40)  and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3017], but is not named on the headstone.

Details of John's death / burial place are not yet known

Kendall, JohnRef 338-4

He married Mary [1814-1899].


  1. Ann Elizabeth who died 11th April 1848 (aged 6 weeks) & was buried with her parents

John died in Liverpool [4th June 1894] (aged 70).

Mary died in Liverpool [3rd December 1899] (aged 85).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2950]

Kendall, JohnRef 338-507
[19??-1???] Aka Johnny Pedlar. Adopted son of Jimmy Kendall.

When his father died, the ice cream business passed to John – aka Johnny Pedlar – and his stepbrother, Kenneth and Eric Walmsley. Later, John sold his shares to Kenneth and Eric.

He married Margaret.

They lived at Birdholme, Hipperholme

Kendall, John BarkerRef 338-397
[1823-1894] Of Gibbet Street, Halifax.

He was a teenager when he started to work for Richard Kershaw Lumb as a groom, and later becoming his butler.

He moved to Cheltenham with Lumb.

After Lumb's death, he continued to work for Mrs Lumb when she remarried and moved to Bath.

He died in Liverpool [4th June 1894]

Kendall, John ScottRef 338-6800
[1891-19??] Son of Charles Scott Kendall.

He was a cotton spinner [1911] / a labourer [1913].

On 28th June 1913, he married Miranda Walsworth [1889-19??] at Cleckheaton.

Miranda was the daughter of Randolph Walsworth (miner)  and she was a twister at the time of their marriage

Kendall, JohnnieRef 338-440
[1870-1920] Proprietor of the Brighouse & Lightcliffe Steam Laundry.

He was killed in an explosion at the laundry on 1st March 1920

Kendall, JosephRef 338-3
[1793-1873] Born in Northowram.

He was a hand loom weaver (carpet) [1851] / a retired carpet weaver [1871].

He married Betty [1792-1851].

Betty was born in Northowram


  1. Mary [b 1820] who was a power loom weaver (stuff) [1851],  married Mr Greenwood, had a daughter Mary A. [b 1843],  & was widowed by 1851
  2. Ellen [1813-1901] who married Charles  Barraclough
  3. Martha [1823-1898] who was a power loom weaver (stuff)   [1851], a weaver (worsted) [1871]
  4. Eliza [b 1828] who was a power loom weaver (stuff) [1851]
  5. Maria [1830-1852] who was a power loom weaver (stuff)   [1851]

They lived at

  • 28 North Derby Street, Halifax [1851]
  • 139 New Road, Northowram [1871]

Betty died 14th June 1851 (aged 59).

Joseph died 9th June 1873 (aged 80).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 4362]

Kendall, MalindaRef 338-552
[1853-1???] Daughter of John Kendall, miner.

Born in [?] Brightlington, Yorkshire.

In 1873, she married Frederick Bell at Halifax Parish Church.

Frederick died Q1 1874.


  1. Fred [Q3 1874] who was born posthumously

In 1878, George Henry Bell [b 1876] was baptised at Christ Church, Staincliffe – parents Frederick Bell, miner of Chapel Fold, and Malinda – but Frederick had died in 1874, so could not be the father. A possible father is Joseph Waring who was lodging with Malinda in 1881.

In 1881, Malinda was a housekeeper living at 9A Mary Street, Skircoat, Halifax.

Living with her were

  • son Fred Bell [b 1875]
  • son George Henry Bell [b 1877]
  • lodger Joseph Waring
  • Mary Waring [b 1871]
  • John William Waring [b 1873]
  • Sarah Ann Waring [b 1877]
  • Albert Waring Bell [b 1881]

Malinda had other children (father not named, but probably Joseph Waring):

  1. Leonard Waring Bell [b 1882]
  2. Willie Bell [b 1885]
  3. Lily Bell [b Q1/1888]
  4. Violet Bell [b 1891]

In 1891, she was living at 10 Lombard Street, Halifax.

Living with her at that time were

  • Fred Bell [b 1875] who was a bottle works labourer [1881]
  • George Henry Bell [b 1876] who was a mill labourer [1891]
  • Albert Bell [b 1881] who was a part-time woollen piecer  [1891]
  • Leonard Waring Bell 8 " "
  • Willie Bell [b 1886]
  • Lily Bell [b 1888]
  • lodger Joseph Waring

Kendall, MarkRef 338-106
[1853-1914] Born in Egypt, near Thornton [20th November 1853].

He was a young trainee, then secretary & cashier of the Windhill  Industrial Society, Shipley [for 21 years] / General Manager of the Halifax Flour Society from 1888 / a member of St John's Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Halifax.

He married Unknown.


  1. Joe Willie
  2. son
  3. son

They lived at 3 Heath Park Avenue, Halifax.

He died in Halifax [15th January 1914]

Kendall, Percy FewsterRef 338-5260
[1881-1916] Son of Sarah & Mr Kendall.

Born in Malton.

He was a policeman.

In [Q2] 1906, he married Lily Farrar.


  1. child

He fought in the South African Wars.

During World War I, he served as a Sergeant with the 1st/5th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment.

He died in hospital in France [27th January 1916].

He was buried at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Belgium [Grave Ref II B 36].

He is remembered on Brighouse War Memorial [where he is wrongly listed as Private], and at Malton on the war memorial & in a stained glass memorial window for those who fell in the Great War

Kendall, Right Rev Henry Thomas AustreyRef 338-158
[1905-1980] MA.

Curate at Brighouse [1928-1932]. He played for Brighouse Rangers. He was later Archdeacon and Bishop. His personal memoirs entitled

Not forever in green pastures

were published in North Queensland [1988]

Kendall, Robert DrakeRef 338-548
[1826-1892] Born in Burley-in-Wharfedale.

He was a druggist & chemist.

On 23rd April 1872, he married Rachel Wood at St Peter's Church, Sowerby.

Rachel was born in Sowerby Bridge, the daughter of
Richard Wood

Child: Hugh Percy

They lived at 1 Beech Villas, Sowerby Bridge [1892].

Living with them [in 1891] was mother Charlotte Kendall [b  Louth, Lincolnshire 1817].

Robert died 12th October 1892.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £2,546 5/11d [Resworn £2,695 5/7d]. Probate was granted to William Wood

Kendall, Robert EmmettRef 338-7
[1889-1966] Born in Todmorden [24th June 1889].

He was an electric crane driver with John Haig & Sons, machine makers  at Priestroyd Iron Works, Huddersfield [1921] / a public services vehicle loader (?) [1939].

In [Q3] 1916, he married Annie Sutcliffe [1880-1973] in Todmorden.

Annie was born in Huddersfield [31st January 1880]


  1. Frank [1918-18th February 2002] who was buried with his parents

They lived at

  • 19 Prince Street, Almondbury, Huddersfield [1921]
  • 3 Bank View, Todmorden [1939]

Robert died 22nd August 1966 (aged 77).

Annie Sutcliffe died 27th October 1973 (aged 93).

The couple were buried at Lumbutts United Methodist Free Church

Kendall, Rev ThomasRef 338-494
[1816-1878] Born in Lincolnshire.

Primitive Methodist Minister at Halifax [1841]

Kendall, ThomasRef 338-11
[1873-19??] Son of William Kendall.

He was an iron moulder living with Annie (née Kendall)   & George A. Slingsby in Salford [1901] / a maltster (labourer in a brewery) [1911].

In [Q2] 1906, he married Mary Antoinette Kershaw [18??-19??] in Halifax.

Mary had a son Fred Kershaw; father unknown. Fred later took the surname Kendall

The family lived at

  • Salford [1911]
  • 5 Pall Mall, Mytholmroyd

Kendall, W.Ref 338-289
[1???-191?] He served in World War I.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered on Coley War Memorial

Kendall, WelburyRef 338-229
[17??-18??] Spirit merchant in Halifax.

He married Elizabeth [1782-1861].

Elizabeth survived Welbury and died at Skipton

Kendall, WilliamRef 338-2
[1833-1???] Born in Mytholmroyd.

He married Mary Naylor [1830-1???].

Mary was born in Luddenden, the daughter of
William Naylor


  1. child
  2. child
  3. Joshua [b 1867] who was a mill hand [1881]
  4. Anne [b 1st October 1868]
  5. Fanny [b 1871]
  6. Thomas

The family lived at

  • 25 Clay Street, Halifax [1881]
  • Halifax [1891]

Kendall, William DenisRef 338-107
[1903-1995] MP, MIMechE, MIAE, MIPE.

Son of Joe Willie Kendall.

He was educated at Halifax Technical College / a director of Citroën, Paris [1929-1938] / Independent MP for Grantham [1942-1950] / publisher of the Grantham Guardian [1945].

In 1952, he married Margaret Hilda Irene Burden.

In 19??, he moved to America and died in Los Angeles

Kendall, William ThomasRef 338-550
[1857-19??] Born in Crossfield, Yorkshire.

He was a railway signalman [1911]

In 1878, he married Annie [1855-19??].

Annie was born in Biggin, Yorkshire


  1. Martha Ann [b 29th September 1881] who married Walter Astin
  2. Florence [b 1894] who was a twister [1911]

They lived at 63 Delph Hill, Halifax [1911]

Living with them [in 1911] were daughter Martha Ann Astin and family


Kendall surnameRef 338-1

The Surname is discussed in the book Halifax & District Surnames by George Redmonds.

There are 33 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Kendall, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

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