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Knight, DavidRef 468-477
Constable of Shelf [1714-1715]

Knight, EricRef 468-43
Son of Marion Hilda (née Creasser) & Frederic Harrison Knight, a wealthy diamond merchant.

Born in Menston-in-Wharfedale [10th April 1897].

He was the third of four brothers.

His parents were Quakers.

His father died in the Boer War.

Various accounts say (1) his mother went to be a governess for the Russian imperial family in St Petersburg, and/or (2) that his mother married an American and went to live in the USA

In 1910, Eric came to live with his Creasser relatives at Skircoat Green and then at 30 Wellington Street, Halifax.

He worked in J. B. Farrar's mill before going to the USA [1912].

In the US, he became a journalist and wrote several novels with a Yorkshire background, including

  • Invitation to Life [1934]
  • The Flying Yorkshireman [1936]
  • Song on Your Bugles [1937] – about the working class in  northern England
  • You Play the Black and the Red Comes Up (as Richard  Hallas) [1938]
  • The Happy Land [1940]
  • Lassie Come Home [1940] – a short story then a novel  about Toots, his pet collie – from which began the  Lassie set of films and TV programmes
  • This Above All [1941] – which was filmed with Tyrone  Power and Joan Fontaine [1942]
  • Sam Small Flies Again: The Amazing Adventures of the  Flying Yorkshireman [1942]
  • Now we pray for our country
  • The Stricken Arenas – based on his 1938 experiences with  miners in the closed-down pit communities in Yorkshire
  • The World of Plenty – about the world food supply; this  was made into a film [1943]

He also wrote the handbook which was given to GIs coming to Britain.

He made many trips back to the UK.

He became a Major in the US Army.

He took American citizenship in 1942.

On 28th July 1917, he married (1) Dorothy Caroline Noyes Hall.


  1. daughter
  2. daughter
  3. daughter

The couple divorced.

On 2nd December 1932, he married (2) Jere Brylawski.

He died when he was travelling to North Africa and his plane crashed in the jungle of Dutch Guiana (now Surinam) [15th January 1943]. There have been suggestions that the plane was shot down in the belief that Franklin D. Roosevelt was on board

Knight, Rev Frederick WilliamRef 468-359

He was educated at London University and ordained at St John's Cleckheaton before becoming Curate at Cross Stone [1892]. He left to serve at Drighlington and East Woodhay Hampshire

This & associated entries use material contributed by Alan Longbottom

Knight, JamesRef 468-133
Constable of Halifax.

Recorded on 12th May 1813, when he chaired a Meeting about Luddite Disturbances held at the White Lion Inn

Knight, JamesRef 468-508
He had a warehouse in a field at South Parade, Halifax.

In 18??, Jack and Harry Clayton, and 2 other men were transported for robbing the warehouse

This & associated entries use material contributed by David Glover

Knight, JamesRef 468-9690
Curate at
Halifax [1822]

Knight, Rev JamesRef 468-255
Son of
Rev Titus Knight.

He became a minister of the Independent church at Colliers Rents, Southwark, London

This & associated entries use material contributed by Derrick Habergham

Knight, JamesRef 468-210
He lived at
Stoneleigh, Halifax.

He married Martha Ann

Knight, JohnRef 468-241
He married either Susannah or Sara Crowther.


  1. Hannah [b 1711] who married Blakey Spencer
  2. Titus

This & associated entries use material contributed by Rosie Burgess & Nick Phillips

Knight, Dr JohnRef 468-266
Surgeon and apothecary of Halifax.

He died 23rd March 1800

Knight, JohnRef 468-312
Wedding carriage and cab proprietor at
Ferguson Street Livery Stables, Halifax [1900, 1905] and 48 King Cross Street [1905].

He lived at Ferguson Street [1905]

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Knight, Rev L.Ref 468-215
He was at Nottingham before becoming Minister at
Hope Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge [1963]

Knight, PhilipRef 468-547
Born in Codicote, Hertfordshire.

He was a Private with the 76th Regiment [1881].

He married Susannah Wilson [1860-1???].

Susannah was born in Halifax.

She was a mill hand (cotton) [1881]


They lived at 134 Spring Hall Lane, Halifax [1881]

Living with them [in 1881] were mother-in-law Sarah Wilson [b London 1828] (charwoman), brothers-in-law James Wilson, John Richard Wilson [b 1862] (mill hand), Walter Wilson [b 1869], and sister-in-law Sarah Jane Wilson [b 1873]

This & associated entries use material contributed by Roger Beasley

Knight, Rev SamuelRef 468-26

Vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Halifax [1798] and Vicar of Halifax [1817-1827].

See St Anne's in the Grove Church, Southowram and Wheelwright's Charity

Knight, Stanley WaddyRef 468-586
Son of
Rev Stuart Knight.

He was educated at Kingswood School, Bristol.

During World War II, and he served as a Sergeant with the 150th Squadron Royal Air Force.

He was killed in North Africa [7th August 1943] (aged 19).

He is remembered on the Malta Memorial, Malta [Grave Ref 8 2], in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Akroydon Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Knight, StephenRef 468-86
Born in Halifax; various birthdates are recorded:

  • 7th June 1904 (1939 census) 
  • 7th June 1905 (FamilySearch death) 
  • 4th June 1905 (FreeBMD death) 
  • Q3 1905 (FreeBMD birth) 

He was a dairy farmer [1939].

In [Q4] 1930, he married Jane (Janie) Wilkinson [1908-19??] in Halifax.

Janie was born in [26th April 1908].

She ran a corner shop at Upper Marsh [1950s]


Child: Margaret E. [b 18th March 1934] who married [Calder Q3 1953] Willie Rushforth.

They lived at

Stephen died in Calder District [Q2 1969].

They are remembered at St Anne's Church, Southowram [Grave Ref: NL-A1] where there is a bench plaque inscribed

In Loving Memory of Stephen & Janie Knight Farmers

This & associated entries use material contributed by John Rushworth

Knight, Rev StuartRef 468-587
He was pastor at
Foster Lane Methodist Church, Hebden Bridge.

In [Q3] 1921, he married Vera Waddy in Keighley.

Child: Stanley

They lived at Wolverton, Buckinghamshire

Knight, T. K.Ref 468-588
He served in World War I.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Halifax Parish Church Members (WWI) Memorial

The CWGC website records a Tom Keith Knight who

served as a Lance Corporal with the 52nd Battalion Australian Infantry (Australian Imperial Forces), died [29th June 1916] (aged 23), and was buried at Rue-Petillon Military Cemetery

Knight, Rev TitusRef 468-27
Son of
John Knight.

A coal-miner who worked in the Shibden coal mines from the age of 7. He was still recorded as a collier at his marriages in 1742 & 1758.

Whilst working in the mine, he taught himself and acquired a knowledge of Hebrew, Greek, Latin and Classical History.

On the instigation of John Wesley, he became a preacher and school-teacher. Because of Calvinistic feelings, he left the Methodists in 1762 to become an Independent, and preached at the Tabernacle in London.

In 1763, he was ordained and he returned to Halifax where he established a small independent chapel in two houses in Chapel Fold. Many Methodists followed him to the new chapel.

He held services here until Square Chapel was built for him in 1773, and he became its first Minister. He wrote a poem entitled Hhadash Hamishcan - which is Hebrew for New Tabernacle – to counteract criticism of the expense of the building. When John Wesley visited the chapel in July 1772, he wrote:

My old friend, Titus Knight, offered me the use of his new meeting, larger than Dr Taylor's at Norwich ... and finished with the utmost elegance; but I judged more people would attend in the open air, so I preached in the cow market to a huge multitude

On 23rd May 1742, Titus married (1) Sarah Shackleton at Halifax Parish Church.

Sarah was (possibly) the daughter of Thomas Shackleton


  1. Mary [b 1742]
  2. Joseph [bapt 26th April 1747]

On 11th February 1758, he married (2) Elizabeth Mellor [17??-1806] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Titus [bapt 24th May 1752]
  2. Samuel
  3. Elizabeth [1762-1835]
  4. Son [1763-21st March 1800]
  5. John [bapt 27th October 1763]
  6. Sarah [bapt 26th June 1765]
  7. Nancy [bapt 20th October 1766]
  8. Katherine [bapt 13th May 1768]
  9. James
  10. Martha [1770-7th February 1792]

Titus died 2nd March 1793 (aged 73) 

in the 43rd. Year of his Ministry

Elizabeth died 30th October 1806 (aged 76).

after a long and severe illness which she sustained with Christian resignation

The couple & other members of the family () were buried at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax

This & associated entries use material contributed by Derrick Habergham

Knight, WilliamRef 468-408
Attorney at
Crown Street, Halifax [1816]

Knight, Rev WilliamRef 468-254
Halifax solicitor.

Son of Samuel Knight. He became a clergyman. He died at Barton-upon-Humber.

See Rev Amos Blackburn


Knight surnameRef 468-1
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Unattached BMDs for Knight

Marriages 1907, 1911; Death 1907


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