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Leach, Rev A.Ref 325-103
[18??-19??] Minister at Bethesda Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Elland [1874]

Leach, AlfredRef 325-7001
[1845-19??] Born in Norland.

He was a moulder [1871] / a moulder (iron) [1881] / a worsted maker-up [1891] / a worsted carder [1901] / a wool comber retired [1911].

In 1869, he married Sarah Whitehead [1846-1903] at Halifax Parish Church.

Sarah, of Sowerby, was the daughter of book-keeper James Whitehead


  1. Charles Herbert [1870-1896] who was a hoist tenter  [1891], a millhand and (in the evenings) a hairdresser [1896]
  2. Clara [b 1875] who was a worsted spinner [1891]
  3. Arthur [b 1877] who was a velvet pegger [1891]
  4. Hannah M. [b 1880] who was a worsted spinner [1891], a  worsted twister [1901], a cotton operative winder [1911]
  5. Sam [b 1882] who was a machine tool fitter's apprentice  [1901]
  6. Ernest Eli [b 1884] who was a machine tool driller [1901]
  7. Mary Ann [b 1888] who was a dressmaker's apprentice  [1901], a cotton operative reeler [1911]
  8. Rayman [1890-1891]

The family lived at

  • 4 Moore Street, Southowram [1871]
  • Stansfield Mill, Sowerby [1881]
  • Rough Hey, Norland [1891]
  • Crown Buildings, Triangle [1896]
  • Hollins Street, Triangle, Sowerby [1901]
  • 21 Royd Lane, Ripponden [1911]

In 1896, son Charles Herbert committed suicide by hanging himself in his hairdresser's shop in Dean Lane, Sowerby

Leach, ArnoldRef 325-749
[1884-1917] Son of William Leach.

Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was a steam engine maker's iron moulder [1901] / an iron moulder [1911] / employed by Pollit & Wigzell Limited.

Around 1912, he emigrated to Australia.

He married Unknown.


  1. child

During World War I, he enlisted at the outbreak of War and served as a Private with the 9th Field Ambulance Australian Army Medical Corps / Royal Army Medical Corps attached to the Anzac Army.

He died 11th January 1917 (aged 33).

He was buried at Cité Bonjean Military Cemetery, France. [Grave Ref IV C 43]

Leach, ArthurRef 325-2
[1910-1968] Landlord of the Foresters' Arms, Norland [1937-1939]

Leach, Arthur HoldsworthRef 325-164
[1871-1938] Eldest son of George Frederick Leach.

Born in Halifax [regd Q3 1870].

In 1891, he started business as a portrait photographer with premises in Commercial Street, Brighouse – currently occupied by the chemists' shop – and established Leach's photographic company. He was a Methodist.

In March 1897, The Times and The Leeds Mercury carried reports of a breach of promise case Crowther v Leach.

Miss Annie Crowther, a teacher at Brighouse Board School, stated that she kept the books for Arthur Leach, a photographic artist at Brighouse.

In November 1893, they became engaged.

In November 1896, he said that his feelings had changed. He claimed that he had heard of a conversation in which Miss Crowther was derogatory to her mother, and he could not marry a woman in whom he had not the fullest confidence.

5 days after being served with the writ, he had turned his business into a limited liability company and – as a Manager of the company – was only earning 30/- per week.

The jury returned a verdict for Miss Crowther for £150


In October 1900, he married Amy Stocks

Amy was the daughter of Alexander Oldfield Stocks

Leach, Rev CharlesRef 325-864
[1847-1919] DD.

He trained at Ranmoor Theological College, Sheffield and became a Congregational minister.

He was MP for Colne Valley.

In 1915, he suffered a nervous breakdown – probably a form of dementia – and he was removed from his office of MP after being declared of unsound mind – the only MP to be thus disqualified

Leach, Charles WilliamRef 325-214
[1860-1909] Son of Henry Leach.

He was a watchmaker [1881] / a commercial traveller (jewellery) [1901] / a manufacturing jeweller [1909].

After the death of Charles Horner [1896], his sons James & Harry carried on the Charles Horner Limited business, in partnership with their cousin Charles William.

In 1891, he married Annie Louisa Rushworth [1867-1927].


  1. Mabel [b 1895]
  2. Frederick C. [b 1898]

The children were born in Sowerby Bridge.

The family moved to the Isle of Man.

They lived at

  • 12 Royal Avenue [1901]
  • Inglewood, Little Switzerland, Douglas [1909]

Charles William died at the Queen's Hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada [13th May 1909].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £4,213 18/7d.

Probate was granted to his widow Annie Louisa

Annie Louisa died in the Isle of Man in 1927

Leach, Clarence WilliamRef 325-342
[1895-1916] Son of Grace & Stephen Leach of Shore, Littleborough.

Born in Littleborough.

During World War I, and he served as a Lance Corporal with the 9th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers.

He was killed in action [26th September 1916] (aged 21).

He was buried at Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-La Boisselle, France [Grave Ref I H 40].

He is remembered on Todmorden War Memorial

Leach, Dora IreneRef 325-902
[1914-2013] JP.

Daughter of Frederick Austin Leach.

She was educated at Battinson Road School [1919-1928].

In 1939, she married Horace Greenwood [1910-1967].

She was Mayoress to Laura Annie Mitchell [1967-1968]

Leach, DouglasRef 325-866
[1921-1941] Son of Caroline Lilian & Clement Leach of Lee Mount, Halifax.

During World War II, he served as a Gunner with the Royal Artillery.

106 (The Lancashire Hussars) Lt A.A. Regt.

He died 26th April 1941 (aged 20).

He is remembered on the Athens Memorial, Greece [Grave Ref 3]

Leach, ElizabethRef 325-23
[1780-18??] Second daughter of Mary (née Hackworth) & Timothy Leach, of Clapham, Surrey.

Baptised on 25th January 1781.

She married Stansfield Rawson

Leach, Eric AlexanderRef 325-362
[1901-1981] He lived at Giles House, Hove Edge which he bought in 1938.

He was Managing Director at A. H. Leach & Company / a councillor / a pianist / a member of the Brighouse Music Society / a collector of rare books.

He married Joyce.


  1. Angela Mary who married [1961?] Martin Wells Bull  from Surrey
  2. Caroline Alice who married [1966?] Alan David Officer Thomson
  3. John

He was a pianist and a member of the Brighouse Music Society, along with his cousin Harold Cocker

Leach, FrankRef 325-5
[1855-1???] Son of Thomas Leach.

Born in Halifax.

He was a reed & heald maker [1891] / a reed maker [1901].

In [Q1] 1877, he married Fanny Higgin [1855-1???] in Halifax.

Fanny was born in Halifax


  1. James Willie [b 1878] who was an errand boy [1891], a  pianist [1901]
  2. Joe

The family lived at

  • St George's Square, Ovenden [1891]
  • 9 Farrar Mill Lane, Halifax [1901]

Living with them [in 1891] was brother-in-law Albert Akroyd [b  1869] (clerk).

Living with them [in 1901] was boarder Minnie Riley [b Halifax 1876] (presser of underclothing) 

Leach, FredRef 325-904
[1849-1923] Son of Thomas Leach.

He worked at the Caledonia Works of Frederick Smith & Company. He was President of the Halifax Wire Drawers' Association.

In 1870, he married Martha Speight [1851-1937].


  1. Thomas [1868/1869 and died before 1881]
  2. Arthur [1871-1936]
  3. Annie [1872/1873-1951]
  4. Mary Elisabeth [1876-1910]
  5. Frederick Austin
  6. Percy [1888-1975]

Leach, Frederick AustinRef 325-233
[1881-1970] Son of Fred Leach.

Born 20th June 1881.

He started work with Joseph Arthur Worsnop, and later became a Clothing Club Collector for the Halifax Tradesmen's Association.

He was President of the Independent Labour Party / Magistrate [1924] / Halifax Labour Councillor [1921-1924] / Halifax County Borough JP [1924] / Alderman [1925-1962] / Mayor of Halifax [1933-1934] / Freeman of the Borough [22nd March 1948].

In 1909, he married Ethel Greenwood [1884-1981].


  1. Clifton [1910-2008] who married [1937] Violet Bland
  2. Dora Irene

The family lived at Pellon [1909].

He died at Northowram Hospital

Leach, George FrederickRef 325-907
[1846-1920] Son of William Leach.

He was a joiner [1869, 1875, 1881] / a machine pattern maker [1891].

In 1867, he married Mary Ann Lee in Halifax.

Mary Ann was the daughter of Elias Lee


  1. Albert Holdsworth [1869] who died in infancy  
  2. Arthur Holdsworth
  3. Ada [b 1873]
  4. child [1875] who died in infancy
  5. child [1875] who died in infancy
  6. child [1875] who died in infancy
  7. George Edward [b 1876]
  8. John [1881] who died in infancy

The children were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1212].

The family lived at

  • 7a Clare Street, Halifax [1891]
  • Lancashire [1901]

Leach, HaroldRef 325-1572
[1878-1939] In 1908, he married Ethel, daughter of Alfred Gaukroger.

The couple were buried at St Peter's Church, Sowerby: Harold [2nd May 1939]; Ethel [15th May 1943]

Leach, HarryRef 325-3930
[1861-19??] Born in Halifax.

He was landlord of the Sun Inn, Lightcliffe [1903, 1911].

He married Hannah [1863-19??] from Lightcliffe.


  1. Edith [b 1888]
  2. Minnie [b 1894]
  3. Nellie [b 2nd September 1897]
  4. Florence [b 1903]

Leach, HenryRef 325-656
[1831-1869] Born in Thornton.

He was a newspaper reporter [1861] / publisher of the Halifax Historical Almanack and the Halifax Almanack & Parish Year Book / Registrar of Births & Deaths for Halifax & Skircoat [1865, 1869].

In 1858, he married Ann Horner.

Ann was the daughter of Stephen Horner


  1. Mary E. [b 1859]
  2. Charles William
  3. Jane who died 25th January 1863 (aged 16 months) who was  buried with her parents
  4. Joseph S. [b 1863] who was a telegraph engineer [1881]
  5. Edward [b 1868]
  6. son who died in infancy & was buried with his parents

They lived at

  • North Castle Street, Halifax [1861]
  • 5 Stannary Road, Halifax [1869]
  • 26 Cavendish Street, Halifax [1881]

Henry died 15th August 1869 (aged 38).

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £600.

The will was proved by his widow Ann

Ann died 29th September 1897 (aged 58).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1856]

Leach, JoeRef 325-4
[1880-19??] Son of Frank Leach.

Born in Halifax.

He was a designer (carpet) [1901] / a carpet designer [1911].

In [Q2] 1906, he married Hannah Louisa Atkinson in Halifax.

Hannah Louisa was the daughter of John Atkinson


  1. Frank [b 1911]

They lived at Warp Farm, Newsholme, Howden (with Hannah Louisa's widowed father) [1911]

Leach, JohnRef 325-1599
[18??-1???] A rag merchant at Soyland. In 1876, he established Soyland Paper Mill. He was declared bankrupt [1880]

Leach, JohnRef 325-80
[1841-1893] JP.

Born 17th May 1841.

He was a carpet manufacturer at Halifax / financial director of Crossley's Carpets.

He married Susannah Hargreaves [1835-1906].

Susannah was born 14th December 1835


  1. Elizabeth [b 1866] who married Arthur Crabtree
  2. Louis [b 1868]
  3. Walter [1870-1874]
  4. Cuthbert [b 1873]
  5. Sarah Jane [b 1875]
  6. Harold [b 1879]

They lived at 9 Park Road, Halifax [1891].

John died 16th February 1893 (aged 52).

Susannah died 13th December 1906 (aged 71).

The couple & the children were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1263]

Leach, JohnRef 325-955
[1892-1915] Son of Mary & Michael Leach.

Born in Keighley.

In [Q3] 1912, he married Florence Curry in Huddersfield.


  1. child

They lived at 24 Grey Street, Haley Hill.

During World War I, he enlisted [November 1914] and served as a Private with the 2nd Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He was killed by a sniper whilst on sentry duty (2 weeks after going to the Front) [9th April 1915] (aged 23).

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Florence married Mr Lockwood.

They lived at 36 Quebec Dam, Keighley

Leach, JohnRef 325-781
[19??-] Son of Eric Alexander Leach.

He entered the family business – A. H. Leach & Company.

He was President of the Halifax Antiquarian Society [2000]

Leach, JosephRef 325-3
[1799-1871] Born in Thornton, Bradford.

He was a carpet weaver [1841] / a hand loom worsted weaver [1851] / a worsted weaver [1861] / a bobbin winding overlooker [1871].

He married Mary [1793-1872].

Mary was born in Thornton


  1. Henry [b 1831] who was a stuff dyer [1851]
  2. William [b 1835] who was a worsted factory worker [1851]
  3. Mary Jane [b 1837] who was a worsted factory worker [1851]

They lived at

  • Crib Lane, Halifax [1841]
  • 24 Scott's Row, Foundry Street, Halifax [1851]
  • 31 Back Foundry Street, Halifax [1861, 1871]

Joseph died 20th November 1871 (aged 72).

Mary died 29th April 1872 (aged 79).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 1857] with William Carr [1861-1870] son of James Carr and Mary Jane Norcliffe

Leach, Louis J.Ref 325-1580
[18??-19??] Solicitor at Barum House, Halifax [1907]

Leach, RobertRef 325-207
[16??-1695] Heywood records

poor and wicked, had been drinking on Lord's Day, come home, fell into raging fits, died in 2 or 3 days November 1695

Leach, SamuelRef 325-7
[1800-18??] Born in Ripponden.

He was a worsted dyer [1861].

Around 1841, he married Mary [1804-18??].

Mary was born in Ovenden


  1. Rachel [b 1841] who was a worsted power loom weaver [1861]
  2. Sarah [b 1845] who was a worsted twister [1861]
  3. Young Sam [1852-1891] who was a worsted bobbin setter  [1861] & was buried with William Preston at Lister Lane  Cemetery [Plot 3627]

They lived at Rake Bank, Ovenden [1861]

Question: Does anyone know whether/how William Preston is related to the Leach family?


Leach, Stanley WilliamRef 325-1578
[19??-] Mayor of Hebden Royd [1978-1979] and [1984-1985]

Leach, ThomasRef 325-903
[1820-1866] Eldest son of William Leach.

Born in Halifax.

a tailor and draper in Halifax [1861].

In 1840, he married Elizabeth Hardisty [1820-1???].

Elizabeth was born in Halifax


  1. Hannah [1840] who was a house servant [1861]
  2. John William [1843] who was a tailor [1861]
  3. Charles [1845] who was a tailor [1861]
  4. Henry Hardisty [1848] who was a tailor [1861]
  5. Fred
  6. Tom [1852]
  7. Frank
  8. Ruth Ann [1856]
  9. Herbert Leach [b 1857]

They lived at 52 King Cross Street, Halifax [1861]

Leach, WallaceRef 325-6
[1879-19??] Born in Halifax.

He was an iron fettler [1902].

On 17th May 1902, he married Avina Hollas at All Saints' Church, Dudwell.

Avina was the daughter of
Robert Hollas

Leach, WilliamRef 325-901
[179?-18??] He was an early member of the local Leach family.

He was a card maker [1841] / a blacking manufacturer [1851].

In 1814, he married (1) Hannah Harrowby.

In 1818, he married (2) Hannah Taylor.


  1. Thomas
  2. Sarah [b 1821]
  3. Jane Hannah
  4. Elizabeth who died in infancy
  5. Elizabeth [b 1826] who was a wire-coverer [1851]
  6. Hannah [b 1828]
  7. Mary [1830-1917] who married George Dennis

In 1841, he married (3) Elizabeth [1804-18??] in Halifax.

Elizabeth [née Elliott] was the widow of James Pickard [18??-1839]; Elizabeth & James had married [Halifax 23rd July 1820]


  1. John [b 1841]
  2. Ann [25th October 1842-2nd March 1880] who married Ezra Greaves
  3. Emma [b 1845]
  4. George Frederick

They lived at 15 Upper Brunswick Street [1851]

Leach, WilliamRef 325-908
[1853-1909] Born in Norland.

He was an iron moulder [1881, 1891] / an engine maker's iron moulder [1901].

In 1875, he married (1) Mahalah Sutcliffe [1855-1893] in Halifax.

Mahalah was born in Sowerby


  1. Mary Hannah [b 1877]
  2. Minnie [b 1878] who was a dressmaker [1901]
  3. Arthur [b 1881] who was an engine maker's pattern maker  [1901]
  4. Agnes Emily [b 1882] who was a carpet weaver [1901], a  chenille weaver [1911]
  5. John Ernest [b 1884] who was an iron turner (engine  works) [1901], an iron turner [1911]
  6. Arnold
  7. Susan [1890-1893]
  8. Florence Alice [b 1891] who was a woollen weaver [1911]

Daughter Susan died in Halifax [Q3 1893] (aged 4) 

Mahalah died in Halifax [Q3 1893] (aged 39) 

In [Q3] 1894, he married (2) Caroline Sutcliffe [1849-19??] in Halifax.

Caroline was born in Sowerby

They lived at

  • Sowerby New Road, Sowerby Bridge, Sowerby [1881]
  • 8 Montague Street, Sowerby Bridge [1891]
  • 25 Boston Street, Sowerby Bridge [1901, 1911]
  • 27 Holly Grove, Parkinson Lane, Halifax

William died in Halifax in 1909 (aged 56) 


The Leach family of HalifaxRef 325-820
and Brighouse.

William Leach was an early member of the family.

Members of the family – notably Arthur Holdsworth Leach and Ezra Greaves – were involved in photography in the district


Leach surnameRef 325-1
Another form of the surname is Leech.

Entries for people with this and similar surnames are shown in a separate Foldout

The name is said to come from the Old English word for a healer

There are 33 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Leach, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Leach

Marriages 1899, 1906, 1911, 1951; Death 1812


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