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Lightcliffe is an area of Calderdale in the township of Hipperholme-cum-Brighouse lying between Hipperholme and Bailiff Bridge. It was created a parish in 1846

Early spellings of the name include Lithclif.

The name is said to originate in a cliff known as Light Cliff which lies at the north-east corner of the grounds of Holme House

The name is associated with that of the Cliffe family.

It was created a parish in 1846.

Some sites, sights and other entries for Lightcliffe

5 Days' Work, Lightcliffe

Abbotsford, Lightcliffe

Baronet Akroyd of Lightcliffe
Belly Brig Hill Farm, Lightcliffe
Birkby House, Lightcliffe
Bleak House, Lightcliffe
Bob Hall, Lightcliffe
Bottom Hall Beck, Lightcliffe
Bottom Hall, Lightcliffe
Bramley Lane Church, Lightcliffe
Brighouse & Lightcliffe Steam Laundry
Joseph Brooke Limited

Cherry Trees, Lightcliffe
Cliffe Hill Mansion, Lightcliffe
Clifton & Lightcliffe Band
Clock Hall Quarry, Lightcliffe
Crow Nest Gatehouse, Lightcliffe
Crow Nest, Lightcliffe

A Dozen Lightcliffe Romances

Eastfield Chapel, Lightcliffe
Eastfield Knowle, Lightcliffe
Elm House, Lightcliffe
Elm Royd, Lightcliffe

Fairbank surname
The Fairbanks family of Lightcliffe
Field Head, Lightcliffe
Field's High School, Lightcliffe
Field House, Lightcliffe
Foster Chapel, Lightcliffe Church
Major Johnston Jonas Foster
Friends of Saint Matthew's Churchyard, Lightcliffe

Gaubert Hall Quarry, Lightcliffe
Gaubert Hall, Lightcliffe
George V Park, Lightcliffe
German House, Lightcliffe
Dame Gibson's School, Lightcliffe
Giles Quarry, Lightcliffe
Grange Terrace, Lightcliffe
The Grange, Lightcliffe
Green House, Lightcliffe
Greenhouses, Lightcliffe
Gun Club Field, Lightcliffe

Harper Cliff Wood, Lightcliffe
The Harrock, Lightcliffe
Helliwell Syke Farm, Lightcliffe
Higher Grade Board School, Lightcliffe
Hipperholme & Lightcliffe Bowling Club
Hipperholme & Lightcliffe Conservative Club
Hipperholme & Lightcliffe Liberal Club
Hipperholme & Lightcliffe Ward, Halifax
Hipperholme & Lightcliffe High School
Holly Bank, Lightcliffe
Holme Dene, Lightcliffe
Holme House Bar, Lightcliffe
Holme House Day Nursery, Lightcliffe
Holme House, Lightcliffe
Holme Royd, Lightcliffe
Home Cottage, Lightcliffe
Hope Lodge, Lightcliffe
Hopewell House, Lightcliffe
Horse Shoe, Lightcliffe
Hoyle House Beck, Lightcliffe
Hoyle House, Lightcliffe
Huntock House, Lightcliffe

Ive Ing, Lightcliffe

Kingston, Lightcliffe
Knowl House, Lightcliffe
Knowl Top, Lightcliffe
Knowle Top Bar, Lightcliffe
Knowle Top Cricket Club, Lightcliffe

Ladywell House, Lightcliffe
Laurel Bank, Lightcliffe
Lidget, Lightcliffe
Lightcliffe & District Local History Society
Lightcliffe & Hipperholme Young Men's Society
Lightcliffe British School
Lightcliffe Church
Lightcliffe Church of England (VA) Primary School
Lightcliffe College Cricket Club
Lightcliffe Congregational Church
Lightcliffe Congregational Church Young Men's Society
Lightcliffe Co-operative Store
Lightcliffe Cricket & Lawn Tennis Club
Lightcliffe Cricket & Lawn Tennis Club Amateur Dramatic Society
Lightcliffe Cricket Club
Lightcliffe Curate's House
Lightcliffe Cycling Club
Lightcliffe Economic Stores
Lightcliffe Golf Club
Lightcliffe Gun Club
Lightcliffe High School
Lightcliffe Hoard
Lightcliffe House
Lightcliffe Ladies' High School
Lightcliffe Laundry
Lightcliffe Liberal Club
Lightcliffe Literary & Scientific Society
Lightcliffe Lodge of Freemasons
Lightcliffe National School
Lightcliffe Old Chapel
Lightcliffe Old Church
Lightcliffe Old Church Graveyard
Lightcliffe Orchestra Society
Lightcliffe Parish Church
Lightcliffe Parish Church
Lightcliffe Parish Magazine
Lightcliffe Pierrot Troupe
Lightcliffe Police Station
Lightcliffe Post Office
Lightcliffe Preparatory School
Lightcliffe Railway Station
Lightcliffe Road Chapel of Rest, Brighouse
Lightcliffe Royd, Barkisland
Lightcliffe tunnel
Lightcliffe United Reformed Church
Lightcliffe United Reformed Church Sunday School
Lightcliffe Vicarage
Lightcliffe War Memorial
Lightcliffe [No 1332] Masonic Lodge
Longlands, Lightcliffe
Lower Crow Nest Farm, Lightcliffe
Lower Crow Nest Hall, Lightcliffe
Lydgate House, Lightcliffe
Lydgate Park, Lightcliffe

Manor House Nursing & Residential Home, Lightcliffe
Mount Zion Chapel, Lightcliffe
The Mount, Lightcliffe

Nab End Quarry, Lightcliffe
New House, Lightcliffe

Oakfield, Lightcliffe
Oakleigh, Lightcliffe

Park Quarry, Lightcliffe
Pear Trees, Lightcliffe
Perth House, Lightcliffe
Perth Villas, Lightcliffe
Pond College, Lightcliffe
The Poplars, Lightcliffe
William Priestley
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Lightcliffe
Pyenot House, Lightcliffe

Rose Lea, Lightcliffe
Rough Hey Quarry, Lightcliffe
Royd House, Lightcliffe

Saint Giles, Lightcliffe
Saint Matthew's Church, Lightcliffe
Sir Titus Salt
Sawood, Lightcliffe
Smith House, Lightcliffe
Smithson Park, Lightcliffe
Stoney Lane Co-operative Store, Lightcliffe
Stoney Lane housing estate, Lightcliffe
Stoneyhurst, Lightcliffe
The Stray, Lightcliffe
Sun Inn, Lightcliffe
Sunny Leigh, Lightcliffe
Sykewell Fields, Lightcliffe

Tennyson Bungalow, Lightcliffe
Till Carr Farm, Lightcliffe
Till Carr House, Lightcliffe

Victoria Tennis Club, Lightcliffe

Watkinson Almshouses, Lightcliffe
Watkinson Chapel, Lightcliffe
Whinney Cottage, Lightcliffe
Whinney House, Lightcliffe
White Horse, Lightcliffe
White's Nurseries, Brighouse
Winter Edge
Wood Bottom Farm, Lightcliffe

Yew Cottage, Lightcliffe
Yew Tree Quarries, Lightcliffe
Yew Trees, Lightcliffe
Yew Trees, Lightcliffe
Yorkshire Glory Lodge 93 United Free Gardeners

The Hoyle family of Lightcliffe
The Mitchell family of Lightcliffe
The Radcliffe family of Lightcliffe
The Thorpe family of Lightcliffe
The Walker family of Lightcliffe 

Beerhouses & Pubs in Lightcliffe

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Lightcliffe, including

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