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Charles E. Lees [18??-19??]
Clifford Lees [19??-]
Clifford Lees [19??-19??]
Cornelius Lees [1838-1890]
Edward T. Lees [18??-1???]
Edwin Lees [18??-191?]
George Lees [17??-18??]
John Lees [1???-18??]
John Lees [17??-1???]
John Lees [17??-1801]
John Lees [1755-1832]
John Lees [18??-1???]
John Robert Lees [1854-19??]
Jonas Lees [1816-1???]
Joseph Shaw Lees [1845-19??]
Margaret Lees [19??-19??]
Samuel Lees [16??-17??]
Samuel Lees [17??-1761]
Samuel Lees [17??-18??]
Samuel Lees [1782-1826]
Thomas Lees [17??-18??]
Thomas Lees [1791-1867]
Thomas Lees [18??-1???]
Thomas H. K. Lees [18??-19??]
William Lees [18??-18??] 

Lees, Charles E.
[18??-19??] Landlord of the Corporation Arms, Halifax [1914].

He left in July 1914, to go to the Crown Hotel, Wyke

Lees, Clifford
[19??-] OBE.

He joined Appleyard, Lees & Company in 1952 – on the day that Gerbacio Protacio Appleyard retired.

He became proprietor of the company in 1971.

He was President of the Chartered Institute of Patent Agents.

He retired in 1995.

In 1996, he was awarded the OBE for services to the intellectual property profession

Lees, Clifford
[19??-19??] Local writer and member of the Halifax Authors' Circle.

He wrote a nature notes column for the Halifax Courier.

His published works include

  • The Natural History of Shibden [1962]

He was also a watercolour artist who illustrated his own articles, and also publications by other people, including those of his wife Margaret.


  1. Harriett / Layinka who married Mr Swinburne

Lees, Cornelius
[1838-1890] Born in Halifax.

He was a card manufacturer employing 6 persons [1881]

In [Q3] 1867, he married Sophia Grimwood [1843-1???] at St Pancras.

Sophia was born in Tillingham, Essex

The family lived at

  • 6 Whinney Field, Skircoat [1881]

Cornelius died Q2 1890.

His death was registered at St George's Church, Hanover Square, London

Lees, Edward T.
[18??-1???] Oil cloth manufacturer.

He lived at 10 Leadhall Street, Halifax [1887]

Lees, Edwin
[18??-191?] He was employed by Baldwin & Walker Limited.

During World War I, he served with the Machine Gun Corps.

He (possibly) died in the conflict.

He is remembered on the Baldwin & Walker Roll of Honour

Lees, George
[17??-18??] Cotton manufacturer at Hebden Bridge.

In April 1826, he was declared bankrupt

Lees, John
[1???-18??] Of Salterhebble, Halifax.

He was one of the subscribers to John Horner's book Buildings in the Town & Parish of Halifax [1835]

Lees, John
[17??-1???] Merchant of Bull Close, Halifax. In 1777, he and John Edwards had business at Slitheroe Mills, Rishworth

Lees, John
[17??-1801] Of Halifax.

He died in the Isle of Man [10th October 1801]

Lees, John
[1755-1832] Of Salterhebble.

He married Lucy [1763-1820].

The couple were buried in Halifax Parish Church

Lees, John
[18??-1???] Of Charlestown, Halifax. On 27th April 1861, a local newspaper announced


The parents and friends who were interested in the election of JOHN LEES of Charlestown to the Idiot Asylum at Earleswood, return their sincere and warmest thanks for the benevolent assistance which has enabled them to secure his admission

Lees, John Robert
[1854-19??] Son of John Lees, railway servant.

Born in Rochdale.

He was a joiner [1880] / a machine joiner [1891] / a joiner [1901].

In [Q1] 1876, he (possibly) married (1) Hannah Jessop in Halifax.

A Hannah Lees died in Halifax [Q4 1878] (aged 21) 

On 11th December 1880, he married (2) Lucy Jane [1858-19??] at Halifax Parish Church.

Lucy Jane was born in Stainland, the illegitimate daughter of
Ellen Hinchliffe, and stepdaughter of Richard Craven


  1. John W. [b 1877] who was an errand boy b halifax [1891]
  2. Arthur [b 1881] who was a draper's cashier [1901]
  3. Nellie / Helena V [b 1888]
  4. Edward C [b 1890]

The family lived at

  • 8 Hermon Grove, Halifax [1891]
  • 47 Craven Terrace, Halifax [1901]

Living with them [in 1901] was widowed father-in-law Francis Whitworth Crossley.

It is unclear how Francis Crossley was the father-in-law of John Robert.

It is possible that Francis may have fathered an illegitimate daughter Lucy Jane by Ellen Hinchliffe


Lees, Jonas
[1816-1???] Born in Skircoat.

He was a beerhouse keeper at an unidentified beerhouse at 14 Winding Road, Halifax [1851].

Question: Does anyone know which beerhouse this may have been?


He married Elizabeth [1820-1???].


  1. Thomas H. [b 1838]

Lees, Joseph Shaw
[1845-19??] Son of Thomas Lees.

He was a partner in J. S. Lees & Company [1920] / at the Halifax & District Creditors' Association [1917].

In 1869, he married Martha Starkey in Halifax.


  1. child
  2. child
  3. Harry who married Catharine, daughter of Charles William Sheard Harte

The family lived at Lower Brea, Shibden [1920].

Lees, Margaret
[19??-19??] Aka Marguerite Lees.

Local writer and member of the Halifax Authors' Circle.

She wrote many romantic stories for Mills & Boon.

Her husband Clifford Lees illustrated some of her publications

Lees, Samuel
[16??-17??] Owned Upper Cockroft Hall, Rishworth and Upper Cockroft Farm, Rishworth.

He married Ellen

Lees, Samuel
[17??-1761] Of the Lees family of Willow Hall, Cote Hill.

He married Unknown.


  1. Elizabeth [1745-1803] who married John Edwards

He died at Lendal, York where he had gone on the advice of physicians

Lees, Samuel
[17??-18??] He was a partner in John & Samuel Lees / one of the town trustees for Halifax.

He occupied Room 3 on the Colonnade of the Piece Hall [1787].

He lived at Savile Green [1787]

Lees, Samuel
[1782-1826] He married Ruth [1779-1854].

Samuel died 18th December 1826; Ruth died 15th November 1854.

They were buried at St Mary's Church, Luddenden

Lees, Thomas
[17??-18??] He had several businesses including cotton [?] spinning at Bankfoot Mill, Hebden Bridge / jenny spinning and handloom weaving at Spring Hall Mill, Hebden Bridge / fulling and flax spinning at Midgehole Mill, Hebden Bridge.

In 1807, he was declared bankrupt. The Bankfoot Mill property was sold by order of the Assignees at Auction on 21st January 1808

Lees, Thomas
[1791-1867] He was a cordwainer [1841] / in charge of Parkfield Academy [from 1847].

In 1837, he married Rachel Wolstenholme in Halifax.


  1. William [b 1839]
  2. Thomas Shaw who became a bookkeeper [1867]
  3. Joseph Shaw [b 1845]

The family lived at

Thomas Wolstenholme was Thomas's executor

Lees, Thomas
[18??-1???] Grocer at 13 Corn Market, Halifax [1881]

Lees, Thomas H. K.
[18??-19??] Oil cloth manufacturer at King Cross, Halifax.

He lived at 111 Parkinson Lane, Halifax [1905]

He married Unknown.


  1. Mary Hannah [1844-1910] who married Isaac Maude

Lees, William
[18??-18??] Of Highroad Well.

In [Q4] 1849, he married Ann Gledhill in Halifax.


  1. Robert Gledhill (Lees) [1860-1888]

William was dead by 1888.

Son Robert were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot Number 3514]


The Lees family
Of Lower Willow Hall, Sowerby Bridge. Samuel Lees was an important member of the family.

Their arms – 3 leopards' heads – are to be found on a stone on the Gatehouse at Lower Willow Hall

See Joshua Hudson

Lees surname
There are over 20 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Lees, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Lees:

Marriages 1806, 1811, 1861, 1883, 1886, 1935; Deaths 1801, 1809, 1899, 1900

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