Mineral water manufacturers

This Foldout collects entries relating to mineral waters and their manufacture in the district

Aerated Water Company, Elland
Aerated Water Company, Halifax
George Allott
Jonathan Allott

Bailey & Sons
Greenwood Baldwin
Henry Baldwin

Dyer's Aerated Table Waters

Elland Bottling Company
Eyre & Company

Harry Fearnley
James Feather
J. Feather & Son
James, James & T. Feather

Ganson Mineral Water Company
Abraham Ganson
William Gottlieb Ganson
Gibson Dixon
Watson Gill & Company
Titus Greenwood

Halifax & District Mineral Water Manufacturers Association Limited
Hanson & Balme
William Henry Horsfall
James Horsfield & Son
Hunt & Horsfield

Ideal Beverages Limited
Inman Brothers Limited

Mark Morrell

New Delight Table Water Company Limited
John Clayton Nicholl

Joseph Cawthra Perkins
Ralph Perkins
The Premier Table Water Company

Ben Shaw & Sons Limited
E. & E. Shaw & Sons
Ernest Sheffield
James Simpson
F. & J. G. Spencer
Walter Spencer & Sons
Harry Stocks
H. Stocks
James Stott

J. Thompson

R. White & Company
G. Wilson
G. A. Wilson 

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