People with Missing Dates

A great many entries refer to people for whom I do not have either the date-of-birth


or the date-of-death


or neither


Even where a date is shown, this may only be approximate and based on the date of baptism or the age shown on a census return

Please email me if you can supply any missing dates for any of the following people

Because of the time which it takes to update this particular list, information may already have been added to some of the people listed here

John Ackroyd
W. Ackroyd
Joe Ainley
Joseph Akroyd
Albert Allen
John Ambler
J. Appleton
Jonas Appleyard
John Armytage
John Ashworth
David Aspinall
Job Aspinall
John Aspinall
Joseph Aspinall
W. Asquith
James Astin
Mrs John Atkinson

Mr Baines
Charles Herbert Baines
Jonathan Bairstow
William Bairstow
Cyril Baker
Frederick James Baker
Charles W. Baldwin
James Bancroft
Joseph Bancroft
Rev G. L. Barber
John Barber
Allan Barker
Arthur Barker
Ernest Barker
Dr John Hampden Barker
Thomas Barker
David Barraclough
James Barraclough
James Barraclough
William Bates
William Baylis
Daniel Beaumont
Edward Bedford
Ernest Haigh Bentley
Harold Bentley
J. Bentley
John Bentley
Percy Bentley
Thomas Bentley
Michael Best
Edwin Bolton
Lewis Bolton
William Boocock
Isaac Booth
James Booth
Jeremiah Bottomley
Joseph Bottomley
Thomas Bottomley
William Bottomley
Isaac Bowcock
Alan Bracken
Hannah Brearley
Joseph Brearley
Harry Briggs
Abel Broadbent
Rev Michael Tom Broadbent
Pharaoh Broadbent
Thomas Broadley
Demas Brook
Joseph Brook
Joseph Brook
Robert Brook
A. B. Brooke
Charles Brooke
Dr Doris Brown
George Brown
John Brown
Miss Mabel Brown
Sam Brown
George Buckley
John H. Buckley
Benjamin Burton
Rev J. Butterworth
John D. Butterworth
Joseph Butterworth

Mr Callaghan
Samuel Cardwell
Frank Clark
Tom Clark
John Lionel Clay
Mrs Edith Cockcroft
James Malcolm Cockcroft
John Cooper
Malon Cooper
Thomas Cooper
Thomas H. Cottnam
Simon Crawshaw
David Crossley
Isaac Crossley
James Crossley
Joe Crossley
John Crossley
Johnson Crossley
Robert Crossley
William Crossley
Willie Crossley
Henry Crowther
J. W. Crowther
James Crowther

Rev Harry Gordon Davies
Abraham Dawson
John Dawson
William Dean
Rev Charles Denham
Roger Denton
William Denton
Brian Dixon
Thomas John Dobson
Joseph Drake
William Drake
John Christopher Draper
David Dyson
Eli Dyson
Eli Dyson
Ely Dyson
Hubert Vincent Dyson
Thomas Dyson

Hannah Nora Eastwood
John Eastwood
William Eastwood
Rev Herbert Edwards
Albert Ellis
Charles Gerrard Ellis
Dr Edward Ellis
Thomas Ellis
John Empsall
Amaziah Empson
Jones Emsall

Thomas Farrar
Edward Farrer
Jeffrey Fielden
Thomas Fielden
William Fielden
Eli Fielding
Edward Firth
James Firth
Joseph Firth
Joseph Firth
Percy Firth
Rev John F. Flynn
William Ford
Dr Foster
T. Foster
John Fox

Rev A. Garside
Benjamin Gill
David Gill
Charles Gledhill
Johanna Gledhill
John Joseph Gledhill
John Wells Gledhill
Ralph Gledhill
Robert Gledhill
Rev J. R. Godfrey
Saville Goldthorp
Alfred Greenwood
Charlie Greenwood
Ellis Greenwood
Ernest Greenwood
Rev George Greenwood
Harold Greenwood
Jacob Greenwood
Joe Greenwood
N. Greenwood
Alfred Gregson

Abraham Haigh
Arnold Haigh
David Haigh
Fred Haigh
Joseph Haigh
Leonard P Haigh
Joseph Hall
William Henry Hall
James Halstead
John Halstead
Sam Halstead
John Robertson Handyside
John Hanson
Joseph Hanson
Richard Hanson
Shaw Hardcastle
Dorothy Hargreaves
James Hargreaves
Ernest Hartley
F. Hartley
George Hartley
Henry Hartley
Thomas Hartley
Brian Harwood
Samuel Harwood
William Allen Hazle
John Head
John Hebblethwaite
Joseph Hebblethwaite
Joseph Hebblethwaite
Hedley Maurice Helliwell
Henry Helliwell
Abraham Hemingway
Joshua Hemingway
Dr S. D. Henderson
Benjamin Hey
John Hey
Charles Hill
Daniel Hinchcliffe
Sarah Hinchcliffe
Herbert Hirst
William Hitchen
Samuel Hodgson
Sarah Hodgson
Walter Hodgson
Peter Kenyon Holden
Robert Holden
W. A. Holden
George Holdsworth
Fred Hollas
Richard Hollas
Walter Hollis
Frederick Holmes
James Holmes
Daniel Holroyd
Richard Holroyd
Fanny Holt
Nathaniel Holt
Henry Del Holynes
Charles Howarth
Gilbert Howarth
Henry Howarth
Joseph Howarth
Mr Howorth
Edward Hoyle
John Hoyle
Sarah Hoyle
Thomas Dent Hoyle
William Hoyle

John Illingworth
Thomas Illingworth
Thomas Illingworth

Christopher Jackson
William Jackson
Hanson Jagger
John Jagger
John Lord
Arold Jones
James Jones
William Jowett

Thomas Kaye
Herbert Kendall
Sergeant King
Alfred King
James Tillotson King
Joseph King
Joseph Kitson
Riley Kitson
Joseph Knowles

Hugh Lacy
Thomas Law
David Lax
James Laycock
Samuel Lees
Thomas Lightowler
John Lister
Samuel Longbottom
Matthew Lumb

Allan Mallinson
Arnold James Mallinson
Joseph Mallinson
John Mann
William Henry Mann
Rev G. H. Marshall
Herbert E. Marshall
Daniel Maude
David Maude
John Maude
Mark Mellor
William Mellor
Lewis Midgley
William Midgley
James Milner
Fred Mitchell
Henry Mitchell
Nathan Mitchell
Otho Mitchell
Richard Mitchell
Richard Mitchell
Samuel Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell
William Mitchell
Matthew Morton
Frank Murgatroyd
James Murgatroyd
John Murgatroyd
Joseph Murgatroyd
William Murgatroyd

Abraham Nicholl
E. Nicholl
F. Nicholl
Christopher Green Noble
Thomas Noble
John Northend

Thomas Oates
J. W. Ogden
James Henry Ogden
William Edward Ogden
Thomas Oldfield

Edward James Parkinson
Mrs Elizabeth Pascall
Rev S. Peacock
Leonard Pearson
Rev Samuel Pearson
William Henry Peel
George Pickles
Greenwood Pickles
Hannah Pickles
Roger Pickles
Samuel Pickles
Thomas Pickles
Thomas Pickles
Allen Pitchforth
James Pitchforth
Thomas Pitchforth
J. Pollard
James Priestley
Jonathan Priestley

Thomas de Quincey
Charles Radcliffe
Hellowell Radcliffe
William Radcliffe
John Ramsden
Robert Ramsden
Mr Rawnsley
Aquil Rawnsley
Christopher Rawson
Samuel Rawson
Colonel William Rawson
W. Rayner
Herbert Rhodes
Isabella Rhodes
James Rhodes
Joseph Rhodes
Lewis Rhodes
Rev Campbell Sleigh Richardson
J. Richardson
John Richardson
Edward Riley
W. Riley
Arthur Roberts
John Roberts
Richard Robertshaw
John Robinson
Jonas Robinson
Miss Laura Robinson
Ramsden Robinson
William Robinson
William Robinson
William Robinson
Jonas Rushworth
Jonas William Rushworth

Robert de Saltonstall
Sir George Savile
Sir John Savile
Sir John Savile
Benjamin Schofield
Rev Douglas Walker Scott
Rev Thomas A. Scott
Amy Sedgewick
John Sharp
Charles Shaw
Rev S. Shaw
William Shaw
Charles Sheard
William Shoesmith
Simeon Lord
Fred Smith
Joseph Smith
John Speak
Colonel Spencer
B. Spencer
John Spencer
W. B. Spencer
Henry Standeven
John Standeven
Laurence Stansfeld
Martha Stansfeld
Richard de Stansfeld
Richard de Stansfeld
Timothy Stansfeld
William de Stansfeld
James Stansfield
Anne Stead
William Henry Stead
Benjamin Stocks
Mrs Annie Sugden
James Stansfield Sugden
Richard Sugden
John Sunderland
Jonas Sunderland
Jos'a Sunderland
Young Sunderland
Anthony Sutcliffe
David Sutcliffe
Edward Sutcliffe
Henry Sutcliffe
John Sutcliffe
John Sutcliffe
John Sutcliffe
John Richard Sutcliffe
Samuel Sutcliffe
Simeon Sutcliffe
Thomas Sutcliffe
Thomas Sutcliffe
William Sutcliffe
Mary Sykes

David Taylor
Frank Taylor
Edgar Thomas
Henry Thomas
John Thomas
Thomas William Thompson
William Thompson
William Thompson
George Thomson
John Turner
John Turner
Richard Turner
Thomas Turner
Thomas Turner

Mr Uttley
Abraham Uttley
Jack Uttley

Richard Waddington
Benjamin Wade
Mr Wadsworth
Arnold Wadsworth
E. Wadsworth
Cyril Walker
Herbert R. Walker
James Henry Walker
John Walker
John Walker
Rev Timothy Walsh
Henry Walton
Richard Walton-Allen
George Waterhouse
John Waterhouse
Margaret Waterhouse
Richard Waterhouse
Thomas Waterhouse
George Watkinson
James Watson
William Watson
William Wheatley
Frederick Whitaker
Henry Whitaker
J. H. White
Thomas Whitehead
Mr Whiteley
Bertha Anita Whiteley
George Whiteley
Holroyd Whiteley
Joseph Whiteley
Thomas Whiteley
William Whiteley
Firth Whitley
Helen Elizabeth Whitley
Mary Whitley
Clement Whittaker
James Whitworth
John Wilcock
Rev J. Wilkinson
John Wilkinson
William Wilkinson
Richard H. Willey
Mr Williams
Frank Williams
Rev George John Williams
James Wilson
John Wilson
Joshua Wilson
Thomas Wilson
Benjamin Womersley
W. C. Womersley
A. Wood
Joseph Wood
Joseph Wood
Percy Wood
Rev William Wood
T. Woodcock
William Woodhead
Edwin Woodhouse
John Wormald
John Wormald
Jonas Wright 

There are so many of these people – over 4000 – that I have only listed a random sample of 0 of them here

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