People with a Missing Spouse

There are a great many entries for people for whom I do not have the name of their husband or wife.

This may be indicated explicitly as

He married Unknown

or there may be entries for


without any preceding mention of a spouse.

Please email me if you can supply the name of the spouse for any of the following people

Because of the time which it takes to update this particular list, information may already have been added to some of the people listed here

Edward Ackroyd
William Akroyd
Radway Allen
John Appleyard
Jonas Appleyard
Jonathan Appleyard
Joseph Appleyard
Samuel Appleyard
Samuel Appleyard
George Armitage
John Frederick Armitage
Francis Armytage
Cornelius Ashworth
John Ashworth
John Aspinall
Mr Astin
James William Atkinson

John Baines
James Bairstow
Alfred Baker
John Balmforth
Mr Bancroft
Jonathan Bancroft
Joseph Bancroft
William Barber
Mr Barker
J. W. Barker
Thomas Barkesland
John Barraclough
Joseph Barraclough
Tom Bates
Fred Beaumont
Horace Beevers
George Bentley
George Bentley
Joseph Bentley
Michael Bentley
John Best
Edward Binns
John Binns
John Binns
John Binns
Nathaniel Binns
William Bolton
John Booth
Joseph Boothroyd
Mr Bottomley
Mr Bottomley
James Bottomley
Thomas Bottomley
PC Bradley
Walter Brierley
Thomas H. Briggs
John Brighouse
John Anderson Broadbent
Edward Broadley
Edmund Brook
Percy Brook
George Brooksbank
George William Brooksbank
John Brown
Joseph Bunney

Mr Calvert
W. E. Calvert
Dr Carter
Henry Carter
Charles Henry Chadwick
Thomas Chadwick
William Chapman
Thomas Charnock
James Cheetham
Charles Child
Daniel Clay
Jonas Clayton
Thomas Clayton
E. W. Cockcroft
John Cockcroft
William Cockcroft
William Henry Cockcroft
George Cooper
Rev Thomas Cooper
Hugh Copley
Robert Copley
Thomas Copley
Benjamin Cordingley
Thomas Cordingley
Mr Crossley
David Crossley
John Crossley
Joshua Crossley
James Crowther
Percy Crowther
Herbert Ratcliffe Culpan

Enoch Davies
Thomas Campbell Davies
Mark Dawson
William Dean
Harry Dobson
James Dobson
John Doughty
Edward Drake
Anthony Dyson
James Dyson
Jeremiah Dyson
John Dyson
John Dyson
Sam Dyson

E. A. Eastwood
James Eastwood
James Eastwood
John Eastwood
John Eastwood
Thomas Eastwood
William Eastwood
John Edwards
Louise Edwards
Rev John Ellis
Jonas Empsall

James Farrar
Jonathan Farrar
Joseph Farrar
Major A. Farrer
Hugh Fawcett
Stephen Fawcett
General Sir William Fawcett
Dr Joseph Fawthrop
Percy Feather
John Ferneside
Mr Fielden
Abraham Fielden
Jeffrie Fielden
Samuel Fielden
Edmund Firth
Joseph Firth
Frank Fisher
John Fleming
Matthew Fletcher
Rev Thomas Henry Flynn
John Foster
John Foulds
John Fox
Alfred Fryer
Thomas Furness

John Garnet
Edmund Garside
Abraham Gibson
James Gibson
Rowland Gibson
James Gill
John Gill
Adam de Gledhill
John Gledhill
Joseph Gledhill
Richard Gledhill
Thomas Gledhill
William Gledhill
Mr Greenwood
Arthur Leslie Greenwood
David Greenwood
Ernest Greenwood
Rev George Greenwood
J. W. Greenwood
John Greenwood

James Haigh
Reuben Haigh
Walter Haigh
John Hall
Jonathan Hall
James Halstead
William Halstead
Charles Hanson
Edward Hanson
John Hanson
John Hanson
Joseph Hanson
Kit Hanson
Laurence William Hanson
William Hanson
John Edgar Hardy
John Hargreaves
Edwin Harrison
George Harrison
George William Harrison
Daniel Hartley
Henry Hartley
Isaac Hartley
John Hartley
William Hartley
James Heap
William Heap
John Hebblethwaite
Thomas Helliwell
Thomas Hemingway
Richard Hepworth
Eneas Hey
John Hey
Sydney Taylor Hinchcliffe
William Hinchcliffe
Henry Hippisley
Mr Hirst
Mr Hirst
George Hirst
John Hirst
John Hirst
Joseph Hirst
Mr Hodgson
Joseph Hodgson
Samuel Hodgson
William Hodgson
Mr Holdsworth
Donald Holdsworth
George Holdsworth
James Holdsworth
John Holdsworth
William Holland
Ellis Hollas
Mr Hollinrake
William Holmes
Mr Holroyd
Mr Holroyd
Benjamin Holroyd
Rev James Briggs Holroyd
Joseph Holroyd
Charles Holt
Thomas Holt
Henry Horsfall
John Horsfall
Jonathan Horsfall
Richard Horsfall
Jeremiah Howarth
William Howarth
Edward Hoyle
Elkanah Hoyle
James Hoyle
John Hoyle

Mr Illingworth
John Illingworth
William Illingworth
William Issot

Jeremiah Jackson
John Jackson
Richard Jackson
William Jackson
William Jackson
Hanson Jagger
John Jagger
Richard Jessop
John son of Essolf de Holdsworth
Thomas Jowett

James Kershaw
John Kershaw
Sutcliffe Kershaw
William Kershaw
Samuel King
Joseph Kitson

John Lacy
Thomas Lacy
William de Lacy
Jeremiah Law
Thomas Booth Laycock
Arnold Leach
Richard Learoyd
Arnold Lewin
James Lister
James George Lister
John Lister
Richard Lister
Richard Lister
Robert Lister
Thomas Lister
Joseph Longbottom
Allen Lumb
Francis Lumb
George Lumb
Joshua Lumb
Matthew Lumb

John Mallinson
John Marsden
Leonard Marshall
Samuel Marshall
Samuel Maude
James Metcalfe
James Midgley
Lewis Midgley
John Milner
George Mitchell
John Mitchell
John Mitchell
Samuel Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell
William Mitchell
John Morton
James Murgatroyd
James Murgatroyd
William Murgatroyd

Mr Naylor
Mr Naylor
Isaac Naylor
Joseph Nicholl
Thomas Nicholl
Thomas Nicholl
H. Francis Nicholson
Joseph Nicholson
Rev William Nicholson
Samuel Boocock Normanton
John Northend
Richard Northend
Thomas del Northend
William del Northend

Mr Oates
Ely Ogden
Orm son of Gamel
William Otes

Joseph Parkinson
Rev Ernest Parry
Thomas Patchett
Jeremiah Peel
Mr Pickles
Henry Pilkington
Mr Pitchforth
David Pitchforth
Henry Priestley
John Priestley
Dr Thomas Priestley

Charles Radcliffe
Joshua Radcliffe
William de Radcliffe
Geoffrey Ramsden
George Ramsden
Gilbert Ramsden
John Ramsden
Joseph Ramsden
Thomas Ramsden
James Ratcliffe
Charles Rawson
Mr Rhodes
Edward Richardson
John Riley
Joshua Riley
Robert Lord
Giles Robinson
James Robinson
John Edward Robinson
Stephen Robinson
Jeremiah Rossendale
Mr Rushworth
George Rushworth
Stephen Rushworth

Edward Saltonstall
Richard Saltonstall
Richard de Saltonstall
Richard de Saltonstall
Richard de Saltonstall
Gilbert Savile
John Savile
Sir John Savile
Sir John Savile
Sir John Savile
Thomas Savile
Sir Walter Savile
Arthur Schofield
Radcliffe Scholfield
Rev Douglas Walker Scott
Martin Scott
Harry Shackleton
George Sharp
William Sharp
George Shaw
James Shaw
John Shaw
Joshua Shaw
Samuel Shaw
Thomas Allen Shaw
Mr Sheard
Samuel Sheard
Clement Speak
Dr Stansfeld
George Stansfeld
Hugh Stansfeld
James Stansfeld
John de Stansfeld
John de Stansfeld
Nicholas de Stansfeld
Richard de Stansfeld
Thomas Stansfeld
Thomas Stansfeld
Thomas Stansfeld
George Stansfield
John Stansfield
Joseph Stansfield
Thomas Stansfield
William Stansfield
William Stead
Enoch Stephenson
John Stocks
Reuben Stocks
William Stocks
John Stott
George Theseus Sugden
John Sunderland
John Sunderland
Richard Sunderland
Richard Sunderland
Richard Sunderland
Fred Sutcliffe
George Lister Sutcliffe
Ingham Sutcliffe
J. W. Sutcliffe
James Sutcliffe
John Sutcliffe
Thomas F. Sutcliffe
William Tudor Sutherland
John Swift
Edmund Sykes
Israel Sykes
Joseph Sykes
Thompson Arthur Sykes
William Sykes

Enoch Tattersall
James Taylor
Rev Edward George Thomas
Dr Henry Thomas
Richard Thomas
George Thompson
John William Thompson
Joseph Thompson
William Thompson
William Thompson
Sir Bryan de Thornhill
John William Thorpe
Michael Tillotson
Rev Robert Towne
Joseph Townsend
John Turner
Joseph Turner

James Uttley

Joseph Waddington
Edward Wade
Richard Wade
Robert Wade
Robert Wade
Thomas Wade
William Wade
Mr Wadsworth
Elijah Walker
Ely Walker
Geppe Walker
Henry Walker
John Walker
Joseph Walker
Rev Samuel Walker
William Walker
William Swaine Walker
Richard Walsh
Henry Walton
Mr Waterhouse
Mr Waterhouse
David Waterhouse
Edmond Waterhouse
Edward Waterhouse
George Waterhouse
John Waterhouse
Christopher Chamberlain Whetherherd
Henry Whitaker
James Whitaker
Ernest White
John Whitehead
John Whitehead
Mr Whiteley
Mr Whiteley
Mr Whiteley
Allen Whiteley
Benjamin Whiteley
James Whiteley
John Whiteley
Joseph Whiteley
Joseph Whiteley
Rev Samuel Whitewood
N. Whitley
John Whitworth
Abram Widdop
John Wilcock
Ely Wilkinson
Joseph Wilkinson
Joseph Wilkinson
John Williams
Christopher Willocks
Mr Wilson
Charles Henry Wilson
Gilbert Wilson
Jeremiah Wilson
William Wilton
Abraham Woodhead
Captain Abraham Woodhead
James Woodhead
William Woodhead
Mr Wormald
John Wormald
William Wright 

There are so many of these people that I have only listed a random sample of 0 of them here

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