People with Missing Children

There are a great many entries for people for whom I do not have the names of all their children.

This may be indicated as

child or
Children: several

Please email me if you can supply the names of the children for any of the following people

Because of the time which it takes to update this particular list, information may already have been added to some of the people listed here

Frederic Crossley
James Crossley

Ely Dyson

Thomas de Eland

James Gledhill
Robert Holroyd

William Lister

Dr Thomas Nettleton

Laurence Stansfeld
Richard Stansfeld
Samuel Stead
Valentine Stead
Richard Sunderland

Thomas Thornhill

Thomas Walsh
John Waterhouse
Richard Whitaker 

There are so many of these people that I have only listed a sample of 0 of them here

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