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Milner, Abraham
[1???-1748] He was Usher at Heath Grammar School [1727] / a bookseller at Halifax [1748].

On 8th June 1740, he married Mary Fielding.

Both he and his wife were buried on 28th August 1748

Milner, Edward
[1819-1884] Landscape architect who designed Shroggs Park, People's Park, and also the south London site for the Crystal Palace, London

Milner, George
[18??-191?] He served in World War I.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered on the Memorial at Blackley Particular Baptist Church

Milner, Henry
[16??-16??] He married Mary, daughter of James Robinson.


  1. James
  2. Mary
  3. Henry

Milner, J. F.
[18??-1???] In 1875, he established a flour milling business in Elland. He was at Elland Mill [1876].

In 1885, he moved to the nearby Woodside Flour Mill, Elland. The firm employed about 70 workers. They produced 33 distinct types of flour including

Snow Flake
Elland XL
Elland MMM
His son, Willie, joined the business.

On 4th March 1892, there was a dispute in the corn-milling trade between the management and workers of the company. There were popular demonstrations against the new workers whom Milner recruited to fill the strikers' places at the mill

Milner, Rev J. Stanley
[19??-19??] Minister at Bethesda Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Elland [1956]

Milner, James
[16??-17??] He was Constable of Northowram [1713]

Milner, James
[17??-1???] He was an informant at the trial of the coiners

Milner, James
[1786-18??] He served with the 2nd Battalion 84th Foot York & Lancaster Regiment in the Peninsular War

Milner, James
[1786-1854] He was a wire drawer [1786].

On 30th December 1810, he married Ann Gooder.

Ann came from Brighouse


  1. Joseph

Milner, James
[18??-18??] Partner in James Milner & Company

Milner, James
[1832-1907] Card maker.

Son of Joseph Milner.

He was a card maker [1871, 1881] / an engineer [1891, 1901].

On 25th December 1853, he married (1) Martha Ann Gledhill [1836-1867] at Halifax Parish Church.

Martha Ann was the eldest daughter of William Gledhill, butcher

On 15th April 1869, he married (2) Ann Dalgleish

Ann came from Scotland

Milner, James S.
[18??-19??] Innkeeper of the Golden Fleece, Boothtown [1901].

See Robert Mallinson

Milner, John
[15??-1???] He married Anne, daughter of Robert Waterhouse.


  1. Grace who married Robert Waterhouse

Milner, John
[16??-1660] Of Skircoat.

He married Mary, daughter of Gilbert Ramsden.


  1. son
  2. John

Milner, John
[1628-1703] BD.

Second son of John Milner. Educated at Heath Grammar School and Christ's College Cambridge [1642].

He married Sara [1627-1667], sister of John Lake.


  1. Thomas [b 1652]

He became Curate at Sowerby Bridge [1650].

He was vicar of St John's Leeds [1673], of Leeds Parish Church [1677], and of Ripon [1681].

He was unhappy with oaths imposed when William III became king, and he resigned and retired to St John's, Cambridge. He spent his time

in writing learned books

and produced many theological works

Milner, John
[17??-18??] A wire drawer at Halifax.

He married Unknown.


  1. Susannah

Milner, John
[17??-18??] Partner in Samuel Broadbent & Company

Milner, John
[17??-1801] He was the postman for Halifax, and was known as Joe Post.

He married Susannah, who was a bookseller with premises in Corn Market, Halifax.

In 1788, he sold Bolton's History of Fungusses.

In 1789, he issued the book History of the town and parish of Halifax.

In September 1789, he was declared bankrupt.

He died 21st May 1801

Milner, John
[18??-1856] A young worker at Akroyd's Mill at Copley.

In August 1856, he was picking loose wool off a roller when he was caught in the machinery, mangling his hand and a part of his arm.

About a week earlier, another young worker, Sarah Smith, had died following an accident at the same mill

Milner, John Edward
[1876-1953] Born in Brighouse.

He was cemetery registrar for Brighouse Borough Council [1911].

In [Q4] 1903, he married Edith Emma Briggs [1880-19??] from Rastrick.


  1. Laura Margaret [b 1905]
  2. Robert Barrington [b 1909]

The family lived at Cemetery Lodge, Brighouse [1911]

Milner, John William
[1873-1951] Son of John Milner, woollen carder.

Born in Elland.

He was a woollen spinner of Elland [1894] / a dyer's labourer [1901] / a mechanic labourer [1911].

In 1894, he married Sarah Jane Hartley at Elland Parish Church.

Sarah Jane, of Elland, was born in Leeds, the daughter of
Hartley Whiteley


  1. Wilfrid
  2. Walter
  3. Laura [b 1900]
  4. Edith [b 1901]
  5. Jack [b 1908]
  6. Ralph [b 1911]

The family lived at 29 Bowman Place, Hanson Lane, Halifax [1901, 1911, 1917, 1918].

Sons Wilfrid & Walter died in World War I.

Sarah Jane died Q2 1935 (aged 68).

John William died Q3 1951 (aged 78).

Milner, Joseph
[1812-1891] Son of James Milner.

Born in Brighouse.

He was a card maker employing several men.

On 1st November 1830, he married (1) Emma Clegg [1812-1852] in Birstall.


  1. John [1831-1842]
  2. James
  3. Sarah [1836-1839]
  4. Mary [1837] who married [1859] John Lainton
  5. George [1838-1843]
  6. William
  7. Sarah Hannah [b 1841] who married [1860] John Lister [1837]
  8. Joseph
  9. Charles [1846-1847]
  10. Emma Jane [1849-1902] who married [1865] Frederick William Turner (wheelwright) [1840-1882]
  11. Martha Ann [1850-1923] who married [1868] Joseph Ramsden [1848-1???]

Emma died at Bedford Terrace, Halifax [11th February 1852].

On 25th August 1852, he married (2) Mary Jenkinson at Farnley.

On 8th May 1871, he married (3) Sophia Connell [1834-1876] at Halifax Parish Church.

In 1876, he married (4) a widow Mrs Mary Scott [1824-1910].

Joseph died at 9 Belmont Terrace, Savile Park, Halifax [27th February 1891].

They are mentioned in the List of Local Wills: 1891. In his will, he left 25 houses to his children after the death of his wife

Milner, Joseph
[1845-1875] Son of Joseph Milner.

In 1863, he married Sarah Burford [1846-1???].


  1. Albert Edward [b 1869]
  2. Mary E. [b 1872]
  3. Jane A. [b 1875]

Milner, Joshua
[17??-1813] The parish beadle, also known as Joshua Goldbutton.

Recorded around 1796, when he officiated at the funeral of Nan Beverley.

On 1st July 1813, he and 2 others were killed and several others injured when the Jubilee Mail Coach overturned after the reins broke and the coachman lost control of the horses coming down Haley Hill.

His staff of office is kept at Halifax Parish Church.

See Forestall

Milner, Robert
[15??-1595] Or Mylner, Millnes.

Curate at Elland [1566]

Milner, Robert
[1854-1900] Registrar of Brighouse Cemetery

He died 24th August 1900 [aged 56]

Milner, Mrs Susannah
[1785-18??] Son of John Milner.

Bookseller and circulating library at 4/13 Causeway, Halifax [1845] and 22 Ann Street/Square, Halifax [1850]

Milner, Tom
[19??-] Actor whose work has included the rôle of Paul Langley in the BBC TV series Waterloo Road. He trained at Calderdale College. He lives in Northowram

Milner, Walter
[1898-1917] Son of John William Milner.

He was educated at St Augustine's School / a half-time cotton spinner [1911] / employed in the dyehouse of J. & J. Baldwin & Partners Limited.

During World War I, he enlisted [December 1916], and served as a Private with C Company 2nd Battalion Leinster Regiment.

He went to France [April 1917].

He was reported missing and assumed to have died 31st July 1917 (aged 19).

His family had to wait nearly a year for confirmation of his death.

His photograph appears with a report of his death in the Halifax Courier [29th June 1918].

He is remembered on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium [Grave Ref 44], on Elland War Memorial, in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, on the Memorial at Saint Augustine's Church, Pellon, and on the Memorial at Rhodes Street Wesleyan Chapel

His brother Wilfrid also died in the War

Milner, Wilfrid
[1896-1918] Son of John William Milner.

He was educated at St Augustine's School / a cotton spinner [1911] / employed in the dyehouse of J. & J. Baldwin & Partners Limited at Clark Bridge Mills, Halifax.

During World War I, he enlisted [October 1914] with the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He went to France [April 1915] and was invalided home with trench feet [February 1916].

He transferred and served as a Private with the 1st/4th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment.

He returned to France [August 1916].

He died of wounds at No.62 Casualty Clearing Station [15th April 1918] (aged 22).

His photograph appears with a report of his death in the Halifax Courier [8th June 1918].

He was buried at Haringhe (Bandaghem) Military Cemetery, Belgium [Grave Ref II C 8].

He is remembered on Elland War Memorial, in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, on the Memorial at Saint Augustine's Church, Pellon, and on the Memorial at Rhodes Street Wesleyan Chapel.

His brother Walter also died in the War

Milner, William
[1803-1850] Halifax grocer and merchant who became a publisher.

He went on to publish his popular Cottage Library series of books which claimed to be the cheapest books in England, at one time printing 15,000 copies per day for sale at 6d or 1/- per copy.

See John Drake, Tommy Ramsden and Thomas Tiffany

Milner, William
[1840-1899] Son of Joseph Milner.

Born in Halifax.

He was a wire drawer [1871, 1881].

On 26th August 1860, he married (1) Maria Robinson [1830-1895] at Halifax Parish Church.

Maria was born in Southowram

Maria died 28th February 1895 (aged 64).

On 29th April 1895, he married (2) Emma Haigh at Halifax Parish Church The family lived at

  • Cottage Trooper Lane, Southowram [1871]
  • Trooper Lane, Southowram [1881]

William died 2nd November 1899 (aged 59).

Emma died 6th April 1904 (aged 54).

Members of the family were buried at St Anne's Church, Southowram [Grave Ref: R-K6]

Milner, Willie
[1872-1919] Born in Skircoat.

He was a blacksmith [1891] / a general blacksmith [1901] / a blacksmith (own account) [1911].

In [Q1] 1898, he married Ann Elizabeth Turner in Halifax.

Ann Elizabeth was the daughter of
William Turner


  1. Winifred [b 1899]
  2. Gerald [b 1900]
  3. Florrie [b 1907]
  4. Raymond who died 21st February 1911 (aged 3 months) 

The family lived at

  • Chapel Lane, Southowram [1901]
  • 1 Chapel Lane, Southowram [1907-1???]

Living with them [in 1901, 1911] was brother George Milner [b  1867] (blacksmith).

Willie died 15th July 1919 (aged 47).

Raymond & Willie were buried at St Anne's Church, Southowram [Grave Ref: R-D26] with Ann Elizabeth's parents


Milner surname

The Surname is discussed in the book Halifax & District Surnames by George Redmonds.

There are over 30 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Milner, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Milner:

Marriages 1574, 1874, 1886, 1906, 1921, 1926; Death 1810

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