Midgley is a hill-top district of Calderdale east of Hebden Bridge, bounded to the west by Foster Clough and to the east by the Luddenden stream.

The township contains also parts of the Luddenden, Luddendenfoot and Mytholmroyd.

The name appears in Domesday Book as Miclie. A number of other spellings are found, including Micleie [1086] Migeley Miggelay [1235] Miggeley [1235] Miglay Mydgeley [1536].

The name means clearing with midges.

Pronounced: [midge-ley].

The place is mentioned in the Weavers' Rhyme

Some sites, sights and other entries for Midgley

Acre Farm, Midgley
Albert Mills, Midgley

Bird-in-the-Hand, Midgley
Black Rock, Midgley
Bloomergate House, Midgley
Blue Bell, Midgley
Boggard House, Midgley
Boggart House, Midgley
The Bracken family of Midgley
Brearley House, Midgley
Brearley Mills, Midgley
Brierhey, Midgley
Broad Door Stones, Midgley
Brownhill, Midgley

Carr House, Midgley
Catherine House, Midgley
Cliffe Hill, Midgley
Clough Mill, Midgley
Coal Dike, Midgley

Dean Mills, Midgley
Delvers' Arms, Midgley
Dove's Rest, Midgley
Dry Carr Farm, Midgley

Ellen Royde, Midgley
Ewood School, Midgley

Garnett's Mill, Midgley
Gate House, Midgley
Goose Nest, Midgley
Gordon Bank, Midgley
Great House, Midgley
The Greave, Midgley
Gutter Houses, Midgley

High House Farm, Midgley

Lacey Hey Farm, Midgley
Lavrock, Midgley
Lord Nelson, Midgley
Lower Brearley Hall, Midgley
Lower Han Royd, Midgley
Luddenden & Midgley War Memorial
Luddenden, Luddendenfoot & Midgley Joint Hospital

Middlefoot, Brearley
Midgley & Luddenden Musical Festival
Midgley & Luddenden Valley Methodist Church
Midgley Board of Health
Midgley Board School
Midgley constables
Midgley Co-operative Hall
Midgley Co-operative Industrial Society Limited
Midgley Council School
Midgley District Council
Midgley History Group
The Midgley Intelligencer
Midgley Junior School
Midgley Methodist Chapel
Midgley National School
Midgley Overseers of the Poor
Midgley Pinfold
Midgley Post Office
Midgley Prosecution Society
Midgley Radical Association
Midgley School Board
Midgley stocks
Midgley Urban District Council
Midgley War Memorial
Midgley Workhouse
Midgley Working Men's Club, Luddendenfoot
Manor of Midgley
Mill House, Midgley
Mill Inn, Midgley
Mount Skip

New Earth Head, Midgley
New Heath Head, Midgley
New House Farm, Midgley

Oats Royd, Midgley

Pennine Perspectives: Aspects of the history of Midgley
Providence Methodist Chapel, Midgley

Royal George, Midgley
Royal Oak, Midgley

Scotland Quarry, Midgley
Scotland, Midgley
Scout Head, Midgley
Shoulder of Mutton, Midgley
Sportsman, Midgley
Stoney Springs Mills, Midgley
Stony Royd, Midgley
Struglar's Hall, Luddenden

Tinsell, Midgley
Town Syke Well, Midgley
Towngate, Midgley
Tray Royd, Midgley
Twine, Midgley

Union Methodist Chapel, Midgley
Upper Han Royd, Midgley

Weavers' Arms, Midgley
White Lion, Midgley
Woodgate House, Midgley
Woodman, Midgley

Yate House, Midgley

The Ambler family of Midgley & Warley
The Midgley family

Beerhouses & Pubs in Midgley

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Midgley, including

See Calder Registration District, Greenwood Stone, Midgley Moor, Parish statistics and Midgley Moor

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